Are Aries & Pisces Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide

Are Aries & Pisces Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide

Aries and Pisces are very different as people,
very different in their energies and in what they need in life. Aries is a fire sign. Pisces is a water sign. Even in the real world, water often puts out
fire. I say this only because the motivation of
the Aries is to experience life as an adventure, to experience the spontaneity and the joy
and the curiosity and the wonderful movement that life is. Pisces, on the other hand, is looking for
something that is very deep and intensely bonded, that is creative in many ways. Pisces is drawn to the world of art and artistry
and creativity, and Pisces is a dreamer. So we have Aries as the doer, and Pisces is
the dreamer. If they can work that out, then they have
good auguries. In general, however, they have to go through
a number of rough patches as they try to work this out, because Pisces can also become very
clingy and needy. Pisces needs a lot of proof of love, a lot
of affection, a feeling of being safe. Aries wants to be the adventurer who attracts
attention and who experiences life to the fullest. In general, they can be good lovers. The relationship can last, but there are going
to be a lot of temperamental differences between the two.


  • yuongherng says:

    first! 😀

  • nur says:

    somehow its true for me n him.

  • Carolina1created says:

    Well what would be a good sign for Pisces to be with

  • Katiria Lugo says:

    leo and capricorn

  • Katiria Lugo says:

    leo and capricorn

  • Katiria Lugo says:

    leo and capricorn

  • Nala Diamonds says:

    Pisces & Leo

  • Tionne Crier says:

    generally scorpio, capricorn, taurus, but mostly Cancer

  • Gabriella Conklin says:

    Ohhh… now i know why i hate my sister… im picses, shes aries

  • Melody Rodriguez says:

    That's not true cause my parents have been in a stable relationship for 32 years and they don't argue and I'm Aries and I love my boo which is a pisces and I am looking for the same thing he's looking for which is a long stable relationship so that is why it's not true

  • Krista Angela Cea says:

    I feel you so much 🙂

  • Krista Angela Cea says:

    hahaha me too 😀

  • TheScontz34 says:

    Early stage stuff – all connections start out this way. Not being a party pooper but what this Astrologer had to say about the Fish and the Ram is right on the money. When the newness of any relationship wears off (and it always does) then you and your beau will be quite naturally tending to fall back into your usual respective m.o.s. Your Aries lover is psyched because things are still interesting, hot, and NEW. Aries are great starters and lousy finishers. He'll be long gone soon enough.

  • TheScontz34 says:

    Whomever you feel a genuine soul-bond with is the right answer. But Astrologically speaking the easiest signs for you to float along with in emotional 'bliss' are people in the water signs: another Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio. Also earth sign relationships for the Fish can be even more successful: earth provides the stability that wishy-washy fishies need to help keep them GROUNDED, focused, and transforming their dreams into REALITIES. Hope this has been helpful: Scontz. Thompson, Astrologer.

  • TheScontz34 says:

    Yeah, that'll do it – ha! Who needs an impatient, self-centered, insensitive, ram-on Aries in ones like anyway right? To a sensitive Pisces an Aries person comes across too bossy, and too wrapped-up in their own intense adventures and challenges to even notice the feelings of any fish who might be close by. Aries people are kids with trucks in a sandbox and the sandbox is THEIRS you had better believe it. They HATE restrictions and hate others telling THEM what to do.

  • TheScontz34 says:

    Five months is HARDLY a measure of what your relationship will go through in the months to come. Hey enjoy the 'stability' you both seem to seek, but don't be so naive as to think that nothing is going to change (be challenging) in the relationship further down the road. It's actually easier if the man is the Fish and woman is the Ram. Pisces men can bend and accommodate without being wimps – but don't get into bossing a Fish around or you will wake up one day to empty apartment.

  • TheScontz34 says:

    What you need is a Capricorn in your life to ground yer wishy-washy butt. You'll have lots of income, raise lots of kids, and own lots of land with a Cappy as the main bread-earner. But Cappies are stodgy workaholics just like the rest of the earth signs (Taurus and Virgo). But if it's stability you want go earth – if it's soul-bonding go water (another Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio)- if it's adventure go fire (Aries, Leo, Sag), and if it's social go air (Gem, Libra, Aquarius). Good luck Fishy.

