Are Aquarius & Pisces Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide

Are Aquarius & Pisces Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide

Aquarius and Pisces are very different creatures,
in a sense. Aquarius is an air sign, meaning that it lives
in its mind. Air, in astrology, stand for mental processes. Of thinking, reasoning, of approaching life
rationally, of finding answers, of exploring, of learning new things. Pisces is a water sign, deeply water. Water, in astrology, stands for emotion, of
feelings, of creativity, of searching for some kind of spiritual, sexual, emotional
connection that is a bonding of the soul, of the psyche. And so we have here two people with very different
approaches to life. They will find each other interesting to start
with. Aquarius loves to play with sex; too, is very
inventive, very innovative in its lovemaking. Pisces adores sexy sex and can give adoration
and can give that sense of fantasy and of deep connection. But all too soon these two will drift apart
because Aquarius doesn’t like all of that emotional possessiveness. Doesn’t like anything cloying or needy. What Pisces needs, particularly, is to have
a relationship that is great togetherness. Doing things together, being in life together
as deep partners. And so, if you look at it in terms of air
and water, the air in Aquarius stands for wanting to be free and exploring and flying
outward into the air and the water for Pisces is the waters of feeling and emotion and being
in the deep waters of a sexual and emotional bonding. The energies just don’t work well together.


  • Kevin White says:


  • lilly b says:

    Fuck this is just what I needed to hear. It's funny how it all plays out.

  • Docie says:

    I wonder if she gets tired of saying the same shit over and over again..

  • d26neil says:

    Why can't she just say yes or no at the beginning of every video she does?

  • Playbøÿ Cactüs says:

    Nooo this is bs ='[ lol

  • Abi C says:

    I'm an Aquarius

  • Eddie Meyer says:


  • olchap34 says:

    Well don't assume that you are king. Aquarians are alright, my step-dad is probably just autistic or something.

  • Mr Ulutraman says:

    pisces are ok but they cheat like its nothing
    they cheat like they drink water

  • boobtuber06 says:

    I'm a pisces sun, but aquarius moon- I think I would take to an aquarius well.

  • Heather Jordan says:

    I'm an Aquarian who was falling hard for a Pisces. We just don't click. 🙁

  • BAD_Angel BOY says:


  • Tulip says:

    I think only aqauarius men are not compatible with Pisces woman because they are self centered and want to be left alone most of the time, and dont like clingy women but Pisces men are great for Aqauarius women because aqauarius women love the attention and affection they get from Pisces men unless they become like doormats or don't have pride or are too clingy. It also Deoends on the sign the parents were . If an aqaurius woman has a Pisces parent she will have some Pisces traits.

  • CheIseaTi says:

    I'm an Aquarian, and yes, we do have sex, and….
    yeah. *evil face* you know what I mean.

  • Jaritza Rivera says:

    Then what sign is perfect for aquarius , you negative woman!!!!?

  • MjaySenoj says:

    But i'm a pisces and even though I can be pretty sensitive and sometimes clingy, I've always wanted to travel the world and see things I've never seen with close friends and family

  • Mad L says:

    yeah it didnt work out with me for the same sorta reasons cos im aquarius

  • MaroonDrew says:

    I'm a Pisces and my best friend is an Aquarius. We're going to Comic-Con together as Feferi and Eridan X3

  • lexsea says:

    In my opinion any sign can work together if both of them compromise and sacrifice. But Pisces and Aquarius is a hard match and often is destructive. I've honestly never seen a Pisces and Aquarius stay together. I'm a double Pisces myself and I dated an Aquarius for 3 months. It was constant disagreement and fighting. The relationship starts with instant attraction and admiring of both signs but as the relationship gets more serious the Pisces and the Aquarius see each others faults. Aquarians are opinionated and uncompromising and does not respect Pisces need for time alone in their dream world. Pisces are far to sensitive and emotional for the Aquarius and the Aquarius may find the Pisces annoying and self-pitying. If your a Pisces your best luck is with Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces, and Taurus. For Aquarius, their best match is Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. 

  • woon ha says:

    I'm Aqua and my best friend + lover is Pisces(with an aqua moon)

  • Jake Berryhoe says:

    My girlfriend is an aquarius and I'm a pisces. It can be difficult sometimes but we're very understanding of each other and we solve our differences very quickly each time a problem arises.

