Activating the Gifts of the Spirit (4 of 5) – Discerning of Sprits / Words of Wisdom

Activating the Gifts of the Spirit (4 of 5) – Discerning of Sprits / Words of Wisdom

So in this session we’re going to start, I’m
going to do some teaching in discerning of spirits, and then we’re going to do some activations
for a little while just to get you busy So if you open up your notes there in Section
17, you’ll see the section on discerning of spirits
I’ll just read to you a scripture passage, then we’ll go into explaining it
This is out of Book of Acts, Chapter 16, Verse 16 and Luke is writing
He’s writing about his adventures with Paul: and it came to pass, when we went to prayer,
a certain young woman who was possessed with a spirit of divination met us, and brought
her masters much gain by fortune-telling The same followed Paul and us and cried out,
saying these men are servants of the Most High God, they show us the way of salvation
And she did this many days, but Paul, being grieved, turned and said to the spirit: I
command you in the name of Jesus Christ, come out of her
And he came out that very hour So this is an interesting story in the New
Testament, of Paul is going to a prayer meeting, and as he goes to a prayer meeting, the place
that they were in was the centre of occult activities
It was a centre of spiritism, divination, that kind of thing, and so what happens is
there’s a young woman there Notice her message; her message is: these
are the servants of the Most High God Is that correct? Yes, it was
They’re showing us the way of salvation Is that correct? Yes, it was
What she was saying was correct, but the motivating power behind it was a demonic spirit, because
she herself was involved in divination It said: there’s a young woman, who was possessed
with a spirit of divination, met us The word possessed is a very bad translation
because it actually means literally to have a spirit, not to be totally controlled
You use the word possessed, you think totally controlled
She’s not totally controlled She had a familiar spirit, because she was
involved in fortune-telling It says she had a spirit of divination
The word divination is the word python, literally she had a python spirit wrapped around her,
speaking into her ear, talking into her It was invisible to the natural eye, but it
was very real in the spirit world, so constantly, because of her involvement in divination,
in the occult, she had this spirit familiar to her, attached to her, joined to her, would
talk to her and give information about people So people would come, they’d pay money to
have their fortune told, and the spirit, because of that access to the spirit realm and spiritual
network, spirit internet, it could share facts about people that would stun them
Then as a result of that, they would open up their heart to receive direction, and their
lives would come into agreement with the spirit and into bondage Now when you look at it, the woman is saying
all the right things, but Paul discerns that behind it there’s a spirit operating, and
he discerned exactly what it was Luke said it’s a spirit of a python, and it
brought the masters – so she was a servant girl – a lot of money because of her fortune-telling
So the whole of that area was given over to fortune-telling, was given over to divination,
given over to the demonic realm, and this girl came with a spirit
Now Paul, it says an interesting thing It said Paul – although she followed us and
cried out so and so, she did this many days – so Paul didn’t address it immediately, but
he became irritated by it It says Paul being grieved, or feeling oppressed
The exact meaning of that word I’ll just get for you
Let me just find it here – the exact word there means literally to toil, or to struggle
to break through, or to feel worried or pressured, or to feel grief
Isn’t that interesting? So when a spirit is operating against us,
then you can feel all kinds of feelings or sensations, like difficulty breaking through,
there’s no freedom or flow You can feel turmoil around you, you can feel
perhaps stressed trying to achieve what you’re trying to achieve, or you may even feel grief
Those are the kinds of meanings associated with that word, and so he was experiencing
the sensations, what she said was okay, but what was behind it, at the root of it, was
demonic, and eventually when the Holy Ghost led him, he turned around, spoke and directly
commanded the spirit: come out of her Immediately the woman, or over the next hour,
she was delivered of that spirit, and of course if you read on, you find then that there was
a massive reaction, and Paul was then put into jail and beaten up
But there was again further miracles took place So this is a region full of demonic activity,
and this is the gift of discerning of spirits operating
He discerned, or looked right through and found what was at the cause, or what was the
source of the problem, so discerning of spirits, this is what it is; it is knowledge God gives
you, so it’s a revelation God gives you God reveals something to you
What does He reveal? He reveals what spirit is operating right behind some activity or
action It’s a supernatural gift of revelation
It means to see right through to what is the root, or what is behind this matter, so the
gift of discerning of spirits gives you information, or insight, or revelation about three areas;
one, the activity of the Holy Spirit We need to discern the work of the Holy Spirit
Jesus consistently discerned what the Holy Spirit was doing, and did it, so one aspect
of discerning of spirits is the realm of being able to see right through what the Holy Spirit
is doing Another aspect of it is to be able to identify
demonic activity When there are spirits in a place, spirits
in a person, or spirit behind someone’s actions, we need to be able to discern, or see what
is operating there, otherwise we come under the influence of it
Many times, on some of the big moves of God, they lacked experience in discerning of spirits,
and a lot of things they said were the Holy Spirit, were actually demonic manifestations
I can remember being in a meeting one time, and they were just saying: this is all just
a Holy Spirit working and so on, and I looked at the person who was next to me, or just
in front of me I could see clearly there was a spirit operating,
so I just quietly went up and just commanded the spirit to go
The person dropped to the ground, it was all over, and she was set free
I found it impossible to just focus while there’s all this demonic stuff just going
on around me, so that sort of dealt to that So you have to understand one of the things
it’s not; it’s not natural discernment It’s not working things out
You know some people train in body language, so they can work out things from body language,
look at the person, figure them out, you know? It’s not natural
It’s not, you’ve developed some skill at being able to work out some things going on in people
It’s actually, revelation just comes to you, God just speaks and reveals it to you, and
so that’s how you know So He can reveal the activity, or nature,
or name of spirits that are in a person, so this morning when I was praying, you notice
I spoke against a spirit of infirmity Now you notice that the moment I stood against
that spirit of infirmity, there was quite a quick reaction or response, so that tells
me that it was exactly what the problem was There was a spirit was causing the pain in
the person’s body, for example I had a young man – I was speaking in City Harvest and I
had a word of knowledge, it was a young man with a shoulder condition He had pain in his shoulders, so the young
guy came up, and as he began to speak to me, interact with me, I felt the Lord say he has
a major root of bitterness against his father So I asked him how do you get on with your
father? He said I love my dad, so it seemed like his initial response contradicted what
God had shown me I said to him well, isn’t it true that your
father travels a lot, and is not there for you, and actually you’ve got quite a lot of
feelings about that? He said that’s right I said: the Lord shows me that you’ve been
quite angry, and actually become resentful and bitter that your dad has not been available
for you when you needed him, and he said that’s true
I said: well the Lord’s shown me that the reason you have this pain in your shoulder,
it’s actually a spirit of infirmity, and it’s come because of the unforgiveness in your
heart towards your father – now you see, so some of that was word of knowledge, and some
of that is discerning of spirits The cause of the sickness is a demonic spirit
– that’s discerning of spirit The nature of the problem, the issue with
his father, that’s word of knowledge, see? So I asked him if he’s willing to forgive
his father, which he was I led him in a simple prayer, forgave his
father, then as soon as I commanded the spirit to come out of him, it manifested quite strongly,
he fell on the ground He got up after that, and he then testified
He said actually, I didn’t just have pain in my shoulder, I had pain everywhere, all
over my body I’ve had these pains The doctor has told me my back is stiffening,
and by the age of 40 I would not be able to bend or move or twist at all, but he said
I now am completely free So the spirit of infirmity had created pains
in his body, and they were associated with an issue in his life of unforgiveness with
someone So you see how gifts work together, and we’ll
get onto the word of wisdom shortly – so the gift of word of knowledge, and discerning
of spirits, they work very closely together One gives you some information you couldn’t
have known, the other gives you discernment to see right through to the problem
So discerning of spirits is not natural figuring things out by studying a person’s body or
