A Bhrighu Nandi Nadi Astrologer Part 1 [Hindi + English]

A Bhrighu Nandi Nadi Astrologer Part 1 [Hindi + English]

What I have experienced in Bhrigu Nandi Nadi If Saturn is with Ketu these natives they are service oriented people, means they to doing consulting jobs example Doctor, astrologer, poojari all these are common consultant. Are these for some specific houses or? no it is a general consideration…. and it is considered business failure. If this natives does business, it will not suit him Average till the age of 49 these people have to struggle for finance Mostly we astrologers check if he’s good astrologer his financial status will be weak Because if Ketu is ahead of Saturn Ketu will then break If Ketu in 2nd house that means Ketu is sitting in the 2nd house(wealth) Ketu will break his income the natives income is not tax paid His income will be less, however he will be renouned/wellknown Like in my own Kundali Ketu is in the 10th house from Saturn Degree wise Saturn is 29deg and Ketu is 4deg so Ketu is ahead of Saturn I am a good astrologer but my income is not that good It is also a type of Yog People who do service to society like Doctor, astrologers, poojaris you will find such combinations in their kundalis Saturn Rahu expands business expands business, brings fame to the native because Rahu is karaka for expansion To a certain average Rahu will supress the natives wealth prospects During the second transit period he will start showering Rahu will enlarge the senerio Ketu will supress the senerio But because of Ketu native will be spiritual oriented 2nd house is wealth house It is also been seen that native earns through his speech and also because of his humanity and spiritual or pious nature, he does not rob people of their money in todays trend if you talk about todays trend , i would say ‘he doesnt rob people’ Mostly poor people come to consult him. since poor people are coming to take his advice, he doesnt rob them Also there are less Dhan Yogas itself in astrolgers kundali if less Dhan yogas, then poor people will come to seek his advice/consultations and if poor people come he is bound not to rob them, or charge them heavily Like this, there are many such combinations were we can easily say, if this is there this can happen Since the astrologers income is low, people who come to consult him will also be low income people and also because of astrologers pious nature, he himself has less income, less earnings Saturn Ketu conjuction natives will be working in small industries Similarly Saturn Rahu conjuction natives will be employed in big industries Big companies like Infoysis etc, where more than ten thousand employees are employed And in case of Saturn/Ketu, native will be working in place where about 5 to 6 people are employed in a small factory, where there are 8-10 people employed or upto 50 people employed There another yoga for Finance Saturn and Venus conjuction, whoever has this in their kundali They are quite wealthy and in reverse case if Ketu sits in front of Saturn degreewise then he is a very poor person but it all depends on the rasis and the houses but mostly if you see if Ketu sits in front of Saturn these natives are not found to be financially sound But if Venus sits in front of saturn degreewise these natives are considerably rich or you could say he is moderate wealth Degree wise, that is if Venus is 16deg and Ketu 17deg or xyz ahead of it that natives financial status will not be that strong because money will be coming very gradually, If Venus is ahead of Saturn, money will come eaily Native would be born wealthy by birth also or in his future life native could become rich. But he will definitely be a wealthy person. He will have money, and money will stay with him Venus means money, wealth Saturn/Venus combination In male chart , if there is a combination of Saturn/Venus conjuction Venus/Jupiter conjuction Venus is considered as money/wealth Ketu is obstacles Ketu is enemy of Venus and Ketu is spiritual planet spiritual, pious natives will never rob you of anything. Again in todays world, if he is not going to rob people, money will not come to him poor people will come to read their palms from him. If he is poojari he will be a poojari residing in low status areas where poor people or low status people reside hence he will charge less and earn also less If he is good yogas in his chart If this poojari has Saturn/Venus conjuction in his chart are good places which have good temples like we have big big temples Mahakal Mandir, Tirupathy Balaji Temple Pandit in those areas have nice yogas in their kundali Dhan yogas, because wealthy people come to visit those temples So these combinations of Venus/Ketu Venus is money…Ketu is enemy of money, pious Venus is karaka of speech Ketu obstacles, so such natives have some speech problems also and so because of the astrologer/poojaris speech, the opposite person get hurt or disappointed Or maybe the astrologer/pujaari is not able to convey the message or speak pleasingly So if he doesn’t talk properly or impresses the opposite person, he will not earn money Or maybe these poojari/astrologers do not ask for fees Venus is also considered wife in a males chart If there is Venus/Ketu then then mostly the wife is a fightercock Ketu is aggressive Ketu is bad goon, gives same results as Mars Ketu will have spirituality also But if we are talking about wife, then we are talking about love where there is love time, there is no spirituality Ketu doesn’nt have feeling , he is the lower part of the snake Wife feels her husband is cold hearted towards her, that is because of Ketu


  • rohit gupta says:

    wow…thank u saptarishi team 🙂

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    excellent knowledge

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    Great video, but too much interrupting we can add subtitles.

