Hello! Hello! My beautiful Aquarius.
How are you my gorgeous ones? We have Jupiter change signs and moved
into its own sign Sagittarius. Before I do the astrological video. I
thought I’d pull a cards for each month of the year. It’s going to stay in Sagittarius for a year. A little over. It’s going to
be there till December. I thought I’d do that first. Then I’ll get started
on the astrology par.t You guys, so far, have been the second most viewed
video. for the monthly. Keep it going because whoever gets the first or is
the most viewed video gets an extended reading. Tarot cards and a
astrological chart reading for the month of December. I’m going to go ahead and
pull some cards. These are the Grand Lux I may pull the, Tarot of Dreams to get a
little bit more information. What I’m going to do is just pull thirteen cards.
I’ll do them in a certain order. Jupiter. What’s Jupiter
about? Jupiter is the Guru. Jupiter is the teacher. Wherever Jupiter goes..
Jupiter wants to expand. To teach you. It’s about higher knowledge. It could be about
the court system. The law. It rules Sagittarius. It’s a very
optimistic planet. Now, that it’s moved into its sign of Sagittarius, it is
going to be very very optimistic. This is a different way of learning than it has
been. I did mention this in your November reading. When it was in
Scorpio. Which it’s been in Scorpio for a year. The lessons we’ve learned.. The lessons we wanted to learn. Where Jupiter was expanding that house. The lessons were
about the way or the we were learning lessons. Understanding the growth. I
won’t just say lessons. The growth. Our experience was through some sort of
tension, or chaos, or crisis, or tragedy. Correct?
Because this is Scorpio. Transformation. Going deep, coming back
out. Like the rising phoenix. Correct? Now that it’s in Sagittarius. It’s going
to behave…. First of all. It likes this sign. This is its sign. It likes to be in here.
So, it’s very optimistic this next year. Where it’s placed in your chart Aquarius. This is the house of networking. This house is the Aquarius House. Aquarius, it was in your tenth house. Correct? In Scorpio there was some painful lessons. There was some
things, because you know we’re stubborn. We think we know better. So there was
some painful lessons this last year. Maybe I was going in this direction
and that direction wasn’t good. So, I went in this direction and
that direction wasn’t good. But I learned a whole bunch. Correct? I learned a
lot. Correct? Now it’s moved into your eleventh house. Your eleventh house
supports your tenth house. Which is your life purpose. Your career.
Pardon me. Excuse me. I’m in California. We’ve had these Santa Ana’s. My
sinuses are real bad right now. Which is why I couldn’t do the video before
now. So, excuse me. Pardon me. So, it supports your 10th house which is your
life purpose. Your career. Your status, here in this life. What you’re doing out
in the world. Correct? Yes. Now it’s moving into your 11th house.
Where it’s supporting the 10th house. Networking. This is your house. The 11th
house is your house. Now, I know I said it’s going into the sign of Sagittarius.
But it’s going to be in your house. Your house which is the 11th house. That’s Aquarius house. The 11th house is about influential people. The
internet and groups. It supports this 10th house. If you look at the
long-range of what you learned in this 10th house. The 11th house is going to bring
Gains. It’s the house of gains. Whatever work you put here.
It’s going to reward you in this 11th house. Correct?
Jupiter’s going to expand that house. All this work you’ve done.
Expand your networking. Expand your groups. Expand influential people. People who come in here. Things like that. Like going to the next level. All of this is Jupiter
moving into this house. I know it was a long intro. Welcome. Welcome
everyone. For those of you who don’t know me. My name is Cindy. I am the
modern-day spiritual advisor. I use multiple modalities including, astrology
Tarot, Spirit Medium. All kinds of stuff to help you on your path. My gorgeous
ones we’re going to be talking about Jupiter. I’m gonna pull the card to
see, in each month, what you’ll be…mm, focused on. Expanding in. What Jupiter is
going to be helping you learn. What to do better. It’s going to be doing this in this house. mmm… there’s something else I
wanted to say. I forgot because I’m starting to channel. Okay. Yes. Oh
the other thing too. I’m transcribing and translating these videos into
different languages. It is taking me a lot longer to get these out. I
apologize. Just bear with me. I already shuffled these cards.
I’ve meditated for you guys. The message. I’m laughing because, the message I kept getting, was…um just wait and see. Just wait and see that’s the message. I
was getting….So, are you guys ready to listen? I kind of think you’re
listening, but you’re not listening. Which is normal. You’re almost
there. The first four cards I’m going to put out. Are… this is going
to be the third month. This is going to be the six month. And you’re on track.
