This is your daily reading for the 10th to the 11th of August 2019 hype you will we’re using a mirrors love oracle cards, which are available for purchase on my website It’s tuned into the energies and see what comes up in the cards if you are interested in Seeing any more of my other readings check all the links below or book a personal session Everything you need to know is below in the show more section. Also my mediumship Academy as well So here we go everybody 10th to the 11th of August and it’s a beautiful month this month for lots of fabulous things It’s one of the better months of the year Likewise like romance And opportunities Good energy. Ok, so here we go. We’ve got true gem and spiritual growth. So learning through somebody special receiving gifts and messages from spirit downloads Also messages from spirit people who have passed over messages through your dreams as well feeling aligned feeling like you have Some really good alignment. I’m getting alignment with the chakras here as well True gem can be also somebody special coming into your life. You could be the true gem somebody work who works with gemstones crystals or jewelry and The table is rocking again, so I’m just going to have to put their thing underneath it, okay Otherwise, it’ll drive me nuts Ok, so here we go, let’s have a look at see the rest of this spread here Mature man vice king Young female young female can be also somebody up to the age of 29 can be a daughter as well a Relative or if you’re looking for a female can be a younger female than yourself coming in around you Mature man and the Ice King so we’ve got quite a few people here Could be the same person an entrepreneur a father figure a boss figure There’s some surprise coming in and around this person could be an entrepreneurial idea a launch of something new The young female also rules fashion and music and things to do with trends an image So it could be even an entrepreneurial idea you have even to do with jewelry jewelry design launching something around fashion launching something even esoteric or fashionable that could actually Be a good idea for you. There could be a man involved in this launch He might be assisting you in doing so mature man somebody mature for their age, but not necessarily mature in age He could be in your heart of hearts as well because he’s coming up on the subconscious side of the reading so He could be You know in your in your mind, he could be in your heart of hearts He might surprise you by giving you his support as well You could be getting some downloads and information about a creative project through the young female Not necessarily being a person but a project a creative project of your own Gossip hearing about somebody through the grapevine also having things to do with neighbors Meeting somebody through neighbors or around your local neighborhood walking a dog going around the block Somewhere in your building or community your local area just in and around your block or Street Having people talk about you, they could be talking about this new thing that you have going I feel like it’s a launch or something new An idea that you might actually have to launch something dating queen having more attention getting more followers if you’re into Instagram or something like that Feeling more admired and adored I’m being spoiled by a partner This can be also male or female you could be having more opportunities of different people coming into your life for Relationship having more offers and opportunities coming around you’re such a degree some sort of creative project that you might be working on Okay, so the external here is work of freedom So there could be a way that you’re actually modifying the way you’re working to set yourself more free To create more freedom in your day in your business in your work environment. You could even be working from home. You might be Working around a project that will give you more financial freedom as well or it could even bring in somebody very important that region can also be an Engagement an engagement ring as well. So Overall, it feels to me like it’s something to do with a project a work project a creative project getting some sort of freedom through that and Being able to launch that in a good way for some of you for others I feel like you could be meeting somebody through work and This person might take you by surprise as well When you least expect it, they could and you might have already seen them in your dreams You might have you might have seen them before they actually arrived will come in to your life In your third aisle in your mind’s eye Okay, I might just pull a taro on this and just see what else we have for for This particular spread, you know, the timing can be variable as well Okay, so change is in the air we’ve got the death card changes in the air Okay, you’re into could be in two minds about directions and then you’re going to take off suddenly in a new direction so there’s definitely something being stripped away cut away released It could come in around two days or seven days two weeks or seven weeks or even eight days eight weeks So there could be something that you are Contemplating and maybe with this sort of energy we We had the message here not to take on board if there’s any negative gossip going on around you, okay? Don’t take anything on board. So lots of blessings everybody. Take care. Ciao for now


  • ramatu mustapha says:

    Thanks for the guidance

  • Bright White Magic says:

    The 8th month is lucky. The number 8 is a lucky number in many cultures. Thank you, Amira! 🙏🏼

  • Sharon Margaret Stewart says:

    Thanks Amira have a wonderful weekend, bless you ❤️

  • Jehan Tarot says:

    Getting more Followers on Instagram makes sense as i just announced an Instagram contest…Amira i just want to say thank you with all of my heart for the wealth of information you provide…it has literally changed my life.You are one of the tarot readers here on youtube who inspired me to create my own tarot Business.I own and use your deck on my channel and boy does it serve its purpose!! LOL again Thank you

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