Are Scorpio & Capricorn Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide

Are Scorpio & Capricorn Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide

These are two very strong people, and as a
relationship they can make a strong pairing. Bottom line, they each look for the same things
in life. In other words, what they need is to feel
secure. In different ways, of course. Scorpio is a water sign and water, in astrology,
stands for emotion, deep feelings. A nature that is almost volcanic in its depth. In the natural world, for example, the Scorpio
can be likened to an iceberg, where the water is frozen into something that’s deep and you
don’t see everything at the beginning. You just see the surface. You see what the Scorpio wants to let you
in on. But Capricorn can see into a Scorpio and can
provide what the Scorpio needs, which is essentially security. This is also what Capricorn looks for: security,
an ordered life, something that is stable and countable on. Capricorn is an Earth sign. Earth, in astrology, stands for stability
and for a life that is lead to create something that lasts. Capricorn is the sign of success, of achievement,
of being a person that gravitates toward authority and power. And therein maybe something that they need
to work out. To begin with, of course, there’s lots of
deeply felt passion between the two. Both are very sexy signs and are able to make
love in a way that gives to the other a sense of completion. But when I say that Capricorn is the sign
of taking on authority, Scorpio is the sign of taking on control. And so, you have the two that have to work
out in which way they’re going to control or be domineering or be authoritative because
they have that nature. Each of them has that in their nature. The happy part is that they can work this
out because they make each other feel safe. So, essentially it is a wonderful pairing
sexually and as a deeper relationship it can bloom into something very stable and very


  • Drip says:

    1 rst damn veiw!!!

  • Mariilaprietta says:

    4th comment lol

  • Leslie Lanfranconi says:

    Where my scorpios at? XD

  • Aria Ashman says:

    Im unsubbing

  • Sentinel_Wolf_Gaming says:

    im a scopro

  • Sentinel_Wolf_Gaming says:

    my it was scoprio

  • Melanie Lewis says:

    Very sexy

  • tylo342 says:

    Im a scorpio 😀 proud to be one 🙂

  • Peter Jeffrey says:

    am a Scorpio an my bf is a capricorn and we get alone just fine 🙂

  • Daniel Johnson says:

    Want a scorpio woman please hit up !

  • Averon Destiny says:

    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!! Scorpio's believe in other peoples shit. as in other peoples money, other peoples house, and clothes and shit. They dont wanna do shit for them selves. and Cap's are so independent

  • Melissa Melissima says:

    Hey steady now. I'm Scorpio. I love independance actually and I have the desire to even provide. But then I'm a guy so maybe your talking about a woman. I don't know man.


    Im a cap and concludes that Scorpios and Pisces Rocks!!

  • Eric’s Motion says:

    i'm a scropio and my sis is cap and you have no idea of how much i love her… shes the one on my photo.. i could literally do anything for her and also i'm very protective her especially when it comes to her dating relationship, like her 1st boyfriend had to call and beg me to date her lol.. she's just the best thing in my life.. so yeah all you Cap rock!!

  • mikeandbone says:

    ya its like this.. dont cheat on a scorpio and dont embarass a capricorn..

  • RageDrakax says:

    LOL i know right?I was with a scorpio for three years,guess what-she friendzoned me for no fucking reason and on top of that she was dating some other guy.Everything was fine before that,but seriously,what the fuck?!

  • NoCtiiZZ V2SP says:

    Im seeing that i have a chance with the girl i like

  • TheSusietv says:

    My husband is Capricorn I'm Scorpio I've never felt such a connection

  • traveller04 says:

    I can say with absolute assurance that this evaluation is completely wrong.  I am fifty years gold and I've researched this personally by comparing my own experiences as a True Cap with many Scorpios.  Scorpios, do indeed like to keep everything hidden.  Caps are by nature good at seeing what others don't want seen, this tends to put a Scorpio on their guard.  And like the real life creature they would rather stab either the cap or themselves in the back rather than open up or tolerate being read.  Scorpios are passionate, but tend to move on to the next thing or person very quickly.  Caps are loyal to a fault and that is both their strength and weakness.  The only scorpio I ever managed to maintain a friendship with was someone that I persisted after.  The friendship faltered and vanished all together when I stopped making the effort, for that effort was never returned in kind.  shame that but this gives me a barometer on how accurate this particular evaluators opinions are.  I would have to say, "not very."

  • NoPhame says:

    Both are very similar people.. If you can make it work, there will be no other connection like it. 

  • Miillie Mesh says:

    Both signs are very similar but Scorpio is more passionate & isn't as aloof or materialistic as Cap, Scorpio analyze everything. No Scorpios do not move on quickly, maybe physically they if they're sexually active, but in the heart & mind you will always remain & be in a Scorpio's thoughts if you were once a lover or friend. It is true though that Scorpio doesn't chase after people & would rather be chased, because Scorpio doesn't want to be vulnerable or make it seem like they need anyone. Being a Scorpio is like a curse though, like a fucking walking contradiction. & Yes it's true Scorpio's will say what's mine is mines & whats yours is mines. Sense of entitlement is way off. Nonetheless if you gain their trust & do right by them, you have nothing to sweat about. & you'll never be bored or feel unloved. Anything you tell them is between you & them & they will return all favors 😉

  • el cid says:

    Theres a natural  attraction between the two but it never lasts

  • Tamerean Bee says:

    I am a Capricorn sun, Scorpio moon & I love Scorpio men!

