Are Cancer & Libra Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide

Are Cancer & Libra Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide

Cancer and Libra immediately are a sparkling
and romantic affair. Cancer
needs romance, and Libra needs it even more. So each of them is willing and
open to exploring not only the sensual side of the relationship, but what I
call the magical side. Let’s make magic in this life. Let’s go places and
do things that create something sparkling. Libra needs a lot of attention. Libra likes to be coddled and looked after. Libra can be lazy in certain ways, and I’m
also talking about emotionally lazy. Let someone else look after me, let someone
else do the protecting and go and make money, and treat me the way
I should be treated. On the
other hand, Libra also is goal oriented. Libra can be ambitious. Libra
wants to be in a partnership, and so Libra will bring energy to that
partnership. Where they start to break apart is that Cancer
is deeply feeling, deeply sensitive, and Libra is more thinking in its
relationships. Libra may think
it is romantic and deeply feeling, but actually Libra thinks about feelings
and Cancer feels feelings. So you keep running into this emotional quality
that seems to be missing in a Libra. It’s there but it’s not as potent and
not as concentrated as it is with the Cancer. So the emotional quality kind of dissipates,
and pretty soon the Libra gets tired of Cancer clinging or Cancer’s needy
ways or Cancer trying to control the other. Long-term, it takes a lot of work and energy
and really commitment to make this pairing last.


  • montano0222 says:

    try capricorn and capricorn or capricornwith pices

  • elchamber says:

    Libra… Gold-digging bastards.

  • Orase says:

    I thought this was a channel on how to do stuff, not something like this

  • governmentdidit says:

    You got 20 bucks

  • Nikkii Mackii says:

    Awwwwh that is soo my boyfriend and I cute

  • elchamber says:

    My 20 bucks!

  • Ashanti Assent says:

    Libras are not gold diggers we love having our own shit it's when we start to feel used by that person that's when we tend to sit back and say take care of me there's a certain button that's pushed in a libra for that to happen

  • Tha Signtist says:

    Im Libra Male… n I love a woman to take care of me! Wash my clothes, cook, iron my clothes, Do the grocery shopping. Ill pack it all in when u get hme. but NOT MAKE THE MONEY or PROTECT!! Wtf?

  • Tha Signtist says:

    Cancer seems to always try n get a jealous response outta me.. I HATE THAT! I don't get jealous. I go wit flow. Charish me n Ill charish her back. Attempt to hurt me n Ill forsake her ass to her own foolishness, till she learns a lesson.

  • Tha Signtist says:

    I love cancer.. But she is always tryin to get a jealous response outta me. I get tired of that… Cuz I don't get jealous. I do however worry about my reputation however.. So if she goes to far and embarrasses me, Its over

  • Ganiban says:

    Why is it that every time a cancer is un-compattible with someone it's always their own fault??

  • Val says:

    I am cap sun, cancer moon & cancer ascendant and this is true :*(

  • Henrietta Jones says:

    I am a cancer and as much as i HATE to say it i am pretty emotional. But emotional for good reasons. I dont cry because my juice spilled on the floor or anything dumb like that but more like for someone else i will cry. But anyway this lady sounds really bias towards cancers haha in every video its always the other ones fault.

  • Chuckle Berry says:

    Omg! some cancer dude I know is the same exact way, lol. He was trying to make me jealous about always talking about his ex and friends and I'm like, whatever, I'm just going with the flow and I'm only your friend, dude! nothing more.

  • melissa shockley says:

    I'm a cancer and I don't have time for jealousy. ..I'm too beautiful for that shit.

  • Jia Singleton says:

    Ummm…. Cancer's don't joke and cuss… That's not what true Cancers are! Imma Cancer! Cancers take things seriously because they don't wan't to hurt someone's feelings…. BTW! That is all true in the video.

  • Tvd Fans says:

    This is so true and i know because I've loved a Libra before, I used to try to get feelings out of him and when he thought he was doing well he was kinda hurting me… Idk of that makes sense but I probably wouldn't want to be in that relationship again.