  • TheScontz34 says:

    Run! It's fun, romantic, and exciting at first. Lots, and lots, and lots, of sex, dinners, and shows. THEN the differences set in………..Leo vain, self-centered and needs to be the center of YOUR attention. Like little boys and drama queens needing praise from their subjects for being so generous with their affections and lavish gifts, etc. RUN! Fire (Leo) and Water (Fish) = STEAM. You will get sick and tired of being his (or her) vassal soon enough. BELIEVE it!

  • TheScontz34 says:

    Absolute dead-end UNLESS you are basing your relationship primarily on business and income: where the Leo would be doing the PR and the Capricorn would be doing all the hard work while juggling the books as well. Romantically however these two signs simply do not mix: PERIOD. Capricorns are THEE workaholics of the Zodiac – and Leos burn hot and love to shine and play. a dower Cappy could never give them the kind of attention and praise they crave.

  • sharon light says:

    This is a relationship from hell. Aries male too bossy, stubborn, SELFISH, no one else matters the world revolves around him rebel against authority. Been married 17 yrs to one and had to get out, all too late but I had to escape the unhappiness and pain from such a union. If I knew then what I know now that a pisces/aries is hardly compatible. I would never had endured such a meaningless marriage.

  • Johannes Rehn says:

    I'm a pisces pisces

  • sagal ibrahim says:

    ya toally

  • money6312 says:

    I totally agree with what you said based on my experience and I'm a Pisces as well. Nice advice!

  • ramelep says:

    I'm Pisces and the aries I'm dating is the CLINGY ONE!! Like way clingy!!

  • ramelep says:

    I don't need the emotional support like the aries Cancer ascending aries I'm seeing

  • Pyramid$ of Power says:

    I am sorry but I am a Pisces but I'm also a doer because I am living a dream of mine & that is pro wrestling in New England! and to top that off I'm also an adventurer! again you are a title to your opinion but not everyone follow their signs!

  • ATCr says:

    This is very true. My current Pisces/Aries relationship is in turmoil because of our differences.

  • LetsNotLetsReallyNot says:

    My rising sing is a Pisces

  • darlene gaudas says:

    I am a pisces who enjoys all new experiences and love to travel to find everything that is out in the Universe. 

  • DukeNukem2020 says:

    I'm an Aries and I hate clingy people and people who chase me. I don't know why. As long as I know we're in a relationship, that's good enough for me.

  • Mike Sheng says:

    I love my pisces wife.

  • Afsana Akter says:

    True. I hate it

  • MaroonDrew says:

    I'm a Pisces and my best friend is an aries

  • Lovely Moon says:

    I'm an Aries n the guy I've been going after is a pisces
    Been together since childhood
    Ranked up from a sis to his best friend n soon his wife 😀 its all bout understanding

  • PenguinLuvGames says:

    My bf is a pisces, and I think I just fell for his cut and calm personality 

  • Scotty Lee says:

    I'm a Pisces, and my Aries girlfriend is too rough with me! Also, I want her to love me more. I spoil her like crazy, but she never really gives me anything. Sometimes when she'd upset me, I say, "I'll leave and find someone that loves me more" and she'll say coldly, "Good luck with that."

  • Bina Maharjan says:

    Aries are not a perfect match as per my experience 🙁 dey don't lop is like we do


    Been with a Leo, Capicorn
    Both assholes I'm a Pisces woman I love to last with a Aries again which I was with for 13 yrs. Capicorn beat there women and so does Leo"s. Give me Tarus, Aries, Aquarius, Gemini or Scorpio. I hate Pisces and Pisces.

  • Blehblehbleh says:

    I'm a Pisces and my boyfriend is an Aries and he's the best boyfriend I've ever had ❤️

  • tan ja says:

    I'm aries and both my best friend and the boy I'm dating are pisces and i couldn't imagine better people at my side. i dont have the usual temper aries have. Both my pisces need a lot of attention / affection and love to show me their love, while i can be kinda cold at times but still love passionately and with all my heart. couldn't be a better compatibility honestly

  • Baja Taco says:

    I'm an Aries and my best friend who is also the girl I'm in love with is a Pisces

  • claudette witter says:

    Aries are too rough for a pisces.

  • madison j says:

    Even though astrologist say this isn't a compatible match but I have to disagree because I always see Aries and Pisces together and it's a great relationship and usually it's long term and actually seen some getting married to each other .

