[3.8] Cyclone Slayer Build Guide – Path of Exile: Blight

[3.8] Cyclone Slayer Build Guide – Path of Exile: Blight

Hello and welcome to another Path of Exile
build guide! Legion league has brought with it a large
number of improvements to melee combat so this is the perfect time to re-visit Cyclone,
one of the most popular skills in the game. When paired with a sword-wielding Slayer,
you obtain one, mean, spinning death machine that obliterates everything in its path. Here’s the high level breakdown of the build’s
capabilities: A great league starter, it performs really
well with makeshift gear and cheap uniques all the way to mid-tier maps, without investing
more than a few chaos orbs for each piece. It also scales really well with better gear
so the more currency you’re willing to spend, the better it will perform. This makes it ideal for a long-term build
that you can really pimp out over the course of an entire league or in Standard mode. It can run any of the existing content in
the game, including Uber Elder and Uber Atziri as well as delving very deep. With its insane mobility it clears content
really fast, making it one of the best farmers out there, without sacrificing damage or defenses. While I wouldn’t recommended it for Hardcore
play, its survivability scales with your own skills as proper positioning and maneuvering
while spinning can help you survive encounters that would immediately kill other builds. As for mapping, there’s only one mode that
you cannot run and that is “no leech”. The build relies quite a lot on leeching life
to stay alive, as well as mana since almost your entire pool is reserved by auras. Last, but definitely not least, the build
is incredibly fun to play. If you’ve ever played Whirlwind Barb in Diablo
games, you’ll know exactly what I mean! Jumping in the middle of a pack and shredding
everything to pieces is just extremely satisfying. So, with this being said, let’s see how you
go about getting all that. The guide is divided into seven main sections:
build overview, passive tree and leveling, ascendancy, pantheon, gems and links, gear
flasks and jewels and finally “pros & cons”. In the video description below you’ll find
a link for importing the entire build guide in the “Path Of Building” tool. It includes the passive tree broken down into
level brackets, example gear and a detailed “Notes” section on gearing, stats priorities
and gems. With that out of the way, it’s time to lay
out the build overview. The build revolves around Cyclone, a channeling
skill that deals weapon damage in a large area around your character for as long as
you keep the button pressed. You can move around while spinning, allowing
you to reposition, get out of harmful stuff lying on the ground or dodge incoming attacks,
all while continuing to deal damage to enemies. This means you’ll have very little DPS downtime
in any fight and the same goes for leeching life and mana. You’ll understand exactly what I mean by this
the first time you’ll go between two delve nodes without stopping and killing all the
monsters on the way. As you keep channeling, Cyclone gains additional
stages, up to 6 at gem level 20, each of them increasing the size of its area of effect. Apart from this mechanic, your weapons’ range
also dictates how large this area will end up being. It’s very likely that you’ve never even heard
of this stat until now as it’s completely ignored in most builds since it has very little
or no impact at all. For Cyclone however, it is a crucial component,
and the higher the weapon range, the larger the area of effect. I will however go into more details about
this in the gearing section. While there are many ways to use Cyclone,
this particular build focuses on 1-handed swords and physical damage. You won’t be dealing any elemental or chaos
damage so gearing will be really straight-forward. It is also a critical strike type of build
and with decent equipment you’ll end up with over 80% crit. chance. Topping everything off is the recently buffed
Impale mechanic, a huge DPS boost for physical damage. Through passives, Dread Banner and Impale
support gem, you’ll be sitting at or very close to 100% Impale chance. So, on every target hit with an attack you’ll
create one Impale stack, up to a maximum of 5 Each Impale stack stores 10% of the physical
damage dealt with that hit and is afterwards released with subsequent hits. You can think of it as a DOT that ticks only
when you hit that monster after it was applied. I know this is a rather confusing mechanic
so I won’t bore you with all the math behind it and the exact interactions. I will however say that it’s a huge DPS boost
