Are Sagittarius & Capricorn Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide

Are Sagittarius & Capricorn Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide

Sagittarius and Capricorn are attracted to
each other, but briefly. The
reason is that each of them is so different. Sagittarius is a fire sign
filled with the fire of trying to find out more about life. This is not
deeply banked fires, but it’s more that magnetism of wanting to life a
passionate life and that is also exploration. Essentially, Sagittarius is
the sign of freedom, of needing a lot of space, mentally, emotionally and
otherwise and of experiencing life spontaneously. Sagittarius doesn’t like getting tied to too
many promises and certainly into a lot of heavy emotional stuff. Capricorn, on the other hand, is an
earth sign and what it seeks is security and stability. An ordered life and
one that will give the Capricorn a sense that he or she is successful. Capricorn is the sign of achieving, of taking
on a disciplined approach and being an authority figure. So, after the first flush, in a way, of sexual
experimentation is over with, and they are certainly experimental sexually. Capricorn is deeply sexual and Sagittarius
just loves the passion and the fire of sex. So, they will spark each other immediately
and then, they run into the temperamental differences because
Capricorn wants to take over as the authority figure and the one who is disciplined. Capricorn likes to be
practical and will be appalled how Sagittarius loves to spend money and not
really care about tomorrow and what’s gonna happen tomorrow. It is, let’s say, in fairytale terms, this
is the ant and the grasshopper. Sagittarius loves to hop around and be free
and Capricorn is the industrious ant who wants to build a very
stable life. I don’t think
they’ll even make it as friends; however, at the beginning it’s lovely
because it is so very sexy.


  • amyinponderland says:

    Been with my boyfriend whos star sign is Capricorn for nearly 4 years. Just as a bit of reassurance to anyone that takes it to heart 😛 Being different but having the same moral grounding is definitely good! 🙂 x

  • NeonChimp says:

    Well I've only listened half but so far it's a total load of bollocks lol.Im Capricorn and my GF is Sagittarius but sounds like this woman has us totally mixed up,when talking about Sagittarius it sounds like me,Capricorn sounds like her,don't really believe,way too generalized,you'd av to include moon signs,DOB to the hr to get it half decent.Then again,i can't stand my GF so that's right lol.

  • Piriya Sambandaraksa says:

    This is true, I'm a capricorn married to a Sagittarius. But I've also learnt to love all of her good quality. Plus she has a Capricorn Ascendance and I Pisces so it's working out somehow. Though almost all of my friends and ex'es are cancer and pisces 🙂

  • Vicki Laufer says:

    It's funny you say that I've been with my boyfriend for 8 years and he's a sagittarius and I'm a capricorn

  • Brenda Katz says:

    one of my best friends is a capricorn and we have a great friendship. 🙂

  • CJ Official says:

    Yup.. this is so true! 😀 I see this in my parents 😀

  • alexandra says:

    this is true in a way

  • Mariilaprietta says:

    This is funny cause the father of my child is a sagittarius and I'm a capricorn and I'm like a sagittarius and he's the capricorn smh wtf lol

  • jueat says:

    I'm a Cap, Gf is Sagg., and we give and take and learn from each others differences although I agree with some of what she said

  • Wesley Pi says:

    my ex is sagi yah she is a hell of a women.

  • Barbara says:

    hahahahaha lollll thats why my ex is a capricorn.. Im a Sagii woman.. Yes it was sexy not anymore lol!!!

  • Josh says:

    Laprietta54 that's probably because mercury sign is sagittarius and his mercury is in capricorn. Mercury signs reflect your thoughts and perception of others. It will always fall on your sun sign,or the sign next to it. The same process for your Venus (love) sign. Capricorn is next to sag and Aquarius.

  • Josh says:

    Any relationship can work; regardless of its astrological incompatibility,as long as both are willing to accept and learn from each other. Ultimately, we can decide what will or won't work.

  • Brenda Katz says:

    my sister is a capricorn. this explains so much about our relationship as siblings.

  • Dude_piston88 says:

    My fiancee is a Capricorn we have been together for four years now. We have had minor disagreement but we work threw them. When we are both are working as a team we ecscell at our at it. Our romantic life is just fine, and our sex life is hot. I can't imagine going on without her.

  • Gustavo Diaz says:

    My Venus in Sagittarius. I'm an Ultimate freedom lover. And yeah Sagittarius and Capricorn can't be friends. I find Sagittarius people Hippocrates because they preach to you and they themselves don't even practice what they preach and then they expect you to do what they say. And as a Capricorn that's bull shit. I think scorpios are hardcore honest with you and they don't bull shit.

  • That Zexi Guy says:

    I'm a Sagittarius, and I only agree with the freedom part. I like plans, and I like things to be organized. I also value promises and I don't mind emotional stuff. If I don't have organization or plans, I feel restricted because I have no idea what's going on. I do however, have the ability to act on impulse and make plans very quickly if I don't have them, and I don't mind deviating from plans, but I prefer order first so I know what to expect, but I won't go crazy if I don't have plans or things happen out of order. I guess you could just say I'm flexible.