This is going to be the ninth month. You’re on track. This is the 12th month.
In December. I’m going to pull the cards. Because that’s the growth
you’ve done. Things are maybe coming to you. Correct?
I’m taking it from the bottom which is the Five of Wands. The five of
Wands is what you’ll be dealing with in December. Okay? With Jupiter. Let’s see
what’s going on. It looks like….and what’s gonna happen is in the beginning, Jupiter
is going to give you all these opportunities in this house. It’s up to
you to take them or not. I hope we we’ve learned that lesson. Correct Aquarius? It’s going to be up to you to take them or not. Then, it’s going to go
retrograde. The beginning, well, April 10th. April 10th or 11th. Depends on
where you live in the world. April 10th, 11th. The 11th of 2019. It is
going to retrograde. It is going to be retrograde until August.
I think it’s August 11th, or 10th. The, 11th or 12th, somewhere there. These
opportunities coming in until April… this is what you’ll be working on.
You’ll be able to accept or deny. Study in that, or work in that, or
receive. Correct? Then April comes along and you’re going retrograde. Correct? We’re
all going to retrograde. Which means, you guys know, amending, revising, reworking,
trying to decide. What did I learn? What do I want to keep? What do I want to grow? Where do I want to go from here, with these opportunities? Correct? Then,
you’ll do that through early August. That’s why I’ve sort of laid it out here.
In the beginning. Especially now that we have mercury conjunct.
There may have been some news you’ve received. Maybe about the work.
Maybe about some work. Maybe you’ve received a contract. Maybe, something
having to do with this 10th house. Correct? As Jupiter changes signs. It will
usually gift what you’ve worked, in that other
house. Then, it’ll give you opportunities in the new house.
Then, you go through this whole… Taking the opportunity. Trying to ground
it. Then retrograde. Then, once a retrograde is done. You
trim the fat. Then, as it (Jupiter) leaves. It gifts again. Make sense? That’s
the third month. Looks like you’ll be dealing with a… and again this is your
eleventh house. If I’m talking too fast. You can always, I mean, I know you guys
can think fast. But if, I’m talking too fast. Because not
just Aquarius listen. There’s other people that listen to other signs. If
I’m talking too fast. You can always rewind the video. This is your third
month. This is going to be February. You’ll be dealing with. Remember the 11th
house is groups. It’s the internet. It’s you. It’s supporting what you’re
doing in the world. Your networking. It looks like there’s a….. I want
to say…. this gives me several things. I want to say it’s like two people
coming together. Two organizations coming together. You and
organization coming together. You and a group coming together. That’s what I feel.
In February, you’re going to be doing this. An opportunity for you.
That’s what I feel. It looks like, by month six, you have the Six of Wands.
I hope you can see. I’m so sorry if you can’t see. I didn’t even
check the camera correctly. Hold on. Oh yeah. Just making sure you guys can
see. The two of cups is about two people
or a person and an organization. Because we’re talking about groups. I feel
this is you and a contract. You and a company. You and this group. You and
something. Coming together. This is an opportunity by six months. I feel
Jupiter is going to gift you, Help you understand, with the Six of Wands. The Six
of Wands is about you having accolades. In the 11th
house…10th house is accolades. But the 11th house supports this. Understand? Accolades. People are looking at you. People are wanting to work with you.
People are wanting to be around you. You’re getting top honors for this.
That’s what I feel in month 6. Which is May. Remember you’re going to be
retrograde. Which is… I think it’s a good position, because
you’re working diligently. You’re reworking stuff. You’re trying to
figure out. Maybe at this time… people come in and want to work
with you. And you’re trying to decide. You know. Do I do this? Don’t I do that?
Then, by month 9. In August. You’re the, Wheel of Fortune. This
makes sense. Because, August is when you come out of retrograde. We
all come out of retrograde. This is where we take the plans we’ve
reworked. The opportunities we’ve had. We trim the fat. By August
we can go forward with this stuff. Make Sense? The Wheel of Fortune! I mean, it’s, The Wheel of Fortune!! It’s one of the highest cards in the tarot deck for me. The
Wheel of Fortune is where you have fortune coming to you. Where you have
opportunities coming to you. Where it’s not a hard thing. Where you understand
that your phase of life is changing. These things are coming true. This
again, has to do with… Maybe an influential person. Maybe a group. Maybe
an organization. Understand? I won’t know until I get more detail. Then, by
November. Which is month 12. You’re walking away from something.
