Are Cancer & Sagittarius Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide

Are Cancer & Sagittarius Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide

Cancer and Sagittarius have very different
energies together and apart. The Cancer, in life, is looking for security
and something that he or she can build. Build a nest, build a home. In astrology, Cancer is considered the sign
of the mother and the home. Not meaning that everyone becomes a mother,
because the male Cancer certainly wants to create a home. But there’s a mothering instinct in all Cancerians,
a protectiveness, and a willingness to reach out and draw in. Sagittarius’s energies are completely different. They want to adventure. They want to be free, to be free spirits,
to explore, to live life as if it were a rock climbing, let’s say, adventure. As if they were para-sailing. Not that they necessarily do those things,
but that’s they feeling, flying outward, being open and not being tied down. So at first, the sex between them is very
interesting, because Sagittarius loves to play at sex, and certainly Cancerians are
wonderful at giving sex. Even there, however, pretty soon one tries
to escape. One tries to hold one in. And so the Cancer and the Sagittarius ultimately
they part ways, because they are looking for different things, and they cannot supply each
other with what they need.


  • Aaron H says:

    Lol first

  • Coolbird00 says:

    What I had learn from these video is that Gemini, Taurus, Aries are hoes! lol!

  • NicholasToras01 says:

    My mom is a cancerian and she hates Sagittarians

  • Kaitlyn Ann says:


  • Jaylin Braggs says:

    Me and my fiancée, 8 years I'm sagi and she's cancer and were great. Sex is amazing and she's great :-p

  • Luciano Petrigh says:

    what other signs mistakes is that sags want to be mentally possessed (one to make his brain always stimulating nonstop 24/24 whether he's here or not), which cancer lacks to deliver each time… and not emotionally possessed (present in person).. we like to be possessed when u give us adventure, free conversations, positive outlook on life and not having ur ass next to mine the whole day watching tv…. im a sag and i thrive on being mentally possessed!!! (that's wat earth/water signs dont know)

  • S0N MUSIC says:

    ME 2… its just a roller coaster

  • Eyesee Joe says:

    its crazy, a sag and my cancer ex is the one i feel got a way in a sense but we had a great friendship good sex and idk… i feel like if we were to pursue each other, id would be much better. its probably all in my head tho :/ LOL ah well.

  • Gabriella Monroe says:

    Lmfaooooo so true

  • Gabriella Monroe says:

    I don't agree with this video 🙂 but thanx for putting it up anyway !

  • Tyler Durden says:

    go after him/her!
    p.s: (wasn't sure about genders)

  • Noelle Biersack says:

    The thing I think this woman doesn't understand is that sun signs are misleading. It all depends on your Venus, Mars, and Moon signs.

  • tori angel says:

    opposites attract the cancer should find the sagitarious's beauty captivating bc of her different energy two different energs attract but the things they have in common make them want more from each other bc they can relate I believe a cancer and a sag would make a perfect couple

  • Gabby IZanerd says:

    Youbknow how people say Burgos are the most misunderstood sign…well this is the most misunderstood couple. Im a Cancer and all my serious relationships have been with saggittarius. We have something so special and intense and NO cancers don't always like to be cooped up in their home and YES Sagittarius sometimes just want a day at home. Sex is always at its best and laughing is our strongest point. It's effortless love if ignore the people that don't believe the relationship can work out.

  • SkullMan Gaming says:

    Not true really my crush is a sag and we both like the same things and have a strong bond with watch other so really I don't believe this

  • ginny may says:

    Well darn….

  • Kristen says:

    I dated a Sagittarius for 5 years…I now hate Sagittarius with a passion. You can't control them and I don't like that.

  • Oscuro87 says:

    I'm CAN dude and got a new job recently. Ran into a SAG female and we go along very well. I like her look on life, full of excitement, always on the move. That's something i always wanted to have myself, tbh.
    We speak about our lives and how to make the company grow bigger. While I don't think anything romantic is wanted from both parties, I do find a good amount of charm in her personality.
    There's a potential friendship behind it, surely!

    But then there's this Taurus guy, looking all handsome and all, that shadows me and everyone else in the room in fact. Annoying as hell. 🙂 Can't have even 5 minutes to speak with SAG as he's always around her anyway. -_-

  • Fab76 says:

    I love my Sagittarius, and were looking for the same things. Im a Cancer, she is Amazing. After dating for only a few months we want to spend the rest of our lives together.

  • dan020350 says:

    -.- as long cancer does not want commitment then its okay

  • Lis Welsch says:

    I'm a Sagittarius lady and my husband is a cancer. we're high school sweethearts & going 7 years strong. We've had some hard rough patches but it's made us stronger. 🙂

  • Maheen Shoaib says:

    I am cancerous and I love to live an adventurous life

  • katelynn767 says:

    Nope. Not a good match AT ALL. I say this as a cancer.

  • Rachel Drake says:

    I can't stand most cancers.

  • Evaleth says:

    None of the zodiac sign stuff is real at all. I've read multiple different explanations for my sign and that's an inconsistency. Your personality is inherited and it is also developed from environmental experiences. That's a FACT, quit being retards.

