8 Zodiac Sign Combinations That Are Perfect Matches

8 Zodiac Sign Combinations That Are Perfect Matches

The 5+ Zodiac Pairings That Are Total Matches
Made In Heaven 8. Gemini and Aquarius. Aquarius and Gemini are both air signs, but
it’s their mental and emotional connection that makes these two such a great zodiac pairing. When the right Gemini and Aquarius come together,
these two will always know what the other one is thinking. Their creativity will also thrive in this
relationship, as this coupling is all about big ideas and encouraging each other to reach
their individual goals. This relationship is strong, emotional, and
intimate. The mental and emotional connection that these
two signs share is a very strong one. Both partners encourage each other and believe
in one another, and are always determined to accomplish goals together as well as separately. Because both partners are creative, they like
to go on fun adventures and vacations that bring them closer together. They like to see the fun side in each other
but also know how to be serious. They are truly a match made in heaven! What do you think so far? Keep watching for some even more interesting
zodiac pairings that are total matches made in heaven! 7. Cancer and Pisces. These signs are compassionate bodies who possess
warm, feminine energy. Their relationship becomes a positive spiritual
coupling based on a mutual respect. Where Cancer appreciates material goods, Pisces
keep their Cancer partner grounded with their minimalist nature. This zodiac pairing will focus on dreams and
creativity. Although they may have high expectations of
their romantic partner, they’re a perfect match if the other is willing to meet it. Because cancers are so emotional and wear
their hearts on their sleeves, the pisces partner keeps the other level headed. The emotional nature of the cancer sign may
sometimes be difficult to deal with, but pisces knows how to keep his or her partner grounded. Their love for each other is very strong,
and is likely to last a lifetime. 6. Capricorn and Taurus. These two signs share a mutual adoration for
each other. Both zodiacs are practical and sensible, creating
a relationship that’s full of chemistry but still incredibly grounded. Both of these signs tend to avoid risk so
once they’ve invested in their partner they become extremely dedicated. Because these two signs are so practical,
however, they need to make sure the relationship doesn’t get boring. These two signs are devoted to one another
and are very loyal. They will be there for each other through
thick and thin, and will always stand up for each other regardless of the situation. They are built to last, and have a very strong
connection to one another. The chemistry that is shared between these
two partners is very strong. Although both partners are very serious, they
do like to do things that take them out of their comfort zone from time to time. 5. Aries and Sagittarius. Both fire signs, an Aries and a Sagittarius
share similar energies that will keep their relationship full of passion. It’s these zodiac signs’ likeness and
similar interests that will keep this relationship exciting and full of adventure. Because they’re so similar, this highly
compatible pairing will always appreciate the other’s enthusiasm. Aries and Sagittarius are both explorers that
crave new life experiences, and when the two come together, they bring out their fellow
partner’s adventure-seeking free spirit. Because both signs like to go on adventures,
this couple is rarely ever boring. They like to go on fun vacations and even
take risks by doing something out of the ordinary – like sky diving or even rock climbing. An aries and sagittarius relationship is one
that is full of passion and excitement. There is never a dull moment between these
two signs. They have many similar interests and are always
keeping each other on their toes. They like to explore each other’s deepest,
darkest secrets, while never judging each other. They are two people who are deeply in love,
and encourage each other to have fun and exciting lives. 4. Libra and Gemini. A Libra and Gemini are air signs who are all
about intellectual interests and mental stimulation. Both signs can provide for the other as they
both have a great deal of mental energy. This perfect pairing is all about love and
communication, which for them go hand-in-hand. These signs are understanding and full of
energy, and their wide range of interests makes for great conversation. Because both libras and geminis are very intellectual,
this type of couple likes to have long, serious talks about the more philosophical things