This is the Eight of Cups. It looks like, you’re stepping away from
something. You’re taking what you understand. Your experience. I feel
you’re really, really…. and this is not to say that you’re not already.. I’m just
saying… I feel you’re really, really mature in your craft. In your purpose.
In what you’re doing. Some of you have been opening, companies. Or, thought
about starting companies. I know many of you want to do this.
You’ve been getting in your own way. For like the last couple of years. Maybe
you thought about it. Maybe did some research. Then you let it go. But
I feel whatever this is. You’ve been going back and forth.
For the last couple of years. I feel by this time you’re going to be so focused. So
directed. Yes. I’m feeling… What I’m feeling…is that your on
target .You don’t think twice about the decisions you make. About
a company. About your work. About anything. You’re just on target. It looks
like it’s a smooth-running thing. You realize there are things
you have to leave. There may be groups you have to leave. There are people
you have to leave. There are companies you have to. Whatever
was holding you back. It’s hard. It’s not an easy thing to do. But, I feel
you’re looking forward. That’s what I feel with that. Let me pull
up the rest of the cards. This will be for this next month. December. This
is December. Then this is January. Then, that’s February. Understand? From now until December you have the Three of Wands.
We’re still thinking about this. This has to do with groups. Jupiter is
going to gift you with, helping you understand.
Jupiter is going to gift you, this expansion of understanding. You’re
directing your path. You don’t have to wait for something to come to you. I
feel you’re seeing it more on the horizon. I feel Jupiter is going
to help you lean into it. Understand? That’s what I feel. It’s coming. I feel
there’s an opportunity coming. I feel with this… I feel
a couple of opportunities come. But… you’re not really sure. You’re
just looking at it in December. Maybe you put some work into it but
that’s what Jupiter wants. Jupiter wants to teach you. Jupiter wants you to get to
this point where you’re like not even thinking too much just doing what you
to do. Doing what you want to do. Understand? That’s what I feel. Here
some opportunities come. Maybe a couple of opportunities come in. Maybe
you hear some news about something. I’m going to pull the Tarot. I have the
Tarot of Dreams here. I’m going to pull the Tarot of Dreams to see what
what I can get. I’m already getting there’s opportunity. I’ve
shuffled all these cards. But I’ll shuffle again for a little bit, with you guys.
I don’t want to make this too long a video. The Sagittarius video was an hour.
Because there were so many shuffles and cards being pulled. I’ll try not to
make it that long. Understand? I cut them for you guys. In my astrological reading
is where I’ll go into deeper about what Jupiter is. How it works. Also I
did a Jupiter in Scorpio. Jupiter changing signs last year so I’ll attach
that video. You guys can see how far you’ve come. What you learned. What was going on. So you can connect it. Understand? See! Opportunity! That’s
exactly what I saw. You have the Seven of Cups with this Three of Wands. The Three of Wands requires that you take action. Wands always requires that you
take action. The Seven of Cups is opportunity! Opportunity! Opportunity! Those seen and unseen. Some of them look good. Some of them don’t look so good.
I mean some of them. It’s a matter of perspective. Opinion. You know
somebody may think a snake is really beautiful. Someone else, may think only
the wings are beautiful. This is about opportunity seen and unseen.
I’ve said this to you guys before. When an opportunity comes to you. Take it! Just
say yes! Stop saying no! Stop overthinking! Stop thinking you know the ending. Stop all that. Take it. Because, if it’s not for you
it’s going to fall through. It will inevitably fall through, if it’s not for
you. You taking the opportunity. You
taking some action. You putting some energy into it, is telling the universe
to keep it going. You’re ready to go. You’re doing what you want to
do. You’re experiencing. The energy flows. It’s continuing. Understand? It’s
getting the momentum up. To get you to the place you’re trying to be. I’ll
give you an example of what I’m talking about.
Maybe somebody offers you to go somewhere. they invite and say, let’s go! Let’s go have
some dinner. Understand? You’re saying, “well okay”. But then, you think about it. You’re thinking, ‘I don’t really want to get dressed. I don’t want
to go. I don’t really know if I’m up for this.’ So, you talk yourself out of it. Because. I
know Aquarius. You can do that. It’s a lot of energy to be around people. Correct?
