2019. Que dice la biblia sobre tu signo zodiacal?  The zodiac signs and the bible- english  sub.

2019. Que dice la biblia sobre tu signo zodiacal? The zodiac signs and the bible- english sub.

Christian astrology productive knowledge – Raúl Romero The word astrology comes from the Greek astron, which means star and logos that means word Its main form of expression is found in the horoscope, from the Greek hour as the division of the day and skopeo which means to observe. Astrology is a divinatory science, , where it is assumed that the stars influence the course of events and the destiny of human beings. Affirms that the position of the celestial bodies at a given time or in other words at the time of birth of a person conditions the future in a favorable or unfavorable way then life becomes predictable or predictable by studying the sky, everything it depends on the exact configuration of the sky at the time of the birth of the human being, we say that this is the basis of the horoscope. Thanks to the discoveries of the ancient Assyrian texts we can know that they worshiped the stars worshiped them and thought they were directed by them in their daily lives. In ancient Babylon and Assyria, we find the principles of astrology of mystical-religious roots, identifying the planets as gods, led to the notion that influenced the lives of those born to preside over their births According to Ptolemy the eclipses were already foreseen in the eighth century the course of the sun and that of the planets had been calculated around 1000 BC, only 5 planets of the solar system were known and to form a mystical number “seven” joined the sun and the moon in the account Astrology made each planet correspond to a greater divinity, this is what Nebo or Nabu called Mercurio Istar or Milita to Venus, Samas or Shamash to the Sun, Sin or Nannaru to the Moon, Nergal or Meinodhac to Mars, Marduk or Nebiru to Jupiter and Ninurta or Ninib to Saturn. These “gods-planets” were called interpreters, because they believed in a destiny written in the stars, however, it was not decisive, so from the middle ages, these beliefs infiltrated some christian media. At the birth of astrology it was believed that the sun, the Moon and the planets revolved around the earth, this theory was called Ptolemy’s geocentrism. With the revolutionary discoveries of astronomy from Galileo and its predecessors. New planets are discovered, the moon and the Sun had to be taken out of the primary group and most importantly, the earth was not the center of the system but the Sun and the moon only a satellite, this theory was called Copernicus heliocentrism . In this way the theory of Ptolemy is without foundation and astrology as it was known, also. although today it was adapted, it does not happen to be a belief where paganism and mysticism survive in an obsolete theory and without arguments. The zodiac Astrology took that term from astronomy. A celestial sphere is presented in a maximum circle where the center is the sun, with an apparent flat path, located in a plane that contains the earth, in this plane is the ecliptic line, because eclipses only occur when the moon crosses it. The area limited by the 2 parallel circles, located at 9 degrees of ecliptic latitude on each side of it, is called a zodiac. In this area, where the planets circulate, they are divided into 12 portions, called “houses” of 30 degrees each. So that, in this way, when the sun goes through each house per month, it can be given the name of a sign, thus the expression “having been born under a certain sign”, would mean having seen the light when the sun passed through that house and therefore, that sign would correspond to that human being. These zodiac signs or cycles are based on the history that contains them. The name zodiac comes from the fact that most of these constellations have animal names How do we explain then the existence of these signs? If we consider them well outside mysticism, we will understand that they are only inventions. A woman with a bouquet of spikes and millet, a bull raging furiously, 2 fish tied with a rope in the tail, a man spilling water from a pitcher and so on. It will be noted that none of this exists at all in the arrangement of the stars that suggest the figures identified by these signs, so it would be necessary to arrive through conjectures, mythology, stories, cultures and beliefs to a result passed through the prism more twisted and complex than abstract and illusory. Hinduists have astrology as the fundamental basis of their religion. In the West it is widely disseminated and consulted frequently through assembled offices, newspapers, radio and television. What does the bible say about this? It is impossible to combine astrology with the Bible, the references are few, some are placed within the general framework of divination which is strictly prohibited because it is an idolatrous and abominable form of God. We can state the passage in Deuteronomy 4:19 where God speaks to the people of Israel against that practice, as an error of the pagans of those days. 1 Corinthians 10:13 Where he explains that everything is human and only God faithfulness frees us from mistakes and not the stars through the mystical. Isaiah 47:13, it is proven that the true sciences are supported by the bible and if this were so, it would, however. in an ironic way, in this passage, ask for results about observing the stars 2 Kings 23: 5 the jewish king Josiah from whom we received the greatest amount of archaeological evidence, found a deep idolatrous cleansing, which included the zodiac signs inherited from the Babylonians 1 Corinthians 10: 14 already more contemporary God recommends us to flee from idolatry and, In Luke 2 we have kings visiting Jesus as wise not as astrologers or failing magicians, who, at that time, considered eastern scientists, but never as astrologers, according to the original Greek text of the Gospel of Luke In conclusion, therefore, it is concluded that astrology has nothing to do with Christianity, its beliefs or its foundations it is the true Christians who have to keep and fight these types of idolatries and avoid removing faith in God, without fear and with plenty of arguments.


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