• Astrid Anderson says:


  • JYC12677 says:

    I LOVE Nicholas. SO cute! 🙂


    thank you so much ,I'm an Capricorn woman deeply in love with an Aquarius ,he's been emotionally cold and distant but something keeps telling me to be patient…it's super duper hard especially with my moon in cancer …smh thank u for the clarification you get better and better every time…xoxo;)

  • cortega82 says:

    oh my I'm Capricorn and my boyfriend is Aquarius! I was surprised to see the Charoit and Trust card as well. He is putting his career before our relationship currently 🙁 and we been wanting to move in together in a new city but we been holding it off due to unexpected expenses from him. Hopefully he makes a decision in Feb about this as the cards say. Thank you Joanna! You are awesome! Big hug from Arizona!

  • Moon Water Tarot says:

    +heavenly humphrey – Thank you Heavenly. I am sorry that he is that cold and distant. Being around emotionally cold and distant people can be very difficult to deal with especially having cancer in your chart. I hope your situation improves. Blessings- Joana

  • Turquoisekez says:

    In the Capricorn video you also mention addiction, flying/wings, 3 people and the military! Ha! Thank you so much for the reading, really appreciate it x

  • _ Marliie says:

    Amazing reading thank you , it was so accurate to even the places you talked about traveling to , and this guy I was dealing with is in the military who is a sagi- Capricorn cusp .

  • Reenie Rossi says:

    Fascinating. The Trust card depicts a military wedding, doesn't it?

  • Jatildy72 says:

    I am giggling. My son is in the Air Force and his next deployment is Feb. 2016. He's 19 so I'm praying many prayers. He's mu only child and at 43, we are both starting NEW in life. Me Pisces and son(Aquarius). Thank you

  • 7th Aquarian says:

    my friend died, and he had angel wings tattoos…we all said "he earned his wings." he passed in November. he has been watching me, my sons and his best friend.

  • 2201aa says:

    I just had the worst fight and breakup with a Capricorn. he was arguing about everything, talking to other women which I thought was man he seem like that kind, and he didn't want to take care of the bills

  • Elle Anne says:

    Middle East! Very relevant to me. I'm hoping the man I am very interested in is having a few things going on. He has been keeping many secrets but I'm hoping when he gets through it he'll make a decision regarding our relationship and/or where he's going as far as career and home. I've been praying for his healing forever. He is of Middle Eastern background and his dad is in the military. Hmm curious to see if any of this applies to me in February. Thank you for this! Hi Nicholas!!! 😊

  • krasna says:

    Oh my!! Nicholas is sooo cuuuute! Adorable :))))

  • thejuliajune says:

    Anxiously waiting for Leo!

  • Raquel Eaton says:

    its not closed caption at all?! please fix it. thanks

  • marina leven says:

    how sweet.thx for and thanks from greece.xxxx

  • kita singh says:

    u r so good,great stuff…….

  • kita singh says:

    u r so accurate,ur readings r awesome,i luv dem….

  • Vnesso Beamo says:

    my other part is Capricorn!!!

  • lady aqua says:

    hi ms.juliana…im from philippines…u know what when i started to find ur videos ,,, i began to liked u sooo mch ,ur voice and the way u read our readings….so mch cleaned! very entertaining!

  • Jamie Marsh says:

    Nicholas is GORGEOUS! I'm an Aqua Sun, Cap Moon…guess I need to keep the Faith, all is as it should be 🙂  Heading over to watch Cap now. Thank You!

  • Rick M says:

    I'm capricorn with aquarius rising! Interesting,what it means ?

  • emilee (lee) wolfe says:

    Thank you. 🙂

  • imma alien says:

    thank you for the reading Joanna. what a beautiful tablecloth. what is the name of that grey rock in the corner? I have a couple of those hehe

  • Leslie Dudley says:

    I'm honestly afraid to watch Capricorns video. He's my twin flame and I dont want to hear about his love life. The trust and chariot cards came up in both of our readings for what purpose?

  • Elizabeth Tam says:


  • alexander gevargiz says:

    yes true

    in my life all together …..thanks

    yes yes all true

    only first week of February and all crashed on my head

    yes yes devil too

  • alexander gevargiz says:


    is the money will finally come to my pocket or not

  • alexander gevargiz says:

    no no lone i need cash ….gift

  • alexander gevargiz says:

    oh no money no love…..i need both

  • alexander gevargiz says:

    yes spending true….always spending

  • alexander gevargiz says:

    please look everywhere

    i need help

  • alexander gevargiz says:


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