7th aspect of Saturn in Astrology – Mistake you Can Make In Life – Part 1 [Eng Subtitles]

7th aspect of Saturn in Astrology – Mistake you Can Make In Life – Part 1 [Eng Subtitles]

Important event details. Sunil John: Today once again we have with us Ashutoshji. Greetings to you. Ashutoshji: Greetings. Sunil John: Welcome once again, in the 1st episode you had briefed on 3rd aspect of Saturn. Ashutoshji: Yes. Sunil John: This time you will be talking about the 7th aspect. Ashutoshji: Yes Sunil John: I would want to you explain all three aspects in short, for our viewers. Ashutoshji: Yes, Saturn has 3 different aspects. Whichever house in chart has 3rd aspect of Saturn, it is said to be painful. Wherever there is 7th aspect the native does evil deeds and 10th aspect is Marak (death inflicting) to the house on which it is aspecting. In the first episode we had discussed over its 3rd aspect, today I will discuss about its 7th aspect and how native gets involved in evil deeds. As you must be aware that Saturn has 3 aspects, we are discussing here about its 2nd aspect, i.e., 7th aspect. Where ever Saturn is placed in chart, its 7th aspect will give some sinful results. Means 7th aspect on the particular house will make native do evil deeds related to that. Result of the bad actions committed by the native fixes his karmas. And based on his actions and resulting karma, native continues to live in this world. Now the point to be noted here is in an astrological chart, one particular house has many significators, further this depends on native’s nature and other combinations present in chart, which significator gives specific results as there are many. As you know in astrology Saturn signifies isolation/reclusion (vairagya) so Saturn’s 7th aspect on particular house will make native do sins related to that. And because of these deeds the results, as punishment gives rise to the feeling of been isolated. So Saturn is significator of reclusion, here 3 points are important to be noted: (1) 7th aspect of Saturn, result of which person does evil deeds (2) Because of his sins, result is pain or suffering and (3) And because of sufferings, person feels driven away from worldly pleasures. These are 3 different things which we try to understand through various charts. Sunil John: Thank you. Based on my experience of reading charts and understanding of aspects, I would like to bring in front of the viewers here, the problem with YouTube is, serious astrologers are less and more of people with fewer years of experience in astrology. Such people take technique as verbatim Ashutoshji: Yes. Sunil John: Suppose if you have given of an example, like if Saturn is placed in 4th house in a chart and native does some sins related to 10th house in their chart. Everyone having Saturn in 4th will think, I haven’t done anything wrong related to 10th house in my chart. Now 10th house is not only related to career. Ashutoshji: That is correct. Sunil John: There are several other areas seen from 10th house, people don’t understand that and give an instant reaction. If anyone thinks, that by watching any You Tube video, no matter how good it is, that particular technique will be understood after 10 mins to 1 hour of having watched that video. That person is making mistake in his astrological career, until and unless that specific technique has been tested on at least 50-100 horoscope, he won’t understand what has been not told in the video. Ashutoshji: That is correct. Sunil John: Secondly he should have good experience over implementing of techniques in charts. Like for example, Saturn placed in 5th house aspecting 11th house people will think money and elder siblings. He is seeing this when he is 30 years old thinking I haven’t done anything wrong related to my elder siblings or money. Ashutoshji: Yes correct. He does not know that when he will be 60 years and get any property, what is his elder brother going to do, or what sins he has done. He does not know what goes on behind his back. So this is the first thing. Second thing about the aspect is, suppose 11th house has 7th aspect of Saturn. Here where the lord of 11th house placed is important as even that gives clues. Suppose if we take Indira Gandhi’s horoscope. Saturn in 1st house aspecting 7th house, one would think what sins are done? It may be nothing related to marriage. (Chart displayed on screen), but a mistake, there is another way of understanding it, that there can be some mistake in that area. If there is an unintentional mistake done, as per your sentence Maya comes in picture for which the native has to suffer in his life time or rebirth, so it is possible this way as well. Sunil John: You can see Indira Gandhi’s horoscope, mistake may be seen in marriage. Ashutoshji: Yes, mistake in the area of marriage. Sunil John: It is not that Indira Gandhi cheated or Feroz Gandhi, we do not know about that. But there was some mistake. Saturn’s 7th aspect is harsh, there can be a mistake. Ashutoshji: Yes. Sunil John: Here Saturn itself is the lord of 7th house, placed in 1st house Cancer influencing mind, face and full body. Cancer indicates position, seat so everything evolves around that. Everyone knows about certain things done by her like emergency and more. Ashutoshji: Yes Sunil John: I would like to request viewers that the example as given by Ashutoshji… If you haven’t watched this video from the starting you won’t understand, and based on your comments I will understand that what is not clear to you. Another thing Ashutoshji will be giving limited view point. This does not mean that if your Saturn is placed in 3rd house it is aspecting house of religion and