body language and so on It’s not a natural gift, it’s supernatural,
where God just reveals to you: that’s what the problem is
So again, with all of these gifts, we need to learn how to listen and receive from God
Another thing that it is not, so it’s not natural, but there’s another thing it’s not
It’s not judging I want to show you another scripture in Matthew,
Chapter 7 – it’s not mentioned in there, I don’t think, but in Matthew, Chapter 7 and
the first few verses Discerning of spirits is not the same as judging,
in the worst sense of judging Let’s read a few verses In Verse 1, judge not, that you be not judged
For with the same judgement you judge, you will be judged; and whatever measure you measure
to others, it will be measured back to you again
So why do you look at the small speck that’s in your brother’s eye, and you do not consider
the beam is in your own eye? How will you say to your brother: let me pull out the speck
from your eye, and behold, there’s a beam in your own? Hypocrite! First cast the beam
out of your own eye, then you’ll see clearly to cast the speck out of your brother’s eye
Don’t give that which is holy to dogs, neither cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample
them under their feet, and turn again and render you Right then, now let me just go into that scripture
Jesus is speaking about a principle that’s very important
He’s talking about a principle of judging This word judge means literally, to make a
decision against someone, because of what you see, or think you see, or whatever, and
virtually to pass a sentence on them You are guilty according to the way I’ve judged
you, therefore you need to pay the price So He’s talking about having a judgemental
attitude, and what He’s saying is that if you judge others, you unlock against yourself
a spirit of judgement The very thing you’ve judged will come back
to you Okay, let me just give you an example of that
I had to pray for a woman one time last year in Taiwan, and they sent her in for ministry
I asked what the problem is, and she said well, I’ve got this young man interested in
marrying me I said okay, so what’s the deal? She said
well, we were going out before, and then our relationship broke up, and I got involved
with someone else, had a baby to him, and now I’ve got the baby, now this guy’s come
back, and he wants to marry me, so what do you think? Now people only give you the sanitised version
It makes them look really good, you know? So I said is he Christian? No, he’s not a
Christian I said well, alarm bells go off for her straight
away, and I say, what about this other guy? She said well, he really would like to marry
me too, he’s the father of the child I said what do you feel in your heart? No,
not for that person I said well, now tell me then, why did your
relationship break up? She said well, while I was going out with him, he was unfaithful
to me, he had other girls on the side So I said well, is there any evidence that
that has changed in his life? Is there any reason why he would be different – and he
hasn’t become a Christian, he hasn’t changed in his heart
You’re in for more of the same, and so why would you want to marry him? She said, I really
feel he’s right for me I said tell me about your father – so why
would I ask about the father, when it’s an issue of marriage? Because the Lord dropped
in there’s an issue with her dad – so she said oh, well I don’t talk to my dad
I said why is that? She said well mum and dad broke up
They divorced when I was in early teens I said really? Do you have any contact with
him? No, no, almost no contact whatsoever, and I said is that right? I said tell me what
was the reason that the marriage broke up, and she said very simply, he was unfaithful
to my mother I said how many times? Three times he was
unfaithful to my mother I said isn’t this extraordinary
You’ve got a conflict in your heart with your dad, and you have judged him
Now it’s replaying in your life again You actually – the judgement you gave out
about him, now it’s being replayed back in your life again
Do you not see the connection that what you’re struggling with currently, actually is an
overflow of what’s been going on in your path? She couldn’t see it
I said I don’t think I can help you then, because you’re going to go down that route,
and play this thing right out until you’ve actually experienced all the consequences
of what you’ve got in your heart towards your father Now you understand she had judged her father,
and found him lacking, and now unlocked against herself a real cycle of issues that would
then go through the rest of her life, so that’s what judging is about
Discerning has more to do with being an observer than a judge, for example, a judge will stand
up, or a judge will usually be seated in an elevated position
You go into a court, the judge is in the high position, so when the Bible talks about judging,
it’s speaking about elevating yourself up, as though you know everything and why people
do things, and then passing a judgement on someone against them
You’ve found them guilty, see? And now you’ve condemned them
Right, now this is different to discerning Discerning, you’re not coming from the high
ground of pride, and being above everyone else
You’re coming down from, you’re actually a human being yourself, understanding that people
do have issues and make mistakes, and you’re looking as an observer, to see what God says
about the situation So God shows you the root of this is a spirit,
the root of this is bitterness, the root of this is this
It’s informational It’s not judgemental
It’s to inform you of the nature of the problem, not step up on the high ground and look down,
and find the person guilty and condemn them That’s the difference Now many people think that Christians shouldn’t
judge, but the Bible says the spiritual man judges all things
Notice what Jesus just said in those verses Notice He said: don’t give what’s holy to
dogs, neither cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet and
turn on you Clearly He’s saying you need to know what
to share, and who to share it with, because some people, if you share it with them, it’s
like casting something out before pigs They’ll trample it underfoot and turn on you
He’s not being judgemental He’s just saying that you have to look at
people, and look at situations, and be understanding of where they’re at, and how they receive
things He said: you don’t give everything you have
to everyone, so the Bible’s very clear A spiritual man judges all things, but that
means he looks right through to what the real issue is and identifies it, not as one sitting
up high looking down, condemning, but as a fellow traveller, looking and observing and
seeing that something is like this You getting the idea? Okay then, so for example – and the more you
have examples the easier it is to see it, so discerning then is to be able to look through,
and see what is behind this matter I know what they’re all saying, or I know
what I can see, but what lies behind it – that’s the driving factor? We need discernment, because
in the world, and in the church, people have all kinds of agendas, and it shouldn’t be
that way, but that’s how people are People have usually hidden agendas, and the
agendas are not so obvious, but if you are discerning of spirits, you can pick what lies
behind it, so there are a number of Bible examples of that
We shared with one of you in the last session, and that was found in Acts, Chapter 8, where
Peter discerned the motives of Simon the sorcerer, so everyone was coming up and saying: we want
the power of God, we want the power of God, we want the power of God
He came up and said listen, I’ll give you some money, just give me the power of God
He was able to look in and say no, you have got an issue
He said underneath this desire for the power of God, is a deep rooted bitterness and a
crookedness, that makes you seek power so you can promote yourself
You’ve got a deep rooted issue of insecurity in your life Peter discerned it
He saw right to the root of it, and confronted the man about it
Getting the idea? So discernment enables you to see what is really there
As you’ll see shortly, we’ll need a word of wisdom to know what to do with it, so in Luke,
Chapter 13 – I’ll just find another example in Luke, Chapter 13, Verse 10
Jesus was teaching in the synagogue on the Sabbath, and behold there was a woman who
had a spirit of infirmity 18 years, was bowed down and could not lift herself up
Jesus saw her, called her to Him, and said to her: woman, be loosed of your infirmity
He laid hands on her, and immediately she was made straight, and glorified God
Now Jesus is in a synagogue, a place of prayer and there’s a woman who has an incredibly
serious back problem She’s bent and crippled right over
Now to everyone who looked, it’s a back problem, and she has a back problem, that’s true
But He saw the root source is a demonic spirit There’s a spirit attached to her spine, and
when she was delivered, immediately she was set free I had a situation in Fiji
I was invited by one of the members of our church to go up with him to his property up
in Yasawa, which is beautiful, a most beautiful area of Fiji but it’s very remote
It’s right at the outer end of the Fiji area, and right up in the outer islands, so in order
to get there we had to catch a boat, and then we had to kind of catch a little boat ashore,
all of that kind of thing Then we were invited to a meeting for me to
speak, at a meeting in the village, so to get there we waded out into the surf, got
into a boat, travelled around through the reefs and landed on another beach
Someone met us with a lamp, and we went in, and we were in a building
I was the first white man to speak there apparently – and there was a gathering of people there