But… maybe they’re saying let’s go to dinner and, maybe you go to dinner.and,
you meet you bump into somebody. Who is doing work. Meeting somebody who has a position you have. Or, the craft you have. Or, is looking for a
company that you are. Understand? But you wouldn’t know that, unless you went to
that dinner. Correct? At that specific time and met that person. Maybe the person
that’s inviting you to dinner has a friend. That friend has a company and
needs some help. Then you guys discover… oh my goodness, we
can help each other. Understand? It’s a big opportunity. It’s an opportunity.
Also, you could say, well they’re, you know, the company’s dead. Aha!
And you’re not really sure. Again I’m going by how you can get
stuck. How you can get in your own way. Because maybe that’s not the company for
you. BUT! Maybe when you work with this company. You meet somebody else. So it
gets you to that place that you’re really trying to be. Make sense? I
know that was a long explanation but I want to keep reminding you. If
it’s opportunities…continue to take them. If you don’t. You’re stopping
your flow. If you take them. Even if they’re not for you, they’re going to inevitably
go away. It’s going to fall through. If that dinner was not for you. And you said
“yes”. Maybe five minutes before you leave. As you’re getting dressed. You’re ready
to go. Then five minutes that person has an emergency. They say, “you know
what we need to reschedule. I’m so sorry.” That’s not for you.
Understand? If it’s not for you it’s going
to fall through. That’s in December. From now until December. Then, we
have the next month. In January. Looks like, the Four of Pentacles or
the Four of Coins. I’ll put them here so you can see them. The Four of Coins,
to me, is about having this. Not just wealth but experience.
Even material wealth. Even material stuff. You’ve or someone has
worked very hard to attain. I won’t say you. When I see the Four of
Pentacles or the Four of Coins… This is about Jupiter sending someone to
help you. Sending someone to relieve you in some way. Either financially or in
what you do. Again, we’re talking about groups. Jupiter in you
11th house. Jupiter in your 11th house tells me..with the Four of
Pentacles, that you have some someone who wants to help you. Someone
wants..This is where I see the influential person. That’s who this is!
This is an influential person. You know what? I know, that influential
people do have, sometimes, ulterior motives. Understand? It doesn’t mean it
has to be bad. Maybe you can help them and they can help you. It’s all a
matter of choice. Let’s see where this goes. You have the Nine of Swords.
You get in your head again. Nine of Swords is about
being so overwhelmed. thinking you can’t move on this. But
you actually can. With a Nine of Swords it’s all
mental. It’s more, I feel, you talked yourself into
something. That’s what I’m feeling. If I’m being honest with you. I feel
you’re talking yourself into not having this. Not getting this help. Some
of you. It’s pride. “Now I can do this. I don’t want to you know.” Whatever the
talk is. “I don’t want to owe someone. I don’t want to be indebted.”
You know. You’re taking it that way. For others of you. It’s..’.can I
actually do this?’ It’s self sabotaging. ‘Is this really going to
happen? Can I actually do this? This is going to be a lot of work.’ Looks
like what Jupiter is going to help you overcome. Some of you need to
understand. Where you’re going. You need to learn to work together. It’s not
that you don’t know how to work in groups. BUT…It’s that, you get this idea
in your head, about something. Then you’ll stop it. Because you think you
know better. I hope that makes sense? Your thought is…’I know what this endings going to be. I’ve had this type of person before. It’s a really good opportunity. I
don’t know what to do? I have to do this. I don’t have
to do this.’ You’ve already told the story in your head without even actually
doing it. That make sense? Jupiter will be teaching you some
ways, there, to get out of your head. To continue. To get out of
your head. I’m not saying don’t listen to your intuition. What I’m saying
is keep your ego in balance with your intuition. So you hear clearly.
That’s what I’m saying. You do it by February. You have
this bonding. You and someone. You and something. You and some organization. You and some group. That’s what Jupiter comes to
gift you. Let’s see where this goes. I feel this is a really good union.
I feel this is a foreign person. If not a foreign
person. It’s a type of organization. Type of person that
you hadn’t dealt with before. I’ll say that. I’m seeing. It’s very different
than you normally do. That’s what I see. Than who you normally encounter. Maybe it’s a brand new group you would never even think of. They really can help
you. You really can help them. Where does this go? You have the
Five of Coins with this. The Five of Coins is the energy of…coming from lack.
