♉️ TAURUS FULL MOON| RITUAL| ASTRO REPORT #taurusfullmoom #astrology #tarotreading

♉️ TAURUS FULL MOON| RITUAL| ASTRO REPORT #taurusfullmoom #astrology #tarotreading

hello divine ones this is Ashley H a
Williams for F D 11:11 ministries home of Tarot Bible and alchemy so this
reading is for the taurus full moon and i wanted to first let you guys know that
all the information will be listed in the description box including timestamps
so in case you do not want to look at the Bailey burning the prayer the
reading or the astrology associated with this overall video you can always skip
to the next section okay so first I will start off with the
focal energy since the cart that came out for this month for this moon okay
and so I say the month because full moons is about releasing it’s about
eliminating what’s within and releasing it to the divine spirit new moons are
for manifestation so a couple days I’ve seen this on the patreon page that a few
days after a new moon when the moon nightly showing that’s when you want to
work on your manifestation because the moon is growing in size and increasing
so with that being said the energy for this full moon the energy for this month
of releasing is the ego we have here the number 15 so the number 15 is about
magic squares is about magic working with your magic but also we have here
one plus five equals six six is the number for ego for flesh for matter for
carbon okay alright so we have art angel Jeffie ow a false sense of entrapment
being overly focused on material things negative or fear-based
thoughts okay and I will go into the scripture associated with this reading
with this month with this releasing towards the end okay so first let’s get
into the astrology I said that probably about right here
okay give me a second I am a spirit lead reader meaning that I use these cards
energies with the crystals spirit animals etc to convey the messages for
the collective and I’m obligated to give all of the messages which may include
personal channel messages and when I say personal talk about individual okay and
I do channel several waves of the collective so it may not necessarily be
my wave may be another person’s wave or several different waves at one time so I
had to get that out the way all right so the Taurus full moon I have some notes
here okay so as I was mentioning on the patreon page that I did for the
collective for the patreon collective I did in love and abundance ritual or
sacrament over there in which I had a love and abundance candle and that was
the energy and the focal energy that we wanted to magnetize into our life into
our 3d existence for that Scorpio New Moon so that was more like a a death
burial and resurrection so Scorpio does deal with death
resurrection it deals with the Phoenix type of energy and with that being said
do check out our spared animal in symbology playlist I will have that
listed in the description box as well so with a being said what are we resurrect
in what are we bringing to life we’re bringing to life love and abundance yes
and so Taurus deals with and is associated with the planet Venus and
Venus is associated with love but what is being brought to the forefront is our
understanding of love in our communication with love so with this
full moon what we are doing with this earth energy with this love energy we
are illuminating our fears and our hindrances against love and abundance so
mercury being in retrograde which happened on Halloween and will be in
retrograde until November 21st that we’re not necessarily focusing on
malfunctions with electronics communication problems with other
individuals what we’re doing with the Scorpio energy that we’re rolling out of
they were still marinating in is that we are focusing on the inner self so this
will be the the second phase of initiation this will be the hermit part
this will be that going within type of energy so Scorpio deals with the
psychology and the psyche that inner deep thoughts and it deals with
introspection so that’s where we’re being prompted to do and mercury deals
with writing so on the patreon page that I’m just mentioned it’s real quick you
can do this on your own that what I feel like the spirit is really having us to
do is to write our deepest thoughts down but how does that happen so we’re doing
a seven day challenge that every morning will be wake up we will be writing down
whatever comes to us it’s called free-form writing or freestyle writing
or you just write you don’t put no thought into it you don’t stop you don’t
ponder anything you just get up hit paint and put the pin to the page and
just let it flow and then you can either burn those pages or either you can stash
those pages until the next time that you feel prompted to bring them up but it’s
not necessarily for you to read over it’s more so allowing your subconscious
mind to speak and Scorpio does with a subconscious mind as well so with that
being said that with this collapsing I’m specifically here of the ego and I have
to take this moment I’m feel like I’m being prompted to discuss the ego and
what they were called the ego death and so there’s really no such thing as the
ego death what happens is that that is attached to our subconscious mind that
