Apollon in Astrology – Uranian Astrology – Transneptunian Planet – Midpoints – Harmonics

Apollon in Astrology – Uranian Astrology – Transneptunian Planet – Midpoints – Harmonics

In the symbol of Apollon we have the planet
Jupiter with the glyph of Gemini contained within so we get the faith and expansion of
Jupiter combined with the thinking, communication and diversabilities of Gemini. So together
we have an expanded wisdom, understanding and an evenness of temperament. In Greek mythology
Apollon was referred to as the Sun god or the god of wisdom and prophecy. He knew how
to deal effectively with everything that was dark, shadowy powers and threats, and the
sick or the needing of assistance. Anywhere he came into contact with these his energy
was set into motion, and he had a calming composure, an ability to ease tension and
bring a wisdom and awareness that was healing. So with Apollon we have this amplified or
expanded energy and awareness. Let�s take a look at Apollon in a few charts.
This first chart is the chart of Bono, the front man for the band U2. In Bono�s chart
one of the major midpoint structures around his Meridian, and remember the Meridian is
a �snapshot of the soul,� it�s the point of individuality from the soul�s essence,
we get a Moon/Apollon midpoint. Moon/Apollon is a very successful aspect, remember the
Apollon wants to expand, and the Moon is not only the emotions and the mother, but the
Moon deals with the �public.� So Moon/Apollon is someone who can be very successful in dealing
with the public. What really adds dynamism to this Moon/Apollon midpoint structure is
that it also hooks in with Poseidon. Poseidon deals with enlightenment and the illuminations
of ideas and ideals. So the Poseidon combined with that Moon/Apollon is someone who is very
benevolent with the desire to put his expansive ideals/ideas out into the public, exchange
and shine the light on them with the wider world.
Bono is actually one of the world�s foremost philanthropists, but it�s really in his
�ability� to enlist allies from a diverse spectrum; from government to media to the
business world to religious organizations, his ability to do this is the quintessential
Apollonian energy. This next chart is the chart of Barack Obama.
Now Barack Obama has a Mercury/Apollon midpoint structure around his Meridian. So Mercury
deals with thinking, communication, and with the Apollon we get expansive thinking, someone
who is free and open minded. He also has something remarkably similar to Bono in that they both
have Poseidon on the Meridian axis which means that it’s part of that Mercury/Apollon midpoint
structure as well. Remember the Poseidon is enlightenment, an illumination of ideas, it�s
someone who wants to shine the light on something. So this is someone who wants to expand by
thinking out of the box, a powerful orator with visionary ideas. He’ll probably be much
more successful out of office, like a Jimmy Carter, where he can use his energy to inspire
through his expansive thinking.


  • Ej Holmes says:

    Much appreciated

  • Michael Mallal says:

    Using birth time of 7:06pm gives JU=AS/AP meaning success in law inter alia.
    My father was a Middle Templar and my uncle was granted a LL.D. by National Singapore University.

  • Michael Mallal says:

    Whereas Obama was brought up in Indonesia, I was brought up in Singapore.
    We both have white mothers and coloured fathers.

  • Queenie Madoka says:

    uff ;__; on serennu i got Apollon in Leo ( Poseidon in Leo too) , on aureas both in libra .

  • Erik Jon says:

    These videos are great. I have natal Cupido a 23 and Poseidon at 20 conjunct my moon in the 10th house in libra with natal Spica at 23. I also have Apollon at 2 degrees in libra and pluto at 27 degrees next door in the 9th house in Virgo. natal Orcus is 19 degrees in 8th house of Cancer. Natal Admetos at 3 degrees 5th house in Taurus conjunct Admetos at 2 degrees conjunct natal Sedna at 1 degree Taurus. Learning as I go…All fascinating stuff! 🙂

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