  • Dives Vyas says:

    Bhrigu Nandi Nadi summary with some of my commentary

    i) Saturn-Ketu conjunction : commonly observed phenomenon with this conjunction is that native will be most commonly in public service or consulting like public prosecutor,
    astrologer/Priest, NGO person, social worker even a doctor or vaidya. They will not be very successful in business and can fail many times till the age of 49, and life is full of struggles till that time. Ketu mainly deals with poor people and believes in rendering service rather than looting people in the name of spirituality, so their income can be less.
    These people are generally not tax payers because they don't have taxable income.

    ii) Saturn-Rahu expands the things, so this may expand the business. First it restricts it or growth is slow, but then when energies of Rahu come to play, there is a sudden expansion
    in the business and name & fame. They can be involves in rumors and falsehood and forgery as they need to expand at all cost.

    iii) Saturn-Venus conjunction can give a lot of money. Important thing to remember is that whatever planet "X" we take with Saturn i.e. Venus/Rahu/Ketu they should be ahead of Saturn (ahead in degrees) to give this effect.

    iv) There is also a Venus-Ketu effect where if Ketu is ahead of Venus, then it shields the qualities of Venus by its barrenness and increases spirituality. Venus is almost opposite to Ketu in every sense. Venus is material luxury, Ketu is spirituality, Venus is love & romance, Ketu is detachment and renunciation, Venus is sweet tongue & suaveness, Ketu is sarcasm and bitterness, carelessness in looks & personality, Venus is marriage & fertility, Ketu is separation and barrenness, Venus is sexual satisfaction, Ketu is constant physical dissatisfaction.

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    Please use English subtitles in the video instead of keeping English translators

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    I fail to understand why this gentleman has not been interviewed for over an hour. Requesting the Saptarishis to please bring forth this individual and let us all learn from his Nadi astrology. Whatever he said is very true… Thank you Sunil Sir and Saptarishis Astrology.

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    As said before. Please use English subtitles in the video instead of keeping English translators. Viewers get a better bang for their time and return happily next time.

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    sunil ji can you please help me in interpretating one thing..when i made my karakamsa lagna it is starting with gemini ascendent and my amatyakaraka moon is placed in lagna and atamakaraka venus placed in 9th house with mercury rahu and and saturn in 7 th house sun in 10th house mars jupiter in 12th house
    my 5th house is libra can you please suggest me what interpretation coming for my career line from this

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    What is a good book (classic) for learning past life astrology? Any good translation available? my hindi is not that strong

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    this guy has lots of knowledge we need more from him he giving great way of looking at things

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    this negative spin around the characteristics of rahu and ketu while traditionally based does adds no value to a more intuitive attunement to these tradition challenging nodes, maybe its finally time to break free of these saturian constraints and negative prognosticators. …..there is of course an uncomfortable genius with these nodes and yet one senses that astrology itself might radically evolve by embracing its revolutionary zeal……one refrences here the hindu creation itself where one asura dared to claim that which was promised and yet denied……

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    thank you for the video….the person speaking in Hindi is perfect….just leave it as it is…the interpretation is spoiling the conversation and the knowledge being passed on ….
    thank you for the knowledge..

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    i am confused regarding shukra and ketu conjuction please explain it properly if native is having ketu is 13 degree and venus is 29 degree NOW as per BPHS ketu is powerful and venus will be considered to be Weak i am right. But the guruji saying that if ketu is lesser in degree than venus or Venus is holding higher degree the native may be rich by birth or will be rich in life i am not able digest or understand

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    What if Saturn Ketu and Venus are conjunct???

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    what would be the result if saturn aspect ketu with 3rd aspect and rahu aspect saturn with 5th aspect …

    he would work in large industry or small ??

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    can they be social workers if saturn conjuct ketu

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    Nice clear explanation about Shani Ketu and Rahu… but it is necessary that Shani and Ketu or Shani and Rahu shall be in same house OR even drishti relation will also give this yoga….. (e.g. shani in 6th and rahu in 8th and ketu in 2nd).

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    OMG… Sunil Sir I have so much respect for you I watch every video of Saptarishi, but this one I couldn't tolerate to watch. One super talented astrologer surrounded by 3 annoying people trying to talk and interpret all at the same time.

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    Saturn ketu conjunction is there for 1.5 years so all the people of born in some certain years will fall prey to it???

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