Are Aries & Libra Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide

Are Aries & Libra Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide

In the zodiac, Aries and Libra are opposite
to each other. They’re considered opposite signs, and there
are good things to say about being opposites and negative things to say. Opposites tend to attract, because one has
what the other needs or looks for. Opposites also can repel each other, because
they are so opposite. Now Aries and Libra as a pairing, being opposites,
they do work well at the beginning. Aries is intrigued by Librans’ positive attitude
about relationships, about being in love. They both love to be in a sexual relationship. They both have a romanticism about them, and
in many ways they both look good together. Because whether male or female they tend to
be beautiful people, and they work well out in society. I know it sounds silly, but they look good
as a couple. Then we come to the inner differences. Libra can get very dependent and also very
resentful of the Aries bossiness or the Aries wanting to be first or the Aries wanting the
attention. Libra wants attention as well. So they may become competitors for attention. Also, they look for different things in life,
as far as Aries wants to be the one who achieves and is known, to become famous for being wonderful,
for doing wonderful things and going wonderful places. Libra, in turn, wants a life that is more
serene, more elegant, more cultured, more artistic. Both of them can be spendthrifts, and they
love spending each other’s money. So they have to work that out as well. But there are good vibrations there. There’s a good possibility if they can work
out the differences in temperament. What they have that glues them together is
that each of them has what the other needs.


  • MrRandymeeks says:

    Are Leo and Scorpio compatible

  • Katiria Lugo says:

    are leo and capricorn compatible?????

  • LiterallyNoLife says:

    Do a Pisces and Scorpio soon please! D:

  • Lesslie Gallardo says:

    what month is an aries?

  • Sharron Carolina says:

    I'm an Aries and a lot of this sounds so true about the relationship I was in with a Libra guy. We are total opposites and want different things. That's why we're still great friends but can't be together. We both have what the other wants and needs but that turned out to cause problems. As an Aries, I'm jealous and want all attention on me. I hate when someone steals my thunder.

  • ron artwell says:

    you probably talk too much. i see why he left

  • Rose Godinez says:

    hmmm im a libra;)

  • Herpa Derp says:

    Any Aries around?
    I'm a libra
    And I need attention

  • Monika Panova says:

    that is so scarily true

  • The Pagan Flutist says:

    This lady knows what she's talking about. I'm a libra, and I could swear she knows my innermost thoughts and feelings. That's pretty awesome.

  • YuLeeAh says:

    I'm a Libra and my soul mate is an Aries. We do fight quite a bit, but the bond between us just keeps growing as the years go by. Good and bad, it's definitely an intense relationship. I wouldn't leave him for the world.

  • Aries OnFire says:

    Aries on fire 😉

  • ibrahim kouyate says:

    the girl i like is a Libra and im an Aries hard to approch

  • Maya Howell says:

    Im a Libra, my friend is an Aries, were so close, Everything you said is right!
    Aries men are lovely, even if it sounds silly… he loves attention, he loves how calm i am, we laugh alot, we dont argue, i step back when i feel somthing, he always comes back, We like each other, and were best friends.. He's always planning, moving, doing somthing, he likes how i have the same drive. What we like in intimacy wise is the same, but we wont go there i dont want sex to ruin our friendship?? :/

  • Maya Howell says:

    Na, I dont think so, 🙂 hopefully you can talk to her and so, you like her..

  • violetcrumble512 says:

    What happens if your an Aries (female) but your rising sign is Libra?

  • LightTruthLove says:

    You're well balanced, no extremes of either sign

  • david copperfield says:

    I dont really trust in male / female friendship … I am a libra 🙂 we are living in 2013 and everyone wants to stay friend . different culture , generation ! … fucked up our way to live and our lifestyle ! you guys im sure are attracted to each other ! try something 😉 ! have a good day fellow libra 🙂

  • david copperfield says:

    what about the female aries and libra male ?! I need help

  • Ian Lowry says:


  • Cuete Armo says:

    Im a libra and I started seeing an aries woman. so far she is balanced enough for a libra. Impulsive and at times irrational but sex is good. At least tht, right!?lol

  • Cuete Armo says:

    "Not balanced enough"

  • Anita Gurung says:

    I'm a libra female and i hate aries men!!selfish ppl!!

  • Malik Childrey says:

    soo true…me and my libra will get though it

  • Voodoodoll rodarte 13 says:

    Aries ♡♥♡♥ …

  • HaileyMerriman says:

    Same. Im a libra woman, and gooodddd i cant stand my Aries man sometimes but, as we both learn more and more about eachother, and respect eachother, the more magical my(our) world gets. It is possible for a Libra and a Aries to love. Veryy well♥ 

  • BlueStarKeiichi21 says:

    wow. she is right on point. I'm a libra female and my fiancé is an aries. Though he is constantly getting on my damn nerves I still love him to death. he is always looking for some way to get my attention and doesn't quit until he does even if I am mad at him. Even so I wouldn't trade him in for anything in the world. We just can't seem to live without each other.

  • Anna O'Reardon says:

    I am an Aries and my husband is a Libra. We may be opposites and there has been a lot of push and pull but there's so much love. Each of us have what the other needs. My Libra is the best man I know, regardless of zodiac signs!

  • Irisss says:

    This is so true omg

  • 〚Belen Beltran〛 says:

    My crush is Aries and I'm Libra
    but I act like an aries

  • mark cruz says:

    This was great, I been tryin to find out about "dating an aries male" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Roanayla Aries Apocarpous – (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my neighbour got excellent success with it.

  • printed tea says:

    I'm an Aries woman with a Libra man and he so indecisive and lazy, but I get he riled up because I call him out for it. We are big spenders on food, but we are trying to budget.

  • Abby castellanos says:

    Why is this so true my ex was a libra and everything started off perfect but all the negatives she just said is the some of the reasons why we broke up.

  • EuroBoy says:

    I'm Aries. My best friend is Libra. Ik her since we were born.

  • Cakeful says:

    I do love aries

  • Cakeful says:

    Aries are my favorite sign ever as a libra

  • Taruna Rochishna says:

    Are Aries men and Libra women good at friendship relationship

  • Avis Powell says:

    That is so true I am a Aries an in love with a Libra God bless.

  • Toni Grace Bolivar says:

    im Aries woman and I have a boyfriend which is Libra . 6years in a relationship and we still love each other .. opposites do attract! 😍

  • sumathi sumathi says:

    Thank you

  • Carrie says:

    The aries male is the best sign for libra with maybe a leo coming in second. I should know as i have sun venus and mars all in libra and there's always an aries male sniffing around. In my specific case id def say aries, as many of the times I have trouble with leos in general because i have a scorpio moon. Our personalities clash….their overblown egos bug me.

  • bdash 03 says:

    Not even started relationship yet..But worried about him and me..Should I start a relationship with him?

  • ᗰ I ᑎ ᑎ T ᑕ ᗩ ᑕ T I says:

    /as an Aries I feel atTTackeD/

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