Are Gemini & Scorpio Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide

Are Gemini & Scorpio Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide

Gemini and Scorpio are very different in their
energies as people, in their goals, how they relate in love, what they’re looking for in
life. Gemini is an air sign, meaning it’s communicative
and curious and spontaneous and essentially wants to get out. In other words, to experience, to explore. Scorpio is a water sign, very, very feeling
and very intense. The major characteristic of a Scorpio is control. It does not want to have or be in a relationship
in which it, he or she, cannot control the other. So immediately they do have a passionate and
fabulous sex life. Immediately. Because Gemini loves to explore and to titillate
and to flirt with and to find new sex tricks. This, of course, empassions a Scorpio who
is already a very sexual sign. So there’s lots of fireworks, lots of tempestuous
lovemaking. Then they move on into the next part of the
relationship, where they have to make a go of it as friends. There it’s more difficult, because Scorpio
does control intensely, does fell intensely, and tends to be very temperamental in its
attitudes. Gemini doesn’t have time for this, really
doesn’t want someone who is constantly in a negative frame of mind or who constantly
needs to have the rules followed, or the situation of being too much under the thumb of another. So Gemini tends to wander off a bit, goes
out dancing or socializing, and Scorpio sits and home and seethes. Basically, long term they are going to have
a lot of conflict between them and hostility between them. Best if they could form a friendship first,
and then fall into a love affair. But usually that doesn’t happen.


  • amb says:

    Look I'm sick of this Mauritania SHIT !!! Plz ur how cast not maruinja cast

  • imdeadonideas says:

    Is this really what they're throwing out now? As if I'd give a damn about Zodiac signs and who are compatible with who.

  • ghetto babe says:

    this is so true im a scorpio gurl and i was dating a guy who was a gemini and in bed we were perfect but after all we were arguing and being mad at each other and i think SCORPIOS AIN'T COMPATIBLE WITH GEMINIS.

  • Vance Meeks says:

    That's it I have had enough of this crap. What happend to the stuff like "How to pick a lock" that people actually WANTED to see?. If I wanted to see this stuff I'd go subscribe to "The Spirit Adventure" or some crap. The Youtube court declares me… Unsubscribed. *KNOCK KNOCK*

  • Apple Pie says:

    Woah woah woah.. First of all let me say I LOVE that how cast is doing tattoos, astrology and marijuana information… Three of my favorite topics. Second of all.. I a, a scorpio and I've briefly dated a Gemini and everything she said in is video is true.. Sex was amazing but he wasn't interested in getting his life organized and I need someone goal oriented.. (Like my now Taurus bf)

  • Ms. YEA says:

    geminis are goal oriented but they don't need everything to be organized because they can get the job done without it.

  • Candy Leong says:

    Wow chill out ppl it's just horoscopes

  • Sofia Arroyo says:

    story of my life..

  • misano15 says:

    Wow looks like some1 realllllllllllly hates scorpios

  • Nash Reeves says:

    My girlfriend and I couldn't work out… she's a gemini and I don't believe in bullshit.

  • Enni says:

    mauritania omg u made my day maruinja

  • amb says:

    Yes , I'm a kid does it matter ? You worthless pieces of shit get a fucking life and leave me alone BITCH !!! Senior awesome get a life instead of playing goddamn games

  • MrZerolicious says:

    I honestly hate scorpios so much. But they're so attractive. -__-

  • Melanie Lewis says:

    Friends first.

  • lovelymissquinn says:

    I'm a scorpio and I'm dating a gemini and it's been the exact opposite between us. He's controlling and negative and doesn't want to go out and do anything among a multitude of other undesirable traits. Whereas, I'd rather be out and about. Seeing and being seen. Doing my social butterfly thing. And I tend to be a lot more positive than I've ever known him to be.
    What should we do to preserve the friendship? (since I'm dumping his sorry butt lol)

  • YacobMan7 says:

    Usually that doesn't happen my ass. My current girlfriend is a Gemini, and we are BEST friends.

  • subbtopp says:

    Im a gemini and Im haveing a passoniate torrid, swing from the chandlers time, its true when the gemini becomes creative with sex that does seem to get to an aweinspiring response from the scorpio

  • VisualKai says:

    Scorpio woman that dated a Gemini man.
    Funny how right she was, had a great first encounter, great sex but nothing worked out in the end. We lacked in communication though, so no wonder it ended, especially with him being an air sign.

  • ennoe87 says:


  • Lizzy Cloutier says:

    hey msyea98 fuck off scorpio rules

  • 1jadeddoll says:

    Gemini is a two faced person and super weak. My ex was a gemini and he was a bold faced liar. SCORPIO needs a honest, strong man and gemini men are not that!

