14 Art Tarot card meanings

14 Art Tarot card meanings

The Art card, formerly known as Temperance
is the 14th card in the sequence. Crowley says we have to look at this card with reference
to the Lovers card. They mutually balance each other. The Lovers wasn’t an easy card
to interpret. He says, this card is the complement and fulfilment of Atu 6 Gemini, the Lovers.
Pertaining to Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the Archer, and we have Eros the archer on
the Lovers. The two semi-circles reminiscent of the bow, which takes us back to the High
Priestess, things go round and round. Diana the Huntress is a form of Isis, the territory
of the High Priestess. Sagittarius is related to the rainbow which is in Art. It is from
the Moon of Yesod to Tipareth. The High Priestess goes from Kether to Tipareth, and the Art
from Tipareth to Yesod on the Central Path. This card represents the consummation of the
Royal Marriage, and everything is counterpoised. While in one card, the Eagle is red, and the
white lion. Here the lion is red and the eagle is white. Everything is counterchanged. Again
we have the burning blood. The robe in the figure is green, an alchemical theme. This
is to do with the Great Work. The cauldron where the elements are mixed up. We had the
chalice of the Grail in the Chariot and other places, so now we come to the cauldron. This
is the hidden content of the egg found in the Lovers. It is the same formula but in
a more advanced stage. We are moving things on. He has this word vitriol, visitae interior
terrae rectificancdo inventes occultum lapidem, which means visiting the interior parts of
the earth is the secret stone. The universal stone or the hidden stone is the Great Work.
This going into the Earth to find these things. You go into the Earth, but with the arrow
you fire up, you don’t fire it down. Nothing is simple or straightforward. The mnemonic
for it is, Solve coagula by vitriol shown the tincture, the elixir and the stone. This
is an alchemical process. By the way the Hebrew letter Samekh represents the serpent holding
its tail, and alchemical symbol. The verse says, pile all thine all feeling, in the right
hand and lose no drop hath not thy left hand. Transmute all holy into the image of thy will.
Reuse the total perfection. Solve the wine in the wine cup, is manifest, the virtue of
that pearl. Pearl is a lunar symbol you find from the oyster. The oyster is mentioned in
the Empress, the pearl you find in the glass of wine. Its the gnostic mass. What is the
meaning of this card. It is the combination of forces, realization, action based upon
accurate calculation. the way of escape after elaborate manoeuvres. This is all Temperance,

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  • Pablo Bianchi says:

    Hello Paul Hughes, could you explain to me if there is a connection between The Devil and Adjustment with The Lovers? Because they are all meeting up in Tiphareth. And what about death and the hermit and the high priestess, all meeting up in the same place?

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