is attached to our shadow self and so the shadow self is aspects of our self
that has to be brought to the forefront and then you have to be balanced out so
this is in a symbology of black and white the swing of the pendulum all of
that stuff and that you can check out in the symbolism playlist so they get a
better understanding of that I’m here Daniel so I’m not sure if someone is
dealing with a Daniel or if you are prompted to check in the Book of Daniel
is something with Daniel or if someone their name could be Daniel
or something or some association with Daniel
I hear that very strongly right now okay I would give me a second because it
feels like something else is coming through with that Daniel Daniel has
something to say for whatever that may mean for somebody i’ma turn the page
here so moving on from that I have to say what the device for it hasn’t to say
so we with a Scorpio New Moon that was the hunter moon and so hunting on the
sense of something and so what the divine spirit is saying that with this
harvest full moon is that we are harvesting what we have put out into the
universe so that hunting which we would the thing that we have been seeking the
most everybody wants love everybody wants abundance so with that being said
I look at the time I missed three three three unconditional unbridled love okay
so with this harvest thing where we harvesting tell it stores associated
with love of peace and tranquility and that’s what’s coming in and we have to
release our attachment to the ego-self and those attachments is like the the
frontal part of the brain and what I mean by that is like the aspects of
ourselves what they’ve called like the false ego or either they’ll call like
someone’s identity or their persona if you will so for example someone that is
a mother has to have a persona of this or that someone that is a boyfriend or a
girlfriend has to have a persona of this or that and it’s expectations that we
allow under other individuals to pick on us there has to be shed so we can get
down to our real identity you see how this person right here is wearing a mask
but then imagine this is their higher self their true self and that’s what’s
being revealed especially especially with this writing that we are allowing
our higher self to speak through the writing but first what has to happen
that we have to release a lot of that ego a lot of that fluff out of the way
so you can get down to the – identity so bullseye the Taurus
bullseye hitting that mark alright so let me see where the spirit would like
for me to go next okay before I feel like what I should be doing before we
jump into the actual reading itself I feel like I should be burning these bay
leaves so I did these bay leaves and you can check out the video about how I
manifest with bay leaves and stuff and these oh my gosh they smell so good
they are such a high frequency herb so what I’m going to do I’m going to take
these I wrote and I’ve written not written but I written here wrote on here
releasing releasing phrases okay and so I will be burning these and while we are
burning these you can concentrate on the flame you can concentrate on what you’re
trying to release okay and what that being said that if you
want to skip past this and go ahead and skip past this okay so first here I have
just release and I always put the phrase now on there because you want to live in
the moment you don’t want to be like um in past or in the future like I’m
releasing I mean releasing is like an action work because the end to it but I
always like to pit the word so we have the lack and the lack mentality the lack
that we are not enough you are more than enough okay for
anybody’s expectations including your own hurt a lot of us have to remove the
blockages of the hurt so that one and that’s another thing too when I was
telling you guys that I did with the blockages and all that stuff like that
the patreon members that the love candle was very smoky very very black very dark
and it was a lot of pain associated with love and and self-loathing and
acceptance as well got back a little bit okay and so it is hey you have our focal
energy right here so I’m going to start to pull some cards Oh a lot out of energy poppin off
I hear the chatter the chatter someone may be really working through their mind
space about somebody and it’s really hindering their growth because they’re
giving their power to someone else all right let’s see so we have high
priestess like the high priestess I did a blog post some about the high
priestess okay and I did cover that I’m a while ago in a feminine Fridays as
well as a Bible study that I did okay so we have high priestess the ten of staffs
high Persis of course in the reverse and then we have the five of cups and so not
being this was very strongly related to like the ego not being fully aware of
one’s power of one’s self true self have a little bit of bay leaf right there
okay and let me grab my energy staff if you will okay
yeah this does just what’s going on all together and so with this Taurus new um
excuse me full moon and which is a new beginning all together that we really
need to really work with our true identity so the tenth attendance with
completion and then we have two and the five another ten right there about