  • Jenny Almaguer says:

    She keeps forgetting that Libras are independent people

  • jojo kelley says:

    How exactly do you feel your feelings?

  • Todd Dawson-Cooper says:

    This completely reminds me of my Libra ex-girlfriend, when we started dating, for the first few months everything was amazing, spectacular, the best days of my life, it was us versus the world and we'd go on walks and go places and do that whole teenage rebellion.

    But of course, later on in our relationship, there started to be issues, and arguments, and it seemed like there was no way out of it because it was a cycle, she cared, she just couldn't love me the same way I loved her, and you know, watching it fall apart like that I ended up becoming the reason for the arguments because I would break down in tears, and go to my absolute lengths to try to get back that magic that just wasn't there anymore and she was just fed up and needed space and eventually the only thing we could do was break up, which was really heart breaking for me, and affected me deeply for about a year and a half afterwards.

  • llwiishll says:

    Thats So True.Been With Libra & I truly felt their emotions are 'Time Being'.They can't love cancerians from heart because even in relationships they use too much brain.They love to get compliments & care But unable to give that back.They lack stability & consistency as they keep jumping from relationships.
    Dear Cancerians , Libras can be good as friend but more than that "JUST DON'T FALL IN A TRAP" They can never take care of yours emotional needs (security) in stable way…

  • lol says:

    My parents divorced and they were Cancer and Libra….

  • Kyle Mat says:

    Libras do not need attention at all

  • Kyle Mat says:

    Libras make their own money thank u very much and are fine not being in a relationship

  • TheMarker2015 L.S says:

    I'm a Libra, I always attract Cancers and we get along so well we just bounce off each other xD

  • Hannah Reed says:

    I'm a cancer and my fiance is a Libra. Despite these odds, we do work well because we are so different. Opposites attract and we both snap each other out of funks but we also have so much in common as well. We've gone through so much and yes, we've had a few arguements, but that's how relationships work regardless of what star sign you are. XD

  • Dominique Jones says:

    I'm a Libra with Scorpio Moon. My boyfriend is a Cancer I think we're great together!

  • the_ sinister_666_ says:

    I'm a cancer and my boyfriend is a libra and we've been together for a year and yes we have our little arguments but we work so well and communicate at a really deep level. I'm always there for him protective of him I get jeleous but because I care and he sees that I care and he doesn't get mad but because I'm emotional and he's logical.but I love him and opposites attract♎♋💘

  • Lil'Sarah Starr says:

    Thank you !

  • Baby Cocoloco says:

    I'm a Cancer Girl and my crush is a Libra boy have any tips?

  • peachfizz says:

    I'm a cancer girl and my boyfriend is a Libra and we are so great together! 😍😍😍😘😘

  • Lilian Ann says:

    I'm a cancer female, my boyfriend is a libra male ♡

  • Blue Cordial says:

    I hate how cancers are always painted as needy and emotional

  • mongo99999 says:

    The things you say we're exactly the opposite while it may be true for the typical cancer and Libra. I'm the Libra, and the more emotional one which my Cancer is more in her head and not in her heart. Many other things. I think we complement each other.

  • sali lq says:

    If it was a Cancer woman and Libra man is works but the other way around doesn't.


    Venus is the planet of love and romance , then how it is only thinking ?

  • Peter says:

    But she loves another cancer

  • Βενετία Δρα says:

    I am a Libra lady and I am gonna love and protect my cancer sweety for the rest of my life! 💕❤💋 I love him more than anything in this world!

  • Marie Jaden says:

    I'm a libra and my girlfriend is a cancer and we fine

  • hidden forgottenme says:

    I am.a cancer.and my boyfriend is a libra…despite the differences for the both of us… we try our best to understand each other…

  • Amy says:

    biadore anyone

  • raven Joyner says:

    My ex is Libra and she hate cuddling and I'm a cancer

  • Victoria Lynn says:

    Are cancers more jealous or Libras?

