МОДНЫЙ ГОРОСКОП для знаков зодиака

МОДНЫЙ ГОРОСКОП для знаков зодиака

fashion Horoscope Aries

Archetype “warrior” defines your personality and aspirations in life. Do you think that men are called to multiply the courage, do not be afraid of challenges and lead an active life. Aries easier to bear adversity when they are cherished confidence. They are one of those who strike, and not waiting for the moment to give change. To feel at 100%, Aries women will prefer a mixture of sport and sex in everyday life, while at work will radiate power in a strict business suit. Taurus

Taurus – is an earth sign of the zodiac, so its main features are reliability and feeling the soil underfoot. They direct all their energies to methodical practice. When the full extent of the image, Taureans are very sensual. Hence the expression, and desire to fulfill supergoal. Three words-ally on their way: the tranquility, simplicity and music. Taurus appreciates the classics and fabric, pleasant to the body. As a rule, women of this sign of the zodiac are conservative, as they take care of things and prefer trusted brands that are valued for timelessness. Twins

Inquisitive, with a sharp mind and a conceptual approach to life, Gemini will never be passive. Your main reference points in life – this objectivity, travel and education. Female twins can not be so easy to take and live a quiet life – they will need to arrange the chaos. They never tolerate in their wardrobe concise and simple things – their clothes should express passion boiling inside and at the same time be sufficiently practical and multi-tasking, so as not to hamper their energy. Crayfish

You are sensitive, and have brought up their point of view. Influence of the moon makes you a man of mystery, which needs a special approach. For women, Rakov very important tactile sensation, so they will not pay particular attention to the form, but the sense of touch to them is paramount. They will choose from things nice and soft materials, gravitate to the classics and to avoid any risks. Conclusion: your keyword – it is elegant. Lions

In this sign there is much that is lacking in the other: pride, strength, enthusiasm, creativity and energy. You can conquer the world effortlessly. Women Lions have high self-esteem and often claimed to be the leader. They should always be in the spotlight. It follows that your clothes can not be faded and modest. To prove to be successful, you will carry yourself in outfits from well-known brands (and not to hide labels with big names Virgin

Virgin – careerists. Their strengths – it’s analytical mind, desire for personal growth and a clear understanding of their desires. The development of practical skills is very important for your self-esteem. If you know what you want from life, with a style a bit more complicated – it is difficult to find a particular landmark. On the one hand you love the look and collected your look should always be structured, on the other – you are drawn to the simplicity without unnecessary problems. For you the comfort, so you prefer fashion brands that are baked about the convenience and functionality of clothing. Libra

One of the most unstable places. What people are saying about you astrologers? You are artistic, socially active and outwardly focused. For internal harmony and balance you need a peaceful habitat. If we talk about style, it is impossible to mention here the strong influence of Venus. You attract all beautiful, but you’re not going to indulge the whims of strangers, and “West” on ostromodnye trends. You feel comfortable in jeans and a T-shirt? Or prefer luxurious dress? You strive to meet their sense of style, rather than evaluating others. Scorpions

Penetration, intensity and emotional depth gives your personality. Scorpio as Virgos need to take place in this life. Maybe that’s why you have certain masculine traits in behavior. You need to feel stronger and a bit of sex, so the clothes you will choose appropriate. Light in the form of drama, taming prushchego charisma presented itself to achieve respect for the environment in general, you do not stay unnoticed. Archers

What can you say about your personality? Enthusiasm, positive attitude of life, dynamism and spontaneity – it’s all about you. You come to life with adventurism. The clothes you love to experiment with color. As a fire sign Sagittarius, is another feature of your style is an emotional approach to her wardrobe. Fun and flirty, you carry these traits into your style. Capricorns

No more serious, disciplined, ambitious sign, which is aimed at achieving the objectives of methodical than Capricorn. You are important tangible assets, and you feel you are comfortable only when “in charge.” In your style, there is a sufficient proportion of conservatism, but as an individual for you above all else, do you like to mix and match. You’re important to the quality of things, and the impression they make on others. Aquarians

You explore the world on a unique inner guidance, because you – a maverick in the best sense of the word. You bet it is important in any business in the forefront of their identity. Even in the standard uniform of you will stand out from the crowd. You herself trendsetter – you will not listen to the authoritative people, unless it has ascertained itself, that your appearance matches your own canons and concepts of beauty. Fish

Fish – a sensual person, emotional and extremely creative. They listen to your intuition, so a little out of touch with the realities of life. Therefore, a kind of style of dress distinguishes them from the other signs of the zodiac. Female Pisces will be bet on the clothes in which they feel comfortable. And they feel comfortable in clothes that radiate mystery and glamor.


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