in life. From the meaning of life to what love really
is, libras and geminis have deep and thought provoking conversations. There is never a dull or silent moment between
the two. They enjoy each other’s company and can spend
hours talking to each other, making for a very deep and personal connection. 3. Scorpio and Cancer. This zodiac pairing is all about passion,
passion, passion! Because both a Scorpio and a Cancer are two
emotionally intense signs, things will heat up quickly between the two. A Scorpio and Cancer will discover they have
a great deal in common, and because they both place an importance on an emotional connection,
they compliment each other well. Both are water signs who can provide the other
with fierce loyalty and emotional security (as they crave both). Because scorpios and cancers are both very
emotional, in can result in a pretty tumultuous ride at times. The scorpio of the couple can tend to be jealous,
but this jealousy comes out of a deep and passionate love for the other. These two never have any bad intentions. They love each other so much, and show this
love in passionate and exciting ways. These two are a great match because of the
passion they have for one another. They are both extremely loyal and love each
other very much. 2. Sagittarius and Leo. This is another heated and passionate relationship
between two fire signs. Both a Leo and a Sagittarius are drawn to
those who appreciate and enjoy living. Both are passionate about what they want out
of life and will help their partner achieve any goal or dream by being their biggest cheerleader. These zodiac signs are highly compatible because
they can handle each other’s intensity. As two very passionate and intense signs,
this couple isn’t afraid to show their love, dedication, and adoration of one another. They like to shower one another with gifts
and will do anything they can to put a smile on the other’s face. They have a strong connection and an even
stronger energy which can bring about all sorts of passionate emotions. These two love each other very much and feed
off the the energy they give each other. 1. Virgo and Taurus. Both earth signs, these zodiacs share a practical
approach to life. Because they’re both practical signs, a
Virgo and Taurus can easily resolve most of their problems. When these two signs become devoted to one
another, their relationship will be easy going, calm and make a great long-term relationship. Honest and sincere, this couples greatest
strength is their shared values. Both share an appreciation for common sense
and material things, but both are hard workers who want to build a comfortable life for themselves. Because virgo and taurus signs are very hard
working, they both work extremely hard to make sure that their love and their relationship
is strong. Virgos can tend to be stubborn and hard headed,
but at the same time practical. This brings a good balance to the relationship,
as both signs can solve problems and look at the bigger picture if they do get into
a fight. In the event that they do argue, they always
know how to come out on the other side with a resolution. They are both level headed and will do anything
they can to make sure that both parties in the relationship are happy. If you’re a firm believer in perfect zodiac
pairings, chances are that when a potential partner comes around, you quickly google their
zodiac sign to see if it’s compatible with yours. Sometimes people will check out their compatibility
with another zodiac sign to see which pairing will give them the most passionate relationship,
loyal lover or compassionate partner. On the opposite end, some will turn to zodiac
compatibility to get an idea of which zodiac sign they’ll fight with the most or which
ones they’re better off just being friends with. If you’re an astrology lover who turns to
the stars for answers, this list should help you in the dating department. Find out if you and your current (or potential)
partner are soul mates. If the two of you didn’t make it on this
list, never fear! We’ve only plucked out the absolute best
zodiac pairings based on specific personality traits associated with these signs. There are other zodiac pairings that could
be great together; they just didn’t make the list of which ones are predicted to be
the perfect match. What are some of your favorite zodiac pairings? Can you relate to any of the pairings on this
list? Let us know in the comments section below! Enjoyed this video? Hit the like button and subscribe to our channel
for more videos like this! Thanks for watching!


