Aquarius Traits Male. Aquarius Man Traits

Aquarius Traits Male. Aquarius Man Traits

Aquarius traits male. Today I wanna tell you all about this guy,
cause you probably know that this sign is very particular, especially when it comes
to the love and relationships with women. And I want to give you a piece of advice how
to win his heart easily. By the way, if you are watching my videos
for the first time, consider subscribing to my channel. You will always find the answers on your curious
questions here. If you are going to discover the main traits
and characteristics of aquarius man, I must say I can disappoint you. Because this astrological sign is the most
unpredictable among others. But I will give very jmportant knowledge about
aquarius in love and relationships. Just watch this video up to the end. If you wanna have a success on the way of
aquarius man seduction, just give him a freedom and don’t make any pressure on him. These are two things you must always remember
before you meet this guy. All the aquarius men have a bit different
attitude to the love and relations in comparison with other zodiac signs. If you wanna get married with aquarius, you
will definitely lose this battle. He is not a type who can easily stay commited
to you. And it’s not a case that he likes to have
the tons of women. Noo. The relationships and a family life for him
are only small part of his life. Because he was born to discover this world
every day, and he hates a daily routine that can make him feel obligated to someone. Aquarius men are very good creators and inventors
almost in every field. So he prefers to learn everything new. And in the relationships, where a woman has
a simple character, she will never make an impression him. If you want to conquer his heart, you have
to be a little bit mystical to him. Yees, a mystery is only one thing that makes
him attracted to you automatically. Aquarius likes everything strange and extraordinar. And if you are such type of woman you can
be lucky with him. But don’t even try to make him jealous with
some other man. Aquarius doesn’t play fake relationships,
and by means of his amazing intuition he can easily predict all your negative intentions. So, be careful with him when you build a contact. Regarding a sexual life, almost every aquarius
man consider his intimate life frivolously. Sex takes part, but he prefers theory instead
of practice. He would rather learn all possible positions
than using them in bed with his woman. Because aquarius is a man who always want
to know everything. Politics, sport, relationships…everything. As a rule the men aquarius become very outstanding
personalities. But if they don’t they become the people with
mental disorders. And there is very slight edge between these
both types. If you can’t see him on the stage singing
the most popular song for all women of the world, you will definitely find him in the
hospital, treating his psychological disorders. So, as you probably understood the aquarius
are the men of moment. They depend on life cicrumsrances after that
only they find their place in life. And you as a woman can not change anything. Because typical aquarius man doesn’t need
any pieces of advice from anybody. He is a man of revolution, who came into this
world to provide the changes and development. And you have to think 100 times before consider
him as your future husband. Cause yoh will never see him at home, especially
when your kids will need a father’s attention. Noo, he is not bad father. He would rather give you a money to provide
the children with everything they need, instead of staying at home all day long and reading
the fairytale to his kids. Aquarius is exactly a sign who is used to
change women constantly. And he doesn’t do this deliberately in order
to be a famous womanizer, noo, it is just his way of life. Way to try and learn new people, things and
emotions. That’s why many women who look for stability
in relationships, they complain on having dated aquarius after they realized how his
behavior is. So, if you want to make your life with aquarius
man, forget about promises and commitment from him. Cause this stuff can push him away from you
. The only thing that can make him stay with you is your understanding and support of everything
he wants to realize in his life. If you are ready literally to live your life
on a high speed without limits understanding what a daily routine is, then you should definitely
to meet an aquarius man. He can be one of your best friend, because
a status of husband isn’t suitable to him. He will teach you how to travel around the
world in short period of time, he will be your best and reliable support in every difficult
moment of your life, he can also teach you how to live with no money in pocket, but having
an expensive Ferarri in your home garage. So, why wouldn’t you realy on him..? The tons of positive emotions you will have
every day when you will have a deal with aquarius man. Just perceipt him easily in order to maintain
your relationships stronger. Don’t also criticize him when something goes
wrong. Remember..Aquarius man is born to make all
things beautiful and even if he does the mistakes, these mistakes are special and sophisticated.


  • camellias Red says:

    Hmm Very Interesting

  • Wilt C. says:

    😞Man, you talking about me? 😂😂😂😂

  • Skorpija BG says:

    I can across an awesome collection of videos that will help you at Aquarius insiders guidelines

  • Zenith Astrology says:

    I'm an Aquarius ♒️🌪💦⚡️nice video.
    Rare that I like others videos about us, rare that I need advice, so true.