wrapping up the old and so Scorpio is the tenth sign the death the death of
the old and then the birth of the new alright and that’s exactly what is
happening for select individuals now everybody is resonating in this type of
energy and so this really feels strongly like with these staffs it feels like
someone really authoring something someone could be a writer or working on
their writings this could just be someone that’s
manifesting and working with scripting if you will and like I was saying with
that seven-day challenge even if you don’t if you aren’t a patreon member
that’s fine do it you know google it see how how to do it or just allow the
divine spirit to work through you on what needs to be illuminated what needs
to be brought to the surface and so this feels like the person imagining okay
this is the person and this is what’s under the surface so this may be their
ego self they’re their persona and then this is the hidden self but look how
much powerful this person looks you know all kinds of royal energy permeating off
of this individual look how confident this person is confident too but it
looks like a whole lot of hard work to try to put up with that persona trying
to display that persona but look at look at her just chilling you know but still
has that regal type of energy that authority authoritative type of energy
okay this also looks like the egg of life right there like all types of
ascended information here okay I mean so much information coming off of this and
it’s all dealing with like their cult knowledge that’s another thing about
Scorpio that cult knowledge that hidden knowledge that will be brought to the
surface okay so give me a second let me see where I should be going okay so what
is specifically hindering majority of the individuals that are watching this
video from stepping into this High Priestess energy besides just the ego okay maybe there’s three different types
of individuals emotions yes and then we have another number two right here and
we have the number two right there dualistic ideals two different sides of
the mind yes they can work in tandem but they can also work against each other
okay so it’s talking about like the logical mind and the imagination or the
creative mind if you will and how they can clash because of the emotions are in
the way so you always are working in your emotions is energy this emotion so
what are you putting that energy into to manifest into the 3d into the physical
pleasure okay enjoyment beauty all right so
that’s somebody that is really stepping into that type of information I keep
wanting to say the word information that type of energy another number ten right
here okay and then seeing the perspective and with that like I was
saying that almost it’s like really working with the two parts of the mind
and merging the two okay to be able to see all perspectives so you see how the
eye has all the different rays shining everywhere everything is illuminated
okay and they can see all perspectives that’s another thing about tourists too
about seeing the perspectives of things and being able to see all those
different perspectives you know there’s different ones those different aspects
of yourself that you’re better able to make a sound decision and so we will get
to love but however I feel like I should just at
least just mention this scripture right now so I did do a Bible study on this a
while ago and I’ve mentioned this before in Matthew 13 and it’s the specific one
I really want to use this number 31 and which we’re talking about the faith of a
mustard seed okay but to back up I did another another scripture study on this
which was Matthew 13:24 through 30 and this is talking about when you plant
your seeds and how what type of soil are you planting your seats in this is
another thing about with this tourist it’s earth energy it’s like I’m putting
your feet in your hands into the soil and releasing all of that lower
vibrational energy into the earth because it needs to go somewhere okay
and then soaking up that energy that is more conducive for your spiritual
evolution okay we’re talking about the real high vibes so high vibes doesn’t
mean just being emotionally like oh I’m just so happy everything’s just so cool
beings you know it’s more so about being balanced in your and your energy so we
have here the number 11 here like with the the pillars of the soul the pillars
of the mind and the soul and then the middle ground in between because that
space in between the number 11 is energy too and so this song about being
balanced within yourself okay and how that is just mean knowing that self
that’s what it really means not just always bouncing around being so cheerful
and stuff that’s what it really does mean okay so let me see where I shall go
from here author I heard author so someone could be working on an e-book
also your branding as well that brings me to by the time
okay Noah won’t be okay so on 1111 I’ll be releasing the spiritual business
startup course in which the device spirit has prompted me to develop this
course for spiritual manures to step out and either start to start your business
or either start to grow their business to the next level body changes okay
and so body changes body is like I was saying the number six matter physicality