  • Bestie says:

    What are some of your favorite zodiac pairings? Can you relate to any of the pairings on this list? Let us know in the comments section below! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends. 🙂

  • Adrian Smith says:

    I'm a Scorpio and my gfwife-to-be is a Cancer. Words can't describe how she makes me feel. I might be emotional (not in a feminine way like Pisces) but I know exactly how to calm my Cancer lady down. She doesn't need a next woman to love, she needs reassurance, security, stability and emotional understanding. Best women on earth!

  • Hermione S. Laltoo says:

    Someone I know is a Aquarius and I'm a Gemini
    Thanks allot😋🤣😂😁😀😘🤗😍😘🤔


    Being a virgo guy sucks solely because intelligence is a rare commodity thus finding a partner is very VERY difficult to put it simply I'm not looking for a snapchat thot🤷‍♂️ and admittedly I'm socially awkward due to me avoiding anyone who causes drama which is quite literally everyone anymore

  • Avelina Perez says:

    This doesnt matter if u really love someone im capricorn and i love a virgo nad she loves me

  • Supriyarani E.V says:

    I am pisces ♓. I am emotional but I just don't show it much. I can keep it under control when I want to. But a match with a cancer ♋ can be a problem as I don't want too emotional or crybabies. It makes difficult for me to open up as it would make them sad. I want somebody possessive and weird like a scorpio ♏ and I have read that they are a very very good match. But I didn't see that here.

  • IShipLeafpoolAndCrowfeather FOREVER!!! says:

    I'm a Capricorn and my boyfriend is an aquarius… 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • siya Khare says:

    I am libra and I have a crush on aqurius
    Please tell the competibility between libra and aqurius

  • Mason Brown says:

    Leo x Aries

  • Dj Juda says:

    Im aquarius an gemini's get on my nerves &🤷libra's are smh

  • crissyann555 says:

    My brother is a Taurus and i am a virgo and we try to kill each other!

  • LPS Luni says:

    Is this a coincidence? My mom is picies,and my dad is cancer.Hmmm….

  • Rhea Roderos says:

    Yes Gem & aquarius.. Challenging and full of adventures relationship 😂

  • Behnam Mukhri says:

    I am a Taurus man and I hate capricorn and Virgo. However I love Aquarius, cancer and Gemini. But Aquarius are best to go along in relationship for a Taurus as i experienced that.

  • AlphaBoy17 says:

    The "extremes atract each other" is the most compatible pair! But at the same time, extremes sign reject each other!

  • Angel Agnetha says:

    Ha! How do you know they are paired up in heaven? Were you there to witness God saying that they are heavenly paired up? My friend is a Gemini and she dated an Aquarian and it never worked out…I am an Aquarian and I get along with Leo very well…I attract many Leos more than Gemini or Libra…Mostly Aries and Leo are attracted to me…Leo and Sagittarius? Lol you got me laughing…Both will fight and get mad very quickly….And the fight gets dirty…

  • Nicole Sanders says:

    I'm in live with a Scorpio

  • Baby Giaaa says:

    I’m a scorpio and i have never dated a cancer. I’ve dated mostly leos and like one Capricorn. Oh and a virgo. Bitch, never again.

  • Rhi Awesome says:

    My dad is a Pisces and my mom is Capricorn and they dated and got married

  • ANGIE :D says:

    I’m virgo ♍️,hbu

  • Chrissy chriss says:

    ♉ and ♉

  • Sarah0007 S says:

    Me being pisces hated every cancerian I ever met lol 😂 😂 😂 I love Libras we all the guys I have dated somehow turned our to be libra and now my husband is also libra

  • Sonii Naaz says:

    I am An Aquarius but I never found Gemini ever Around my circle !! That's strange

  • Prince Chauhan says:

    I am Cancer♋ I Am still searching

  • Sylee says:

    Nah. I doubt it :/ ♋

  • Illya Aqasha says:

    Im a gemini and my crush is aquarius.

  • sou ma says:

    It's a known fact sagittarius and Leo is the real deal… I'm a Leo ♌

  • Sara Youssef says:

    Leo lady here my sagittarius man swept me off my feet our relationship was like anastasia and christian in fifty shades we were so crazy about each other and there was a soul connection between us we fell in love before seeing each other and dreamed about the day we will see each other hug each other smell each other eat each other but sadly I didn't start the relationship in a good way I lied to him from the beginning altough I loved him so much and was so sincere and honest about my feelings and also I couldn't come to see him he waited a year for me and tried to reach me but I had circumstances then and he couldn't wait more so we stopped talking after a while I was able to go see him so I went to his city and searched for his house for hours I wanted to surprise him and finally I found his house I knocked his door the concierge opened and told me that "mahmoud" (my sag man) and his parents went to an event so I tried to call him several times the line is busy(he blocked the call) so I went back home and when he came back from his event and knew I came to see him from the concierge he started calling/texting me like crazy…Two days later I find out he got engaged on the day I went to see him!!!!!!!! Who can believe this?!!! The moment I saw him hugging another girl in a facebook post I screamed his name and immediately fainted(fell to the floor) I swear till now I can't believe I'm still so shocked and I cry everyday

  • Andrea Patricia Crowley says:

    You can't force a woman to love you if she doesn't love you. I want to have a man who I love. I am not interested in any man I don't want.