  • Henry Thompson says:

    I'm going to clear with man I don't believe in having multiple all of that is not true

  • X-Maverick says:

    You’re a cutie. And yes, I’m Aquarian. 🙂

  • Elizabeth E Capuchino says:

    This is somewhat accurate lol I'm a Libra/Virgo and he is barely at home but is a good provider.

  • Juliet rose Keogh says:

    A am Aquarius ♒️ female ☺️.
    Never seen a Aquarius men yet 😉

  • Abdullah Al Noman says:

    Which is the best compatible for an Aquarius???

  • Jean says:

    If his not with me.. Then for what I want to get involved with a Aquarius man… I better be single….

  • J. Briseno-Valdreaz. says:

    My ex- husband an aquarius. He. Likes. .to know a lots of things.

  • J. Briseno-Valdreaz. says:

    It seems sometimes like my ex-husband could read my mind. And he still can when we talk on the phone or see each other. ☺☺☺☺☺😻😻😻😻😻😻👼👼👼👼👼👼💖💖💖💖. I can't really lie to him .even if i try. 💋💋💋

  • Ill Advyzd says:

    I only disliked this because it's more false than true in comparison and contrast to everything else I am. I know astrology isn't an exact science but there's much Truth to it. He says a lot of true things as well. I know myself better than anyone as I am Aquarius lol. But I also analyze other ppls perception and make an objective decision based on all facts and experiences. This one is 50 50 to me but I like the narrative and the narrator. Just a few things that are opposite of me and anyone's perception of me. ✊🙂

  • Ill Advyzd says:

    Yes I said more false than true and then said 50 50….it's very close 😉

  • Nusrat Mahjabin says:

    My ex boyfriend is an Aquarius
    He is a womanizer type of person.
    But after we broke up about three years ago he has lot of girlfriends but he wants me to be his friend forever he calls me his best friend and he loves me very much he told me that bt committed it just not his style
    But if he makes me his girlfriend so he May chance to lose me that's why he wants to stay with me as a friend. Now can you explain what is this? What kind of person he is? 😕😕😕😕 (I'm a Libra)

  • Sinlosha Magh says:

    Its hard to understand aquarius men

  • Lana Evans says:

    So true, my ex is an Aquarius, he is never around and emotional detached

  • reyna presents says:

    So aquarius women and male is kind of the same right?

  • Jimmy Higgins says:

    Sounds like another aquarius hater.. So be it..

  • steph says:

    I’m 20 and I’m currently interested in an Aquarius guy who is a bit older than me (7 years older) and I’m afraid that our difference in age and maturity level can cause conflict… I also struggle a lot with self confidence and independence. Do you think this can draw him away?

  • LUV MONEY says:

    OPINION…I dont know what your talking about…I'm a Gemini(woman) & I have an amazing Aquarius (man)…were strong minded people…somewhat alike…my father is an Aquarius…married to my mother Aries…everyone is an individual…REAL TALK!!!

  • Sarah Calla says:

    Aquarius men are cheaters

  • ann henri says:

    So true they are womanizer and cheaters not the best father.

  • Ada Lee Rose says:

    Soooi…. I need to let him go

  • jname96 says:

    I'm Aquarius male & this is my motto: I'm here to be nontraditional. Other people can b traditional. (We both serve our purpose). Don't ask me to be anything else but ME. It's not always easy. It's human nature to be afraid of a person who is "different". But I'm not here to instill fear; I'm here to expand the possibilities of what already exists.

  • Dogar g Dogar g says:

    Can you please make video aquarius man and libra woman

  • Elias Hossain says:

    My bother is an Aquarius… And he is so generous..

  • Usman S says:

    What do you think of aquarius man with a Gemini woman? Keep up the great work!

  • Shanell Robinson says:

    My aqua man is complicated

  • Mimi Romeo says:

    I cracked my libs when you mentioned he would rather give you money to do everything but never at home . My boy friend is exactly like that and so is my X they are both Aquarius 😂😂😂I don't know why I get them

  • WOLF BROWN says:

    I'm the aquarius with mental disorder

  • chris tamilan says:

    What is your zodiac sign dolce?

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