ACUARIO HORÓSCOPO SEMANAL 9 AL 15 DE DICIEMBRE 2019 + Pregunta Interactiva Tarot

ACUARIO HORÓSCOPO SEMANAL 9 AL 15 DE DICIEMBRE 2019 + Pregunta Interactiva Tarot

Aquarium welcome to your weekly reading from 9 to 15 December greets Jota and you’re here in my jack channel tarot I invite you to subscribe to activate the bell for you to reach all my let me notifications comments your name and your country to have you present when I’m doing my meditations before starting these readings tell you a little bit like the week also can connect me my instagram account @ 7 there have jot tarot horoscopes newspapers and can also send messages I’m doing a different reading which usually I do in the week I hope you enjoy it let me know letting your fingers up at the end also you have the question interactive so stay with me for you can make out the letter you worth of maturity and stress this week will be something different for you too my warriors some aquarium weeks where you go you realize that is what is happening in your life Where are you going to finally be mature to make decisions that are going to taking you to have a change and see things from another point of view also indicate that it will burst that bubble in which maybe you people were living your They were living around my warriors Aquarium and once that happens you you will begin to realize the reality and you are saying that when that happens you’ll leave the sentence to go leave guilt going to stop feel bad and you will finally be able act maturely if you’re already doing it congratulations but you speak a growth growth this week will highlight could sneak around a situation quite happening Shocking see if the cards now I see them in the tarot give us more detail of that but it will be a situation that will bring the where will you actually place your feet on earth could be something concerning your personal life work a family member with respect to the health and this will make you see things aquarium as never before had seen and I see that this letter maturity your reaction will be as shocking that people who are around you will be awestruck open This could also be that someone presses those little buttons in you that They make out the beast you have for this center is very hidden very hidden but sometimes when you They press a lot and you have days and pressing weeks you get out again and then you are indicating with this letter you’ll be able reacting a quiet way a way without stress in a way which’ll progress to you can have light you can have tranquility maturity will finally get to you when you have to make these decisions or these actions Let’s see what message do you have for other you letters my warriors aquarium have the letter of the four gold medals the Knight letter and the letter Golds of the devil they are showing me this week could be having an situation where you or you could be getting a job offer part of a person pretty reckless and that could be causing this reaction in yourself where you say a moment I have to react in a way a mature intelligent way because it seems that here is someone who wants make a proposal indecent my Aquarian warriors someone will want to offer money to guarantee you intimate with that person or someone will be offering money so you have intimate relationships between three as a couple and you And I see that these energies is where you go to take as your right where you are staying as a moment I had no idea that these people who are in my life acted this way or I did not have idea these friends and these friendships these families were thus not I’m not judging anyone I’m saying that the message will come to you and brand definitely you’re going to have a reaction to be quite mature adult rather a reaction it will leave them with the mouth open and definitely will help you to be able to progress move forward to letting these stress ago the letter of the devil speaks to you manipulations speaks of triangles also love addiction and other message that I get with this is it seems that there are people who are taking home things that are pawning the items are selling from home or work to get money and then buy illicit substances so is that if you’re in a place where is given extra been seeing certain things where in your home or at work lacks money missing missing ornaments decorations missing items are missing things appliances because you know for where energy here and can then your reaction rather than explode and say bar because they are acting this way because I are stealing much more mature sitting talk to those people who could family be your partner and your children talk to them and try to understand what is happening and seek a solution and perhaps constantly your reactions are more abrupt and like you this week react one way much more mature that’s what Surprise your family or this person committing is this wrongful act Let’s see what comes out for another message you this week and two of clubs three of DIAMONDS and six gold medals definitely perdomo these cards right the camera A Jiffy there is definitely these Letters are talking about a situation where you’ll be receiving this news week They come from abroad are news positive that you will be coming to the you’re sure to brighten and can be news having to do with money you should therefore outside They may be insurance private insurance It can be a safe country of the government where you are or if you you had a previous residence in another country and are now in one place again it seems you’re getting money that place or may be for example you are in Puerto Rico and social insurance US money should you be getting those checks then US to Puerto Rico I see that money you they are sending from abroad and is a money that will relieve a lot to It will give you great joy stability and much joy my grades Aquarium this is something that will reach you to fill your life with joy and It surprises that you will take that balance You needed to finance very good this news money you It arrives electronically from the foreign money that you are owed the money money you deserve study It may also be that we are talking negotiations you’re doing and for reasons of work you are receiving then those revenues well let’s see right now that the Angels message giving the answer Angels in how long you make your dreams come true and he says you have to wait which it is not yet the right time You have to be calm if this is your sleep and these are the situations that They come to you that you have been wanting to have to have patience and calm because soon they’ll be manifesting in your life good things You have to go through this stage first put this behind us to be more connected to your maturity think this situation will present this situation Immorality this situation where you have can have problems at home where things are missing but this look that is someone inside someone with Wind is related and once this situation is then resolved You can achieve your dreams you have to do you have to consider that these dreams yours manifest and become reality Aquarius Let’s see what message you out here in the letter you have to meditate Meditation will bring answers you need so are you telling your angels to find the situation clearly In response to these problems and stop wait and start moving towards your dreams need to start practicing meditation for those who do not practice meditation Because it is not within their beliefs then you can practice prayer and then you can sit or arrodillar as your preference pray goodbye or meditate or use the energies you do not use spiritually connect with God in the universe that divine being depending on your religion and you have to put yourself in that connecting with that divine being either praying or meditating, and if you accept both for then both meditating and praying and also so that can achieve your dreams and then find the answers to the questions you have so you can make your way agreement and we will see what the lucky numbers for you this week numbers loaded with lots of energy for you have 29 y tienes el 69 será el que correspondía al 4 venía después y bueno para algunos y le gusta el 4 se los dejo pues se puede tener el 64 69 4 o el 29 el día de la suerte para ti un día cargado de energías positivas acuario dónde vas a estar recibiendo buenas noticias y puedes hacer realidad tus sueños es el día viernes así es que muy atentos a las energías del viernes puedes sacar dos cartas en estos instantes para que tú realices una pregunta de si o no puedes presionar pausa en estos momentos mientras piensas en tu pregunta puedes hacer una pregunta y escoges una de las dos cartas la opción ao la opción b o puedes hacer una pregunta para cada carta si tomaste es la opción a la respuesta para ti es un no si existe es una pregunta en la opción a la respuesta para ti es no si tomaste es la opción b o hicistes another question for option B answer for you is that you have reconsider we must reconsider a no-brainer deeper need to put more time to meditate on that answer to that question partly at the moment you appear the following videos you recommend Here is the link you can just click on This video is the video love for December and here is the link so you can then visit my website know the different I offer private consultations and I am jot and prices decree one week filled with much love light and progress


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