Some of you. I feel, this bonding is going to require a lot of
your energy. Much of your time. That’s where I see the growth with
Jupiter. I feel, where you’re going to next, you’re not going to have that
time, where you can easily be by yourself. That time where you can easily be off
work. That time where it’s a big jump for you. For many of you. I feel
my energy is drained. I feel my time is drained. I feel for me
those resources. Some of you may be dealing with having to invest in
something monetarily. I feel there’s going to be growth in that.
It’s the two of cups. The two cups is a beautiful bonding. It’s a great
bonding. But, you are going to..oh I see what you’re doing. Aquarius! This is about you actually opening up. Giving. Giving your energy to this thing. This
person. This organization. Giving. You’re feeling like you’re giving up
things. I see this is a good opportunity. But you’re coming from here.
From a place of lack. Some of you it’s a little selfish. Because
you’re expecting them to do all the work. You think
you’ve done all the work already. You’re expecting them to do all the work.
You feel. I almost feel…I’m being bothered. I’m being bothered. I
almost feel they’re taking too much. They’re not. It’s going to require
this to get you to where you want to go. They can help.
Rethink this. Again that’s the growth with Jupiter. Then. That’s the
third month. Then, we have the fourth month. Fifth month.
You overcome that of course. You overcome everything. It just takes you
time. Sometimes. You have the Seven of Wands. This is the month, where you’re going to..
Jupiter is going to require you. If you want this. If you want this. We’ve given
you opportunity here. We’ve brought some help here. Here. Here and here. You’re
stopping it. You’re stopping it. We’ve brought opportunities. You continue to
stop it. You continue to stop it. Here, in this fourth month. Where I feel
Jupiter is going to have you stand up for what you want. Do you want this? Do
you not want this? It’s not a bad thing. Whether you say yes or no. They
just want to know. Jupiter’s saying, if you’re wanting this. We’re bringing you
the opportunity. It doesn’t matter to Jupiter. It doesn’t matter to me. I
just want you to grow in it. If you want this. I feel this is your
energy. I feel you will be standing up for it. I feel you’ll finally get
centered. I feel you’ll finally be doing the work. Taking. You know, the Wands or action. Really. Really, mmm, really. working in it. Really taking
the action. Really being focused. But, if this is February this is
March. You’re about to go into in April. April is where you’re going to have retrograde.
There are some things. Because we have shadow
here. There are some things you’re going to have to
look at and tweak. Saying this is what I want. Understand. Let me pull
a card here. Yes. Because some of you want to hang back.
This is the growth with Jupiter. You have the Four of Cups here. You have the
Six of Wands. You have the Seven of Wands. The four cups and the Six of Wands. I
don’t know why I keep saying Six. The Four of Cups is telling me you can
see what you want. But, you’re waiting and thinking, it’s too far away. Waiting for
it to come to you. I feel here too. So, you do this
back and forth thing. Jupiter is wanting to teach you to stand up. Take
the action. Make it come closer. Put the energy in. Make the decisions. Make the
choices. Stop staying in your head. I mean I think I’ve talked to the Gemini’s
about this. If you’ve ever spent time with a millionaire or even a billionaire.
If you’ve ever spent time with them. You will see they don’t think. In a
second can make a choice. They’ve got thousands of choices to make in a day. If
it’s about money. And it’s about keeping their things. If it’s about making money
and it’s about that’s how they are. Understand? When they’re on it. They’re working
it. They don’t have time to think, think, think, think, think. Staying in their head.
They’ve got to be on point. On point! Being able to take an action.
Being able to make a choice. They’re in command. They know that’s what makes
them the multi millionaires. The billionaires. I’m talking really
about the billionaires. If you’ve ever spent time with one.
They’re in charge. They’re not afraid. You know, whether it’s a bad
decision or wrong decision they own up to it. That right. This is what
you’re trying to get to. This is where some of you are trying to get to. Whether
it’s in a relationship or it’s in with you know, money, whatever. Whether it’s in
getting a stable life. It’s about making choices. It’s about taking action. It’s
about not believing that it’s not so far away. You have to put the work in
Understand? It’s your world. It’s your energy
you’re moving through. Makes sense? Then we have in this month. You
have the Empress. This is when we go into retrograde. I feel
with all this hard work you’ve done. I love the Empress. I feel with all the hard work you’ve done, some
things are going to begin to be fruitful. Some things are going
to be gifted to you. I feel, you’ll feel better. I feel even though
there’s going to be a retrograde. Nothing’s going to happen. I feel
in retrograde you get some opportunities. These are
opportunities you’ve already had. You’re going to be revisiting or
revising. Maybe you finally come to terms with whatever you’re doing here
and here. Then maybe here is where you begin to really tweak. Understand?