against any enemy that takes more than 2 or 3 hits to die, so it is especially efficient
against bosses. As for defenses you’ll rely on endurance charges,
almost permanent Fortify buff, large amounts of life leech as well as Flesh and Stone aura
used in Sand Stance. While it sounds like a lot to take it, don’t
worry, as always, I will talk about all these in much greater detail in the passives, gems
and gearing sections respectively. And speaking of that, let’s actually start
with the passive tree and leveling. You start off as a Duelist and immediately
grab a few DPS notable passives such as “Master of the Arena”, “Art of the Gladiator”
and “Dervish”. On the way you also pass through “Bravery”
for a large chunk of HP and evasion. Since you cannot use Cyclone yet, up to level
28 you can go with Lacerate, Cleave, Dual Strike or any other skill that mainly deals
physical damage. You can also pick up Dash to move around faster
until you replace it with Leap Slam. In Act 2, you’ll focus on defenses and life
leech, helping with mana sustain as well as survivability. Take “Golem’s Blood” and “Thick Skin”
for a large amount of HP and “Vitality Void” for leeching. In this act you will also complete “Deal
with the Bandits” quest and the optimal choice is to kill them all and get the two
passive points. While Alira’s reward is not that bad, you
can get much more from those two points in the passive tree. While going through acts 3 and 4, take “Swift
Skewering” and “Blade of Cunning” to boost your DPS and start impaling enemies. “Bloodless” wheel adds a large amount
of life and “Soul of Steel” will greatly help with elemental resistances and physical
damage defense. Around this time you will also get Cyclone
gem as reward from a quest so you can finally start spinning and kicking ass. Making your way through acts 5 and 6 you begin
by boosting Cyclone’s damage and area of effect with “Brinkmanship”. Then you grab the first socket and while there
aren’t any Cyclone specific jewels, you can use one that provides some form of physical
damage or defenses. Afterwards make your way up and take “Blade
Master” for a huge DPS boost, along with “Juggernaut” which will help you survive
the more difficult encounters in the second part of the story mode. In Acts 7 and 8 grab the 2nd jewel socket
and “Barbarism” for an even mix of utility and defenses. Then, start building your critical strike
chance and critical multiplier with “Disemboweling” and “Dismembering” wheels. As you push through Acts 9 and 10, complete
“Thick Skin” wheel and then grab “Twin Terrors” for some much needed accuracy and
extra crit chance. Towards the end of story mode it’s a good
time to further boost your HP by taking “Herbalism” and then double down on crits with “Fatal
Blade”, providing huge amounts of DPS. With the campaign out of the way, you’ll start
going through the Atlas and by level 80 you should get “Constitution” and two adjacent
life nodes, significantly increasing your survivability. And while you’re in the area, you can also
snag the third jewel socket, giving you some flexibility to focus on what you feel like
you’re lacking: damage or defenses. By level 90 there are three additional significant
passives that you should invest your points in: “Warrior’s Blood”, “Heart of the
Warrior” and “Born to Fight”. In addition take three more life nodes around
“Constitution”. All these provide quite a bit of life, life
regen and damage, helping you push through higher tier maps. From this point up to level 100, the most
balanced approach is to finish up the wheel of life, including “Path of the Warrior”. And that about wraps it up for the passive
tree and leveling. Up next I’ll be covering the Ascendancy class
which ties everything together for this build. As you’ve likely figured from title, the Ascendancy
of choice is the recently reworked Slayer. It provides excellent tools for area of effect
skills such as Cyclone, mobility and A LOT of damage. First points go to “Headsman”, a pretty
straight-forward passive: you gain a large amount of extra damage if you’ve killed anything
recently and double that amount against bosses. Bonus, you also become immune to reflected
physical damage, which is a huge deal while mapping, considering you are dealing exclusively
this type of damage. Without it you’d need to re-roll quite a large
number of maps, so thanks to “Headsman” you’ll save a fair amount of currency. After completing Cruel Labyrinth go one step
further and spend the points on “Bane of Legends”. First line might be a bit confusing but
it’s in fact quite simple: if one of your hits brings a target to 20% HP or lower, it
