Таро-гороскоп для знаков Зодиака на апрель 2015 Tarot-horoscope for zodiac signs for April 2015

Таро-гороскоп для знаков Зодиака на апрель 2015 Tarot-horoscope for zodiac signs for April 2015

The forum “In a crystal sphere” presents… Hello dear subscribers! So it’s time to tarot horoscopes And it will be a horoscope for April A small remark about the previous March horoscope … Maybe it wasn’t very comfortable for you to watching unusual format … had to read The thing is I was sick for a few days and lost my voice, so I was physically unable to record the sterling video But in order not to leave you without a horoscope I decided to make it in this form. So I hope for your understanding Well, let’s not to lose a lot of time immediately begin … The only thing I’d like to note, I have talked about it in previous videos, but maybe somebody of you didn’t pay attention to it so i’ll repeat it again If somebody of you doesn’t find coincidence in predictions for your solar signs of zodiac I recommend also determine your ascendens (Asc), or it is also called rising sign and watch / listen prediction precisely for this sign That is, your solar sign of the zodiac, for example, is Aries, but the ascendens for example is able to be in Libra Therefore, in order to determine what horoscope is works for you You can listen to the prediction for Aries, and for Libra. Perhaps indeed you show up more with your rising sign more than with the solar. And this is normal, as not all people reveal themselves by their solar sign. This can indicate to typical representatives, or untypical. For example I am not a typical representative of my solar zodiac sign and when I listen to the prediction for my zodiac sign, I can say with certainty that 99% – this is not about me So, I think, that is not need any introductions anymore, so let’s go to the predictions! Aries. Please note that the subtitles are written in the test mode only for Aries and Taurus. If you would like to get a prediction for another sign of the zodiac, write about it in the comments. So, what will happen with Aries in April? The general atmosphere What positive waiting for Aries in April? And what negative waiting for Aries in April? So on the position “general atmosphere” we’ve taken out the 2 of Pentacles card. 2 of Pentacles it’s a fluctuations and being of the human in situation of choice, ie it will have a few options, among which he will have to choose one and this situation will provoke a state when a person doesn’t know which path to choose and which choices to make him In addition, this card says about different emotion (nervousness). You know, I call this card “swing”. That is, when unstable situation, the unstable plight, when to predict something is very difficult, when there is soul’s throwing, if it’s possible to say So that for Aries month will be enough emotionally stressful The positive. A positive, in this case, is described by the card Strength The card Strength can speak about a force as such, But in a positive, oftener, this card is played as emotionality, creative impulse, and, in particular, it is sexuality. Therefore I would advise to Aries to pay attention to this sphere this month, Here you will find a great success And this is where you will get the maximum quantity of positive emotions The negative. Here is occured the card Knight of Pentacles Knight of Pentacles this is a responsibility, this is an ambition, and, judging by the meaning, anticipated troubles can expect in a career sphere. Maybe a career will be sidelined at the expense of other, more positive sphere, which brings more fun. as we have already seen with you in the previous arcana But, nevertheless, I would advise you to be careful with financial issues and in particular with documents. Especially when you consider that in the atmosphere of the month we have the card which talks about the nervousness and vacillations then after all be careful Don’t give special preference to other spheres, Spend time at least, on an equal footing to all areas of your life And then I think, you won’t need to worry. The next sign of the Zodiac – Taurus The general atmosphere for the Taurus in April The positive of April for the Taurus. And the negative of April for the Taurus. Immediately I can say, as fell two cards of the Knights , this is Knight of Wands and the Knight of Cups, This month for the Taurus will be very sociable That is, you will spend much of time with other people, will meet, communicate Well, now let’s look in more detail The general atmosphere of the month is the card Devil Devil is a card of dependencies,the card of various vices Also Devil is a card of bad habits especially alcohol And also, as in the previous sign of the zodiac, it can be sexuality. Month will be very active, and we can say that people born under the sign of Taurus may be, shall we say, “throw the cap over the mill”. if there are any prerequisites, it could well be The positive of the month. In this position, we have the card Knight of Wands Very often, this card says about the trip and even more about leaving. It is also a card of activity, active life position and activity in the field of work. And a negative of month it’s also a Knight, but of the cups. And, unfortunately, a negative awaits you in your personal life. The Knight of Cups card often tells us about dating, about a marriage proposal, but this area will have to suffer in April That is likely to be violated your plans for meetings. It doesn’t always love meeting, it may be a business meeting But they will be canceled or postponed, but to a greater extent of course this card is talking about personal life.


  • taro SF says:

    У Овнов, возможно, по рыцарю пентаклей может быть оттягивание какой-либо ситуации, очень долгое ожидание или колебание и неспособность принять решение (если учитывать 2 пентаклей)).
    Про Весы и Скорпиона – очень точное попадание)  и Король Мечей может указывать также о ссорах с мужчиной или конфликты с ним.. у меня она так проигрывалась очень часто. и сейчас тоже)  а 8 мечей, как бы ни банально, – отказ от вредных привычек, вредной пищи и т.д.) как раз – самоограничение во благо)_ 

  • В Хрустальном шаре says:

    taro SF, да, да, согласна полностью! ) Очень важное дополнение. Спасибо! 😉
    Жаль, когда идет запись и нужно все записать с ограниченным временем, впопыхах забываешь сказать о таких деталях… (

  • светлана суворова says:

    Все правильно, все так и произошло. Жду прогноз на май.

  • Ирина Скадорва says:

    очень громкая музыка

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