  • That Zexi Guy says:

    Also, I just realized my two best friends since middle school are both Capricorn.. so go figure~

  • Free Spirit says:

    True !

  • CyanAttik says:

    as a Sagittarius dating a Capricorn (3 years)
    i've found it  perfectly fine at first, because he was so negative and  i wanted to help him.
    we've had a few disagreements that have left us in quite a mess.
    however that never lasted long. however lately i've been getting so annoyed with his negativity and the way he tries to plan out our lives. i'm trying to help this issue so hopefully we can work it out.

  • Roméo Figueroa says:

    Ugh, this is what I keep seeing. Sagittarius and Capricorns are polar opposites. The former loves freedom and the latter loves structure. It really sucks because I am infatuated by a female Cap and wanna make things work. I do! I want her attention, to show her what kind of person I am. And as a Sag, we love a challenge and hate backing down. Any advice?

  • QueenVQueen says:

    Soo true 😂😂😂

  • You Are Leaders says:

    Not even as friends?  

  • Euri Oh says:

    huh.. weird. I'm a sag and my boyfriend of 3.5 years is a cap! 🙂 the odds are against us.. but we are still going strong!! can't imagine myself with anyone else. he grounds me!

  • Lunar Nature says:

    Im a Capricorn and i never acted like that every one calls me a free spirit my nick name is nature boy soooo um yea….

  • Cindy Lime says:

    I met a Sagittarius & he waz blunt & direct & I even made him angry all in meeting him once & in one hour lol! The thing is his bluntness & anger made me attracted to him!! I haven't seen him since as my feelings for him run to deep & I feel to be alone with him thingz could happen & I want that so bad!! 😉

  • Traci Lee says:

    I call BS. This is true to a point but it also depends on your moon, rising, venus etc. I have been with my Sag for years. Cappy here. We do great together.

  • 6th_gun_Kai says:

    extremely true for my experience

  • Anastasia Saenz says:

    I don't believe Capricorns and Sagittarians can't believe friends. I've been friends with two Capricorns for several years and have an older brother who's a Capricorn. They're really sweet guys and fun to be around.

  • Tameem Jamal says:

    Extremely accurate

  • gregory kearney says:

    No don't agree, I am Capricorn been married to a Sag for 30 yrs and went together for 3 yrs before, still going happy and wife still pampers me, not that she has to and won't hear a bad word about me. We have been through the ups and downs,money and health wise. But always lover each other to bits. I think that is the core of most signs staying together. Loving each other, it takes time to love each other. Not just having attraction
    And getting married and divorced in 5 yrs as seems these days. By the way Leo and partners have the highest divorce rates in the world. Cheers

  • Cletus Kasady says:

    Just woke up the other day to a middle-aged Sag/Cap couple fucking.

    I call shenanigans.

  • fantom97 says:

    She sounds as if she has experience with the advice , but why does most of her references and future experiences sound sooooo negative!

  • Cap and Glasses says:

    haha in certain point of view, i agree and dissagree with that statement, because my brother sagitarius 😀 but in the end of your explanation i totally agree haha
    cause my ex girlfriend is sagitarius and its all only lovely in the begining :p haha

  • Dwindle Deeds says:

    I'm sag and I spent some time with a cap and yeah it's good in the beginning but yeah never going to date with them bcz they are so boring.

  • Kekegoesbananas says:

    I disagree with this lady I've been best friends with my sag man for 12 years yes we see life very differently sometimes I can't believe how different we are but that's what I really like bout my relationship with him he always shows me a different way to look at things in life and in return I do the same with him being very different from each other is what attracts me to him each and everyday

  • Jo Smoe says:

    haha too accurate

  • Mar Y Sol says:

    people we aren't only the sun sign !! to look at longlasting relationships one of the most important thing to see in terms of astrology is the moon.

    I'd say this lady is talking about the ENERGIES of the signs, not people who are born on the sun sign. if you are born the days where the sag sun falls in, but most of your charts related to relationship is full of other energies you won't experiment it the same way.

    I would say that cap energy and sag energy don't have the same ways to live their life the best they think they should. I think in a healthy relationship of the two and well balanced energies inside of us, they have admiration for each other for their own different way of being. Cap can feel accepted by sag's positive vibes. Cap wants to be accepted and well seen. Sag see things in a positive way and can see the beautiful unique stable energy that cap is, in its own eyes. They are so different, so it's harder to find a 100% satisfying balance for life. They would wish they could change some things to be around each other and be able to share their world to the other.

  • Hello World says:

    this is pretty accurate but there are the rare cases like mine. I'm a sag. he's a Capri. and we've made it work for 14 yrs. 🙂 since middle school

  • Kay Steph says:

    Feeling this now. That authority is kind of turning me off and restricting me from my own plans.