even the ego if you will and body changes so all of that physical it means
changing in the physical that’s what it pretty much means so when your mind has
changed then everything else will change but no different than when you go to the
gym the first day that you that should go to the gym is not like you ripped not
like okay I went in a certain way and I came out completely different no you
have to continuously go to the gym and workout
it’s a regiment it’s a commitment okay so if you are committed to the change in
your life you say that you want love and abundance and stability etc you have to
go through the physical aspects of changing yourself and changing yourself
it starts mentally and once it happens the mental then everything in the
physical Col will match up with that will pair up with that okay and that’s
what the divine spirit is reminding you remind yourself of the commitment that
you made when you embarked on this journey when you said that you wanted
something you have to pitch yourself through this vigorous training to have
it to make yourself conducive to align with it to first receive it and then
also to keep it is no different in a person that wins a lottery but they have
not went through the mental changes to replicate that abundance or either
should keep that abundance what happens if eclis they say that most of them end
up in debt even worse than what they were before either broke and that’s why
they have the same you know hard work pays off I don’t necessarily mean
gonna have to put in hard work regardless if you do it mentally or if
you do it physically or you do a little bit of both it does require some form of
work okay so it doesn’t mean you have to necessarily do it the traditional way
you know I have to have a nine-to-five not knocking bad at all
but whatever it may be everybody’s calling is different that you do have to
put the activations of work into practice into physicality okay
inspiration ten and then in sight okay first off this is like the combination
of the confirmation of myself of my divine partners confirmation of our
union however this could be anybody’s confirmation
honestly like first you have to have an inspiration the inspiration what
inspires you what inspires you to activate change in your life what
inspires you to make some type of movement when all odds are stacked
against you this could be the number of faith as well we have the six and the
four okay idea sparks conception impulse that’s all talked to my passion which
causes change number tune okay then you have here the 2442 this could be six
eight anything like that insight but with that number eight you have as above
so below okay that’s one thinketh so is he or she and it will play out into the
physical so understanding awakening awareness and self-evaluation okay this
is talking about all about that Taurus energy all about that scorpio energy
paired together okay we end that type of of mixing and call banette dominating
type of energy right here where we’re going within to change the inner
workings okay yeah to change that inner workings okay alright so I’m going to
pull just a couple more cards and then we’ll wrap up with
player all right so with us if you’re new to the administrator nights that
when we pray all is God okay I do I like to use the the Christ the Christ those
energy okay I do speak to love like language and I do speak the angelic
language okay so when I pray it’s an audible all right because it goes beyond
just the physicality it goes too strict to the spirit alright so have the seven
of earth here we have the queen of air seven of air and queen of Earth wow we
got some Queen energy going on here we got the Divine Feminine the feminine
goddesses and yes you guys for the feminine Fridays I have been taking a
break from that because to finish up the little excuse me side note is that I am
finishing up the business course and then re implementing some more effective
tools in the ministry to help individuals in the earth energy and the
solid energy in here on this earth you know so yes it does happen spiritually
then how I was saying mentally and then into the earth but now it’s time to pick
more practical skills into place more practical tools to sharpen those skills
so we have here the seven of earth and the seven of earth is that seeds well
planted and temporary positive action unnecessary worry like I was saying to
her there for the her Metis there her her medicine is single her medicines to
her hermit their hermit okay they go within to brain things without meaning
outside of themselves they are magnet okay and this is all talking about that
hermit type of energy we’re all talking about that Taurus scorpy onic type of
energy going within right now this is mercury retrograde that doesn’t mean
they like oh my gosh like you know my phone is going to break or something
like that but it what it means though it’s like that my communication needs to
go within myself and that’s what’s going on seven angelic the number of angels
angelic communication that’s that type of communication that you need alright
is that for somebody to pick up the phone like hey babe
what’s that yeah that’s cool you know I’m saying but we’re on a higher level