Let me see what this other card. The Empress. See you have the Four of Coins here. Which is this influential
person. This influential organization, or this influential someone. But, you have him here too. He or she or it. You have them here too.
I feel this is where this comes together. Which makes sense. Because if
now you two come together. I mean you’ve come together here. But you
pull back. Typical Aquarius. Then I feel here, you make it happen.
They may say, “If you really want to work with me. If you really want this.
You have to do this. Then, this is what’s required.
Then you’re so behind that you’re doing all this work to try to make it
happen. Then I feel, here you’re doing the work. You’ve come
together here. Does that make sense? It’s to birth whatever it
is that you’re trying to birth. Understand? This person. This organization .This
whatever is going to be helping you at this time as well. You have
help all year. Then by May You’re still in retrograde. But, by May, I feel you’re being For what you do. I feel some reward comes
to you. For what you’ve been doing. I feel…you feel better.
I feel you feel better. By May I feel you’ll have a
handle on whatever is going on again. Whether this is with a group. About love.
It’s probably more about your work than anything. Remember, this is your eleventh
house. Whatever this is. I feel…hmmm. I feel you are directed. You know
what you want. You’re working in it. You’ve gotten through this
hard part. Understand? That happens . Because the Six of Wands is
about accolade. That’s about being noticed. It’s about everyone wanting to be
around you. Yes. Then you have the Moon. I do feel with the moon
there’s always secrets. With the moon there’s always emotions. With the moon
there’s always this a skewed view. Not a clear view of what’s
happening. I feel. I feel you may be seeing it this way. But, other
people are seeing it this way. I feel you may be seeing…maybe you
haven’t done it correctly. Maybe you haven’t done enough work. Maybe you
need to do some work again. Maybe, maybe, someone is trying to sabotage you.
Maybe. I feel you’re not seeing it clearly and I feel this
is the way they see you. I feel some of you are looking
at it and think you’re not good enough. You haven’t done enough.
Understand? I feel, they see you. Your groups. Your organization. Your
influential person. I feel do they see you as doing really, really well.
This is the growth in Jupiter. That’s at six month. This is the
seventh, eighth, and ninth. In the seventh month you’ll be balancing things. You have the Two of Coins or the Two of Pentacles. I
feel there’s an opportunity here. One, you’ve working in. I feel you
have an opportunity. I feel you have a Plan A and Plan B. You’re
trying to bring both of them together. I feel you have, mmm. Why am I feeling
you haven’t said everything over here. I feel you haven’t said
everything over here. Over here it’s time for you to say. Balance this
or bring this out. Whatever this is. After you’ve grown in this. Understood
your value and understood what you’re growing with it.
I see you’ll be I thinking, you can finally trust this person. This
organization. This. I won’t say completely trust. But trust more because
I’m feeling this is about trust. I feel you’re hiding this for
a reason. But, then you don’t need to anymore. You feel, you don’t need
to. That make sense? Then, you have The Fool, with it. Which I love
The Fool. It’s zero point energy. The Fool is about you. That’s why I feel
it’s clearing up. I feel you finally bring this other part out of you. The Fool is about like having a blank slate. Going on an adventure and
really focusing on where you want to go. I think right here is where you come to terms with what’s really going on. And how you want to proceed
from here. That’s what I feel. Then, you have the Swords here. Obviously,
most of you…this is you. This is the Queen of Swords. But they’re
not gender specific for me. It’s about their character. This queen, she has
been through so many losses. She does not play any games. She has a lot of
integrity. But she doesn’t deal with foolishness. Understand? She’s willing to
let people go. Cut them out of her life. Disconnect from those people or release
them in some way. If they’re not serving her purpose. If they’re not serving her. I know that sounds bad. What I mean is…if you’re going to be playing any
games. This Queen, She’s going to cut you out. If
she’s focused on something and you’re getting in the way. She’s
going to cut you out. That’s what I feel. This is you, at this
time, you’ve worked really hard to get to this part. You’re finally
getting some relief here. For your understanding. Then, yes, so
obviously this is about you letting go of something. It could be you’re in
two different groups. Or, mmm, It could be One’s a group and one’s an
influential person. Then by this time, you’re very sharp. You’re mentally…The
Queen of Swords, is extremely intelligent. Extremely! She doesn’t pull
any punches. So, I feel she does what needs to get done. She just has no
problem doing it. She’s been through way too many losses, and tragedies. She’s
not putting up with anything. I feel even though this is going to feel
like a hard loss, you’re ready to step away from something, at this point.