will instead instantly kill that monster. And yes, this applies to bosses as well. But on top of that “Bane of Legends” also
provides significant buffs to attack and movement speed when killing enemies, making it incredibly
useful for map clearing. This is one of the strongest passives in the
entire game, a great boost for your overall damage. The third passive is “Impact”, providing
some much needed accuracy as well as a large increase for Cyclone’s area of effect. This will get larger with every enemy you
kill, greatly improving your clearing ability. Finally, with the last Ascendancy points grab
“Overwhelm”, a passive that provides massive bonuses to critical strikes. At a quick glance it might not seem like a
big deal: 8% compared to 5 or 6 base crit chance found on most swords. But that base value is what gets multiplied
with all those “increased crit. chance” nodes you take from the passive tree or found
on items. So, the difference of 2 or 3% for
base crit chance translates into about 17% to 20% effective crit chance, which is a huge
amount. And as if that weren’t enough, “Overwhelm”
also increases your critical multiplier for each nearby enemy and at the same time reduces
it for the monsters. With the ascendancy out of the way, we can
take a quick look at the Pantheon choices. Generally speaking Pantheon choices are situational
and there isn’t a “best” pair that will outperform all others in any situation. However, there are certain options that complement
specific builds quite well in a wide range of scenarios. For this particular case, here are my recommendations: For the major god, Soul of Arakaali: damage
over time is a weak spot for this build so getting some defenses against that is always
a good idea. Additionally it also boosts the effect of
life leech and life regen after you’ve stopped taking physical damage. A good alternative would be Soul of Lunaris
providing some excellent defensive bonuses while mapping and facing larger groups of
mobs. As for the minor God, the optimal choice is
likely Soul of Shakari: poison is encountered quite often while mapping and it deals a significant
amount of damage so becoming immune to it is really useful. Having covered the pantheon choices, we can
now focus on one of the most important aspects of any build: gems and links. As usual I’ll start off with the main skill,
Cyclone and its support gems. First in line is “Brutality” which adds
an insane amount of physical damage. However it also prevents you from dealing
any elemental or chaos damage with Cyclone. Regardless, the build is only focusing on
phys damage, so the downside is negligible. The second support gem is “Melee Physical
Damage”, the younger brother of Brutality. As the name implies it, this gem also adds
a large amount of physical damage but doesn’t have any additional drawbacks. Next in line is “Impale” support – this
will increase your chance to impale enemies and also buff the damage done through this
mechanic. As I mentioned in the Build Overview section,
Impale adds an insane amount of damage against any target that survives more than 2 or 3
hits. While this is not visible in the Cyclone’s
DPS tooltip, trust me, no other gem comes even close to this. 5th gem is “Infused Channeling” and
as you probably suspect, this too grants a lot of physical damage. But on top of that, a short time after channeling
Cyclone you will receive the “Infusion” buff which lasts 6 seconds and further boosts
your physical damage. While channeling you also get a very strong
physical damage reduction buff, greatly improving your defenses. However, do note that this gem requires quite
a bit of Intelligence and this build doesn’t really get any from the passive tree. I’m not saying the Duelist is only a smug,
dumb jock, but he could try to be a little smarter. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be very hard to
get about 100 Intelligence on your gear. And even at lower levels than max, Infused
Channeling is still really strong and useful. The last gem in the chain is the recently
buffed Fortify. Yes, you’ve heard well, Fortify support in a
main skill setup. What a time to be alive! Even damage-wise it is at the moment better
than other options and on top of that you get an almost permanent Fortify buff. Between this and Infused Channeling, you should
become quite tanky while you’re spinning. If you feel like Fortify buff is not needed
or you can somehow reliably get it from another source, then you can replace the gem with
“Pulverise” support. Apart from more physical damage it also increases
Cyclone’s area of effect, making it more efficient for map clearing. The next gem setup brings an additional source