  • BambooKate says:

    Ehmmm im not sure im best friends wi-excuse me pisces your not my parents your not going to ground me.yeah thats right im imotianly dead!!as i was saying i am best friends with a LEO so im very sorry but these are nice

  • Ruwi Wickramasinhge says:

    im cancer . My man is Pisces

  • janette cavallaro says:

    wow so Virgo is only compatible with Taurus? daymmm

  • Naomi Shaw says:

    I'm a Gemini…these are NOT TRUE. GEMINI are adaptable. So that mean we can pretty much be with ANY of these signs. It's about the people/ person and a willingness to make it work.

  • Naomi Shaw says:

    I have dated Cancer, Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, Capricorn and the ONLY ONE that has EVER kept my ATTENTION is a VIRGO.

  • ImaginaryQueen says:

    My crush is an Aquarius💗And I'm a Sagittarius💗We're really good friends, he's like a brother to me the way we tease each other and everyone thinks we like each other. You might be thinking "Oh no, you gonna get friend zoned" but tbh I don't really mind bc I'm not gonna tell him I like him.. Our friendship means the world to me and I really treasure it and I think he does too. I'm scared to make a move bc I don't think I can stand losing him. Conversations are never awkward between us, there is always laughter and no silence. You may be thinking now "What a perfect couple, who should tell him how you feel" First of all i'm terrified and second of all….my best friend in the whole world used to like him….he "liked" her too…..turns out it was just a lie and he never liked her. My best friend and I were living a lie. I don't know what to do…..it was horrible that he lied but he's my best friend (That's a boy). I really need your guy's help. Please give me advice!

  • maphuti bronny says:

    Am cancer l need Leo man again l lv the challenge♋♌

  • ҡσσҡσσ ωσlƒเε says:


  • Christine Kasten says:

    Oh God! I screamed when I saw Number 1. I am Taurus and my Crush is a Virgo….😍😍

  • Jennah says:

    Me: Scorpio
    Dad: Virgo
    Mom: Cancer
    Little Sis: Taurus

  • Luz Lopez says:

    I have yet to confirm that..yes. we are similar in certain levels but my previous experience with a Gemini, did nothing good for me. He was a liar

  • Macayla Gacha says:

    Is Aries and Leo good?

  • Sabrina Peters says:

    Can a Capricorn and Gemini work?

  • MidnightSeaShxlls says:

    As long as you truly love someone astrology doesn't matter. I'm a Taurus and my boyfriend is a leo. We love eachother so much❤

  • Nick Ross says:

    My girlfriend is a leo, I'm a ares

  • Monigue Alloo says:

    I'm mad,cuz i need more than just 1 zodiac sign i don't wanna date cancers my hole life 😒

  • Ellie Jones says:

    Don’t even bring a cancer near a Scorpio they will sort out their ridiculousness (most of them I have met some nice cancers but… yeah)

  • Freshavacado500 Boneham says:

    I’m Taurus and the person I hate most is a Taurus even worse we r both boys and I’m not gay not on any planet thank u

  • Aeron Gianan says:

    Me taurus and my you know,is virgo

  • ana says:

    I'm Pisces and I had a friend who was Cancer. This was a very bad friendship. She was manipulative as hell and it didn't ended up good. Also I knew Scorpio and this experience ended up horribly. I'm not saying bad things about Cancer or Scorpio, I sill have some friends from them but I think that Pisces maybe can go good with non water signs… I heard Pisces can be good with Air signs..🤨

  • Quincy Niles says:

    I am a Sagittarius also Jessica and Sagittarius people are cool and we love strong

  • ArKLorD says:

    Guys, don't get triggered if your crush isn't suit with your zodiac, this is only people opinions.