Jupiter is going to help you understand and grow.
Yes. That’s what I’m feeling. Then we have August. So the
ninth month. That’s obviously, when we come out of retrograde. I feel
in retrograde this is your lesson. This is your lesson. This is your lesson.
Yes. Your worthiness. Not taking anything from anyone. Not holding on too tight to
something or someone. Realizing there are many opportunities.
It’s not The Five of Coins. I feel you’re coming to some peace
here. With the Wheel of Fortune in the ninth month, I feel everything changes.
The ninth month is where everything’s coming together. Emotionally,
financially, materially. Everything’s coming together. That’s what I feel
with Jupiter. What Jupiter is teaching you. Let’s see what we
have here. Yes. Then you have this new start which is a the Ace of Cups. it’s a
beautiful, beautiful new start. Normally I would say I don’t like, just,
the Ace of Cups for a new start. I want something that’s grounded. But we have
the Wheel of Fortune. So, with the Wheel of Fortune that’s grounding. Which makes
this is a beautiful start. One you’ve been waiting for. One, you’ve been
wanting. I feel many of you’ve been wanting this for a long time. That’s
what’s going on in this month Then. That’s the ninth month.
Then we have this 10th, 11th and then your 12th. You have another start
there as well. The 10th month is the Seven of Swords. Obviously this is where
you take a step back. I think this thing shocks you! In a good way. I think this
thing is…Whatever this start is. Whoever this is. Whatever this is…it
shocks you. I feel shocked! I feel can I actually breathe. Can I
actually relax? Can I actually… Is this really happening?
That’s what I feel here. Then I feel, here, you take a
step back. Understand? You’re looking at it again, typical Aquarius. You’re looking at
it again. You’re trying to see what some of you…I feel you do this
because you’re afraid of making the wrong move. Understand? That’s what I feel. But others of you. I feel, you feel, you’ve come so far and you’re
being very careful. Whatever this start is, you’re going to take a step back.
You’re going to look at it again. You’re going to. It’s not that I’m
too much in my head. I’m going to be very practical about it.
Very inquisitive. I’m going to research. I’m going to make sure. I’m looking at
this from afar. I’m going to make sure it’s what I want. As I move forward.
Emotionally it’s gotten to me. It shocked me! It’s really what I want
or what I think I want. But, let me make sure that’s what I’m feeling here.
Then yes. You have the Hanging Man. I feel self sacrificing here. The Hanging
Man is about self sacrificing. It’s about staying. It’s about holding on.
It’s about not doing what you want. Instead taking one for the team. Understand. You have to remember the Hanging Man is self sacrificing. I’m not doing what I want. Because I’m choosing not to do what I want. Because, I mean, you
can say it either way. Some of you are thinking, ‘well, they need and I’m going to let them do it. Or, I’m going to be humanitarian. I’m going to let that happen.
I’m not going to step in. I’m going to just take the backseat. I feel,
that’s what you’re doing here. I mean if you want to have a noble cause.
That’s up to you. But this is why you take the step back. Some of you,
remember, you can get out of this position at any time. This is you.
You’ve put yourself in this position. By not making a choice about something. Then you have this start that comes. This start and this start could be
connected. I feel they are two different
starts. I feel some of you actually move. Change. Then, I feel, you
change your reality. Some of you. Not everyone. Because not everyone knows
how to do this. You all know. But not all of
you remember. Not all of you are there yet. But I feel, you changed the
reality here. Some of you. Others of you. It’s two different opportunities. Two
different starts. This one is very passionate. Some of you. I feel
you’re doing the Aquarius thing. Which is a good thing. Your thinking, ‘I’m going to
wait here. I see everything changing. It shocked me, but I’m really going to be
practical and wait. I’m going to see. I’m going to look and It’s
not like I’m in my head too much. It’s being very practical about this.
Then this start comes. Then you think… I knew it! I knew it! I
should have waited. I knew it! I knew and I knew it. Correct? That’s what I feel.
This one’s passionate. This one’s attractive. This one you want.