  • AlexandraXoXo Xo says:

    Fuck you . Gemini are not weak .We just don't like Scorpio bitch . Good thing he left your clingy ass . Stupid bitch

  • Ariee Hernandez says:

    I'm a scorpio sun/Leo moon/Saggitarius rising, and I've never really liked geminis. I mean they are really fun to hang around with and flirt with and go places with, but they are too damn self centered, and they take things too lightly, and everything is a game to them, and they are exhausting to keep up with. Don't get me wrong, I love Gemini people, just not in relationships. Btw, not all scorpios are total prudes.

  • mxoxob says:

    gemini is two faced because we have two faces! we are strongest
    dont get it twisted cuz ur veiw is biased because of ur ex

  • mxoxob says:

    hell yeah

  • mxoxob says:

    im a true gemini
    straightup, but i see myself only being around scorpios
    i think its becsause they act as intense as we do and they keep us challenged when most other signs we feel like we already know what they will bring or that we can rule them.. scorpios and geminis are the best i think, and when we mix its like fireworks, but we clash. i love scorpios because they keep me on my feet and other signs bore me

  • elaiza r says:

    Im a scorpio and my boyfriend is a gemini and i really think its one of the best relationships ive had. We do adventure stuff together and the thing i like about him is that he lets me try new things and the sex is incredible. We started off as friends and ended up having feelings for each other. For me, anything is possible. Although, it depends on the person itself. 🙂

  • Lavish Diluted says:

    Gemini powers activate!!!!!! I will fetchy Scorpio man soon enough. We two are incredibly intense emotionally. He brings out all of my Gemini traits when I'm with him

  • Alex Nieves says:

    Perfect Analysis!

  • Tamara Nair says:

    I don't know about this, I am a female scorpion and my boyfriend is a gemini, We are great in sex but I never been controlling with him, we going on two years, never had crazy fights or arguments, this is not about signs, relationships are based in trust, respect, communication, forgiving each other, complimenting each other, planning such a marriage children, home and traveling, be in there for the person you love, you can involved faith, helping each other. He is my best friend.

  • danni says:

    Gemini and scorpio is one of the best relationships hands down. There is honestly nothing like it when we come together. Im a gemini, my ex is a scorpio. We spent 2 years together and still, i dont think we're over each other

  • Lala French Aka Anglo Frenchy Chick says:

    Gemini men are a little floozy

  • SyncytheShredESP says:

    Im a Scorpio man and I never dated a Gemini woman but im not a control freak

  • tinkerbell716 says:


  • yuri lili says:

    Gemini + Scorpio can either the best or worst relationship you've ever had it can honestly go either way. There is more to it than just Sun signs so that might be the reason why the relationship is sour. Gemini with a Virgo (Like my bf) usually will be faithful, but if the Gemini has a Gemini moon or Aquarius moon they just might not be as faithful. Also depends on the degree its in and what not. I think If your a Scorpio with High Air elements (like myself) you need a Gemini with strong Earth elements to balance you out visa versa. Other than that, I am a Scorpio and My bf is a Gemini we've been together for basically 5 years, best relationship we've both ever had- If we both could describe each other in regards to the relationship we'd both say we are soul mate, and knew each other in a past life. As my bf likes to say we were one person in a past life.. Which probably(for the believers) is true. There are many famous celebrity Scorpio + Gemini couples out there… And if your relationship is anything like mine, I am sure you will find it easy to relate to these celeb couples as well; do your research. 🙂 

  • Lyn Salina says:

    I'm a scorpio and my fiancee is a gemini man.. we are getting married soon..

  • TOO MUCH says:

    Astrology is absolute bullshit, none of it is proven and it doesnt make any sense, congratulations! all of you believe in magic 

  • LunaticReason says:

    I'm a Scorpio and I fell in love with a Gemini who ended up breaking my heart.  When we first dated things got really passionate but I constantly had to keep my sexuality in check because she was still a virgin and I had to respect that.  Then we became a couple but eventually I think she started getting bored and didn't really wanna go out to do stuff. The she spent more time with her male "friends" Anyways I've always had a good intuition of people and I had a dream about her having a liason with another guy. I could see this shocked omg did i just get caught look on her face. I didn't say anything at the time. A month after or so she just out of the blue decided to break our relationship off. Even though she had never expressed that she no longer loved me back.  It was devastating for me because my passions for her where deep. 