of damage, especially useful against bosses or during static fights with clear phases. “Vaal Ancestral Warchief” will summon
a totem which uses a giant slam skill, dealing large amounts of damage. Unlike most totems it can also leap around
if it has no enemies in its range. You can summon two of these at the same time,
bypassing the normal totems limit. Since the warchief deals physical damage as
well, its support gems are the usual suspects: “Brutality”, “Melee Physical Damage”
and “Maim”. As with any Vaal gem, it is practically providing
2 separate skills in a single gem: you get the Vaal Warchief part, which is the totem
on steroids and the regular Warchief totem. They can also be used and placed separately
on your skill bar. As you kill monsters or damage bosses you
gain souls which are required for using the Vaal part of the skill. The regular Warchief totem can be placed whenever
you want and doesn’t require any souls. On top of the damage dealt by the totem itself,
you also deal a lot more physical damage while you’re near it. While it’s obviously not really useful when
clearing trash mobs, it does however have a very large impact in boss fights. So even if you don’t have enough souls for
the Vaal skill or it is on cooldown, you should still place down the regular totem in these
scenarios. Up next are the Auras setup: first you have
“Pride” which increases the physical damage taken by enemies, the longer they are in its
range. Then there’s the very interesting “Flesh
and Stone”. This aura has two modes or stances, Blood
and Sand, and you can toggle between them by simply pressing the skill button again. In Sand stance you will blind nearby enemies,
drastically reducing their accuracy. On top of that you also take reduced damage
from monsters that are further away. This is a great defensive stance which I generally
recommend for mapping as your damage should already be overkill for trash mobs. In Blood stance nearby enemies are Maimed
and take additional physical damage. As such it’s very good against bosses as you
should generally be on top of them all the time, meaning that Sand Stance’s defensive
bonus would be wasted anyway. A cool trick in this setup is to add “Maim
support” gem. Normally this works only for attacks however, the last line of Maim Support says
“Enemies Maimed by supported skills take Increased Physical Damage”. So while you’re in Blood Stance you will do
even more damage thanks to this support gem. Lastly you should add “Enlighten” support
gem of at least level 3, but ideally 4. This reduces the amount of mana reserved by
linked gems, allowing you to use even more auras in this build. And that brings us to the next setup. First is “Blood and Sand”, another aura
that, as the name implies it, uses the Blood and Sand stances. Blood mode increases the damage you’re dealing
but reduces the area of effect of Cyclone. Conversely, Sand mode increases Cyclone’s
size but you’ll deal somewhat less damage. It is up to you which mode you’ll be using,
depending on what situation you’re in and the type of content you’re running. Just remember that you can instantly switch
between modes so you’re not forced to chose one and stick with it. You can even change it during the same fight
as the situation dictates it. You should also keep in mind that “Blood
and Sand” and “Flesh and Stone” are sharing their stances so if you switch the
mode for one this will also change for the other aura. Regardless, it’s quite easy to manage them:
blood means more damage and less area of effect while sand means more defenses and larger
area while sacrificing some damage. The next gem is Dread Banner – this is yet
another Aura but this one increases your chance to Impale, as well as damage dealt with this
mechanic. Its most basic usage is exactly like any other
aura: you activate and forget about it. However you can also take a more involved
approach. As you impale enemies the banner gathers charges,
up to a maximum of 50. At any point you can plant the flag in the
ground and this will further increase its effect, based on the number of charges it
had. However once it expires after you’ve planted
it down you need to remember to re-activate the skill again. For this reason I generally only plant it
during boss fights, but it is up to you how you’re going to play with it. The last gem in this setup is Blood Rage – this
provides a temporary buff to attack speed and life leech at the cost of some damage
over time which should be completely offset by your life regen. You also get a 25% chance to gain a Frenzy
charge when killing an enemy and these further increase your attack speed and damage. The buff has a duration of about 10 seconds