  • Rasheeka Ricketts says:

    This is very true. My Libra boyfriend doesn't understand the intensity of my emotions and i tend to have mood swings which is the cause of the little fights we have. He ignores them and tries to get past it but i dnt like that because whenever we have an argument he brings up all the problems or doubts he has about me which really hurts. But what i have come to understand is that Libras, especially my boyfriend, are actually kind of emotional too, maybe not as strong as us Cancers but it is all the same because i realise he feels so much but the difference is where i let my emotions affect me, he brushes his aside, well the negative ones. We make the relationship work by being totally honest, if we need something from the other or we are not happy with something about the other we come right out and tell each other because we both value harmony and will work towards unity. The keys for cancers to have good relationships with Libras are trust, understanding or trying to understand, lots of expressions of love and communication. Its hard for Cancers to open up about themselves and it frustrates the Libras, but what i do, because i love my bf so much, is that we choose a time out of the week called sharing time. I share stuff about myself with him and even though he sometimes don't understand what am getting at, he tries to or he doesn't make it a big issue. Also, lastly, for this pairing to last, respect should be present because if the libra feels dissed they will get pissed and turn from you.I dnt c y we r such an incompatible pair;opposites attract and everything i lack my libra man has and vice versa and it is just a perfect balance

  • Yusnia Michelle Yong says:

    Im a cancer lady and my ex boyfriend is libra man, we both works well in first placd but turns so vice versa at the end. Im sad and hurting cus he loves me so bad but im too harsh towards him and im end up letting him go and choose to separate. He's still look for me, call me, text me but im ignoring him cus i dont think that im good for him and seeing this video just now i realize there's alot of accurate points she mentioned bout the cancer :'(

  • Why is my Life so bad says:

    I'm libra female and i have a crush on a cancer male

  • Gina Valois says:

    No!!! cancers are crying babies! drama king!

  • Joshua Aldaco says:

    Cancers are to Sensative and emotional

  • Charlie Sutton says:

    I'm pretty sceptical about zodiac signs, but this almost perfectly describes the relationship I, a libra man, had with my ex a cancer woman.

  • CloverMay says:

    Compatible or..?

    Person A) Pisces sun, Libra ascendant Person B) Libra sun, Cancer ascendant

  • Gacha Stars says:

    I'm a libra(and mostly acts like cancer) and my crush is cancer (mostly acts like libra) which is kinda crazy

  • random_gamer_alert 69 says:

    I honestly wanted to know only because I have a crush on my best friend(a girl and I’m a girl)

  • LiveTo LoveMusic says:

    Im a libra-virgo cusp. how would that be with cancer?

  • Golden Girl says:

    There is no better match!❤️

  • Just G says:

    i’m a cancer and i like a libra at school!💗 i hope i have a good day tomorrow and he looks it talks to me 😵❣️

  • Fatima Zahra says:

    my crush is a libra male and i’m a cancer female oof wish me luck

  • Adi Woo says:

    huhu im libra female and i just confessed to a Cancer and umm i got rejected…😂😅

  • Victoria Lynn says:

    I need more cancer friends .

  • Cock Tael says:

    Are cancer male and libra female compitable with each other?Anyone here pls answer me ❤️thank.z

  • dan020350 says:

    -.- why engage if its doom to fail? – the answer, to understand

  • Adam Schiavon says:

    I'm a Libra and I have a crush on a Cancer women

  • Leticia Caballero says:

    Came here because libras are for some reason the sign im the most attracted.

  • Leticia Caballero says:

    Came here because libras are for some reason the sign im the most attracted.

  • hindimass itkeepskyls says:

    This is me and my sisters relationship
    Well were not lovers ew who wants to date thier suster
    But we do fight alot

  • carlene francis says:

    I sincerely know that this union is ideal! The euphoria between a Libra man and a Cancer woman has an outstanding companionship which can teach other people about true love.. They may be indifferent at time, but they can draw each other to a new realm of passion, soul intertwine vibrations!! I hope to see more Libra men and Cancer women within a union as this will help people know how to love one another like they do! 😘💎✊🏿💎 stay strong!

  • Just Jordan says:

    I feel like cancers just worry too much about the libra and then libras get tired of them

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