Aquarius in love, at work and with others | Astrology Advice

Aquarius in love, at work and with others | Astrology Advice

The Age of Aquarius Age of Aquarius, Age of Aquarius Aquarius, I don’t know the rest of the
song all I know is it’s from Hair. Aquarius you’re a weirdo, mainly because of that delightful planet that represents you Uranus! You’re a visionary, you’re future minded, you’re a dreamer, you see things differently than others. That’s the same thing as a dreamer. No it’s not, I’m an idiot. You’re an idiot, you’re an idiot Aquariuses are inventors, and they’re originals. There’s some really great Aquariuses like Thomas Edison! He invented the light bulb and like a hundred other things. I think Martha Stewart, but definitely Oprah, definitely Ellen, definitely another billionaire! I think that’s all I have. They’re also the water bearers. Water bearers. What’s a Water Bearer? Is it a man that brings water wherever he goes?
Give him my phone number! Water Bearers…I don’t even know what the hell that is. Dreams can come true.
I don’t know why I’m singing this song. Listen. You’re a dreamer but try to stay in the present.
I know you love daydreams but stay in the now! But also let your dreams fuel your creativity,
because that’s when you’re your best. When you take your dreams and bring them to reality. So Oprah of me. You tend to do well in a job that lets you, be you. That lets you explore your ideas,
whether they’re crazy or not. And you tend to do best when you’re your own boss. Be your own boss lady! Aquarius, if you’re your own boss lady,
you can live the perfect life for yourself. You can dream. You can achieve success
and have a great job. That’s so you. You need to have your mind working, constantly moving. Otherwise you’re bored at work and
you’ll be completely useless. Try to focus on money.
Get that money girl! I know it’s hard for you because
practical things bum you out. If anyone has high standards, it’s you Aquarius. You really need someone that
stands up to your expectations. You get bored so easily. You need someone that really
is willing to push your mind. And all that mushy gushy stuff is not for you. For example, if you were going to a theater you’d rather watch an adventure film than a boring romantic comedy. Aquarius, no matter how much you love your partner It’s super important that you maintain your friendships. Keep a busy social life
filled with a lot of exciting and different activities. Otherwise you’ll get so bored at home. You’re just gonna explode. You’re gonna take it out on your partner
and that ain’t good. Often times people accuse you of being aloof, a little bit of a buffoon. It’s important that you stay grounded and realize that you’re not out to lunch and you can connect with others. When you do connect, your friends know for sure
they can trust whatever you say is the truth. That’s you Aquarius and you’re welcome

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