  • GONZALEZ619CA says:

    I'm a Gem and my encounter with the scorpio female was that she was about 7 years older than me I was barely 21 and we met I thought this female was attractive but so mysterious and I had to dig some info out of her then started having a good time but she couldn't handle my on going drive in bed but was a freak she did everything I wanted to try and had a blast everything happened in a instant then I had to go back home AZ this took place in CA after all the good times and what we been through we just lost communication the last time I saw her is when I kissed her goodbye I miss those days even if it was like about two weeks hahahahahaha true story

  • Transport & Simulation Hub says:

    I'm a Gemini with Libra-rising and Pisces Moon as well as Cancer in Venus. So I have a lot of water element in my natal chassis if that's what some want to call it. I want to point out that all Gemini people are different and you have to bear in mind their Moon, Ascendant and Venus signs as these are the key points that segregate all Gemini from one another. That also applies to Scorpio's and the other 10 sun signs too. Of course, I consider myself an easy-going but sincere Gemini but the next one in my class of star sign might not see life in the same light as me :).

  • Crystal Davis says:

    Wow then im guessing its kinda rare for Gemini and Scorpios to be friends before lovers? Then i must have gotten the Lucky end of the stick lol. Me(Scorpio) and My Gemini friend have had a friendship for… about.. mmh. 8 years and just now getting into a relationship~ c:

  • Breana Williams says:

    Im dealing with a Gemini man she said, it started out really passionate and loving..but he was very fleeting and was a different person every other day. Also really cold towards anything deeply emotional,which i cant help seeing as that i am a scorpio woman. Hes my best friend and we spend alot of time together but i dont really see if we can ever be together if he is unwilling to commit while im so understanding of his needs. So idk..i wish it were better 🙁

  • Sean Bulow says:

    Scorpio is the worst sign

  • sweet kitty says:

    Scorpio is a good sign lol 🙂  Im good 🙂

  • Lacie Dominique says:

    One thing I can completely agree for the Scorpio woman & Gemini man is once he loves you and commits, he's there forever! 11yrs of hell and back for us but he refuses to ever turn his back on me. One person I can count on and would trust with my life. We have 3 kids, but fell in love at a very young age (12 & 13). It probably helps that I grew up in a household with 3 older brothers who are also Geminis. A Gemini mans loyalty (he calls it borderline obsession lol) to a Scorpio woman is something I feel is so rare to find regardless of the struggles in the relationship.

  • Lacie Dominique says:

    More importantly, the people as a whole will be the test of a comparability not just a sign. In our relationship I'm supposedly the controlling crazy one, I was as a kid but now I'm the goofy not so serious one where as my male Gemini has these romantic moments where he'll gaze at me and tell me how much he loves me and how he truly believes in his soulmate. Then I'll tackle him and kiss him. Lol Don't base your love off horoscopes, but who completes your heart!

  • lalas232 says:

    I'm Gemini and of all the water signs Scorpio is my favorite; very talented, considerate and beautiful. My problem is that they get too serious and possessive; scares the bejesus outta me

  • Alexandra Negron says:

    My current boyfriend is a Scorpio. We started off as best friends and eventually we just wanted to be more than that. It's the best relationship I've ever had and I'm a Gemini!

  • Mykle Milla says:

    Im a scorpio, but labels are restricting if you believe them, labels are nothing but invisible bounderies…I am a scorpio and never want control in relationship, not for enyone ever lol that's selfish and is no fun for anyone

  • ramrod972003 says:

    Lol, she did say most of the time 😂😂😂 Scorpio/Gemini here, married for 16 years and dated for a couple of years before that!!!

  • J.H.C C says:

    u soo right. we have been on and off since I was 16 he 17 and had our separated paths but atraction in the forst is like a bomb.Now Im 41 and he will message me sometimes to know if Im ok. He is the love of my life but in long term I knew will be difficult this is why I live so far away.from him. Im Gemini.

  • Brandy Mundy says:

    I dated a Gemini once and felt as if he and I were so much alike it would have been a perfect match. I'm a Scorpio but I'm not possessive or controlling. very laid back and cool. I don't gossip and blah blah blah anyway eventually the dating phase was just that. we never ended up together because he had dealt with so much in his life he became paralyzed by it. the one thing I dislike about Gemini is their fear of commitment. anyway where ever he is I wish him the best and hope he get his life together.

  • فهد العجمي says:

    team gemini

  • milie jones says:

    You make Scorpio's sound unbearable. I'm a scorpio and I'm not controlling at all

  • Candi Robinson says:

    I'm a Scorpio and my boyfriend is Gemini and we get along well..the only thing is he's quiet.. other than that he's committed to me fully..He's fun caring and got a great sense of humor

  • Tie Diecat says:

    My partner is a Scorpio ~*•*~ What do I dooo?

  • The fact Poodle says:

    Looking back on previous relationships with scorpio men, they were passionate but communication was always the issue. If any scorpio men are reading this, please for the love of god communicate to ur gemini! Dont play mindgames or assume things. TELL her what ur thinking, tell her as much as u can and ur feelings. Do it without an agenda or without trying to gain anything.

  • Shubham Bhargava says:

    I dont like gemini. I had gemini girlfriend before she cheated on me while we were in relationship.