The men had fled the place They heard I was coming and they fled, and
there was a problem with spiritism and witchcraft going on in that area, so I went into the
meeting At the end of the meeting there was a lady
came up, and she – when I say came up, she crawled up
She crawled herself up, and she came up there, and I could see that she was in trouble from
her waist down, that she actually could not walk
She had come with two crutches, she was unable to walk, and so I looked at her and I asked
some questions, first of all: how long have you been like this? She said 10 years
Then the Lord just dropped into my heart exactly what the problem was
So how did I get it? I got one, discerning of spirits and two, word of knowledge
The first word of knowledge was, it had to do with her husband
The second was discerning it was actually a spirit of infirmity, associated with the
occult, so I asked her the question then – and this is how you can bring out revelation,
just ask questions – I said: what happened 10 years ago? I said did someone near you,
close to you die? She said my husband died I said: is it not true that he was involved
in the occult and witchcraft? She said yes Now this was very significant, because this
is a religious community, everyone’s supposedly Christians, but actually many of them were
not, and many of them were practicing witchcraft, and this was why the guy had got me to come
over, because the conditions he described, I could tell were witchcraft operating
Everyone was denying it, including the local Minister
This brought it right out into the light, so now the woman’s saying yes, my husband
was involved in witchcraft, he was involved in spiritism
I said the Lord shows me, because the two of you will become one through marriage, that
when he died, that spirit has come into you You have a spirit of infirmity, associated
with your husband and the witchcraft, so now everyone’s absolutely stunned
So I broke the curse, I broke the soul ties to her husband, I broke the curses that had
been upon her through her husband’s activities, commanded the spirit of infirmity to go, helped
her to her feet and she stood up, and she walked without crutches, she walked home So you see again that the discerning of spirits
helps you know what the issue is, and you get a revelation, you get it from God
Getting the idea? So we’ve seen a number, a number, so the gift of discerning of spirits
enables you one, to discern the activity of the Holy Spirit; two, to discern what the
motives of people are; three, to discern the activity of demonic spirits and identify what
they are Now it would help if I just shared a little
bit about your senses and how they work We touched on it before
You have natural senses and you have spiritual senses, so your natural senses – after a little
while you gain a memory bank of experiences, so you smell food, [sniffs] ooh, curry, Sargin’s
in the building [Laughter] So you identify with a physical
sensation, you have a memory you attach to it, and you identify it like that
So after a little while you can pick up lots of things
You can recognise voices If someone rings up and they don’t tell you
who they are, oh, I know that voice, I recognise that voice So we attach associations to the experiences
we have naturally Now spiritually the same thing happens
You are a spirit being, and do have spiritual senses, and you do pick up stuff
People often call it a sixth sense, but it’s actually your spirit man, for example, how
many of you have had some decision you had to make, but you felt this terrible uneasiness,
and lack of peace about that? How many have known that experience like that? Okay, very
good, and of course if you went against that and did it, you ended up in trouble
We won’t ask about that [Laughter] You put that down to wisdom, okay,
so that’s one thing How many of you have met a person – most of
the women have met a person, and that person, a male, was incredibly creepy? There’s something
about them – don’t go near me, I feel defiled just being near you, okay
So how many women would identify that experience? Quite a lot of women, okay So probably the second thought that came into
your mind was, I shouldn’t think like that, but actually you are right
What’s happening is, you’re discerning an unclean spirit or intention around the person,
and you are feeling the impressions of it, and you’re identifying it as a yuck, I don’t
like this, I don’t trust that man, I’ll stay away
Understand? That’s actually discernment Your spirit is sensing things
You’ve got to learn how to recognise what it is, and how to work with it, and I’ll show
you what to do in a moment Okay, and men have a similar kind of thing
You may find yourself in situations, or have you ever been into a house for example, and
you go in there to meet some couple, and as you go in there everyone’s being polite and
nice, but you can feel like the whole atmosphere is full of tension, as though there’s been
a big row or something go on there How many – now let me ask you this then
How on earth did you feel tension? What part of you felt that? Your spirit felt it So all of us have a human spirit, and all
of us can sense things, but we can develop that so we become sharper at it, and become
more used to dealing with it Getting the idea? Okay then, so you have ability
then to sense things spiritually, and when we’re born again of course, that whole – it’s
brought to a different realm altogether We now have the Holy Spirit with us
He can actually identify for us, what the things are that we’re dealing with, so here’s
a thing Remember in almost all of the moving in the
spirit, what you get seems to be a thought, or impression, or picture comes into your
mind It’s not strong necessarily, or very big
You could easily sweep it aside if you didn’t stop and focus on it, so the way to deal with
it is simply this, is – I think there’s a couple of practical things
Number one, I think we need to ask the Lord to help us to deal with having a judgemental
attitude You can never discern properly if you have
a judging attitude You notice what Jesus said in Matthew 7? He
said: if you judge, you’ll be judged The measure you give to others is how it’ll
come back to you Then He said an interesting thing
He said: why do you say, I want to get the speck out of your eye, when you’ve got a big
beam in your own? Notice then what He said In other words He’s saying – I’ll put it to
you a different way; if you had a little speck in your eye, you wouldn’t ask someone to help
you dig it out, who had this huge log covering most of their vision
You’d say, no way do you get near my eye, you can’t see clearly, you’ll mess this up
You’ll damage me and hurt me, see? Now so what Jesus then said was, take the beam out
of your own eye – speaking of judgement – and then you’ll see clearly
So putting it another way, He’s saying if you have a judgement in your heart against
any person, or you hold judgements about certain matters, it will affect how you see and interpret
what’s in front of you in life So in the journey of growing in the things
of the spirit, we need to deal with bitterness and judgements and unforgivenesses in our
heart, because it will colour how we see people, it’ll colour how we interpret life, it will
affect our ability to discern We will tend to judge rather than discern,
and think we’re completely right and justified That make sense to you? Very, very important So if I was to allow the Lord to help me deal
with any judging attitude in my heart, against myself or against people, and to begin to
meditate on the love of God, and His great love for me, and grow in that love, I will
see clearly, because when you love people, you see clearly
When you have judgement in your heart, you can’t see clearly, and you mess it up every
time, so this is an important thing I need to cultivate purity of heart in my
motives towards people, or I can’t see very clearly, so that’s a very, very important
thing I’ll just stop from that point, and then just
move on to, so how can you work in this area? I’ll give you an example of it A person – I used this illustration recently
because I’ve had this experience There’s two people standing in the entrance
of a church, and one of them has got a deep rejection in his life, or a judgement that
there’s something wrong with me, people don’t like me
He learnt that years ago The other one hasn’t got that at all, he’s
quite free Suppose the Pastor walks in and he’s very,
very busy, preoccupied and he walks past and both say hello Pastor, and he just doesn’t
hear He didn’t hear it, he was preoccupied, so
there’s no willing rejection of them He just didn’t hear, and carried on
Now each of them has had an experience, an identical experience
Each of them will interpret it Now the one who’s got the rejection and judgement
in his heart will pass judgement on what it means
He’ll say: this means he doesn’t like me, and he’ll get angry, won’t enjoy the service
at all He’ll be angry all through the service – Pastor
doesn’t like me, and it’ll stir up all his anger over this, but the judgement was in
his own heart The other person looks and says: oh, he can’t
have noticed me, he must have been busy, I’ll catch up with him later Two people, same experience, but responded
completely different One just observed it, and worked out a different
strategy The other judged it, and ended up in turmoil
Getting the idea? So if you’ve got judgements in your heart, it’ll filter all discernment,
so discernment – practice ridding your heart of judgements about people, and learn to be
an observer To be an observer, you ask the question: I
wonder what this means, rather than: this means that
See? You ask the question, what does this mean? What am I feeling? What am I sensing?