  • Lemi 23 says:

    If Aries is male , and pisces is female– it is possible, Yeeah!

  • Anonymous says:

    the hottest girls are always aries or leo

  • MeganAngel says:

    I'm a Pisces and my husband of five years is an aries and my husband is a home body and I'm the adventurer.

  • SCOREFIVE says:

    water puts out fire, but fire boils water 😀

  • Crystal Paint says:

    Sure my boyfriend may be an Aries and I might be a Pisces but we're perfect together. I love living in the moment and having fun, we are only young once ya know. But I do wish we could go a bit deeper and romantic sometimes but I get him well enough to know his love is shown differently and that he also is human and has other friends, so I know how not to be so clingy. And Aries might be a fire sign but I don't put him out we just make steam. He has a soft side to him though so he can respect my sensitive side and we support each other well

  • Isolde Winters says:

    My boyfriend (being an Aries) and I ( being a pisces) get along really well the type of relationship we have is he is the nurturing one but he loves spoiling me and loves taking care of me, we love eachother, pisces Aries relationships are possible, I actually can't stand Libra tbh

  • carlene francis says:

    hell no!!!!! pisces men are more compatible with a cancer woman. Aries woman like to be single and independent.

  • MissesKitty says:

    kinda funny how lots of people think stars make your i thought your mum did

  • Lil’ Shock says:

    I'm an Aries and my boyfriend is a pisces and we are great together😍

  • Vincent Pangilinan says:

    I am an aries and I'm so inlove with pisces. 💕 On our first year we argue all the time, we can't understand what our body needs. And little by litte I try not to argue with her and not too become possesive and we know each other for almost 2 years and 6 months and I'm rooting that she is my partner for life even if our signs don't agree with it. My pisces girl is so damn attractive that's why I'm always jealous, she is too clingy with other boys; I'm kinda clingy too but her's different but instead of arguing I always try to understand her and give what she needs. I also try to avoid my mood swings because mostly that's the reason of her bad day! I'm still hoping that we are match made in heaven.

  • why u sad i don't know nan molla says:

    Im a aries and inlove with a pisces
    Piscesians can you help me how to date a pisces? It'll be a big help

  • RIO AND RON says:

    I am an Aries and I like someone that's a pieces I look at them touch them and they still don't know I like them😭😱😱I don't know what to do any advice??

  • Lovely Untamed says:

    I'm a Pisces and the guy I dated once was an Aries. We got along so well. Also we both had moon in Capricorn. But he just disappeared on me

  • Niina O says:

    Im in aries and pieces relationship over 6years.. For me (aries) is perfect match, only think what I want to be different in our relationship that my pieces sleep less and have more energy and passion for life. But I know that for sure I want continue this forever…but I will never adimit that to her. 😋

  • TempestOrion _ says:

    My mom is pisces and my dad is aries

  • Kaylie Rose says:

    I’m a Pisces but I’m a lot like Aries, cuz I like to live to the fullest. But also I’m very needy and clingy haha. I love this girl and she is an Aries so it’s kinda hard right now but I hope we can work it out

  • Marquarious Love says:

    I am a Pisces And i date an aries and they never take ownership and always wants to be in control smdh

  • C-jonline :3 says:

    I'm a girl pisces I'm in love with an aries


  • vishnugg says:

    Freddie prinze jr and sarah Michelle gellar 💑

  • IIsvns ちゃゔぇz says:

    Opposites attract

  • yolanda pai-Ge says:

    Fire and water 💦make it steamy. My pisces crush has been bitten, 🥴im just sitting back while it play out then we are going to cosmic orgasm together while staring inside each others eyes. Then sleep in our fantasies and get a couple more cosmics in..

  • yolanda pai-Ge says:

    Just like Lava and Water we build islands 🌴 new ground 🌫

  • SVVVGEWORLD fka KaliCoSays says:

    My girls a pieces and I'm an Aries . She is hella emotional which is something I can't stand. But she knows her position and as long as I watch my words we good. Good girl who gives alot and expects a lot. If your game is proper you can keep her as an ♈ you just got watch your words and what you do. Because she's observing you and your soul

  • Your mom says:

    My sister is Aries I'm Pisces we get along SOOO well

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