AQUARIUS NOVEMBER 2019 Who is Your Future Partner Tarot Reading | Extended Forecast

AQUARIUS NOVEMBER 2019 Who is Your Future Partner Tarot Reading | Extended Forecast

hey everyone welcome to you November
readings this is Lauren with the clarity cure how are you guys I know it’s kind
of been a while I missed October Tarot scope readings I ain’t do apologize so
much I’m not going anywhere I’m still here I just was working on a couple
creative projects with my daughter and time just got away from me so I
apologized profusely this channel is for you guys so I’ve been playing around
this last year I don’t know if you’ve noticed but trying different readings
who’s my future partner og which I’m gonna do this month for November but
general and love readings let me know below in the comments what you prefer
what you would really like to see on this channel as far as what type of
readings I’ve also you know every once in a while we’ll do a pick a card
reading as well those are always kind of fun so I’m still here I didn’t leave you
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that’s my account name over on instagram god bless you guys i want to wish you a
wonderful holiday season I can’t believe this year is over already
but the time has come and we’re moving into a brand new decade and I’m really
excited about that and you’ll notice in a lot of the readings there’s a lot of
endings and new beginnings so let’s clean up what we need to and move
forward into 2020 and be happy healthy and successful thank you very much and
we’ll see in the next round okay bye bye hey Aquarius let’s dive right into your
reading you receive to the sea from clit barren Reid’s wisdom of the Oracle and
this is being in flow returning the source recognizing how things fit
together it’s the natural pattern of events and letting them unfold as they
may and you receive Pluto mmm the planet of transformation another Scorpio
charged reading like so many of the others I’ve done this month it’s amazing
please make sure you check out you moon a rising sign very poignant time for us
right now as we move into 2020 this Mercury retrograde specifically in
Scorpio is the last one of 2019 it’s also the last month we retrograde for
the decade so lots of transformation and movement from a decade of maybe you know
luggage and baggage we’ve been carrying around in it’s time to create change
renewal you know using our inner resources and basic instincts and
motivation and personal power to create the change that we want in our lives so
lots of clearing here for you I’m seeing some wonderful outcomes with the chariot
I see success in a relationship Wow you have the six of Wands here as
well what kind of relationship will this be it’s a milestone
and Wow the chariot this is the ultimate victory card with you in the driver’s
seat okay so I’ll what I’m hearing there’s a
couple of scenarios here but first and foremost what I’m really seeing is that
what the forest sorts here is your overall energy that this has been a time
of respite Oh higher font under there okay so maybe some of you were married
this could be somebody coming back into your life maybe you broke up there was a
serious commitment there was an obligation and you guys have been on a
break Wow four of swords ten of swords I know this
is supposed to be who’s my future partner it’s not to say that you know
it’s always gonna be somebody new somebody needs to hear this so there’s
been some heartache here this been maybe even a betrayal with the ten of swords
here is indicating that you were stabbed in the back maybe there was some
cheating maybe there was difficulties in the relationship as far as the way you
guys communicate maybe you feeling trapped you got the eight of swords over
here this relationship made you worry all the time or there was a certain
amount of self restriction where you were really in your head feeling
disempowered when you have the power to make the choices and decisions that you
want in this relationship but you were definitely on a break for sorts
indicates that mm-hmm that there’s been no communication whatsoever but this
this relationship is meant to be especially with Pluto the transformation
card here there is definitely a renewal coming your way
Aquarius so get ready for it I don’t want you to be closed off this person is
definitely coming in through communication one way or another with
its phone texting letter and it’s gonna be unexpected so might
blow the socks off you okay could even possibly be an apology but you’re you’re
seeing this person this future partner here as the moon and this is you know
hidden influences that play maybe some deception there’s definitely some fear
here fear blockages based on past experiences with this person you know
and you’re like what’s up with this you know here’s this person coming back in
my life like a bat out of hell out of nowhere but it’s gonna spark the
relationship to move forward again to take a look at this there’s
communication coming and moving it forward and quickly a decision might
need to be sorted out here but whatever delays maybe you want to break up maybe you ended a relationship and
they’re just like you’re divorced and they’re coming back I mean it could be
that big for some of you for others of you this could be maybe you had a fight
you know or you know the relationship just went sideways and all of a sudden
you know they’re back they’re back and you’re like this is way too emotional
for me I don’t you know I’m feeling stressed out you don’t trust the person
even possibly considering the betrayal here don’t blame you whatsoever but
you’re being asked to really go with the flow here okay there are points in time
in relationships when you have to decide to go with the flow
rather than dictate the course you share with this person you have to let go of
the need to have things your way and allow the relationship itself to unfold
and really look at the relationship with combined goals and desires okay and
transcending the personalities you know and allowing the press allowing the
partnership to form its own identity Wow in its own energy it’s time to relax and
see where this now mutually this mutual journey leads you you’re being asked to
consider the relationship again Aquarius Wow and I’ll control it or feel trapped
you need to stand in your power and take back your power and this is gonna be a
tough one and I don’t blame you whatsoever because death and rebirth can
be really difficult when you’ve been hurt and you’ve been really mistreated
you know but the cool thing about the 10 of swords it’s over like the betrayal
it’s like this is done and the worst is over and people make mistakes so it’s
time to heal and recover which I think you’ve been doing on some level because