What does this mean? You let God help you see His perspective on it
Jesus said: I don’t judge as the world judges He said I judge righteously
I don’t judge what I see, I judge by what my Father says to me, so He judged things
on what He heard from God So how can I develop the area of discerning
of spirits? Very, very simply One, I need to deal with the issue of judging
in my heart that will cloud my ability to sense; two, I can develop my sensitivity through
fasting Fasting and prayer helps me develop sensitivity
to the Holy Spirit, and then what you need to do is, learn how to identify what you feel
when you’re in different situations, identify impressions you have when you’re talking with
someone, when you are meeting someone, when you come into a meeting, when you come into
a room When you go to different places, look for
chances to identify what your first impression is
The first impression is usually the one that impacts you as you engage something, then
you just move out of that, and start to reason everything out, and interact with it differently
But when you’re a spiritual person which you are, you tend to be more sensitive, so you
can feel things or sense things quite easily, and so try to, when you sense something, ask
this question: what do I sense? What impression do I have? What am I feeling? Try to just
get a name for it Don’t dismiss it
Just enquire, Holy Spirit, what is that? Then the next question; what do you want me to
do with that? What does this mean? If you judge, it must mean this, you’ve then
lost your discernment If you just say Lord, what does this mean,
and how do you want me to deal with this, you’ll start to then develop a lifestyle of
being able to discern things, so there’s heaps of places that you can pick it up
One of the places to pick it up, is when you meet people
When you meet people, just come with an open heart and shake their hand and look them right
in the eyes, and just let them interact with you
As they interact with you, you’ll have an impression come
Try to identify what the impression is Listen for the things the Holy Spirit drops
in your heart You walk into someone’s house, what impression
do you get? What does the atmosphere feel like? You walk into a church meeting, what
does it feel like? What does the atmosphere feel like? When everyone’s worshipping, or
things are happening, what does it feel like? What does it sense, is there? Develop, practice
discerning, or exercising your senses, to listen and identify impressions you have about
situations, and then act as an observer, not a judge; oh, that’s interesting, I’m feeling
this I wonder how I should respond? I wonder what
God wants me to do? So you don’t move into judging mode, you stay in discerning/working
with the Holy Spirit mode Now notice Paul went for several days before
he turned around to the woman and rebuked the spirit
In other words, he waited until he had actual wisdom from God what he should do
You notice this, if he had stopped and reacted on the first day, he’d have been in jail straight
away, and had no chance to do any ministry at all, so he didn’t immediately address what
he could see was the problem, until he felt the Holy Spirit show him: this is what you
need to do, do it today A lot of people can’t handle that
They pick something up, they want to deal with it straight away
That isn’t always how God works, because dealing with it straight away can create more problems
than what – you may solve one, but you’ve actually created something bigger, and different
So if Paul for example, had turned and rebuked the spirit that same day, all those days that
he was able to preach and minister would have been cut out and cancelled short like that,
so he knew there was a spirit, but waited until the right time, and then turned and
dealt with it, and that triggered off a reaction in the whole city towards him
Shortly after he exited the city So we need to know and be able to discern
what God is saying, or what God is wanting us to learn, and we need to be able to identify
those sensations and impressions we have, so all you do is just identify, what did you
feel? You’re on a phone to someone – we used to
teach this when people were doing phone ministry to people
After you get off the phone, just quieten down, and just worship the Lord, and just
sense – what are you feeling in your spirit? I’ll give you an example
I had someone that I spoke to, and they were incredibly angry, and they were angry with
me I thought that’s interesting, I wonder why
they’re angry with me, so we checked it out, and this is what had happened
They had been talking with someone else who had an unresolved offence, and was angry at
me and after being with them, they came away angry at me as well
So what had happened was, they had not discerned this person has an offence, and the biblical
way of dealing with the offence is to put it right with the person
They came under the influence of the spirit of anger and bitterness over the person
It affected them, and they were then operating with that thing around their life – so I always
ask people, after you’ve been in an interaction, how did you feel? What did you sense? What
are you sensing in your spirit? Just practice doing it, try to identify the sensations,
identify the feelings Then we need wisdom from God, what to do,
so in the next session we will look at the word of wisdom, and where to go with that,
and how to respond to that, but I’ll get you now to just do some interaction, we’re going
to do activations I think you need to do something now, otherwise
you’ll fall asleep [Laughter] Okay then, so we’ve got heaps of
things that we could do, but I’m going to give you one that’s an interesting one, and
this one will challenge you a bit, so you’ll need a pen and paper to do this one, because
you’re going to write something You’ll need a bit of space
If you need a bit of space, you can move your chair out, and this is what we’re going to
do This activation is called inspired writing,
so you’ve had an inspired picture, an inspired thought, inspired prayer
This is inspired writing, so if you haven’t a piece of paper, write it on the cover at
the back of the manual will be fine I want you to write up this question, and
you’re going to listen, to let God speak to you about you, okay, so here’s the question
you write up: Lord, how do You see me? Lord, how do You see me? Write it down exactly as
I said it, Lord, how do You see me? This is your prayer or question to the Lord, and what
we’re going to do is we’re just going to pray for a little while
We’re going to do this just like you are ministering to someone, except you’re just coming into
a place where you’re listening to let God speak to yourself
If you can get into a flow of this, this will be one of the greatest assets to you over
the course of your life, to help you hear from God, and develop hearing from God
It’s called journaling, and journaling’s got a number of aspects, but this aspect of journaling,
one aspect of journaling, is just writing your thoughts and feelings, experiences
This aspect is journaling what God is saying to you, so you ask the question; God, or Lord,
how do You see me? Now, I know how some of you see yourselves,
and you may not see yourself too good You come to all kinds of conclusions about
yourself Wouldn’t it be good if you stopped listening
to all of that junk and instead, Lord, how do You see me? You might find it a little
hard to take how He sees you, because it’s very loving, and very kind, and it’s not like
others who you may have experienced, so He can be incredibly kind and loving
So what I want you to do is we’re going to do very simply like we did the others
We would say hey, can I practice on you? Well this is just a practice
You’re practising on yourself, okay then and a very positive response, yes, this is going
to be great Then we’re just going to pray in tongues for
a little bit, and I want you just to pray in tongues, and then begin to focus, just
begin to think about the Lord, think about His goodness to you
Then you may start to get Him, just some thought come to mind, start to write Now don’t try and work out what you’re going
to write next – aah, ooh, you’re a loser [Laughter] Don’t work it out you know? You
may get terrible things if you try and work it out, and you certainly won’t hear God on
that, so what you do is just relax, listening to Him until you sort of start to get a thought
or an idea, then start to write Now just relax as you write, and just let
it flow, let it flow out of your writing, flow and flow and flow
If you find the flow stops just rest again; thank You Lord
Lord, just speak to me, give me more Lord Just stay focussed on Him, and then just continue
writing, begin to write again What will happen is, write from the flow that
comes from your spirit, don’t try and figure this out with your head
If you try and figure it out with your head you’ll be completely limited, you won’t have
revelation God actually wants to speak to you Now it’s like prophesying over yourself virtually,
and here’s the interesting thing When you learn how to do this, you can do
this any day you like, all the rest of your life
You can ask the Lord questions, and begin to journal what He has to say to you
For some it may be lots of things to say, some it may be just a few lines
Hey, we’re just practising Ready? Okay then – and some may have a blank
paper, that’s okay too If you find you have a blank that’s interesting
– I have a blank I wonder why I can speak to others about what
God sees about them I’m finding it hard to speak to myself
What’s going on here? Why is there that block? Can you see, it’s like instead of being a
judge, you just be the observer, and the listener, and the one who shares what you’re observing
and hearing It’s a very, very important positioning in
your heart to take, where you don’t become a judge anymore in life
You become an observer; oh, that’s interesting, I wonder what that means? Lord, how would
You have me respond? So this one, Lord, how do You see me? How
do You see me Lord? How do You see me? Lord, I just reach out to you now – so come on,
let’s just begin to pray in tongues, and then we’ll give you just a few minutes to write
If you’re looking at this on the Internet you could sit down with a piece of paper,
and you could do this too Write down the question: Lord, how do You
see me? Just begin to pray, pray in tongues, just worship God for a little while, and then
as a thought comes to you, begin to write You’re writing a letter to yourself, like
you’re writing from God to you You’re putting words to what God’s saying
Let’s do it together shall we? Thank You Lord Lord, release a spirit of revelation right
now [Prays in tongues] Thank You Lord
Thank You Lord Lord, begin to speak to individuals here,
reveal the tremendous, amazing love, the wonderful heart that You have for each of us
Let it just flow out of their hearts onto paper
Thank You Lord We just bind every distracting influence,
everything that would hinder us, stop us and we just release that life and vitality now
in Jesus’ name Thank You Lord As soon as you feel free and start to get
an idea, just begin to write You’re not trying to work it, you’re just
writing out of the flow of what’s in your heart like you’re listening to someone dictate
to you, and you’re writing it You’re actually writing it to yourself
It’s this flow of the spirit, coming up from within
If you get stuck, just pray in tongues, relax and re-focus on the Lord again
[5mins] Alright then, how are we doing? I see a lot
of people are writing, and all got to different levels
Let me just ask for a little bit of feedback How many had a flow of writing, you had some
thoughts come to you, that came from the Lord? You obviously felt a flow of things start
to come? Alright then Did anyone get stuck, you just went blank?