  • Larissa Johnson says:

    Cancer is the ones are very sexaul people just like Sagittarius OK lolz

  • Yiw Ta says:

    i love my cancer man <3

  • Wak Yad Jaeger says:

    I'm here because i have fallen in love with 中元すず香. 😊
    Felt a little dissapointment after watching the video. But got my confident back up when i read the comments. 😇

  • Red Pill Man says:

    Sag women make you want to kick em down a pit of poisonous snakes

  • Kellisha Stewart says:

    Im a cancer girl. I hope im not only who feels this way. Because I dated a Sagittarius. He cheat on me all the time nonstop. I found he had multiple relationships with other women, while he was with me all the time. He was extremely selfish too, he only cared himself. He never cared how I was feeling. Btw and he asked for money ALOT.

  • Junior D'Aquila says:

    I’m a cancer/Leo cusp and love my lil cousin who is Sagittarius cousin we always got each other’s back. I got in trouble a lot when I was young ang try to educate him ang raise him up the right way!!!! If you not a Cancer or a water sign you don’t know where I’m coming from 💯 💯

  • Emma G. says:

    I am a Cancer… should I date a Sagittarius that's into me?

  • Meira Shoshi says:

    Everytime I read about Cancer and Sag compatibility, they always say the two can never be compatible. I kinda lose hope but these comments here give me life lol.

  • Ally Arendt says:

    I'm sag and my boyfriend is a cancer I love him lots and want to be with him forever and I wanna try my best to make it work with him any tips on how to keep him happy?

  • darcy rose says:

    I have a celebrity crush that’s a cancer…

  • Room2Move says:

    I’m a Cancerian with Sag Rising and Mars in Sag so I feel like a Sag half the time

  • Dreama Graham says:

    My mom is a cancer and my dad is a sag… They damm sure made a beautiful golden child

  • J ROD says:

    I'm Sag and my BF is Cancer. We've known each other for 7 months and have been going out steady for the past 3 months. It was rocky in the beginning, but as time went on, I became more patient with him (and I'm trying to understand his mood swings) and he has become more loving towards me. He has opened up and has let me in. Cancers may take a while before this happens and don't trust people easily. We communicate a great deal about our wants, needs and expectations. We love each other and are doing our best to make it work and flourish into a solid long-lasting, friendship, partnership and relationship. My Cancerian is amazing!

  • Cameron Johnson says:

    I'm a sagg female been dating a cancer male for 6 yrs now. We have a child together. Has the relationship always been easy? No… but what relationship doesn't have trials here and there. I love him. He loves me. He works my nerves and I know I work his. It is all about the individuals in the relationship. Are you willing to work for it and compromise? Be willing to forgive and ask to be forgiven? Sometimes I can't stand him. Then I can't live without him. He is the same way but we have been trying our best to communicate more, be understanding towards each others wants and needs, honest and open. So it works for us. P.S. Yess he is moody!!! Lol but I give him space to he get over it.

  • Trashley Uwu says:

    Im dating a sagittarius and im a cancer ✊😎

  • Pratima Limbu says:

    I ve always been told that sag and cancer are not compatible and whatsoever. But I am sag and he is cancer . We are high school sweethearts. and been dating for almost 5 years now… yea I agree the fact that we r completely opposite. At first we had so much of arguments, like love and hate relationship. We tried to be apart but love was there.. that made us to be with each other even in the hard days.. I believe that it takes a lot of time to understand each other.. but if you are willing to stay with each other u get along! and next year we are getting married🥰 I know that we have great future ahead!
    I just wanna share that ppl think sag and cancer never works is just illusion! if they r really willing to stay together they are definitely compatible

  • Von Taé says:

    💔 , lol .

  • Trea Saigh 0627 says:

    Current situation 🤷🏽‍♀️🙄

  • Azaria Mason says:

    Im a sag and my boyfriend is a cancer we love the hell out each other hes my bestfriend we can't be with out each other we are also having our first child !❤

  • Jada Skyy says:

    I’m a sag my ex was a cancer and he got on my damn nerves.

  • The Blackwind says:

    I'm a Cancer my bf is a Sag, we had a rough start and I was scared that it wouldn't work out because everywhere I looked I saw Cancer X Sag isn't "compatible". And they really freaked me out. But the Thing is if you really love someone, it shouldn't matter if the two of you are different. you should be able to find a lovely common ground. I can be a home body sometimes, but honestly he is more than me. lol I'm more interested in adventure then he is.

  • Sweethearts Animations says:

    Okay this is what I do not understand, i myself am a cancer, i watch all these stuff saying "Oh Sagittarius and Cancers are not compaitble", Well im sorry to burst your bubble you " Theory" but uh, I am a Cancer dating my girlfriend who is a Sagittarius and fun fact I've been with my girlfriend way longer then any of my past relationships she is a beautiful, intelligent lady with a very VERY GREAT PERSONALITY which in my case i see half of the comments stating there truth so im not alone in this am i ^^"

  • Venti Breeze says:

    No! Absolutely no hope.

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