which resets whenever you kill an enemy so it should have an almost permanent uptime
while mapping. These gems don’t even have to be linked as
they are not affecting each other in any way. The build also uses a “Cast When Damage
Taken” setup which will trigger other linked gems when you take a certain amount of damage. Since you want it to fire as often as possible,
the gem should be kept at level 5, which also means that the triggered gems cannot be maxed
out either. The first of these is “Immortal Call”,
a buff that provides a significant amount of physical and elemental damage reduction. Then you should add a curse and you can go
either with a defensive one, Enfeeble or the more offensive approach, Assassin’s Mark. Last gem in this setup is Increased Duration
support which should be level 20 as it is not triggered but rather used to increase
the duration of both Immortal Call and the curse. The final gem setup will be your mobility
skill, namely Leap Slam. This was recently buffed and it now also stuns
any enemy it hits that is on full life. Its utility should be fairly obvious: you
jump right in the middle of a monster pack and you stun them all since they were on full
HP. This gives you a brief timeframe to use Cyclone
before the mobs start hitting you. You’ll already have Fortify buff UP and might
even kill them before the stuns wear off. This really boosts your survivability and
prevents damage spikes, making gameplay much smoother. The next gem doubles-down on this new feature:
“Endurance Charge on Melee Stun”. The name says it all: you gain an endurance charge when stunning enemies with a linked melee skill and yes, Leap Slam is considered melee. So, not only will you stun enemies, but also
gain endurance charges, all with a single skill, further boosting your defenses. Leap Slam has just become a swiss army knife
for melee builds. Finally you add “Faster Attacks” gem for
much quicker jumping and slamming. Gearing up for this build is quite straight-forward
and your damage will scale very well with better items. Overall, no real mandatory uniques that you
need, but there are a few which can make the build truly shine. In this section for each gear slot I will
outline three tiers: basic, mid-tier and best-in-slot. As a general rule of thumb prices increase
significantly with each tier, but so do the benefits that the items bring. With that out of the way, let’s start with
the weapons: this build is using two 1-handed swords, ideally Foil bases. This is because these have the highest weapon
range of all 1-handed swords and as I mentioned earlier in the guide, Cyclone’s area of effect
scales with this stat. The second important thing on these swords
is that they do NOT have “critical strike chance” affixes. These would raise the weapons’ base crit chance
but “Overwhelm” passive from the Ascendancy overwrites that to 8% anyway. Thus, such an affix would be completely wasted
and you could get something much more useful instead. Elemental and Chaos damage are also useless
since you’re using “Brutality” gem which only allows Cyclone to deal physical damage. A basic sword should have over 260 physical
DPS, along with some Critical Strike Multiplier. Some good uniques around this tier are
Ahn’s Might or Ichimonji. As mid-tier, look for 300+ physical DPS, crit
multi and either some accuracy or chance to impale. You should look to get these on swords with
a weapon range of 14 as this becomes quite an important stat. Best-in-slot swords are Jeweled Foils with
multi-crafted mods, some accuracy, above 40% total quality, everything amounting to over
450 physical DPS. Moving on to stuff that covers your fragile
brain, a basic helmet needs 80+ life, 80+ elemental resistances and ideally some Intelligence For mid-tier there are two uniques that work
very well: “Starkonja’s Head”, providing Attack Speed, Crit chance and life or “Devoto’s
Devotion” which has slightly lower DPS but grants 20% movement speed. Considering that Cyclone reduces your movement
speed while spinning, this is a good way to compensate some of that penalty. Generally speaking Starkonja is cheaper and
you’ll be wearing a bear’s head so there’s no real competition here. Best-in-slot helmets need to have a few key
affixes: nearby enemies take increased physical damage, +1 to melee weapon range, % increased
maximum life as well as flat life. A basic body armour needs at least 5 links,
80+ life and 90+ resistances. Ideally it should have an armour/evasion base
to make it easier to obtain the sockets’ colors needed for Cyclone. For mid-tier you should already aim for 6