  • So Dervlin says:

    My friend is a Leo and I'm a Sagittarius…. I'm not in love btw. Just single as hell

  • Kristina B. says:

    So see my best friend is a Pisces and I am a cancer soooo, but I don't like him that way….

  • TaaTae’s TATA #ARMY says:

    Lim a cancer and my bestie is a taurus

  • Hana Song says:

    For gemini their matches is


    Fire needs air to burn forever 🔥
    But sun signs doesn't indicate compatibility. Look at Moon sign and Venus sign.
    My moon is in Sagittarius
    My Venus is in Gemini

  • LunEkoYT says:

    Im a Gemini with an Aquarious and an libra bestfriend

  • ravishankar murty says:

    I have asked what about libra and taurus me and my girlfriend are already in love with eachother

  • Talia Potato says:

    I'm Cancer but I have a crush on a Capricorn….

  • Jusab Ghaly says:

    I'm a Libra and I have a crush on a Gemini

  • Lil Ck says:

    Wow , Leo’s never get any love

    I’m dead inside

  • Keyzza Jean Masong says:


  • Falling Low says:

    I’m an Aries, and my “match” is Sagittarius but, they said how there extremely alike, and how they will love each other because of that well, that’s false. My mom and my brother fight a ton because there almost identical in there actions, so I don’t believe that I will have a good time with a Sagittarius if we are so similar.

  • Ken Gutierrez says:

    Well I’m in a relationship with a Virgo and this might be true for me

  • Alexis Green-Hernandez says:

    Cool 😎 info very interesting facts about astrology ♑ pairing. Thanks for sharing wish you luck 🎰 with your future videos on you tube 🚇. 😎🌹💐😎🌹💐

  • a v a _ s w e e t s says:

    I'm a pisces♓ and my crush is an aquarius♒..


  • Ray Antonio says:

    Well.. Sun sign a.k.a zodiac signs is just a glimpse of the bigger picture. As described on the video, I do agree with some matches that were compatible (the rest I had no experince or no personal data on) like cancer and pisces. That is true. I did felt it to be easy dealing with a cancer as a pisces. But this isn't our zodiac signs (sun signs) and merely our moon sign. Which was her: cancer moon and mine: pisces moon. Emotionally we were ok and I felt that.

    Aquarius and gemini. I will have to agree with that. I have a friend who was so head over hills for an aquarian guy long ago and now they are married. And these are their sun signs.

    There was one more that I have data on in regards to sun sign compatibility based on the video. A sag and an aries. I have seen one couple with that combination. It was good i guess but it all came downhill in the end. And I do believe that it aas due to the factor that other components in their "complete" astrological make up where out of balance and incompatible.
    So.. it isn't simply based on zodiac signs (sun signs in a complete astrological reading/makeup of an individual) at all.

    As far as I'm concerned, I'm zodiac Libra (sun sign and yes I will stress this enough 😂) a pisces moon and a scorpio venus.
    Based om my sun sign/zodiac sign, gemini is a good match and it is true. The one example on the top that got married to an aquarian.. well.. we had something something that didn't went off lol. Cause we both thought we were just friends (long time ago when we were young). And I had a friend when I was in the army who was a gemini. But turned soar for some incompatibility aspects 😂. Good guy really.. he was.
    So yup I can vouch for the compatibility thing on this video.

    Amd I'll try to mix and match this with a "complete" astrological chart configuration. Well at least the important ones i.e. sun, mercury, venus, mars, jupiter, neptune, ur-anus (😂kidding), pluto, north node/south node, ascendant sign, midheaven sign, juno.

