A Bhrighu Nandi Nadi Astrologer Part 2 [Hindi + English]

A Bhrighu Nandi Nadi Astrologer Part 2 [Hindi + English]

The surrounding of the native as per planet placed in the chart natives house may be nice or not nice from the area we come to know this area The value of his house will be certain amount and accordingly will be his livelihood expenses Like you are staying in Malad and in this area nice rich area in Malad Your Kundali has Venus, Saturn, Mercury and Rahu is also related so we can say that the yearly income will be more than one lakh monthly income is more than one lakh they way we can guess that if a native resides in a certain area his income vaule will not be less than lakh than that native should have that combination Venus should be connected or Mercury should be connected Jupiter should be connected Even Rahu and Saturn will come When a person is born where he is resides, his surroundings will show what yogas he will have suppose a native is staying in a slumb area that native will have yogas related to slumb areas since that native is born there since he is born in a poor family probably native was born in a goverment hospital and then gone home to his slumb area could be middle class family also when a natives says I am staying in this area we can imagine that area and looking at that native we can detect that native is from this category and this kind of yoga should be in his kundali In this kundali you can see Saturn is ahead of Jupiter Saturn is karaka for Karma, Venus karaka for wealth 11house from it is Rahu placed very nicely father should be well settled when this native was born already father was well settled we can see means father already had money before the native was born we can tell the combination here we can see Saturn is ahead of Jupiter and venus ahead of both if such combination is there then generally the native takes birth in rich family or in later life becomes rich Jupiter is behind Saturn Venus is ahead of Saturn degree wise Mercury is also related by Privartan yoga Parivartan here is Venus is in Virgo and Mercury is in Libra there is exchange of signs when Mercury goes into Virgo sign then we get another combination with Mercury also with it this is a multimillionair yoga formed this native can possess or acquire more than millions This connection is happening ahead of Sun than we can say that after natives second son is born he must have improved financially both Venus and Mercury have exchanged signs Mercury indicates dual sign so means more than one and Venus in exchange hence we can predict after the birth of second child This is good progress financially as a per father when the child was 2-3 yrs the native must have brought property Rahu here is placed alone , no planets ahead or behind him the natives grandparents were from poor family since Mars is ahead native mush have had problems with brothers or problems from uncles life was quite a strugglesome we can say this because Mars is placed five places from Rahu Moon is six places from Rahu Based on Moon placement we can say, native has shifted from his birth place or previous residence but finally we can say native had to struggle in life there could have been conflicts between natives brothers or uncles Jupiter Saturn Venus are placed 11 placed from Mars Mercury has exchanged signs Mars is placed second place from Sun Native uncle must have all been well settled after marriage finally we can saya lot of transformation took place after marriage


  • Subhojit Malik says:

    sir, i beg i literally beg that please dont this act of translation of what a respectable master says…

    i know u might say ,how our English viewers may understand…

    just think that every know is not made for everyone….
    i humbly Request
    please dont do this act….

    is so disrespectful..if someone is giving us knowledge we must be pleased by it…we must not put our own terms a nd conditions…..
    this thing just blockes the flow of knowledge form the master…

    even eng translation was not clear and was confusing….

    neither hindi or English viewers benifited….

    most of the times u guys were speaking

  • Amit Rajverma says:

    sir please make understand wd kundali display or use black board….thanks

  • rohit gupta says:

    thanks saptarishi for sharing knowledge

  • kirtan raut says:

    Very nice Kiritbhai…always looking for you to share your knowledge and enlighten us…thanks a lot… wish you good health and prosperity ahead…

  • Seema Srivastava says:

    part 1 was better . Yagnik ji's lengthier interview on a specific toipc would be appreciated.
    Nice effort SA team.

  • Subroto Mandal says:

    Good Information 🙂

  • ఆనంద్ శర్మ says:

    Part 1 was at least better with good quality of sound. The guy in white T shirt is not at all speaking clearly and loudly which basically causes disinterest to all audience

  • mohit verma says:

    One suggestion. Let the astrologer gives whatever knowledge he wants to
    share in his preferred language then at the end of session you can join
    another video with english translation that wouldn't disconnect the flow
    of knowledge. Please think if it works out well.

  • Gaurav Sharma says:

    Please use a better mic next time

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  • Sharath P says:

    Very well versed guru's But disappointing audio quality. Please ensure Audi measures are well taken care of.

  • Rakesh Narayan panday says:

    Sir ji aap Hindi me batan ki Kirpa Kare ji Parnamji

  • Satish Chaudhary says:

    Keerit bhai is excellent…his flow is broken due to translation.. secondly,,he should use example charts then it will help us

  • shiva jyotish sanshthan shiva jyotish says:

    ऐसा लग रहा है कि अंग्रेजी अनुवाद के चक्कर मे वीडियो खराब कर दिया–ज्योतिष सीखने के लिए हिंदी की जानकारी होना अनिवार्य कर देना चाहिए।ऐसा लगता है हम ये ज्ञान अंगेजो को बेचने को उत्सुक हो रहे हैं।

  • Raj Tayal says:

    Before uploading the video pls check the quality of video

  • Ashwini Shelare says:

    Lot of time wasted in English translation..it wasn't required at all

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