links and the best candidates are a few unique armours. The most defense-oriented one is Belly of
the Beast, providing large amounts of life and resistances. Another option is Carcass Jack that greatly
boosts Cyclone’s area of effect and area damage. Then there’s also Daresso’s Defiance which
helps with Endurance charges generation and almost permanent Onslaught buff with a greatly
increased effect. Best-in-slot armour is a rare one with “Socketed
gems are supported by level 1 Maim” which adds somewhat of a 7th link to your Cyclone
setup. The second most important affix is “attacks
have +% to critical strike chance”. This is added to your base critical strike
chance, and afterwards all those “increased crit chance” passives and affixes on items
are multiplied with this higher base. % increased max life, life regen,
flat life, resistances are all good extra affixes to have here. Basic gloves should have 70+ life and elemental
resistances along with added physical damage to attacks. On top of these, a pair of mid-tier gloves
have either some attack speed, over 300 accuracy or a “Spiked Gloves” base with the excellent
melee damage implicit. Best-in-slot are somewhat similar to mid-tier
ones, however with less resistances to make room for a weapon range affix, along with
higher numeric values for physical damage and attack speed. For boots slot the choices are quite simple. Start off with some basic ones that have at
least 20% movement speed and 80+ life and resistances. Mid-tier ones should have pretty much the
same affixes but with 30% movement speed and ideally some Intelligence to help you level
up “Infused Channeling” gem. In addition to all these, for best-in-slot
boots aim to also have chance to dodge spells or attacks. Moving on to the belt slot, a basic one should
come with about 90+ life and elemental resistances as well as some form of physical damage. A mid-tier one has pretty much similar affixes
but on a Stygian Vise base, thus with the added benefit of an Abyssal socket. With a good jewel you can almost double the
life and damage provided by the belt itself. As for the best-in-slot, you can go for a
corrupted “Soul Tether” with “Pride has increased aura effect” or “increased
attack speed during any flask effect” implicit. The belt adds a large chunk of Energy Shield
and allows life leech to continue even when you’re at full life. Once you’re at max HP life leeching will recover
energy shield instead but will revert to normal behavior once your HP drops again. This behaves quite similar to “Brutal Fervour”
passive from the ascendancy and is an excellent survivability boost. The downside is that you’re missing on resistances,
life and damage affixes that could be found on a regular belt so you’ll have to compensate
on other pieces of gear. The amulet slot should be generally reserved
for piling up damage affixes. While lower-budget ones can also sport a few
resistances, these should however be covered by other pieces of gear. So, a good basic amulet is actually a unique
one, Daresso’s Salute. It provides a decent amount of resistances,
+2 weapon range as well as increased damage and movement speed while on full life. On mid-tier amulets look for added physical
damage, critical strike chance and multiplier, a good amount of life and ideally some Intelligence. For best-in-slot you’re looking at pretty
much the same affixes, with +1 to weapon range on top of all the rest. Rings are more of a mixed bag due to fewer
decent damage affixes, meaning you can squeeze in some resistances as well, at no real cost
to your DPS. However, the absolute top priority is for
at least one ring to have “minus total mana cost of skills”. Without this it will be almost impossible
to sustain the mana cost of Cyclone during boss fights and you’ll be forced to drop some
really important auras. This is a crafted mod and the recipe is obtained
from unveiling Syndicate items, so there’s really no reason not to have it on at least
one ring. If you get it on both rings then you can even
squeeze in a low-level Precision Aura, leaving just enough mana to cast Ancestral Warchief,
your most expensive skill. You can drop “Faster Attacks” gem from
the Leap Slam setup to make room for this aura. With that being said, basic rings should have
this important affix along with a mix of life, resistances, physical damage to attacks or
Intelligence Mid-tier rings are basically more of the same
with increased numeric values for all these affixes. As for the best-in-slot, go for a Shaper one
having “Curse enemies with Assassin’s Mark on hit” on top of the previously mentioned
affixes. With a ring like this you can drop the curse