No one got completely stuck Did some find they just had a little bit,
but there wasn’t much flow in it? Some had that
There would be always some like that, and sometimes that can reflect we’re not good
writers, we’re better talkers and we talk better than we write
But again, relax and let the flow come How many of you found that what God spoke
to you was very personal, actually was extremely specific for you? How many found that? Wow,
that’s great! How many were quite encouraged by what God said? Oh, that’s really good too
Well this is very, very good How many of you, God told you how much He
loved you? [Laughs] He often starts with that, and talks with that
How many of you, did God give you some kind of direction, or insight to what you need
to be doing at this time in your life? Isn’t that good? Wow, that’s great isn’t it? That’s
helpful isn’t it? So it’s quite good for you to come to the Lord, and to learn how to journal
daily with Him, and keep a track record of what God is speaking to you, because you can
go back and look at it again If you have a journal, and you’re keeping
a journal that God is talking to you, it still helps if you’ve got someone else who you can
run your thoughts around, and run your thoughts with before you make any major decisions,
just so you’ve got the wisdom The Bible says: in the wisdom of many counsellors
there’s safety, so this is a great way – it also has limits on it, and so it’s helpful
if we stay having counsel about any major decision So there’s many questions you could start
to ask the Lord now, so if we just asked you, how does He see you, and He would talk about
the goodness and the good things He sees in you, the possibilities in you
You could ask about, how He sees your church You could ask about various aspects, and then
wait on the Lord, just let Him talk with you about life, and about things
Isn’t that wonderful? Isn’t that great? Thank You Lord
How many people were quite surprised by what God shared with them, gave you a bit of a
surprise? Oh, that’s interesting What was it surprised you? [What was it that
surprised me? I just get that He talked about seeing me as I am now and just how precious
I am to Him, about how He has a greater plan and ] Wow
[ and just yeah, He actually showed me I’m like
a precious stone, you know, like inside the rock ] Right
[ rocks on the outside, but He sees the raw,
unfinished product but that He’s got such greater plans that will take me out of that ] Wow
[ clarity will increase] Wow, so it’s very specific
and it’s [ precious as I am] even as you are you’re precious
That’s [And He’s got the plan] wonderful, so God assured He had a plan
She’s precious as she is, but that plan will bring enlargement and greatness
It’s wonderful, don’t you love that? Such a wonderful thing
So you’re in a good space now to be able to minister to someone else So what we’ll do now is get you to break into
pairs, and what I’d like you to do is to bring a word of encouragement
Now we’re not going to prophesy, that would be too spiritual for us
[Laughter] What we’ll just do is, we’ll bring an inspired word for someone, so again we’ll
get with someone that – preferably someone you have not prayed with before, someone that’s
different and remember, ask permission; can I practice on you? Get a good, positive response,
then we pray in tongues, pray in the spirit for a little bit, then listen and then share
something that you feel God shows them that would encourage them
You’ve just done it for yourself, now do it for the other person
So you’re looking for a thought, and an idea Remember, pray, relax and focus on the source,
listening, just waiting and just let thoughts just come
Something drops into your mind, focus on it until it comes a little clearer, then start
to share; well I just sensed this as I was praying for you
Keep it simple and easy and light Okay? Let’s see how we do
Find someone and let’s have a practice If you’re watching this on the Internet, why
don’t you find someone to practice on, especially someone you don’t know so well? Okay, let’s just come back, close up what
you’re doing Let’s get some feedback on how it’s going
How many of you were really touched by what the person shared with you, it was very appropriate
for you? Wow, that’s wonderful, great How many sort of felt God as they shared with
you – oh my, that’s God speaking to me? How many felt that? Very good, wonderful
Okay then, anyone got blocks in this? How many struggled to get something? Okay, we’ve
all moved quite a long way now, that’s fantastic How many of you, it still just feels like
it’s you doing it? You kind of think this so much, seems like me, I don’t sort of feel
much of God in it? How many found that? Actually that’s quite normal
To tell the truth, some of the best ministries I’ve had for people, I didn’t feel a thing,
but I have learnt to just relax, and understand I am a spirit being, God is in me, and if
I will yield, He will speak through me Whether I feel anything much, or experience
anything, is irrelevant It’s not about me, it’s for the other person
I’m just the servant, to bring about the work Once you get that idea we’re just here to
serve people, it’s not about your feelings or experiences at all
It’s actually what God does in their life It’s about them, and God, and of course as
you do it, you just grow so immensely Amen, okay, so you’ve found that’s been a
good challenge for you? Okay then Would you like to stretch out a little further,
and try a little something harder? Little bit harder? NO! Please don’t make it any harder
[Laughter] Okay, alright then, well this is – I just need someone to help me, just need
a volunteer really, someone that can help me? Okay, you’re going to help me? Alright
then, so just come on up here Now this is what I want us to do this time
We’re going to get you to do two things The first thing I want you to do is, see if
you can get a word of knowledge about the person, in other words a little piece of information,
that we wouldn’t have known naturally Now I do know Caroline, so I’ve got to then
dismiss from my mind everything I know about her
I have to just literally push aside, and listen to my heart, not listen to my mind
If I go anywhere towards what I know, then I won’t hear my spirit at all
I’ve got to just push aside anything I may know about her, and then actually just identify
what I’m feeling in my spirit Alright then, and I want to show you just
simply how you can Remember, we shared with you for getting words
of knowledge about the body? Just begin to think about a person’s body, and you may just
find is the right side, the left side? Is it, you know and just go through the parts
of the body, and you may feel drawn to a part, just only the slightest draw – that can be
what a word of knowledge is, just a slightest little impression
So what we’re going to do is, we’re going to look for an area where the person is facing
a struggle, asking this question; Lord, is there any area of this person’s life where
they’re facing a struggle? Okay, and we’ll show you just how to do that in just a moment Then the second part will be now Lord, how
do You want to speak to them, to encourage them? Okay, so first is the word of knowledge,
the second’s the prophetic The word of knowledge: is there an area where
there is a struggle going on? Second part, is there something God wants to say, to help
the person in that part of their life? So if God identifies the struggle, He certainly
will want to do something to help them, and there could be many ways they could be helped,
but at this point, the level of help we’ll give is, we’ll look for a word of comfort
and inspiration, encouragement for them, okay? That keeps it quite an even level
We’re not trying to prophesy We’re actually just – see if we can find out
a little piece of information Now remember, when we asked you in the second
activation of this series, go to someone and ask them a question, find out something about
them? So now we’re going to ask the Lord the questions, so you’ve already done it for yourself:
Lord, how do You see me? You know you can ask God a question and He will answer, so
now we’ve got to, in love, say Lord, is there any area this person’s struggling? There may
well be there’s none, and if there’s none, then there’s none
Don’t make one up [Laughter] Don’t put on them, your struggle
[Laughter] Is there a struggle? And if there is a struggle,
see if you can frame what it might be, and then lay out then,, just we need to look to
God for a word for the person, okay? Alright then, so just come and stand in front of me
there So if I have to pray and minister to a person,
there’s a number of ways – you can just say well God, just show me, and just wait for
something to happen That’s one way, or you can use your imagination
a little bit, and just reach in to different areas
Now for most people in their life, there’s not a lot of areas that they would have a
struggle If you think about it, if I was to just say,
look back through Caroline to her family background; she could have a struggle with her father
or mother or in the family, so if I was just to mentally just look, has there been a struggle
there? Yes or no? No, I don’t feel anything Okay, alright then, well that’s alright then So if she’s a married person, then I might
look is there someone on the right, the person standing next to them, is there a struggle
there? No Alright, that’s okay
Alright, are there children? I look down because there’s offspring, so is there some issue
there that there’s a trouble? No Alright then, so what other areas are left?