  • Steven Mak says:

    Im an Aquarius, the girl of my dreams is Pisces.
    I read online about the compabilty that it would be strong.
    Then over here im hearing it'll just fall apart.
    I know for a fact shes the number one girl in this world, and i know for a fact it'll be alrignt.
    Because i love to show affection not all the time.
    Im a gentlemen i hold the door for my lady then smack her ass when she walks thru

  • Kiba Inuzuka. says:

    As an Aquarius for some reason it feels nice to have a clingy lover idk why but it makes me feel like I matter

  • Fatima Shawagfeh says:

    Out of a personal experience. . We do bond well :-/
    This is a shallow review of the situation

  • JUNE 1 1921 says:

    Im an Aquarius, my best friend is a Pixie(Pisces lol), my wife is a pixie, 3 of my 6 groomsmen were all pixies… the main thing that bugs me about them (Pisces) is that they always want the last word. no matter what it is, whether they say "ok" or "yup" or a full sentence it annoys me. theyre also super emotional and As an Aquarian being super emotional isn't me lol. but I love them anyway!!!

  • C B. says:

    My bf is a Pisces and im an Aquarius and at the beginning of our relationship it was rocky because i was so distant and trying so hard to get on that emotional level with me, now almost a year and a half into our relationship we reached a middle ground we slip up sometimes but he broke me down and its pretty natural for me to be so open with him

  • King Loucious says:

    For this year try dating Leo.

  • Gristle Von Raben says:


  • OnceUponATeddy20 says:

    I'm an Aquarius and my mom is a Pisces and we've never gotten along from day one we've been pushing each others buttons its sad cause she's my mom but I can only stand her for so long the least I see her the better.

  • Glam FACE Charlie says:

    Libras love togetherness and they are compatible with Aquarius so I don't see how Pisces and aquarius wouldn't be compatible ! only thing is Pisces are so called emotional but really and truly we get that way when our feelings are hurt but most of the time we shut down at least for me I do and get really cold and the Aquarius I know like to talk things out and once we calm down we do also !

  • STAN 2838 says:

    Is that a scare on your neck?

  • Cletus Kasady says:

    I call BS.
    Aquarius women in particular love Pisces guys.
    You see more of this sign than anything.

  • Jason.A says:

    Aquarius sucks, i wish i could be an emotional sign likes the water signs.

  • Edward Shore says:

    Ironic: the Age of Aquarius champions femininity (akin to water, emotions) while the Age of Pisces favors masculinity (akin to air, logic). Is this the astrologer's way to keep everyone apart?

  • Mari says:

    I'm a pisces girl and the guy that likes me for 3 years now is an Aquarius who won't leave me the f alone lol. I'm far from being clingy while he's just that. I call BS.

  • Christopher Montes Oliva says:

    dafuck am a pisces and the guy i like likes me back and is an aquarius ❔❓

  • mae mai says:

    I am Pisces my husband is aquarious

  • Ahhw E-Any says:

    lol. I came here on a hunch. I figured they'd get along. they both think they're genuises. like the other day, Pisces: you see this red blanket? we get told it's red. But it doesn't hafta be red (I'm thinking is he gonna relate it to maybe why the sky is blue, why our blood is red,…something along those lines? something scientific? -nope ). then he laughs at himself all like, "the stuff I think about.. 😋💡" me, as my cancer self..: (yeah ok. it's wever bruh. if you want to think it's another color, then it's another color. pretty sure it's still red though. the f? 😑😒. this dude, 💁🤕)

  • camikoko67 says:

    I'm a pisces and my man is an aquarius. He is way more clingy than me haha:)

  • A.D. Jackson says:

    As a Pisces, this was all I needed to see. Next…

  • Lexy Camacho says:

    I’m an Aquarius and my boyfriend is a pisces and he is so clingy the most clingiest person I ever meet he is so obsessed with me and he won’t leave me alone hahaha like if I say I want a break he goes crazy and won’t let me have a break away from him which is why I love him so much I feel so wanted by him lol we have a year being together ❤️

  • Braciole76 says:

    This is only a comparison of Sun signs. I am a male pisces and do not consider myself clingy or possessive. The problem with these comparisons is that they don't take into account the person as an "individual". Nor do they take into account your entire birth chart. Generalizations

  • Charles Neill says:

    justin timberlake is an aquarius her wife is pisces

  • Princess Plays says:

    I'm Aquarius and my Older sister is Pisces she is mostly nice 2 me but we sometimes fight.

  • candy girl says:

    This is the opposite for me

  • Pascal Jaime says:

    I’m a Pisces and I’m always getting caught up with Aquarius…

  • Sarah Irick says:

    Not much vacuuming

  • lovey_ Potato says:

    Im a Aquarius and My crush is a Pisces :3

  • kittengin says:

    But I’m very clingy and an Aquarius

  • Kayla Standard says:

    So that’s why I don’t like my dad so much because he’s an Aquarius and I’m a Pisces

  • Android Mechanics says:

    Aquarius can make friends with any other Sunshines, but the problem is that they are too shy to do that!

  • Amina Safi says:

    pisces get along with Aquarius but with time they don't get along!

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