education, one would think what wrong is done in that area? We do not know everyone’s stories. Suppose if I have Saturn in 3rd house it is 100% sure that I must have committed some mistakes regarding knowledge, I tend to hide lot of it. Reason been the opposite student does not have that much ability to understand it. Second they can misuse it and third any commercial astrologer can cheat people based on that. So I know what I have done, you understand and that is why I am saying this. Somebody without doing deep thinking wrote in the comment section in your 1st video. It was written as Mr. Rao has Saturn in 3rd house in the chart so what are the sins done by him related to 9th house? Please try to understand about Mr. Rao’s writings and his maturity. Many of the techniques are not told by him, reason been he himself has written he hasn’t got morally correct student till date. Ashutoshji: Correct. Sunil John: Many people came from his Institute, he himself has written that morally correct and intelligent student… Ashutoshji: He hasn’t got till now. Sunil John: He has written in his own books and secondly he knows that certain technique can be fearsome to people and Rao sir has told many times that Astrology is not a science to be sacred. Ashutoshji: Correct. Sunil John: So the person who has written in comment section has not understood Rao sir. When we do not understand a person completely or about his life story, that is where this mistake happens Ashutoshji: Correct Sunil John: In fact, I will do one thing I have shooted the earlier episode, but I will release this video first. As we have spoken in details in this video and people do not make mistake with the earlier video as that is not covered in much details Anyways let us start with your presentation and this has been made in English as well. (Presentation seen on the screen as read by Sunil John) So can you please explain this with some examples? Ashutoshji: Yes, if you see the first example (Chart as displayed on screen) Saturn is placed in ascendant aspecting 7th house, which is house of marriage, partner, and marital happiness. This person has many illegal relationships with many women, which has disturbed his marital life. Everyday quarrels and more, now here Saturn aspecting 7th house, the native has committed sins related to that house. One more rule I will tell here along with this, if you see Ketu it is placed in 12th house in this chart in Leo. According to Bhrigu Samhita, whenever Ketu in Leo placed in 12th house, it disturbs native’s marital life. Sunil John: Usually lot of young people, as seen in many social groups. Blindly follow one rule that Ketu when placed in 12th house, the person is highly spiritual or gets Moksha. Ashutoshji: Yes blind rule. Sunil John: yes it has become a blind rule. This means a person has lot of karmas of his action, which he needs to break with his efforts. And if planets are taking one towards Karmas like Saturn, be it a new relationship or old one it becomes difficult to break bondage of karmas. Ashutoshji: Exactly, and as it is Ketu in Leo in 12th house is otherwise also not considered to be good. Sunil John: Basically in 7th house and marital relations it has created troubles. Ashutoshji: Yes correct. Sunil John: Now we come to Saturn in 2nd house. Ashutoshji: Yes, Saturn when placed in 2nd house will have its 7th aspect on 8th which is house of secret or occult knowledge like astrology, music etc., so whatever hidden knowledge be, it is signified by 8th house. Such person to get knowledge can go to any extent. As I have seen in 10-15 charts all of them are astrologers. They wanted knowledge anyhow. It does not matter to them, how they have got it. Sunil John: This is very true. As I remembered one chart the person is proficient in Tantra and I have seen his powers Sunil John: Tremendous powers. We proceed with Kundli. Can you see the chart? Ashutoshji: What did you say? Sunil John: Can you see the chart? Ashutoshji: Yes, yes I can. This native had come to me once, to learn astrology. He wanted that knowledge and he did lots of things which he could to get this science. And he is 1947 born, quite aged despite of that he wanted to get it anyhow. Saturn when placed in 2nd house in chart, such natives can do anything to get knowledge. So Astrologers must be careful with people have Saturn in 2nd house. Sunil John: Sometimes what happens in such cases is, as seen by me. They at least have 15-20 gurus. As commonly seen in WhatsApp today every 3 months there is new Guru. Earlier it was a trend as we talk 4 years before from now, guru used to change every year which has become much fast now. Saturn has increased its rotational speed. So this person according to you has done lots of mess… Ashutoshji: For getting knowledge. Even if you have any charts or remember any. You will see whosoever has Saturn in 2nd house; such native is always wise in getting knowledge and can do anything. Sunil John: I had a friend of mine whose Saturn was in 2nd house and he had pharmaceutical business. 