Well is there trouble in her body? Look at her – is there an area of sickness or struggle
going on? No Alright then, so then we look then what other
areas are there? Well, is it work related, or is it finance related, relationship related,
or ministry? It’s not so many areas, we’ve covered most areas of the person’s life now
So if I just mentally just stop and look, and while I’m listening, I’m just mentally
going around is there any one of those I’m drawn to? Then I may just find a draw to one
of them, so I’ll just stop for a moment and if I feel a draw there, then there’s something
going on there, that I need to be able to get a word from God for, okay? So it’s not such a hard thing, so if I just
– can I practice on you? Great stuff, and so bearing in mind I’ve got to dismiss anything
I might know, and now just begin to look into the Lord
So Holy Spirit, You just know everything about Caroline
You know Lord where her life is at this point and Lord, You can just reveal things that
You want to help her, and encourage her So Lord, I’m just asking You, well just show
me where there’s any area of struggle, so I’ll just start to mentally now do what I’m
going to do, just go looking in each area, mentally reaching in to see if God will show
me something, so I reach in the background I don’t feel God quickening
There could be an issue or something, but God’s not wanting to do that today, so I don’t
have to worry I’m not trying to make something happen
I’m just looking and enquiring, I’m just an observer, listening for God, see? So I could
reach in there, is there anything there? No, reaching in then, marriage, no, there’s nothing
there Reaching then to any children? No, there’s
nothing there, so then what other areas? Oh, and I just become conscious of her hand,
and I’m thinking finance Now I could look around all the other areas,
but I might just stop there So I’ll just stop, thank You Lord
I sense that’s a struggle area, so I could say Lord, what is the struggle, and what do
You want to say, to help her in this area? There could be other areas of struggle, so
we can pray for two or three people, and you may pick up – people pick up all kinds of
different things, but this is not about knowing a problem
It’s about loving a person It’s not about being nosey
It’s about finding a way to bring God to them in their struggle, because when you have a
struggle, you get preoccupied with it, it overwhelms you, it gets out of perspective,
and you feel alone So if you identify a struggle a person has,
even if you don’t go into all the details of it, and you bring something from God, it
can bring tremendous comfort Alright then, so Father, I just thank You What I sensed was, there’s a struggle around
finance, as though there’s not enough It seems like there’s never been enough, and
it’s been quite a difficult situation for you to manage, because in your heart you don’t
feel there’s enough for you God wants you to know that He is your source
and supply, that you can trust in Him Have you ever gone without? Have you ever
gone in lack or need? Have you ever suffered? The Lord says, I’ve always been there to provide
for you, and I know the pressure and difficulty you’re feeling right now, but the Lord says,
I will help you I will give you victory in this area that’s
been a struggle for you I will help you come from the place of struggle
into the place of rest, and the place of abundance The Lord says: in Me, there is always more
than enough Right, now I’m going to go a little further,
because I feel God wants to help her, wants to minister to her So you notice we’ve just touched an area
I didn’t go and expose all kinds of details or anything, but there’s enough has come for
me to be aware, God wants to comfort and help her in the midst of the struggle
Now you notice what I said, with struggles there’s also a lot of emotion and pain in
it, but with this particular struggle, I feel a spirit has come against her to continually
tell her there’s not enough There’s something has rested on her, so even
in good times, and when there was enough, there’s never been enough
See, it doesn’t matter how wealthy you are, if there’s a spirit sits on you, and your
heart believes there’s not enough, there’s not enough, because you can’t see there’s
enough You just can’t see it
You’re in torment all the time, and there’s a wrestling goes on, so what God’s given you,
you can’t enjoy, because of the torment So I’ve found that people enter into peace,
not because of how much they have, but because they find contentment in their heart, and
learn to live within the framework God has given them
Godliness and contentment’s tremendous gain Let me just pray
Thank You Lord, so this has come over you a long time ago
This came over you when you were a young girl It came over you in the midst of turmoil
It’s come around your life through your mother God wants to help you today, wants to break
the belief there’s not enough for me He wants you to see that He’s a God of abundance,
and will help you in every situation Father, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,
I break the ungodly belief that there’s not enough for me
I break the ungodly belief of financial failure and poverty
I come against fear, and the spirit of poverty, loose right now, in Jesus’ name
Let your presence and peace just come over her life
Thank You Lord There it is, God just touching you now, just
bringing rest around your life, in Jesus’ Mighty name
Thank You Lord [Laughs] Holy Ghost
Just stay there and just enjoy Him Now, did you notice, all I did was just start
to just look, waiting, listening on God to give me something
If He doesn’t give anything, that’s okay I’m not going to nose
It’s just I have a heart to love the person and help them, and so because of that, we’re
willing to just look, and reach into God for something for the person
Now sometimes God can just drop it in, and you didn’t even do any of that, but I’m trying
to provide for you an approach that you can grow in this gift area
You understand that actively pursuing is always a vital part of it, and so I just look, the
background, the parents, spouse, children, finance, work, relationships, ministry, is
there any of those areas? And that pretty well covers everything, so in the midst of
looking like that, God can just cause you to be drawn to something, feel a struggle
around a relationship I wonder what the struggle is, or what the
relationship is? You don’t have to get all the details, but if you can get a little bit
of detail, then now you’ve opened up the person, and what does God want to do to help them?
Amen Bless you
How was that for you? [Can I just share something?] Sure
[I don’t know whether it’s connected, but when you said about finance, but I felt all
the time I’ve been a Christian, I don’t know whether it’s connected with what you’ve said ] Yes
[ that [unclear 01
07 54] other people that it’s like you feel sometimes
your need is so deep and so great and the whole thing is so big in your life ] Yes
[ that there’s not enough of God] [Laughter]
[I don’t know whether that’s connected ] Yeah, they are connected, yes
[ with that too?] Yeah
[Because He’s sort of brought me to a place recently of being – well I thought I’d been
okay with what I’ve got and ] Right
[ that probably there’s areas of need for discipline ] Right, yes
[ in my finances too] Yes, of course
[So that’s – I don’t know whether that’s relevant] Mm, I didn’t say anything about that area
[Laughter] [No, well actually I haven’t been – like He’s sort of told me to stay away from
shops ] Yeah
[ and actually I feel I’ve been – the spirit
of materialism has almost sort of been broken ] Yeah
[ in my life because of that ] Yeah, right, that’s great
[ because I’ve been obedient, but – so yeah]
Right, so this is obviously what’s shared is in line with what God is speaking to you
about this area in your life right now [Oh definitely] Yeah, that is why [Not to be impulsive and ] No, great
[But I failed yesterday] [Laughter] And hence today! [Laughter] Well thank you for your
honesty Let’s give her a clap and just appreciate
her [Applause] Remember, the ministry of the spirit is always
gentle and loving, so when Paul is writing about the gifts of the spirit in Romans 12
and Romans 14, in the middle of it he stops and he said: you have to be loving
Of all things be loving, or this is very empty, and doesn’t represent what Christ is like
So the power of ministry is wonderful, but we have to be loving of people, honouring
of people, valuing of people in the flow of the ministry, so we don’t do things that would
embarrass them You can word things in ways that are not embarrassing
I could just say well, you know, do you have a struggle, or is there a difficulty in your
life in this area? Is there something going on, and just put it in the form of a question,
or if God spoke to you more clearly, you may just put it, I feel this
So God has got to show you, and we’ll talk about that when we get to words of wisdom
– so why don’t you all have a try, and have a practice aye, how about that? Oh, that’s
a very excited response isn’t it aye? So what we’ll do for this one here, what we’re
going to do is this We’d like you just in this time, instead of
all of you just going at your own pace and let it free run, I’d like us just to do it
as a step by step, so what I’ll do is, I’ll encourage you where to look, otherwise you
just get then you can’t remember everything, and where to go
So what I’ll do is, we’re just going to do it step by step, and I’ll guide you, and all
I want you to do is just be open to the Lord, and if you feel a draw around something, just
identify it, and that’s it That’s all you need, that’s my one
There may be others, but you won’t worry about those
The one you feel that, that’s the draw on, or that’s the, you know, I feel something
draws me other that one, that’s the one, you just hold in your mind, and then we’ll ask
the Lord for what to say, okay? Alright then, so get in pairs, especially with someone you
don’t know Okay, let’s get in pairs
You can come out the front here, over the sides
Okay, alright, now I want you just to do this If you’re watching this on the internet, you
can just follow it through step by step, just leave the volume on, and the picture on, and
you can walk through it step by step, then later on, turn it all off, and just try it
without me guiding you in it For this session, we’re going to just guide
you step by step, okay, so the first thing is of course, what we’ve done, smile and look
at the person, can I practice on you? Give a very positive response
Okay, alright then Now you may know a little bit about the person
Please just push aside all you know, because if you look in that area of what you know,
you’ll just have turmoil You’ve got to be listening for God
You’re listening for the impression of the Holy Spirit, so let’s just begin to pray quietly
and just worship God just for a little moment there, just begin to worship the Lord
[Prays in tongues] Thank You Lord
We thank You Lord We love You Lord
We thank You, You know everything about this person
You love them deeply, and You’re so willing to help them, right where they are right now
Okay, now just go quiet I want you to look with me, there’s the person
standing in front of you Look like you were looking behind them, and
in the background behind them are their parents, the father, the mother
Is there a problem there between the parents, or with a father, with a mother? Do you sense
something there? Alright then, now just look to the left of that person
Maybe there’s a spouse Maybe there’s an issue in a relationship
Is there a difficulty or a challenge there? Yes or no? Do you feel a draw there? What
is that problem? Then look like you’re looking down at their children
Is there a problem in family, a challenge, something that’s creating difficulty? Now
look over to the right of the person, their workplace, what they do
Is there a challenge they’re experiencing? Just look at the person again
Is there a problem in their body? Is there some struggle that they’re having internally?