This one emotionally hits you and shocks you. Makes sense? Then to go with that message. You have the Page of Cups. Isn’t that interesting. You get news about
whatever this is. Jupiter, spirit, Jupiter, is teaching you. You
can have your heart and your passion together. You receive news here. This
helps you. This Page of Cups is about news. Some of you, it could be about
dating someone new. Some of you could be because this isn’t a
relationship house, but it is a friendship, networking, house. And
everyone knows. Well, maybe not everyone, knows Aquarius,
like to be friends. Actually, it’s necessary to be best friends with your
lover. Best friends with your partner. Maybe a person comes in through here.
Maybe a person comes in through here. I don’t feel it’s here or any of the
other places. But it’s possible that here and here they come.
Possible. I’m not saying it’ll happen I’m just saying
it’s possible. I don’t feel that much, for everyone. But I do feel
it for a couple of people. Understand? Then, in your 12th month. You have the
Eight of Cups. You have the Eight of Cups here, You’re going to walk away from
a couple of things in this next year. It’s going to be easier for you to walk
away. Let go and release some things of your past here and here. I feel
here, mm-hmm. Here. Here is where I feel much peace. Here is
where I feel you do it. The Eight of Cups. Again this is about releasing
something. Leaving something behind, that that no longer serves you. Stepping away.
It isn’t an easy thing. You can see the brighter future. You can see where
you’re going. You can see clearly! You’re ready! You’re ready! You’re ready!
You’re ready!! That make sense? It’s in the twelfth month. Understand?
Then, we have the King of Maybe it’s that’s where you meet the love
of your life. Possible? Some of you are actually working with the love of your
life and don’t realize it. Until here. mm-hmm. Also, I just heard that many of you have been dealing with a lot of pain. The loss. A deep. Deep. Deep loss. By the end of the year. I can’t even say
it because it’s going to take away from.. Many times, words just take away from what I
see and hear. Sometimes we don’t have the words for it. If I tell you it’s
going to…there’s going to be someone. I don’t think you realize how
you’re going to be feeling. How you’re going? Where you’re going to be. You’re
going to feel peace. I feel you’re ready. I feel you’re not going
towards someone because you want to… because you need to, because you’re
lonely or because it’s time or because of anything other than “IT. IS!” That makes sense? There are no words. But I feel, for some of you, this is you. Your heart opens.
By this time. This shocks you. This ignites you. I feel your heart
finally opens here. For some of you mm-hmm. Yes. I can feel it but
for others of you I feel like this is a person coming. It could be in
business and then they become a your partner. Your life partner. That’s what I
feel. But in the thirteenth month or December whichever you want to say. You
have the Five of Wands. I feel the opportunity that’s going to be coming.
You’re going to.. The Five of Wands is about…it could be about chaos.
It could be about a fight. It could be about that. But for you guys I feel
yes, its it may be chaos and the fact that you’re going faster.
Things are happening. You’re really into what you’re doing. I feel…
I feel you’ve walked away from what you needed to walk away from. I
feel you opened your heart. I feel it’s much better. I don’t
feel this is chaotic, in that you’re not used to it .You’re
getting used to these groups. This organization or this position or this
thing. Understand? Then you have the Tower I feel with The Tower.
What Jupiter is going to teach you is.. that you don’t. It doesn’t have to be one
way or another because, I feel many of you are…I’m laughing because I used
to do this. I feel, many of you are being extreme. If something doesn’t go your way. You’re thinking…oh! Forget it! It’s just going to break. I don’t want it.
I can’t do it. Then it’s all going to H E L L Understand? I feel this is what
Jupiter teaches you. You can work in the chaos. Things are always shifting. But,
if you’ve built a solid foundation, then it will only fall to the part, you
haven’t built the foundation, or it needs to be tweaked. Make sense? Doesn’t have
to be a big fall. A big shift and even if it shifts it’s not going to all fall to
pieces. That’s what I’m feeling Jupiter’s teaching you. I feel
When this gets clarity other things are coming at you. But I feel this is where Jupiter’s going to teach
you. Even if other things come in. You’re still going to be okay. It’s not
going to be as bad as you think! That’s what I feel. Jupiter’s teaching you.
Congratulations! My Aquarius. I am sorry this went on so long. I love you!
Love you! Love you! Please be sure to LIKE SHARE and SUBSCRIBE. I will have all the
other videos connected to this video. I will talk to you
soon. Bye!

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