from Cast When Damage Taken setup to make room for Precision Aura. With the regular gear out of the way, it’s
time to have a quick look at jewels. You should have at least 3 available sockets
from the tree and possibly a few more if you’re using a Stygian Vise Belt or other abyssal
gear. Cyclone doesn’t have any skill-specific jewel
so there’s a bit more flexibility here. Basic jewels should have some flat or
% increased life and at least 2 other damage affixes. These can be either attack speed, critical
strike chance, critical strike multiplier, flat damage and so on. Another good option is “Tempered Flesh”
unique jewel socketed on the left side of the tree, above Juggernaut passive. This will grant you critical strike multiplier
based on how much un-allocated strength there is in its radius. As a mid-tier jewel you should look into getting
a “Transcendent Flesh”, the bigger brother of Tempered Flesh. On top of what that jewel provided, this also
adds some extra physical damage reduction based on un-allocated strength in its radius. Replace the weaker version of the jewel with
this one when you can afford it. Lastly, the best-in-slot is the usual suspect,
Watcher’s Eye with various damage mods when affected by Pride aura. Ideally, if you’re using Precision as well,
then you can get a mix of mods for these two auras. And it’s now time for everyone’s favorite
gear pieces: the flasks. First you need a Seething Divine Life Flask
of Staunching. Instant healing is a real life saver and bleeding
removal is absolutely mandatory while mapping. Then, since this is a crit build, an Experimenter
Diamond flask is a must-have. Lucky crit chance means the game will roll
twice to determine if a hit is a crit chance and then applies the best result. In practice this means you get a much higher
effective crit chance while the flask is active so make sure you use it constantly. The suffix should be either Warding or Heat
for curse or freeze immunity respectively. 3rd flask is a Chemist’s Quicksilver flask
of Adrenaline. Since Cyclone reduces your movement speed
while spinning, this is the perfect way to offset that and maintain good mobility. 4th one is Lion’s Roar unique flask – this
grants you a huge amount of physical damage so it fits perfectly with the build. If that’s too expensive you can temporarily
use a Sulphur Flask instead. And for the last one, a Chemist Silver flask
is likely the best option. Onslaught is always nice to have for extra
attack and movement speed. The suffix is either Warding or Heat, depending
on what you’ve already picked on the Diamond Flask. To wrap up the gearing section, here are some
excellent levelling uniques that will help you progress through the campaign With gearing out of the way, it’s time to
take a final look at the pros and cons for this build so you can better understand if
it’s what you were looking for. Starting off with the Pros: A really mobile and fast-paced build, one
of the very few where you’re constantly dealing damage while moving. Excellent clearing speed: the build is very
efficient at quickly killing large packs of mobs without any downtime
Very easy to play, without complicated mechanics or complex gearing. Definitely beginner friendly! Really fun build! With all the various changes to melee combat,
the build just feels great! Efficiency scales with player’s skill. Careful maneuvering while cycloning can help
you survive encounters that would otherwise kill you. Getting more familiar with the build and its
play-style is rewarded with overall better performance
Each gear upgrade will be a significant buff, generally proportional with the investment. As such it has a very high performance ceiling
and the build is great for a long-term project. It will take a long time to reach a point
where you feel you’re no longer progressing. As for the cons: It is a melee build – this means you’ll
be in the thick of things most of the time, more vulnerable than a ranged character. I has medium level of defenses – it’s not exactly
a glass cannon but it also doesn’t have a huge deal going in terms of defense layers. You will occasionally die but you’ll likely
compensate with superior clear-speed. You’re spinning quite a lot – this might
not bother most players but some can find it tiring or even nauseating. Cannot run “no leech” maps – theoretically
you can power-through these but it would be really time consuming and dangerous so it’s
far better to just reroll them Learn anything new, exile? If you did, then you’ll probably be happy
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    Also crafted a Exquisite blade with lvl 20 Fortify. And I also got atziri acuity for Int requirements and Vaal Pact.