  • leelee w says:

    Virgo & Taurus I can dig it. My cuz & I get along like peanut butter & jelly 😄😄😄🤞

  • shizuka phantomhive says:

    I am leo but my bestfriend is gemini

  • Sandy Jeon says:

    Tauras💁 ❤ Virgo 🙇👫💑

  • Ms Coco Pops says:

    B but…. cancer is my mom… and I’m a Pisces

  • Lmao safari says:

    Im pieces ♓ and my best friend is Capricorn ♑

  • Princsa Elinor says:

    Libra and Gemini best couple ever, we togather from last 4 years and never get bored of each other

  • Nadine Partridge says:

    Right on the money with Sagittarius and Aries, my daughter and her husband. Incredible couple, rarely fight. Thirteen years in and still in LOVE. Scorpio, that's me and Cancer, my one true love. PASSIONATE AND INTENSE. As for the other pairings, not sure. Thanks for the video.

  • Maryum Abrar says:

    Mine mom is aries while dad is sagitarius. Both are living a partnership of 37 years.

  • Doctor Dragon says:

    Sarcasm Of course, Sagittarius and Aries are a great pairing. Nobody knew that at all. 😜😂

  • Sofi banana says:

    Im an aries and I had the biggest crush on a pices and i dont care what anybody says and he allso acts like a mix betwen pices and aries


    I'm vigro boy and I in love with aries girl… We are very much comfortable… I love her Jealousy nature and her possessiveness about me but I can handle her easily.. I love her.. She is was awesome 😍.. And a vigro boy can control any zodiac signs.. if he can't control then he was capable to adapte that zodiac signs nature and he will change so there is no problem Raise

  • Isel V says:

    I’m a Scorpio…. ♏️ and my crush is a Cancer♋️ 🤷‍♀️😁

  • She’s A Babe says:

    Ewwwk I’m not into Gemini’s they’re sneaky af and know it alls

  • Varinder Kaur says:

    Pisces n leo…. never understand each other

  • Deepthi JRaj says:

    Being Scorpio I really hate cancer , It's really made in heaven

  • Ash Kesh says:

    Any Taurus guy here ?

  • akusav13 says:

    Virgo and Taurus and Capricorn and Taurus but not Virgo and Capricorn 😐

  • Jessica Zaragoza says:

    I am a Sagittarius with a Virgo man. We are marrying soon. He is the stable ground I enjoy, I am the fire he loves. Amen. I tend not to get along with Leo(his mom for example). 🥰

  • Leonardo Thomas says:

    Im a Libra sun Aquarius rising. Im feeling heavy for my Aquarius friend but I have lots of unfinished business with my Gemini ex.


  • mary anderson says:

    leo, aries

  • Sahara says:

    so uhh does it still count if uhmm i kinda broke up with my exs and they were all Aqurius'….(im a gemini)

  • Lance Gaming says:

    ♍Im Virgo so Hi

  • hema Singh says:

    Yeh m cancer ♋ and my crush is Scorpion ♏ ❣️💖🔥😘❤️

  • Migueliana's Air Tarot Queen Of Swords says:

    I'm a Libra And He's A Scorpio…complicated people but love brings them together air and water can cause precipitation that CAN Cause Rain!….🤣🤣😅♎♏

  • Janessa Mae says:

    I'm a Capricorn and my crush is Taurus he hates me so much…I was so sad I can't get over him, after 3 years of sadness I found Scorpio…he was the BEST he also likes me back and Scorpio bring me back to Happiness 🙂

  • Epi Manzo says:

    Could you guys do a zodiac romanticlly pairing of the same sex?

  • asha latha says:

    Can virgo sun n taurus moon come together?

  • Kalone M says:

    I'm a Cancer aries ascendant, my woman is a Sagittarius in a scorpio cusp we drive each other and compliment each other.

  • 7km7 Animal jam says:

    Yay!!! Me and my friend are Gemini and Aquarius so we get along good. ignore all fights

  • 7km7 Animal jam says:

    Also can Aquarius and Aquarius like each other? I like this girl and we get along well

  • Ashrafunnisa Begum says:

    What about a libra and libra?

  • bel78 plays aj says:

    Mom- scorpio
    Me- scorpio

  • The spirit Studios says:

    If I’m honest I’m a Scorpio and we are only mentioned once while most of the others are mentioned twice

  • Anna Ogbee says:

    no it's Leo woman and Pisces man!!!!

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