Ace of Wands – tarot minor arcana divination meanings

Ace of Wands – tarot minor arcana divination meanings

The Ace of Wands, or, The Root of the Power
of the Aces, the Power of Fire, Aleister Crowley didn’t put any divinatory meanings for the
cards in that group. He structures the aces around the Pole Star and to the Princesses
as well. So this whole cosmological structure goes with the Aces. The Ace represent Space,
as such, there is no divinatory meaning. So this could be a really short video! But, let’s
see what else we can say about it. Crowley says this card represents the essence of fire
in its inception. a seed, Its a birth, the akasha, the beginning of something. it is
a solar-phallic outburst of flame for which springs in every direction. Its a more spiritual
essence going on there. These flames are yods, arranged in the form of the Tree of Life.
Now Yod is fire, It is the primordial energy of the divine manifested in matter. At so
early a stage that is not yet definitely forming. Maybe one of the reasons why The Book of Thoth
is not as Thelemic as you might think. He digresses on the Aces. He says although the
aces and the “small cards” are sympathetic to their sephirotic origin, they are not identical
nor are they divine persons. The divine persons, the Partzufim. we saw in the Major arcana,
the Fool, The Magus, the High Priestess, The Emperor and the Empress. They and the Court cards are
also primarily sub-elements, parts of the blind forces under the Demiourgos, Tetragrammaton.
This is all to do with the structure of the Tetragrammaton, the four letter word of god,
Yod Heh, Vau, Heh, Which appears in the beginning of the Fool card. Their rulers are the intelligences
in the Yetziratic World which go to form the Shemhamforash. So lets deconstruct that sentence.
The Shemhamforash is the 72 lettered Name of God that comes from 3 verses in Exodus,
and they create 72 3 letter words. 72 is significant because that is the number 5 x 72 is 360,
the number of degrees in a circle. Now, in the minor cards 2s to 10s they are related
to the Decanates. Each decanate is 10 degrees, and each decanate can be subdivided into 5
degrees. Each of the 10 degrees of the Minor Arcana (not the Aces) can be associated with
two of the 72 Names. In practice, what this actually means is they are actually related
to the Goetic Spirits. How this thing with the night and day, where you go from 1-36,
and so each of the 1-36 is with the 36 decanates, and then you go back to the 37th and that
starts again to 72, if that makes sense. There are 2 Goetic spirits associated with each
of the Minor Arcana, which I am not going to go into, but they exist. He says they are
Intelligences, the Goetia are intelligences in the Yetsiratic world is the World of Formation.
The Lord of the Universe, though it be truly Divine has other laws of the Atu to lead to
the element of spirit. He is also making this distinction between the court cards and the
Major Arcana. This is something I don’t agree with. He says, the great point is that the
elemental forces however sublime, have for intelligence a blind force, in a sense yes
because they are the Minor Arcana and have these energies with them, but when you add
in the Goetia, who are really the Jinn, in magical operations we have something entirely
different going on. Crowley representing a view of these spirits that still holds in
many magician’s minds, but in my experience isn’t true. We have done the Ace of Wands,
its not Will, its not, there are no divinatory meanings for the Ace of Wands, just as we
said in the Wands, but he does talk about the origin of the powers of the Minor Arcana.
The Ace of Wands is still space. Ready for the number 2, Dominion?


  • Constantinos Wise says:

    Can we identify the Ace of Wands with a specific part of the 24 hours circle?

  • Mauricio Villamil says:

    please note the outstanding gnostic assertion that Crowley makes about IHVH : he says "…. the tetragrammaton of the DEMIURGE" .. the DEMIURGE is not God…. but the archontic creator of nature our immediate material universe. … see the Nag Hamady apocryphal for explanation of the Gnostic view of Sophia, the DEMIURGE, etc…

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