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    Keep going

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    I probably missed it getting hypnotized with the background spinning but I'm assuming this build is a leech mana build given that the pool is almost completely taken up with auras. That must be why you mention the need for a minus mana on the rings…

    Looking this over the 1st time I think this is probably the most cheap build you've put out. Most of the best in slot is gear you can eventually craft yourself or find on the market, as opposed to uniques which I think is a nice touch. It allows you to refine the gear yourself vs getting cookie cutter gear that everyone will have. Now, I just have to properly figure out crafting…

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    I've just finished setting up a nice Discord server for this community: https://discord.gg/9M6N6Wf

    This way we can communicate a bit more directly, get to know each other, bounce ideas for new builds, clarify things about the old ones and, of course, discuss and share stuff beyond PoE as well.

    So, drop by, say hi and stay awhile! 😉

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  • hibrido22h says:

    this build work in 3.8 ?? whit nerf on cyclon??

  • Navandis Gaming says:

    ===== CHANGELOG =====

    [3.8] Both Cyclone and the Slayer ascendancy will see some nerfs in Blight league. While it won't be as grossly overpowered as in 3.7, it will still be an excellent clearing build, as its defensive layers as well as its biggest DPS source (Impale) remain untouched. Additionally, the nerfs are most punishing for builds that were pushing AOE size to extremes (i.e. the entire screen) but this particular version was far from that so it will be way less impacted 👍

    [3.8] The "reduced mana cost" crafting recipe was split between regular skills/spells and channeled ones (such as Cyclone). As such you will have to craft "Channelling Skills have -3 to Total Mana Cost" on each ring and potentially also anoint Lucidity on your amulet. This way you should end up with 0 mana cost once more

    [3.8] Blight league introduced amulet "anointing" by using a new type of crafting components, Oils, dropped from blight mobs. Combining any 3 oils will allow you to add a significant passive to your amulet, on top of any existing mods. For this build the best option is Lucidity for helping you bring the mana cost down to zero. If that's already taken care of with a reduced mana body armour then other good options are:

    >> for DPS: Rampart / Assassination / Graceful Assault
    >> for defense: Devotion

    Most recent PoB: https://pastebin.com/RDUvvSRT
    Most recent PoePlanner Level 100 passive tree: http://poeurl.com/cye0

  • GregoR Monteras says:

    This working for ps4 ???

  • Jarek Rydzaj says:

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    Looks viable! You think pairing his with flicker instead of leap slam would also work ?

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    Excellent guide but please slow down. Im new to the game and just getting to grips with the many systems could you please explain what gems go in what items as im very confused

  • ripcs says:

    Hi Navandis, thanks for the video, it's excellent! I have a question for you about the gear… Since Cyclone base range is 11 and not dependant on weapon range, is still necessary to use Foils sword or any sword will do good?

  • Drunkencat007 says:

    Sorry, new question here. So does the gem order matter or do I just need the number of sockets and colors? Thx

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  • Ichguggnie do says:

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  • Stuart Williams says:

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  • killer97011 says:

    I haven't seen anybody talk about this, but what passive should you anoint on your necklace for this build?

  • LostBoy Ro says:

    Big Mana issues in The acts. First playthrough. Due to not being able to have all the auras you suggest active and being able to channel I've been using bladestorm to level. When does cyclone become usable for this set up?

  • 윤철민 says:

    How do you think weapon starforge??

  • Brandon Deese says:

    Without a level 4 enlighten I can't leap slam that much before running out of mana if there isn't mobs around, I was wondering if its alright to change Endurance Charge on Melee Stun to Blood Magic and change Immortal Call to Steelskin, would it still be viable?

  • Seals619 says:

    I'm brand new to the game and I'm trying to figure out how to get the "- mana cost on skills" to make the build work, but I can't seem to figure it out. Do you need to be a higher level to unlock it? (i'm level 40) I have no idea how to unveil the other enchants or whatever.

  • toney barnes says:

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  • Bagel Dish says:

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    Absolutely amazing dude 😀

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    Can i use this build in 3.9 league? Looks fun to me but curious if there are any changes

  • Surr3alD3sign says:

    The best sword setup is a jeweled foil and a prismatic eclipse with 3 white sockets. With that you get 17 weapon range and your main hand can still be modded however you want.

  • Leonzki says:

    Thank you for this video, I went from 30k to 98k with this build around lvl 60 without enlighten. Really enjoyed your build compared to some others I tested!

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