ACUARIO AGOSTO 2019 Mirando al Pasado, Abusos pero Recibiras Bendiciones  Tarot y Horóscopo

ACUARIO AGOSTO 2019 Mirando al Pasado, Abusos pero Recibiras Bendiciones Tarot y Horóscopo

with messages from the universe is looking far into the past of abuse have many blessings sexual [Music] Welcome aquarium for your reading August 2019 am jy you are here tarot my channel j I’d like to invite subscribe to activate the bell I reach all my notifications reminds me your comments your name and your country to have you present when I’m doing my meditations and leave in comments something about you to know you a little more general energies of the month Warriors have aquarium is the letter Creator talk that you’re to begin to have lighting strong enough and powerful enough going to be receiving messages from the universe where you are going to tell you also that you are the creator of your own happiness and the creator of the things that are present around you You can start manifesting your thinking and will start realize that you have to have very careful also with your feelings with what’s going on your mind and your heart because if passing there is resentment is Warrior hate aquarium then that’s what will manifest around you that you need to keep your mind and your heart is much joy much happiness much stability also start reading books you are saying here specifically books having to do with the law of attraction motivational books who are positive for that so then you can expand your mind expand your energies and you can see that the universe is willing to surrender what you are wanting starting also for your health we will see what We also send another message for you for this August ok out the letter dated 5 glasses letter 9 and 13 bastos bastos speak that some of you are looking much to the past are focusing a person you are being rejected focusing on a group of people such Once you might have rejected work in your personal life and still They are working to heal their wounds you have to stand strong and even They are telling me that you were you relying on a person perhaps in a spiritual leader a person of some kind of particular religion or some person representing a master someone who was teaching you and that person perhaps may have abused the you had confidence that has been something of the past that still in the This is affecting you emotionally I have to give the message as I am getting in this moment and it seems that some of you have been able to have gone through a situation of sexual abuse when they were minors if that’s what You have happened in your life that despite that’s quite painful search for a professional help from a competent person a doctor a psychologist who can be you try to solve these emotional situations within your life within your energy this is something already it happened this is something that will pass you or your people about this already happened and that has left wounds in your heart wounds your life that have been very difficult to cope and even though you do not think about this every day because as they have hidden a part of his brain of your mind is something that subconsciously always wakes and create certain blockades and certain energies around you that causes it crumbles in your happiness this could abuse have been a part of a person you saw as power respect from a master part someone who taught you a coworker family member if these energies do not resonate with you as relax then the message is not for you Listen to your rising sign may there you can have a message that you corresponds to the month of August not you can have a private consultation the description is with me in my page web I see that you finally going to to begin to overcome this situation letter bastos tells me about some of you maybe they moved and left behind this circumstance that is where They happened went to another country to another city moved away from that but no matter the country where you are it is something that will always be with you and something you have to start learning to work or drive to be able to thus heal those wounds in your heart and give you the true power love and true happiness is inside you What other message is there for you important is that your guides need you hear this August leaves you the letter of 6 bastos very While the letter and Knight of Wands the star chart these letters They are talking here about much success It comes into your life much happiness victory triumphs that will come to you and you will have the lighting during the month of August the universe from the stars that you are going to be protecting and you’re going to bring to the success then confrontation here between these two gentlemen and definitely this will to be a very positive thing for you this It could be that you are in a crossroad where going to have to make a decision what to do for your happiness could do for your life also be two men who are reaching about love that will start showing interest in you or They could be two companies that would interested in fighting over you because you work for them and this will be something in which you’ll have many blessings lot lighting part of the universe and your dreams are going to make a reality for advice to you end of the month Let’s see what else they need your guides spiritual you take into account that are chart looks fullness speaks to you you’ll definitely be able to heal those wounds such difficulty all problems for which you were especially happening emotionally and you’ll get to feel a person complete that you book your cycles life that have been very heavy for you and That will allow you to enlighten and henceforth continue walking to happiness walking towards the successful things that are resurging in your heart and in your soul They have a reason for being is to finally able to surface you can remove them from your life and start a new stage in these buffeting instants the next video will appear I recommend and part superior is the link so you can have a private consultation with me and I am Jota Decree bright and progress [Music]


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