  • Linette Mendoza says:

    I'm a sag and I just started a relationship with a Capricorn and the comments give me hope that we will be together for a while

  • Rhonda Michelle says:

    You need to take in consideration of moon and rising signs

  • Mariya Ali says:

    iam a capricon girl 😁😊so some think i agree but only good thinks

  • ThePuppy561 says:

    omg so true about money lol we always have fight in the beginning about money cuz he give so much to the waitresses for tips now he knows how to handle our financial..Me and my Sag hubby been married for 21 years!!!

  • Vikky Dickson says:

    Am Capricorn and my fiance is Sagittarius, we can't stay from each other for a day since a year now, he can't even stand the chance of losing me to someone else

  • Mary l. Moore says:

    Sagi-corn here and I love my grounded Capricorn man! 1 year this month, and plenty more to go!

  • Madison Rose says:

    This is extremely inaccurate…

  • Barbie Howie says:

    I'm a Sagittarius husband a Capricorn been together for 10yrs now. Love conquers all

  • JAYMIE ZEPPA says:

    That was so depressing lol

  • Bleach 2.5 says:

    I'm a cap yet I have the traits of A Sag. I'm an early Cap tho. Could be why. December 23

  • Stephanie Swann says:

    She forgot to mention that it’s imperative to take into account moon sign and rising sign…. what a way to misinform the world. ….Redo video Howcast

  • SasuSaku Fever says:

    But nothing is impossible right? I thought opposites attract.

  • steven west says:

    Won't even make it as friends hahaha my best friend of 31 years is a Sag were like brothers. As a cap it's nice to have someone that's a bit adventurous and crazy. Sag girls are fun and no BS which makes it easier to talk and be with

  • DNA Leguillou says:

    Not true at all. I'm a Capricorn ♑ Libra moon married to a Sag. I'm more adventurous than he is, and I don't really mind him spending here and there. What I don't like about him is that he is too critical and can hurt with his words. We get along even though he always wants to win. 😆. I let him win sometimes.

  • BrightOrange J says:

    Miley and Liam

  • Fireflies 2001 says:

    What's your zodiac Mam?? ❤️❤️🌹🌹

  • Jam Rull says:

    Im a sag and my crush is a capricorn!! BS. Because I will make it work. Taking this as a challenge

  • Realmatic Schisms says:

    Actually, signs right next to each other make for the best chances at a long term relationship/marriage.

  • Evangelina Reyes says:

    lmao i’m so glad so many people are calling bs on this i’ve got a crush on a sag and of course i want it to go well???

  • Divine Escabusa says:

    Yes it is true, in Capricorn and my husband is saguitario.

  • xxxscarlxrd says:

    Who else is watching this cause they have a crush on a cap lol

  • Kimiah Cargill says:

    I’m a Capricorn and my fiancé is a Sagittarius we get along just fine but he spends money like no tomorrow and I do not like that he’s also younger than me but we have lost friends will his friendsBecause we get along so well we don’t fight we don’t argue none of that we just talk it out and MoveOn he do have a little temper tantrum’s here and there like a child but some men are just like children I don’t think he had all the tools when he met me but now he does when I was younger I did want to control but now I do not I wish you would step up just a little bit more

  • Kimiah Cargill says:

    I don’t agree with that lady I’ve been with mine for four years now and I know we’re going to get married he’s a great provider for me and my son and I’m a great help mate for him that lady said I don’t think that they will make it as friends he’s my best friend and less he been putting on a front for four years I don’t think so he had a lot of players in his time just like me so when we met wasn’t love at first sight I’m a tell you that he’s not all that cute but it forced me to look at other things that he does and I’m glad I did he was not originally my type I wanted to tall dark and handsome 6263 white blue eyes blonde hair type of person he short he have dreads I don’t really like them but it’s OK his hygiene is not like mine he cleans very well not all the time like me but all of that changed so whoever you’re attracted to and it’s not going well change it up with someone that you’re not attracted to that might just be the one you’re supposed to be with the love is different love also his my Rock and I’m his peacemaking

  • Judge Dredd says:

    I don’t know about cap men, but sag women are adaptable to anything thus the comments reflecting all these sag women claiming bs. As a sag guy, none of this even matters and I’m bored

  • Angela Kinsella says:

    I'm just getting bk with my sagittarius male after 11yrs

  • AirFire18 says:

    I feel that this fire sign is actually more compatible with Capricorn since sag can be mellow if they have a lot of earth element in this chart. My Venus is in sag and I realized I attract fire signs. Everybody that I attract is either an Aries or another fire sign..yet my chart is mostly earth. I think it comes down to your mix combo of sun and moon. I’m a cancer moon…and it makes me a lot more emotional and passionate than other cap.

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