how are you dear and dear aquarium
welcome and welcome for this weekend reading last weekend
weekdays and friends of aquariums this year 2019 they will excuse my voice i’m
a little fuzzy with a sore throat but good
a big hug to all the people that are subscribed to my channel that support me
and they send me messages and so on thank you very much you have passed a
wonderful christmas in description I’m going to leave the video my social networks to find me
mauricio cortez tarot that way I you can add to whatsapp instagram
twitter and so on we start weekend from 27 to 29 of
December the last of the year aquarium friday saturday and sunday wow let’s go water water water wow aquarium
ayayay aquarium and this is me confirming a lot what what I told them
in the past reading of ex-partner me It seems there is a flowering in you
dear aquarium I feel that in what emotional are this year has been like of
learning in many things that not before they had already realized the same thing in
the area I don’t know family couple job gives the same thing but it’s like this end of
week feel that the effort or the changes that you are making or the
understanding or what they wanted do to be better to be better
people to move forward in life will have a certain reward especially
the aquariums the aquariums that are alone well also those in
couple but in those who are alone what more likely to even come someone
from the past in your search aquarium this family line letter
from the love of the past a feeling of passed with this letter from the horse of
drink on the line the couple tells me that can you come to someone from the past in your
regretful regretful search or something can be reactivated with someone from the past
if not, maybe someone new new come into your life but it will be for
a reward for your effort to have left or have released relationships
above can be look whatever it is is emotionally positive in what you have
what to do with love we are going to clarify later on what they have
a relationship I also feel that at better your partner offers them something else for
example yes yes they are only boyfriends can offer marriage to others
people the best their partner gives them a gift invites you somewhere is an end
quite pleasant weekend to the subject of love I feel or so
less like they feel they are with the right person who comes back as a
little magic for those who were out there a little disgusted but
very well even there I feel that at best I don’t know with a kind of offering of
part of your peer’s work down from your partner for making changes in what
for those who have a partner or as for example you know stay more
With the children I work all seven They deserve to rest or I give you a trip
I do not know but it is very positive and what it is what yes eye aquarium here those who
they work too much i feel they can the work issue can hinder that
meet this person come this person to your life therefore I don’t know
put so aquarian workmen leave your space for love for your heart
because work is not stalling the same if you have a partner they are not
sometimes I told them all year deliver love honey worry about
children more connection not so much routine not so much money not then the end of
week tells me that if you sometimes don’t prioritize going out enjoy this
person may not even see if love interests you then
be attentive to that work routine does not hamper this weekend
what has to do with emotions there are maybe some who have
certain problems with money at you better not reach for everything
they need can only have one little complicated but more more than that no
no I don’t see that it is an aquarium I feel that the letters tell me more than you
they may be left alone or feeling just because they are prioritizing so much
that has to do with work but changes and renewal energies are coming
that should take advantage is prevented aspected what has to do with the
friends meeting new people going out enjoying looks very well aspected
it’s like they are even attracting people in your life with a connection
different from a more spiritual connection of more renewed energy that can
even help or advise on these issues that are happening here this is
letter from the past in the line of family might be a little
there remembering people who are no longer in family members
even if they receive messages from people who don’t are going to do long cousins ​​uncles or
to invite them somewhere to go to spend the year-end parties but it
looks good looks well aspected friends of aquarium weekend already out there some concern for some
maternal family figure decisions what do they have to take about exam
paperwork doctor but nothing nothing that we complicated a lot let’s see now to see of
directly the single aquariums and single look no longer appears change
positive months there have been or have been away from love comes a support
emotional and something that starts as is like life gives them justice
I attend again or come back to someone or receive news from someone from the past
who wants to be with you comes to you someone new and justice is done in their
life begins as here transmute the energy and begin to feel that finally
the decisions they made are good then single pictures to be
attentive if they want to find a partner and not they want to stay alone because this end
week could be special les I remember this is general depends on
that you decide to go out enjoy know if they stay locked
clearly this doesn’t happen ok very well aspected aquarium friends what
