Are Aries & Leo Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide

Are Aries & Leo Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide

Ares and Leo are very compatible, because
they’re both fire signs. So when you put fire with fire, you get a
combustion, but in this case it’s a good combustion. They love life. They are open to doing, exploring. They love to be passionate, and they love
each other. So essentially this is a good match, except
in one area, which is that neither of them wants to take a back seat. Leo needs a lot of attention, needs to feel
that he or she is the king or queen of the couple. Ares, in turn, also needs attention, needs
to be the adventurer, and needs to be the hero or the heroine. I’m talking about kind of mythological roles
that we play in life. So if the Ares and the Leo can work out who
leads, who takes orders, who will make the decisions about money, about finances, about
how one lives, about the furniture that you buy, about what you do in bed, they have work
out that. Let’s say the areas of control. In that case, it will work out beautifully.


  • Bubbles says:

    can you do a video about how to seduce a virgo and tauros?

  • Beautiful Ending says:

    I'm a leo!

  • Kristy Jennings says:

    How about Scorpio and pices

  • ABG says:

    Oh that is wearid

  • Chyenne Covington says:

    I think this is pretty cool and that people that disagree with this shouldn't watch it should shut their mouths. It's ridiculous to hate a video and still watch it.

  • McKennah Duncan says:

    What about two Aries?

  • Nikki A says:

    I'm a Leo. For the most part I get along well with Aries's, but what bugs me about them is that I notice they are really clingy; at least the one's I've met. And they tend to be pretty whiny as well.

  • Roxanne Leroux says:

    okay how about you go and check your chart and learn a little bit about yourself bc everything that I read in my chart is pretty much true. Because you're not just a leo or an aries you are also other signs in one… that's why not every sign is the same or else that would be pretty boring…

  • dexistence19 says:

    I think it's important to note that those descriptions you find so closely relevant to your own life are completely and utterly made up. I myself, could make my own chart and create descriptions for each star sign, and it would have the exact same amount of truthfulness. There is NO truth behind astrology, and astrologers use cold readings – broad descriptions that sound specific, so people believe that it relates to them. You can read a lot on this. On a side note, you are very pretty 🙂

  • Ian Lowry says:

    True. I'm aries that can't sit still. But when I'm around a Leo I leave a crush on I go from ram to lamb haha. She brings a calmness on me but yet Still get each other. Shes very generous (good heart) but call me out on my shit whenever. Leo's are one of the three signs that go well with the same sign. Along with cancer/cancer And Virgo/Virgo.

  • AriesPrincessWarrior says:

    You know you're the own whose acting pretty stupid by judging a person by their sign, right?

  • RussianBlue says:

    It's obviously not 100% true but in most cases they are. Aries isn't a real fire sign like Leo and Sag.

  • AriesPrincessWarrior says:

    They are not fire signs like Leos nor Sags?? Who cares? I know a lot of Sags that don't act as a fire sign, and some Leos too. But does that even matter?

  • RussianBlue says:

    I'm Just saying it isn't a very good sign compared to Sagittarius. Aries is the most despised sign for a reason. It would make a good earth sign.

  • RussianBlue says:

    They don't think that's why.

  • AriesPrincessWarrior says:

    Are you serious?! That's why it is the most despised sign? Ok, so if they don't think why did you say they make a good earth sign. Aren't earth signs suppose to think before they act?? You should really stop judging people like that.

  • RussianBlue says:

    I'm not judging you personally (don't even know your sign btw) I'm just saying aries doesn't live up to be what a fire sign should be and that they're disliked because they don't have normal functioning minds.

  • AriesPrincessWarrior says:

    That's because Aries shares planets with the most intense sign Scorpio. (Btw I'm an Aries with a Scorpio moon).

  • RussianBlue says:

    I'm a Leo with a scropio moon. But all i'm saying is that THE SIGN of aries isn't a very good fire sign. That's all i'm saying it's not as good as leo and sagitarious, nothing personal.

  • AriesPrincessWarrior says:

    Trust me, Aries at first doesn't seem like a fire sign but when you get to know one from close you'll find a totally different person, just try to be friends with an Aries and wait until they are able to trust you and you'll see. They say that Aries has a childlike innocence that covers their real nature… And btw you have the same sun and moon sign as my best friend, when she met me she felt that there is nothing in common. A few months later she saw that we have too much in common.

  • ゲーシア says:

    I like Leos but they're too easy to figure out, I mean for most Leos, just compliment them and you'll win them over. Also works for half Leos. It's true that Aries likes compliments but they want it to be sincere while Leos don't care, they'll take the compliment even if it isn't sincere, which is not a good trait to have.

  • Velvet Web says:

    So true ALL OF IT! but not everyone match there signs. Both of us do perfectly. I`m an Aries to the dot and him a Leo to the dot. so it makes it more fun for us to look at our astrology. but i find this is only true if BOTH REALLY LOVE EACH OTHER! because i was with an other leo once we were on and off. but i never really loved him. i think aries and leo really need to love each other because we like to be the leader. once your in love its easier to let the other one take room. doh some fights happen, it just made our love stronger it brought the fire passion back. He is my other half seriously! He is the only that made me able to let go of my want to have control all the time problem LOL! it doesnt mean aries will work with all leos! 

  • Beauty Fairy says:

    My mom is an Aries and my dad is a Leo. They love each other very much. I'm also an Aries so we get along well

  • pressy vargas says:

    im an aries, i hate to be in control with somebody else, maybe i wanted somebody who understand my element…lolthis s funny..

  • kayon subcribed says:

    leos are be best hear our roar

  • Don Don says:

    im a leo dude and i think im falling for this aires lady bruhhhhhhhhh help.

  • Salsaa Aaaa says:

    I am an aries and I found my leo

  • cheryl samulde says:

    Oh my aries where are you????😁

  • L L • says:

    Idk if i belive in this whole zodiac sign stuff, i mean the zodiac has changed i think. Im just gonna go along with who i get along with idc about zodiac signs.

  • ᄂᄋᄉᄐ says:

    I’m aries

  • ᄂᄋᄉᄐ says:

    I’m an Aries two faced girl falling for a love boy 💕

  • cheryl8873 says:

    Leo here, close friends with two Aries,seem to attract them,but I've a sag moon,which I seem to prefer sags.aries I either get on with well or not..
    I find Aries a little high maintenance for me and to moody, that's when I need some space ,apart from that I get on well. With them .

  • Aya Heart says:

    My sun sign is Aries and my moon sign is leo

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