8th house is also seen for sex. He was not an astrologer but wanted to be very much. He used to go and meet many. 8th house is also for darkness, sex. Some say 7th house for sex and some 8th everyone has their own views. Basically he was a sex addict and used to say that openly. He even said, I open my mouth and speak lies. Ashutoshji: We now discuss about Saturn in 3rd house. Saturn in 3rd house has its 7th aspect in 9th house which shows religion and higher studies. So for such a person to become famous and earn wealth medium is religion. One should not say such, but he will earn through religion by doing priestly and related work. Chart which I have taken for 3rd house placement of Saturn… Sunil John: I would like to say here something.. Many a times we don’t know about the real life of a person and as per my experience if a person does not commit any mistake, then mistakes of his past birth are reflected by 7th aspect of Saturn I will give example of that person, without revealing his name, he was a very big yogi went to US and taught a very good yoga to everyone which has changed many people’s lives. His Saturn is placed in 2nd house aspecting 8th, house of hidden knowledge. He spread the knowledge of that yoga throughout the world and this has benefited many people. It has Jupiter placed there, he may or may not have done anything wrong but he had to face allegation, a lady said that he had sex with her. A child was born out of that and then maternity or paternity tests were done. Something like that, but that was right or wrong we don’t know, but he had to face allegation you understand that. This is the area of weakness. So what was of his previous birth (Prarabdh) was released in this birth like this. Because this is Saturn’s work of giving karma by its aspects in different ways. So here in this case, as the native had to get Moksha, so his previous birth Karmas came here. Ashutoshji: Whatever is left behind of past birth, the person has to bear and finish it. Sunil John: That is why I tell many spiritual people not go mad after moksha (salvation). Don’t make any moksha related mantras, unless you can bear it. Because Prarabdh has to be reduced. Ashutoshji: We need to reduce it very quickly as it is accumulation of many previous births. And not only one birth, they keep on increasing rapidly and entire life span is to less to bear it. And that is how karmas are transferred to next birth. Sunil John: Correct. Hence we need to very cautiously interpret this. Hope you understand. Sunil John: And it is very important, one of my friend always gives advice saying be on the right side of Saturn, never in front. So whenever he sees, his aspect will not be on you. By following his rules you are going along with him. We proceed further, are we done with Saturn in 3rd house? Ashutoshji: We are done with Saturn in 3rd house. Sunil John: I remember horoscopes of many people. There is one person with Saturn in 3rd house who had leaked his Guru’s knowledge to outside world; it had to come out as it was based on spirituality. Second person comes whose 9th house is aspected by Saturn; this person had troubled his guru. Ashutoshji: There are many such people. It is said that command of guru is above everything many people do not understand that, in such cases 7th aspect on 9th house and during major and minor period of Saturn. I remember one chart which I have not given here. That person had Saturn in 3rd house, so once he wanted to go to an ashram and his guru stopped him by saying that you go after 2 days, he said no I have an important work, he did not listen to guru and went there, he was travelling by car and after driving for 2-4 hours he met with an accident there were 3 people 2 died and one survived. That time that person was under the influence of Saturn antar dasha, you can see how karma works over here Sunil John: See, this is what I was trying to say, this person did not do anything directly against his guru, but did not listen to his advice. Ashutoshji: yes did not listen. Sunil John: So that is also a sin committed, in our Hinduism this is one of the biggest sin. Ashutoshji: Exactly. Sunil John: Problem nowadays is people want custom made gurus. If guru has said something not in favor, they will say he does not know anything and will leave him. And they don’t understand anything said untoward by a guru is actually like a mahaprasad. Their scolding is super mahaprasad. Problem is we wanted custom made guru, husband, wife and son. Everything has become customized now. Let us proceed further. Ashutoshji: Scoldings given by a guru, is done to reduce your bad karmas if that pains you a little it cuts of your karmas. Sunil John: I had a debate on this, there is one Yogi from Pune, this is 10 or 7 year old story, i don’t know if he is still there. He is a naked sadhu. A little further is you go from the railway station; he sits there in a corner. Anyone who goes to him, he scolds them and makes them to run away. This was told to me by an Income Tax officer from Pune, I don’t know if he is still there or not. Long time since I had a talk with him. He had called me there to meet a few yogis. But I did not get time, even though Pune is quiet close by. He used to tell whenever this yogi gets more angry he will start throwing stones. If that stone hits and it bleeds, for whatever work you are out, it will happen 100%. And this everyone knew. So what they do is, they trouble him so much that he starts throwing stones and people keep small stones around him, not the big ones. They don’t understand it does not bleed with smaller stones. (Chart as displayed on screen). Did you explain this Kundli? Ashutoshji: Yes Saturn in 3rd house, this native is a priest and sometimes also teaches. What are the duties of a Purohit, he does it. Many times during my conversation with him, I have seen he hides minute details of the deep knowledge he has. He does not give knowledge to his disciples easily. I had once asked him why do you do like this. He answered so that knowledge is not misused. He does that hence this chart is taken over here. 7th aspect on 9th, house of religion But he does not give complete knowledge, so this is his way of accumulating his karmas knowingly or unknowingly. Sunil John: This is something like… yesterday I was