hello my dear Aquarius the new moon at the end of the September ignited your zest for life exploring the world is the theme of October you can do it by literally hopping on a plane or you can explore the world by engaging in any learning activity beginning of the month is great for academic endeavors as well 7th and 8th of October are hard days for every sign of the zodiac so don’t worry if you lose your zest for life temporarily around 14th of October you might be traveling for work you might be on an important mission this seems serious the middle of the month seems calm and eventless through the end of the month all things might get complicated with approaching macro retrograde and thus only new moon in Scorpio on 28th of October it is best to complete the endeavor is important to you at the beginning of the month mercury will start its retrograde motion on 31st of October but things will get messy way earlier if you want to learn more on what to do and what not to do during macro retrograde periods don’t forget to watch my video dear Aquarius let me know how the month ampuls for you in the comments below bye

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