than that okay all right so give me a second let me look at these cars I sort
of sometimes be difficult to look at them through the camera all right so
yeah these are different seeds that have been planted all right some of them are
ripen to pick some of them aren’t and the device fare will let you know which
ones are ripened to pick okay and for some it may not be romantic type of love
a lot of individuals have to work on it self love okay okay all right so moving
on here we have the queen of air independent experience realistic witty
okay she she lived her she can see the promise right there he’s right in her
grasp okay is right there objective decision-making clearing away all that
no longer serves you seeing the humor in a situation seeing seeing the humor that
means perspective we have perspectives on the board again and then queen of
Earth another queen all right so like I was saying err logic and then grounding
it to the physical okay thoughtful creative warm sensitive sensible excuse
me huh since it said yeah because she’s sensitive to the ethers okay make time
for those around you take a sensible approach deal with challenges in a kind
understanding matter all right giving and receiving I here
opportunistic so some new opportunities could be on the board for different
individuals I’m not going to certainly say a Divine Feminine you can be a
divine masculine I’m it could be different individuals it doesn’t really
matter more so about the sex of of the person but I feel like those new I hear
new additions so someone could be expecting expecting some additions
regardless of some baby or return of an individual I will append to this video as well that
message about the 2020 recession how for a lot of the spiritual businesses they
are coming to the forefront and that whole the whole prophetic message okay climbing climbing climbing the ladder
but some may be in the corporate field but I really feel like climbing the
ladder is like dealing with the spiritual community the collective okay
soon as I touch this my my this is my healing hand his hands started to feel
extra energy okay someone could be climbing in status but we have on the
bottom of the deck right here the house so the house can represent the body can
represent the mind but however I feel like with one situation someone has had
some type of debacle or arguments in the house concerning some type of
relationship and also children and like it’s it’s throwing things off-kilter I
hear but the rectification is coming this person now that isn’t necessarily
mean that is a dude it could be a strong feminine presence but they may have to
leave for a little while before this can turn like in the reverse you know
arguments and stuff that energy can be pretty heavy and hard you see this wand
right here and the the the Swan is like real easy real gentle-like so gentle
they float right on the surface okay and they they stay in the middle ground okay
and so one person wants to take off and that take off can mean different things
for different people one take off maybe but
I’ll just do my own thing another takeoff is like this other type of
energy feels like someone that wants to ascend wants to work more so in their
spiritual life but this other individual right here is like mom and I’m I’m with
it a little bit but you know you’re getting a little too much out of hand
now you’re getting getting a little too a little too high and mighty you know
you’re doing a little too much she could be now this does feel like a male and a
female type of relationship right now she can be ready to take off like she
she ready in her ascension but however like her her divine partner or her
partner whoever you want to call this individual robots of the same or
either it’s like hetero it doesn’t really matter
but that he just wanted to be or this I’m just wants a hate for simplicity say
wants to be surface level this could also be someone that doesn’t want to
commit like she’s ready to go deep or this person’s ready to go deep in this
other person might not let’s just keep it casual yo okay another thing to a
court document some type of course I hear the word persuasion someone could
be working with a lawyer about some type of case I said a hidden a hidden foul a
hidden foul but like the hidden file is so old because I seen a floppy disk or
something but the hidden file it could be their filing system is messed up or
or something and they have lost the document or the document has been hidden
away for so long and this feels like someone that’s going through some type
of Court decision of some sort that has to be sorted out but it’s like it’s old
school though because I see the people sorting things out by hand and they’re
not really using the computer it’s like some type of old case so someone could
be someone’s family member somebody like that could have been accused of
something and they found new documentation or old documentation that
appears to be new and thing they could have been actually
incarcerated for sometime or still incarcerated and they’re going up for
some type of appeal okay another thing – here we go
a multitude of individuals someone could have a multitude of displays hi here so
this is that a woman and she has three different individuals that she’s