cooking preparing fried rice, when it was done completely. My friend had told me how to cook it, On phone it was done live, wife came and tasted saying it was cooked nicely, but there is something missing. I asked what is missing, she said vinegar is less and went away and I put 6 spoons of vinegar which messed up the entire rice. So here she just told me vinegar is less, but did not tell me how much less. So I did not know how many spoons are to be added, as I am novice here. More vinegar will create digestive problems, not aware I just added. Nobody was able to eat, my 2 hours efforts of cooking I thought I will surprise my wife by cooking it. So you can understand here knowledge if given half can be dangerous sometimes, it has to be given complete. Ashutoshji: One has to give it complete, it cannot please do not give it half. Sunil John: The problem nowadays is you get such students who try to gain maximum by their manipulative skills within a period of 5 to 6 years and then they say sir gets angry easily and we cannot take that. Till 6 years sir did not get angry. Ashutoshji: We should be always obligated to one who has taught us something or shared their knowledge with us. This is our first duty. If we are not obligated towards our Guru, that knowledge is not going to help us. People do not understand this, but once they reach 60-65 years of their age, they realize this was something wrong done by them towards their Gurus. Sunil John: Exactly, the thing is we are so fascinated by our karmas, when we fight with someone we get angry and person does not see where his fault lies, and how can this mistake be corrected in our Karmas so it is not carried in next birth. Suppose there is fight between us, I speak badly about you and in doing so I have spoiled your business and career. Mistake is yours, but what I did, I gossip on it further. Ashutoshji: Exactly Sunil John: We all do this, it Is natural. Everybody loves to bitch or gossip as we say. I had a fight with you, I said bye bye okay. But then I gossip about you and break your business, was this an extra karma of mine? Ashutoshji: That was an extra karma. Sunil John: So if this was my extra karma, next birth this will come in front of me. Ashutoshji: Of course, it will come. Sunil John: Next birth it will come, if my karma was limited only up to fighting with you that is end of the story. But here 3rd house is activated because of communication as it is also house of free will. So by gossiping I have added interest for my next birth. It will come as interest for me; I have spoiled your business. It was your mistake, but I spoiled it more by gossiping. All this is very easy for me to speak but very difficult to implement. Otherwise many people would have got moksha by reading Gita. Ashutoshji: if you see there are more than 50-100 commentaries on that. Sunil John: According to me in Maharashtra, if I remember well Saint Dynaneshwar had written Dynaneshwari when he was 14 or 16 years old. This created problems for many Pundits. So he said okay fine I will demonstrate Gita and show, to make them understand. This was as told to me, I may be wrong. He was 21 years old when he said he will live demonstrate and took live Samadhi, means that person had understood Gita and rest of the people may not have understood it completely. Probably, because everyone who read Gita does not have the capability of taking live Samadhi, that too at the age of 21 years. Ashutoshji: If you read Gita, its creation.. The message it gives many strotras are as it is given there as in Upanishads many strotras, there are 700 strotras, so this is summary of Upanishads. Although it is a summary but very difficult to understand. Sunil John: The problem seen here is, as told to me by a famous elderly person that, person read Gita taking it as Gita only. But if one wants to understand Gita, go back to its background which is Mahabharata. If you have not read and understood entire Mahabharata, if its stories have not entered in you, you haven’t understood Gita. Because it is the context for Gita, why it was written and spoken. Public read only Gita and that is the mistake they do. Until and unless you don’t understand the karmas of every single character from Mahabharata okay… for example if you want to understand Karna and Arjuna, we need to see their previous birth connections. Who they were? if you don’t know their story. Nar and Narayan. I may be wrong here Ashutoshji: Arjuna and lord Krishna were as Nar and Narayana. Sunil John: Yes something like that. Why this grat enmity between Karna and Arjun? There must be some story behind that or previous life connection. Lord Krishna died of foot injury. We use our common sense here, how many people die in the world because of arrow hitting on their foot ? It is not possible. If there are heart problem one dies, but not if injured on hand or on feet. So until and unless you don’t know the barbaric story you cannot understand the connection of their previous births. Anyways lets go to horoscope, it is old habit of talking with you about certain things here and there past 10 years Ashutoshji: I will tell you something as told by my Guru Maharaj. Every Shastra has 2 meanings, one is Sattwic, which is seen directly, quite straight and another one is spiritual which one needs to understand by going deep into it, then only you will have that knowledge. For spiritual gain you need to enter that sea of knowledge and understand in true sense. The books we read are just the wordings about it. There is huge difference between its meaning in words and in spiritual sense. Sunil John: Okay let us now come to Kundli with Saturn in 4th house