  • Lisa Sezsnam says:

    my ex bf who was gemini was so loving,funny,smart, romantic,honest,hardworking, such a gentleman. we broke up when we were so young and immature do not know how to endure hardship…hope him get the best in life, i am female scorpio btw

  • Foad Faridi says:

    what she said was right about me and the girl i was seeing. thank you

  • Lisa says:

    gemini like to experiment an experience? My girlfriend ( a gemini) hates going out and literally, blankets are her favorite thing in the entire world because they're so familiar to her. Plus, as a scorpio, I'm not controlling at all.

  • Insert Here says:

    I'm a Gemini myself ♊️

  • Keera Ashton says:

    I'm a Gemini sun sign

    Aquarius rising

    Mercury in cancer

    Moon in Scorpio

  • Temi Ade says:

    Im a Scorpio. I would NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER date a Gemini.

  • Grue Grozav says:

    They are both very strong in such different ways…that's why they can't get along finally. Constant fight.

  • veena modaliyar says:

    my man gemini. I'm Scorpio . I love him lot he is completely feel different from others.

  • Lovely Lia says:

    My sun sign is Scorpio my moon sign is Gemini, Venus is Sagittarius…does this change anything if I wanna go out with a Gemini?

  • Mel issa says:

    Scorpio can see Geminis lie through their lies >.<

  • Jayla LeRoy says:

    #scorpiosquad like if ur one

  • Luna :3 says:

    I'm a Gemini and my bff is a Scorpio we fell in love and i can understand her pretty well I'm not sure if I need to know more but she does have an attitude sometimes when something's bothering her but then she says sorry and holds my hand sooo is that good? That she can control her attitude for me? It does break my heart when she's like that because she's not herself but we good

  • t o t a l l y t u b u l a r says:

    Okay so IM a Scorpio here and…well IM IN LOVE WITH A GEMINI!! where best friends and talk everyday! That's why I love/hate this video..

  • Shelley Harrison says:

    what do you think about the cusps signs? I was born on a cusp…Sag/Scorpio. Should I be reading both signs?

  • Alaina Pacheco says:

    Yup lol …

  • Elli Lazo says:

    I hate a Gemini man

  • Hailey- Jade says:

    # ScorpioSquad where you at?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?

  • Nitro bella2 says:

    what u said is true after 15 years whit a gemini i agree we broke up not becus we didnt love but becus we werent on the same level in life. he is tho still a good find off mine and a good father to my boys.

  • Anterea Taan says:

    well there's also moon sign etc

  • sally hs says:

    Ill have to disagree from 1.44 and onwards! You cannot go by what the signs say sometimes its not true! It all depends on the persons personality and how you two get along!

  • Stanley Bower says:

    I'm a Scorpio male my female friend she's a Gemini I'm taking my time and get to know her it's been lovely Gemini and Scorpio

  • Rebecca Lyn says:

    My boyfriend is a scorpio and we always have a great time together and are happy and are happily in love.

  • 12 June 2002 says:

    I'm a Gemini and I had a relationship with a Scorpio girl …. Still if we are seen together talking to each other people call us power couples

  • Clemintine says:

    im guessing this means my crush will never like me……………..i see

  • sweetae says:

    i'm a gemini & my crush is a scorpio.

  • Marika Pająk says:

    Thats is so so real

  • Justin Hall says:

    I'm a Scorpio I'm with a Gemini an she perfect

  • Allison Cooley says:

    i like a scorpio.. he likes me. i’m a gemini. we’ll see where this goes and i’ll update you later

  • *I_am_breena * says:

    Team Gemini!!! Scorpios are awesome, amazing friends , fantastic lovers but I like to keep it in the friendszone because scorpios are a friend I want to keep for life and don't want a relationship to ruin it. Just my own opinion though. 😊

  • Manal Elprince says:

    You're making me question if i am a scorpio wtf is this woman saying?

  • Krissy T. says:

    This video seems to be more about Scorpio than Gemini and Scorpio compatibly. It’s my impression from this video that it would be Scorpio’s fault should this union not work out. I’m a Scorpio woman and proud and I do not control or dominate my partner. We as Scorpios may have similar characteristics but were NOT all the same..I’m newly dating a Gemini man… so far we are more friends than lovers thou there is a common interest to be more and there is a attraction between us. This Gemini man tends to be moody at times like most Gemini’s are you just don’t know which twin you will be talking to at any given day….he also lacks zero emotion or ability to verbally express his feelings. He comes off as almost cold when it comes to courtship. That I’m having a hard time with right now but overall he is a nice guy… very outgoing, great personality and adventurous. Not taking this seriously. Much rather remain good friends Gemini’s mostly are.😁 ~~~7/8/19

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