Is there a difficulty in a relationship? Then look upward; are they having a struggle in
their walk with God? Perhaps you’ve felt something there – I’ll just go back through them again,
and as I go through them, if you feel a draw on one of these, just stop and enquire what
is the struggle Lord? What do You want to say to them, to share with them? Is it a problem
in their background with their father or their mother, their family? Is there a problem with
a spouse? Is there a problem in the family? Is there a struggle in some relationship?
Is there a struggle at work, financially? Is there a struggle in their ministry? Is
there a struggle inside themselves? What is the struggle? Now Lord, give me something to encourage them,
so just begin very simply, well I just felt an impression that there’s a struggle going
on in this part of your life Maybe it’s this
Just be quite gentle and easily entreated over it and then share what God has given
you, share what God is saying to encourage the person
Let’s just do it and see what God does Okay, first one begin to share
[Background conversation] Okay, change over so the other one’s shared
[Background conversation] Okay, let’s close our sharing, and let’s get some feedback how
it went [Background conversation] Alright then, okay, just sit down for a moment,
let’s just see how people got on How many people had this experience, they
identified exactly an area of struggle that you had
How many had that experience, the person identified very clearly? That was very good
How many of you found it was a struggle to get that one? [Laughs] Because it’s a bit
more specific, you’re reaching into an area That’s okay
Okay, how many of you were deeply touched by what was shared with you, it really helped
you? Well that’s wonderful Come on, give yourselves a clap then, very,
very good [Applause] [Laughs] Well done, well done
Okay, so you can see that you approach it where focus is on Jesus, and we are listening
and observing and seeking to find something That’s the spirit that you work in
It’s one of enquiry, and observing, and then sharing what God is giving you
It’s not over the top, or way out there, it’s quite a gentle flow of the spirit
Everyone can practice these things I’m going to share with you – we’ll have a
coffee break shortly I want to share with you a little bit on the
word of wisdom, and then we’ll have a break for afternoon tea, so you’ve done very, very
well So the word of wisdom, that’s Section 15 in
your notes Wisdom is a great gift
Wisdom is knowing what to do Wisdom is knowing what to do, and when to
do it, and how to do it [Laughs] Wisdom is knowing what to do, when
to do it, how to do it, so we face many challenges in life, and in ministry, when you’re working
to minister to someone, if God gives you a word of knowledge, you need wisdom to know
what to do with it If God gives you prophecy, you need wisdom
to know what to do with it; God gives you discernment, you need wisdom to know what
to do with it, so wisdom is a very important gift to get, and to get a word of wisdom does
not make you a wise person You are wise for five minutes, that’s it
[Laughter] I’m sorry – and it doesn’t stick, because five minutes later you can be very
foolish [laughter] so the word of wisdom does not make you a wise person It does not make you a spiritual person
It means someone smarter than you, shared with you, something very smart
[Laughter] That’s really what it is, that’s all it is
Someone who is very wise, shared with you, something that was surprisingly wise and appropriate,
so the word of wisdom is just a revelation from the Lord, what to do in a certain situation,
when to do it, and how to do it Remember I shared with you a story about buying
a gift for my grandmother? Only God could have known what to get, and what would do
the trick Only He knew, so listening to Him, I was able
to get wisdom, and get an outcome that far surpassed anything I could naturally do, so
we need words of wisdom So one is given the word of wisdom through
the spirit It’s the first one mentioned in the list of
the gifts of the spirit, is the word of wisdom It is a great gift to pursue
God, give me wisdom to know what to do In James 1 it says: if any man lacks wisdom,
let him ask of God who gives freely to all men, but let him ask in faith, not doubting,
for he that doubts is like the waves, just tossed this way and that way
So if you’re going to ask God for wisdom, expect Him to give it to you
Then you’ve got to step out, that what He’s given to you, is the right thing to do, and
the right way to do it, and the right time to do it
Okay then, so that’s the word of wisdom So wisdom works on how to do – it shows you
what God wants you to do, how He wants you to go about doing, how to resolve a situation
Sometimes problems you know, are really messy Sometimes you try, and you can’t seem to fix
it You’ve got to ask God for a word of wisdom;
God, what do You want me to do? Then be happy to trust that that’s actually the right thing
to do, and leave it at that Sometimes we can be in so much turmoil ourselves,
we just want to get everything right so we feel better, and God will just say no, I want
you just to leave it be for the moment I’ll work on it myself, and then I’ll show
you when you need to step and do something So I’ve found some situations I haven’t known
what to do, and haven’t been able to do it, and actually attempts to do it have made it
worse I’ve just left it to the Lord, and said God,
show me what to do, and when to do it, then He’ll suddenly just now, move now, act now,
speak now, this is the time to say something When that happens don’t miss it
Don’t miss that moment That’s the important moment – so how to pray
for a person Someone tells there are problems, you think
oh my goodness, what do I do? Lord, I need wisdom what to do
Show me how to pray, because what they ask for, may not be what you really need to be
praying about That’s the dilemma
People come, and if you tell them what’s your need, or what is your problem, they’ll spill
you with so much stuff They already have lost their way, and they’re
trying to get you to also lose your way, by telling you all the problems
[Laughter] What you really need is – I’ve learnt now
when people come for prayer, say: don’t tell me all your problems, just what is it you’re
believing God for? What do you need from God? That forces people out of, I’m full of problems,
to looking for solutions, so for example, if you go to McDonalds and line up at McDonalds
and they say what do you want, you just stand there saying oh, I don’t know, you know, whatever
you feel to give me It’s sort of nonsense isn’t it really, so
– and suppose you go to McDonalds and stand in line up there, and they say what do you
want, and you begin to talk about how hungry you are, and how long it is since you’ve had
your last meal, and you start to – you know, they’re going to get bored with all that,
so just tell me what you need, you know? So when you come to an altar call, or someone’s
come up for prayer, and you ask: what do you want, and they say oh, whatever God wants
for me I say, well He wants lots of things for you,
but if you don’t know them specifically, you probably won’t get any of them
People don’t like that answer, but it’s actually very true
It sounds very spiritual, oh whatever God wants
Actually, if we know what God wants for us, we can ask specifically, and believe to receive
it If we have that kind of attitude, whatever
He wants to give, it’s passivity and full of unbelief
It’ll produce nothing You’ve got to realise that, so that’s why
Jesus many times in the Gospels asked people, what do you want? The blind man comes up
Now hello, what’s up with Jesus? You know, there’s a blind man, and He said: what do
you want? Hello! [Laughter] I know, I can’t see
[Laughter] But can you get the idea? But Jesus was wanting him to verbalise what He was looking
for, so many times Jesus asked the person: what do you want, so He made them express
their need, or their faith He made them give voice to what they were
wanting from Him, so when you’re ministering to people, it’s helpful if they tell you what
they want, what they’re believing God for, or looking to God to do You may not have all the answers, but at least
you’re focussed on the solution, not on all the problems
Having said that, there are some counselling issues that people need help to pull their
problem apart, and find out what it’s rooted in, and sort that out
Without knowing that, you can’t deal with it, but it just helps if you can keep people
in a faith mode So the word of wisdom is, what do we do? In
2 Samuel 5:22 to 25 David was anointed king, and immediately he was anointed king, the