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    शनि की १० वे घर पर सातवी दृष्टी हो तो कार्यस्थल पर गलती हो। ११ वे घर पर सातवी दृष्टी हो तो गलत ढंग से जैसे रिशवत में पैसा, उपहार लें। बहोत बडे नेटवर्क स्कॅम का वह व्यक्ती या तो हिस्सा हो या उससे लाभ कमाए। उस व्यक्ति के पापकर्मों बडा भाई शामील हो या फिर भाई से दुर्व्यव्हार करें। उस व्यक्ति के बहु से कोई गलती हो। १२वे घर पर सातवी दृष्टी हो तो या तो ऐस कोई कार्य करें की जेल जाना पडे या अस्पताल। पैसे खर्च करने में गलती हो। विदेश में किसी प्रकार का गलत कार्यं करे। १ ले घर पर सातवी दृष्टी हो तो स्वंय के शरिर या स्वास्थ्य के साथ कोई गडबडी करा ले। जैसे अनाप शनाप दवाईंया खा ले। २ रे घर पर सातवी दृष्टी हो तो स्वंय के परिवार जनों से कोई दुर्व्यव्हार करे या कोई गलती कर दे। जैसे दुसरे घर से वाणी का सीधा संबंध आता है तो खुद के परिवारजनो के ही राज दुनियावालों से खोल दे। या दुसरों की चुगलीयाँ करने की आदत हि हो। ३ रे घर पर सातवी दृष्टी हो तो छोटे भाईयों से पाप कर्म करना या बुरा बर्ताव रखना। छोटी यात्राओं में गडबडी। मित्रजनो से पाप कर्म। पापकर्म करने का साहस प्राप्त होना। ४ थे घर पर सातवी दृष्टी हो तो अचल संप्पत्ती को हडपने का पापकर्म।जनता से धोकाधडी करें। वाहन चोरी करें। माता से अनबन। ५ वे घर पर सातवी दृष्टी हो तो प्रेम संबंध में कोई पाप कर्म। नाजाएज संतांन। शिक्षा प्राप्त करते समय गलत मार्ग का चुनाव करें। ६थे घर पर सातवी दृष्टी हो तो नौकरों से या मामा मामी से दुष्कर्म या पैसे न देना। झुठे मुकदमें में किसी को फसाना। ७ वे घर पर सातवी दृष्टी हो तो समाज में अपनी छबी को बनाए रखने में कोई गलत रास्ता चुनना। अपने जीवनसाथी या साझेदार के साध धोकाधडी करना। ८ वे घर पर सातवी दृष्टी हो तो ससुराल पक्ष से धोकाधडी करें। ससुराल की संपत्ती पाना चाहे। गुप्त विदया पाने के लिए बुरा मार्ग चूने। ९ वे घर पर सातवी दृष्टी हो तो गुरु से पापकर्म या गुरुनिंदा करें। अपने साले या साली से गलत व्यव्हार करें। उच्च शिक्षा जैसे किसी की पी. एच. डी का श्रेय खुद के नाम पर करा लेना। झुठा डिग्री सर्टिफीकेट बनवाना। यह मेरे अनुमान है आप के बताऍ टेक्नीक पर…. जरुरी नंही की मैं सही हुं। पर जो कुछ भी सीखा है धन्यवाद सशुतोषजी ।