this is your overall energy which makes sense so maybe it’s like you know you’re
you pulled all the swords out you know you’re resting and recovering from the
trauma and the drama and maybe you’re just coming to you know Aquarius you’re
just coming around because then it’s a four and you like shit this person is
back so this is my Pisces card by the way what else we got going on here we’ve
scorpio energy we have cancer energy this is definitely could be a water sign
that you’re dealing with for sure just putting that out there and I’m getting a
lot of water energy here with to the C Scorpio cancer Pisces yeah water people
water sign okay now it doesn’t have to be there Sun sign because remember the
personality is made up of Sun Moon and rising signs so it could be any one of
those astrological signs I want you to get out
of your head I want you to stop overthinking with it and this about the
situation and move forward with going with the flow Wow
pretty pretty poignant message it’s time to transcend the relationship and
transform and rebirth this relationship because wow I’m telling you if you give
it a chance it’s meant to be you’re gonna reach a milestone here okay this
is what kind of relationship will it be and this is success victory okay moving
to peace of mind look if you play your cards right and let the relationship
unfold apologies and all you know stay what you have to say but open your heart
because there is a milestone here okay by the end of November you could make a
lot of headway this is success and victory okay
major triumph after a challenge challenging time your obstacles are the
knight of swords this is overcoming a problem and issue a challenge so you
know let the chips fall as they may like I said let you know open your heart to
overcome the problems don’t let it stop you from manifesting what this
relationship is really all about and what you can do yes speak your truth but
let it be that is just so poignant for you here with to the seeing I can’t say
it enough I guess and your final outcome Wow is the chariot so not only do you
have victory and success with the six of swords which is more than a milestone
smaller scale and you’re not the chariot this is the ultimate victory card you in
the driver’s seat okay you’ve been faced with the decision and moving forward
very empowering this is like taking action now to move forward in a
particular direction to work on this relationship rising above whatever
conflicts you two may be how to work through and going to the next level
going for the wind the win over your obstacles Wow Aquarius this is amazing I
love this view I mean I don’t even think it needs to be clarified but I want to
take a look see anyway let’s see if we can get a little bit more insight here
on the relationship it’s so this is definitely somebody coming back around
again sorry guys it’s I don’t really see a lot of new energy here I could very
well be you’ve been on a break from the relationships you’ve been hurt could be
a pisces person that comes into your life very unexpectedly I mean I could
read it that way you getting over your hurt and trusting him faith to move
forward with this person it is very similar it could be somebody knew what
Sun from the four of swords the higher front oh right but we had the higher
font and to me that’s that’s not a commitment that’s about marriage you
know behind you it’s behind you so that’s why I said that earlier it
probably was some type of deeper commitment then somebody just knew
coming into your life okay this looks awful here and let’s just kind of see
what our spirit wants to share some insight definitely somebody needs to
hear this it feels awfully specific but that’s why I tell everybody follow me on
YouTube because we make that an energetic connection and you’re more
than likely to get a reading that resonates for you because they’re
connected because you follow me I know that sounds strange but it’s legit okay
so let’s see what we have here for some additional information
my beautiful Aquarians we got queena cops
Wow okay I mentioned this earlier we have water sign energy here for sure for
sure without a doubt Pisces Scorpio cancer all over the place
here I mean look at even the colors how they resonate this watery beautiful
turquoise ocean kind of color I love this definitely you two are soul mates
something went awry you know the love was here
I specifically feel honestly that I don’t know people – I know you were
cheated on I mean what’s their forbidden you know
the forbidden sins on that a lot of people can’t deal with you know it’s
being cheated on I think is the biggest one
it’s that’s such a betrayal but wow that is so beautiful for you Aquarius and
what else we got Temperance be patient be patient this relationship is going to
work itself out this turns out to be more like a love reading guys I’m sorry
but it is what it is bottom of the deck oh four wands I love it time to
celebrate and share your love together maybe a recommitment hear of vows
maybe engagement if you weren’t really married before now you got the ring on
the finger or whatever I mean this is commitment this is being able to
celebrate taking time out to relish in how you you know got over this hurdle
and achieved what you wanted to accomplish in this relationship little
do you know this is gonna happen but it’s coming in so I just ask you to be
you know open your heart here Aquarius to to the possibility to rekindle your
love it is a soulmate it is a water sign and
you’re asked to be patient to balance the yin and yang here go with the flow
open your heart to healing get out of your own head it’s over the nines are
out you’ve you’ve done what you can to do some
kind of healing here you know get a Reiki healing call me for a healing this
is this definitely indicates that you know the energy is moving in the right
direction for you but sometimes we can’t get out of her own way you know so this
is quite beautiful I’m very happy for you I really hope you enjoy the reading
Aquarius god bless you for the month of November and we’ll see you in December
we’re gonna cut it off here it’s just it is what it is it’s beautiful soul mate
energy go for it alright guys take care alright have a great one bye bye


  • Ann-on- y-mous says:

    You're amazing! Thank you, that was the confirmation I needed to hear. Namaste, namaste, namaste ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  • ISA says:

    Past life connection possibly?

  • Elfieda Maddara says:

    MS READER, all READERS say that we are TFs/SMs Divinely guided with divine purpose. Can I refuse this man the Universe is assigning to me? He tore my heart into pieces, how can it love him? Can i request the Universe for a replacement? Thanks lots for your reply.

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