Philistines rose up to go out to battle, and they wanted to kill him
His immediate response was this; he put on his armour, put on his sword, got the army
together, went out to fight Then when he slowed down a bit, he said Lord,
do You want me to fight? [Laughter] Should I go into this battle – two questions: Lord
– now notice they’re simple, and they both actually have a yes/no answer
Lord, should I fight this battle? Yes or no? God says yes
The second question, will I win the battle? Yes So he said: then how do You want me to do
it, and He showed him how to do it That is a word of wisdom – what to do, when
to do it Next time he comes back, they come back again,
he defeats them, routes them out, gets rid of their idols, they come back a little while
later, back into a new battle So now the tendency is to think like this:
oh, the Philistines, I know how to deal with them
I’ve already one victory I’ll do it this way, leaning on your experience,
rather than leaning on the Holy Spirit He was not like that
He went God, what do you want me to do? God said don’t do it the same way, this is how
you do it this way You wait, go around behind the trees and ambush
them from behind, when I set it up for you – so that is a word of wisdom, what to do,
when to do it, how to do it You’ll find many situations in marriage, family,
ministry, work, you don’t know what to do, you need a word of wisdom – what to do, when
to do it and how to do it Noah got a word of wisdom
God showed him to build an ark God revealed what’s about to come, gave him
a prophetic word: there’s going to be rain What’s rain, Lord? They hadn’t any rain
He said okay, let me put it to you this way, there’ll be no ground to stand on
[Laughs] The whole place is going to be covered in water
He said well, what do I do? Build an ark, so He showed him what to do, gave him the
pattern and how to do it That’s wisdom, wisdom from God
Think about this Jesus was out with a group of the religious
leaders They brought a woman caught in adultery, she’s
caught in the very act Now she’s caught in the act – where’s the
man? They caught them in the act, I mean if they’re caught in the act, there’s got to
be two of them Where’s the guy? So there’s a hypocrisy here,
where they’re judging the woman, and they’re trying to set Jesus up, so they bring in the
woman to Jesus, and say Jesus, Moses Law said she’s been caught in adultery, we caught her
in the act, there’s no doubt about the crime Moses Law said she should be stoned to death,
what do you say? Now it was a set up from the beginning because
if He said – or Moses Law said, stone her to death, then they say whoa, what kind of
loving creature’s this? Man, He’s hard We don’t even do that
You know, we let them off from time to time too, so they’d do that
If He said oh, let them off, they’d say oh well, He’s against Moses’ Law
Moses’ Law is very clear this is what needs to happen, hear Jesus against the law, He’s
eroding the law We need to put Him away and kill Him
You see the trap? Religious spirits will always try to set up this or that, right or wrong,
yes or no God has got 100 ways through it, and so when
you’re trapped in a right and wrong, yes or no, Jesus never, never went either way
He found a different way through it – word of wisdom
So Jesus, in this case, didn’t even answer them
He just carried on writing in the sand, and while He’s writing in the sand He’s thinking
Father, what do You want Me to say? What do I say? A word of wisdom drops in
He said okay guys, yeah, you’re right That’s what the law says
Whoever’s got no sin, cast the first stone, and He just carried on writing
Now He stunned them, because now they’re trapped Sure, that’s what the law says – stone her,
okay If you’ve got no sin, you go and throw the
stone Really, no sin? [Laughter] They walk away
Their own conscience convicted them They knew what they were up to, and there’s
no way – if they came out and did that, someone would expose them
There’s no way they’re going to go – so they set up the trap, and He snapped them, then
He turned to the woman He said: where are your accusers? I don’t
see anyone He said I don’t accuse you either, go your
way, don’t sin any more – so He didn’t minimise the issue of sin
It’s just He didn’t judge it Son of man’s not come to judge, come to save,
so He didn’t judge her He just said: this is destructive in your
life, don’t do this, you know? You need to change your lifestyle, change what you do,
don’t sin anymore So that’s a word of wisdom, so there are many
situations we need a word of wisdom, and so let me give a few practical things just on
the word of wisdom The first one is, don’t be impulsive in making
decisions Don’t be impulsive in making decisions
Impulsiveness inevitably ends up with a disaster or some kind of problem
The second thing is don’t act under pressure of people or circumstances
Don’t react because people are pressuring you, or circumstances are pressuring you
Saul did that in 1 Samuel 13, it cost him his whole leadership, because he so blew it
by responding to pressure So ask the Lord for wisdom
Lord, what should I do? Or we talked to you about experiencing things of the kingdom,
how you need to have the attitude of a child; Father, what do I do? I don’t know what to
do Help me to know what to do
Give me an insight how I should respond, and what should I do, and when should I do it
– so we just have a simple thing You may just suddenly see a picture of what
you need to do It can drop in like a picture, drop in as
a thought, drop in as an idea, and you suddenly – you don’t know how you know, you just know
exactly what you need to do When you know what to do peace comes
The problem isn’t solved, but you are at peace because now you have wisdom, you know what
to do So a word of wisdom is an important gift to
seek after, because in every situation where you’re ministering, you have needs or whatever,
it gives you direction from the Holy Spirit what to do
It comes as a picture, an impression, a thought, inspired idea, and you might just be reading
and suddenly something leaps out and you’ve got it – a word of wisdom from God, just exactly
what to do You might even be listening to someone speak
,and they’re speaking on one thing, and in the middle of it you just hear, I know exactly
what to do You might even be having a shower, and in
the middle of the shower, [whoop] I know exactly what to do
You might just be lying down resting, as you’re going to sleep
More often it happens when you wake up You go to bed asking the Lord what to do,
wake up, oh, I know what to do, because your spirit stayed working through the night
So that’s all it is, it’s just what to do, when to do it, and how to do it, and it comes
as a picture, an impression, and it makes a huge difference
The biggest issue is, we tend to react to circumstances and people rather than waiting
and leaning on God for wisdom what to do Here’s a simple, typical example
Jesus had a very close friend called Lazarus – John, Chapter 11 – and Lazarus was sick
They said your friend is dying He did nothing
They said excuse me Jesus, your friend is dying
Did you hear the word DYING? And nothing Then a third time, you know, Jesus, he is
nearly dead – so there’s pressure In other words, the implication is, you’re
his friend, some kind of friend you are You could heal him, and you won’t
So you see the pressure that brings? But Jesus refused to respond, and then He
got a freedom – He saw what the Father was doing
This is not going to end with death, it’s going to end with glory
There’s a resurrection coming, so when He got there, already the family were offended,
because they expected Him to come straight away
This is their friend Jesus, and He didn’t help
What is that about! But He had a word of wisdom, and He was able to bring a much greater miracle
into that situation, a resurrection So pressures of people and circumstances can
lean you into having to operate in the flesh, rather than just lean into God and say, I
can wait until God speaks to me what to do It’s so important to really desire of all
things seek wisdom, wisdom, knowing the right thing to do, the right time
This is one of the biggest and best gifts to have
Solomon, when he was given an opportunity for everything, riches and whatever, he said
I have one thing Give me a heart that hears, and wisdom to
know what to do God said boy, you asked an important – that
was a great request I’ll give you that and I’m going to give you
everything else that you didn’t ask for as well, because if you have a hearing heart
and wisdom you can handle all the other things


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