interested in the sex and it doesn’t it’s not really clear although these are
doll dudes right here but I’m in it and it’s not clear about this of the
individuals but what’s going on it’s like she likes the fact that it gives
her power that she can have these people on her beck and call
almost like speed dial or something and it’s like display they’re only like
trophies they not really anything that she takes seriously like she tosses them
to the side like yeah okay but it’s because of the lack of intimacy her
problem with intimacy right here and that has to be addressed during this
taurus full moon okay all right so I’m gonna pull another card in relation to I
hear Bridgette but I’m in a relation to overall for just the you know collective
that’s watching about this situation and their lover I had to stop the timer
but in the timer as soon as I said lover was at 11:11 okay all right so let’s see
heart-to-heart conversations conversations okay how’s this joking we
got that right all right heart to heart conversation
honestly discuss your feelings with one another that’s what I’m saying like
first of all heart to heart you need to have a heart conversation with your own
heart what do you really want let’s just be straight up you know all that extra
fluff I think a lot of it comes through societal norms of understanding love
yourself first if someone is not that’s why I’m saying heart-to-heart
conversations men like all of this peeling back
like peeling back layers and I specifically single orange and these
layers retreat like how I’m saying like it’s time to disconnect from the world
to go within hermit mode okay literally that could be disconnecting the phone I
mean that like not paying your bill but like you know just like unplugging it
turn it off for a little while and unwind because like the thing about
expectation it’s like this I mean all this is fall falling victim to it with
these expectations so someone expect for you to do something or not do something
and you feel a certain type of way because because of those expectations
that others has put onto you and they become your own expectations of yourself
but they’re what the true self is just the ego self okay it has taken on
someone else’s energy and expectations and that’s not really the true identity
okay so maybe I will pull just a few more cards but while I’m doing that if
you guys wouldn’t mind hitting the like button and leave a comment that will
really help out the channel a lot I really do appreciate that and as well we
do have the services listed down below you love okay new love and release your
ex okay so look like before the new love can come in like how I say you have to
release the ex that could be literally an ex lover
but it really it doesn’t even matter it matters about this soul contract and
about the karmic contracts that have been built up and releasing all of that
energy okay releasing all of that is time the
time has come to clear your energy okay that’s what that means alright and
before you have that new love coming in so what I was saying that so I’m going
to pull a couple extra cards then you can check out this blog post as
well as the personal services that will be listed down below you get one for
yourself and one for a friend or family member if you like or front of me okay okay yeah it was taken some time yes
look at that look like first of all let me explain how how it was saying before
spiritual mental and then physical okay and so it’s like a hair of spring but
the spring is more like a flowing spring of water if you will or flow flow that’s
mainly with the spirit of saying that a spring is like the flow the flow of
information higher self to the psyche to the mind and then you know it plays out
into the physical okay so Kabbalah and all things are
mental so also check out the spiritual business start of course like I was
mentioning that sign up just for the notification once it goes live which
will be on 11/11 is also listed down below free prayer will sit down below as
well see here we go false the false self and then you will have some I want to
say transactions so that this could be somebody that has a spiritual business
and they think they have to do the traditional marketing or do things
traditionally but once you release the false self then that transactions that
the flow of income will start to happen another way of how to explain this would
be someone that wants some lead way in relationships but they have to shed the
false self okay that’s another way of how to explore
and I think I’ve done all of the announcements I think so
and we still have love on the bottom in the death burial and then in the
resurrection of the true self I think I’ve done all of the announcements if
not just check the description box for anything that you may want to check it
out there yeah that’s the same thing yeah okay love ya you know reaction I
hear of the masculine which is nothing but the rebirth of the masculine through
the feminine aspects of the psyche of the mental mental faculties okay okay
you guys I did not forget the prayer at all okay so we’re going to take energy
right here yeah we work within concentrate one the flame okay guys amen indeed I thought Elia


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