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    Adultry when Saturn in ascendent… show me one person on this planet who is not into adultry…..we were brought up with Fidelity and loyalty as way of life… and since 20+ years I am observing cheating is way of life and considered Manly… I have at least 23 charts, who are into more than 3 short term/long term relationships, simultaneously or one after another.. out of which 8 charts have clean 7 th house.. 'ek patnitwa is satyayug concept… today is 'as long as mutually convenient'… adultry has no meaning any more

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    But grief should be the instructor of the wise; 10
    Sorrow is knowledge: they who know the most
    Must mourn the deepest o’er the fatal truth,
    The Tree of Knowledge is not that of Life.

    Lord Byron poem Manfred

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    I am a doctor by profession and I left my job as a govt. Medical Officer as I sacrifised ut for my rule for honesty.
    But as for occult knowledge I have such a huge collection of books of Medical, Astrology in form of pdfs which I downloaded for free and somehow I do not feel bad about it.

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    How Astrology evolved :

    In ancient times it's all about Astronomy or Astrophysics. Well known Munis or Rishis or Monks patiently watching the rotation of stars and predict upcoming weather & seasons. And for parson's personal issues they prescribe Mantras, like:

    "asato mā sadgamaya
    tamasomā jyotir gamaya
    mrityormāamritam gamaya
    Oṁ śhānti śhānti śhāntiḥ"

    If a person recite this and realise the meaning then it will change their mindset for good only.
    But in returns Monks will get nothing. So the next generations of Monks starts selling tree bark or roots in returns of money(I am not against of Ayurved but wearing some bark or root will never change yours fate but if you eat it then may be it's improved your health). But those money is not sufficient, so they starts prescribing Stones to change persons fate in returns of lots of money. And Astronomy became Astrology.

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    You have vulnerability to suffer from hemorrhoid. This is metaphisical reaction of not sharing knowledge.
    I noticed that you reiterate your not sharing the knowledge and even justifying it.

    • If you have gathered knowledge and experience; did you attain it on your own?
    o No one can learn in isolation. You must have learned from someone in person or by reading books.
    • No one can gain experience being alone.
    o Unless you try on horoscopes of others, how can you verify the effectiveness of some concept?

    You are indebted to the society on both the counts and you must give back to the community from where you received.
    You must have learned from thousands of people who offered their horoscope and personal stories for analysis. Whereas, the number of people who cheated, must be very small, cannot out number the number of people contributed in your learning and gathering experience. You are indebted to give back.

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    all they are yogi Nath sampraday Lord vitthala saying him to creat Warkari
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    3) Functional Malefic
    4) Neutral
    5) Maraka
    6) Exalted or Debilitated
    7) Combust
    8) Avasthas (Age/ Mood/ Alertness)
    9) Movement (Retrogression/Normal/Stationary)

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