Aquarius Personality | Zodiac Love Guide

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac
which represents hopes and dreams and wishes and imagination. Aquarius is an air sign. Many people are confused because the word
Aquarius is Latin for water, but the water in Aquarius stands for the picture of (if
you’ve ever seen the picture of) a human being with a jug of water and the water is flowing
out. What that stands for basically is that the
Aquarian wants to show their knowledge. That water stands for truth and knowledge. Those are the two key words in knowing about
Aquarius. They’re very truthful, very knowledgeable. They live through their minds. They are sometimes thought of as characters
or the one who marches to a different drummer. Indeed they do. They are only interested in finding or experiencing
something in life that is unusual, that’s different from the masses. Certainly an Aquarian doesn’t want to get
tied down with boring and run-of-the-mill people or boring and run-of-the-mill work. An Aquarius, as I said, lives primarily through
the mind and therefore in its love affairs and in relationships, the mind is what keys
in, what grabs the Aquarian’s attention. An Aquarian does not want to make love to
anybody, wants to make love to somebody. Just the sex is not important, what’s important
is the connection to somebody and therefore someone’s mind and heart and body is open
to that Aquarian. An Aquarian is very fixed in its loyalty and
certainly in its opinions. Aquarius is a lot of fun to be with, but Aquarian
can be difficult sometimes to get along with because it has its own opinions and that’s
that. There’s no changing his or her mind.

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