be in a relationship Let’s see I think the couple can tell you
that they go somewhere they leave is going to be the new year somewhere else with the
children or they may want to have children or your partner may tell you that you are
pregnant for aquarium men because the letter to the
pregnancy and the sun and what if what if aquarium that
they can be between two people a lot careful because aquariums that can
be between two couples or two people and a couple is not is the lover may
get pregnant the woman obviously and that are men
tell your lover that you are pregnant and if you are with you have a partner
and is with a new man because he wants pregnant not of the man who have a
family but in the other then very careful with that
aquarium already but in general I feel so it’s about being happy to be happy to
enjoy with the family for the children for you a trip should be
a trip would be as well aspected that it will take a few days already
to be calm with your partner already I feel that one comes very tired very
tired physically emotionally and like they don’t want anything but I think
that it would do well to clear especially if it has to do with
enjoy life since today is that of the good lover everyone will see those who
want to travel just have aquarium this weekend the last of
year the bums will help them have balance to renew energy for
receive the wonderful new year new the beginning
I will serve to recover I say force to feel happy happy
travel trip in aquarium very but very all right whatever you want to buy and sell something
important this aquarium weekend wow very well also makes decisions
good business the star tells us that they will be
protected already very good decisions excellent in terms of buying and selling for
many the whole letter of 3 after the partners as treason but in this
occasion to be next to the star that a major arcana tells us that they are
good business and good business decisions decisions so they want to buy or
sell excellent weekend as soon as to the family that came up that issue of
feeling of the past are going to be as I say authorizing or as or as
thinking meditating there are people in people that is no longer even some some of some of
aquariums that are those who have children and they are not with that person they love go
to be thinking a lot about that person and I think they will be thinking so much
some aquarium that still want come back that they will bring them or they will
bring to your life again or will there be a dialogue but it will also be
especially for aquariums that have done will be making a self judgment
or they realized the mistakes that they committed those aquariums that come
making that change and they committed the error and that’s why they left it the most
they are likely to attract that person back to your life now if you
they made you suffer if you of any way they don’t want to be with you that person
that most likely left is that you decide to let go of
this person with the moon card inverted and that’s why a
new opportunity but they have to do from the heart is a weekend
pretty strong dear aquarium especially the themes of love
very but I will see what the fairy aquarium the room for you in
this last weekend of 2019 we say goodbye to the old and now what
new wow that more you have concluded a part
of your life and you start a new one and still best but wonderful aquarium
wonderful fits completely with the reading to see let’s see one more aquarium
get away leave that unhealthy situation and
enjoy the new doors that open
but that is totally consistent with the reading comes something new if you
decide if you change maybe also in the way they are
relating to others they become one more person
spiritual more let’s say not so materialistic nor so routine
but they begin to value another type of things in your life of feelings that we
they will help to advance even better in the 2020 then it’s also not only
find a partner but also transmute your energy your vision of life
I think it’s wonderful reading aquarium is very hopeful for
that are coming there are a bit blocked and the angels finally tell us
follow your heart free thoughts of fear and let yourself be guided by your intuition
and your emotions are fixed that speaks to us much of the aquarium heart
wonderful i loved it aquarium this reading for you is a
general adventure but I feel that to many will resonate if they don’t
you can check your ascendant that we do with your date and time of birth
in google you can search how to get it out and I leave the final screens of the
January specials we already wear aries Taurus Gemini let’s go up before
the end of the year the other signs a big hug and have a very, very
happy New Year thanks aquarium


  • Mar Chamizo Alcántara says:

    No está tan mal…. ☺️
    Menos mal me asusté.. 😂
    He cambiado mucho todo este año, un gran esfuerzo por estar mas presente, pq llegó un momento de mi vida que no sentia nada, de nada, no lloraba, no reía, jamás decia te quiero, amor…. Sin interes por nada ni nadie.
    Y poco a poquito soy una persona no nueva, pero sí como era antes…
    Es como recuperarme de mí pasado

    En algún sitio leí, que la semilla cuando es semilla, no sabe que va a ser una flor perfecta, y eso tiene que ver mucho con el esfuerzo que hacemos

    Gracias por el esfuerzo con tu voz
    Cantaste muchos villancicos???
    🎅🤶…. 😁😁😁

  • Adriana Pascal says:

    Muchas Gracias !!! Ojala que aparezca el amor !!

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