  • MegaSimpatic says:

    Where's my Capricorn ? 🙁  I'm here, waiting for you …  and still searching you : )

  • Ada wongz says:

    Iam a capy and I love my scorpy ♥
    But.. right now we r kind of in a not so cool mode.. 🙁

  • Marly Bud says:

    Now l need to find a Scorpio lol

  • Aero Lamont says:

    I used to be best friends with a Capricorn, and she told me that all throughout her life I was her only friend that actually understood her fully.

  • The Man Unknown says:

    Im a Scorpio, and im talking to a Capricorn woman…she's the sweetest ,most cordial girl that I've ever met

  • Daniel Johnson says:

    I'm capricorn man looking scorpio woman

  • BSBcty says:

    I really love Capricorn sign… It's reserved and kind of mysterious, also brings stability and It's the sign of Achievement, totally important in this material world, where it's necessary to Materialize the Ideas…

    With love from a Scorpio ^^

  • Sandii Belle says:

    I am a capricorn… But i dont have the guts to chase a scorpio.. Im scared that they might alrdy have someone they like.. 🙁 and id make a fool out of myself.

  • Big Black Isaiah says:

    I'm a Capricorn and I'm with a Scorpio

  • MO VENTURES says:

    My boyfriends a Scorpio and I'm a Capricorn and we really do complete each other ! He's my best friend lol

  • anonymous Person says:

    I'm afraid to control because I'm afraid I'd hurt the one I'm with :/

  • anonymous Person says:

    I'm afraid to control because I'm afraid I'd hurt the one I'm with :/

  • Someone says:

    I got a Capricorn gf this is awsome…

  • Shamira Mclean says:

    I'm a cap by the way

  • rambling guy says:

    As a Scorpio I can't stand a Capricorn

  • directioner cutie is so beautiful says:

    I am also capricorn whats u date of birth

  • Bobby Baker says:


  • Ocavi Cabavi says:

    Capricorn & Scorpio 100% compatible

  • Shahil Sami says:

    Im capricorn,,, i hate scorpio, they secretive

  • pennsylvania pennsylvania says:

    i'am Scorpio and the guy was was dealing with is Capricorn and that was one crazy and mental unstable Damental Deranged Capricorn man iam sorry but i will never go back out with a capricorn again

  • Natavan Quliyeva says:

    i like scorpio guys, they are really giving the air of real men. u can trust them.

  • BornUndead _ says:

    My girlfriend is a scorpio and this makes me relieved

  • AntiqueAngel44 says:

    Here are the sign partners that I know get along 100 %

    Capricorn & Scorpio
    Aquarious & Sagitarius
    Libra & Leo
    Cancer & Taurus

    By the way,;I'm a strong believer that both Astrology and Numerology definitely help when choosing that "Special Someone", so if any guy out there who is a 'Scorpio' and has the Life Path number of '9' you are perfect for me!

  • free spirit says:

    The video would seem weird if this wasen't about astrology but animals

  • Mohrp 87 says:

    As Scorpio women I am fantastic and confident
    No need any one specially Capricorn men
    This men is lazy and can't make money
    He always needy and cheaty
    I love my self but he need people love him
    capo men don't have no confident at all
    I love Capricorn men but I don't chase men
    I am proud and super attractive women so I should be chase.
    Capricorn men scare from powerful Scorpio women .
    So as Scorpio women I left my Capricorn boyfriend so many time and I even cheated on him with other guys.
    But I love him deeply inside my heart with out telling him how much I care for him.
    Scorpio women are army women
    We create and fix
    If Capricorn men don't let me to fix him I will leave him.

  • YVNG PICC says:


  • Lovely Lia says:

    I don't really like a Capricorn cause I haven't really met one (only girls and by the way I'm a Scorpio) so I don't know much about cap men, however, many scorps I know are currently in a relationship with Capricorns.

  • Michelle Johnson says:

    I'm a Scorpio and my soulmate is a cap. I love him so much. We definitely click with each other

  • Sanja Sanjic says:

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  • Fireflies 2001 says:

    Is there anyone scorpio boy??? Iam a capricorn girl. Let's friend.. 😊😊❤️❤️❤️

  • Matthew Tyler says:

    Scorpio vs Capricorn

  • Varsha Singh says:

    Hi,karoline, please tell me something about capri woman and scorpion woman ,great chemistry they have !! Love humour, emotion!!! Thanks appreciated!! Thanks god bless you!!

  • sstephanie1811 says:


  • Angelica Dixon says:

    Capricorn’s are the best

  • inga robinson says:

    Very well explained short and sweet and it is all correct . For some reason Capricorns are very attracted to me without me making a move and at the same time i like their advances . I had a unforgettable incredible once in a lifetime Love Affair with a most handsome ( a young Cary Grant look alike) Capricorn in Berlin Germany but he was American on Business in Berlin and i lived in Berlin . So needless to say the day of separation came and i knew deep in my heart i would never see him again and it became reality . Later he wrote me a letter inviting me to come to America ,but at that particular time i was not ready for America ! Years later i married another Capricorn he is American and i did immigrate to this great country . Sad to say we were divorced after 7 years because of various reasons but, he was a good man ! I started in 2013 to search for the man i had the incredible love affair with but, i could not find him not knowing he had changed the last letter of his name from a "Y" to an "I"it made a difference in my search . So on and off i kept on searching and one day in June 2018 i was online and clicked on a post Legacy ,i really do not know at the time why i clicked on that post . What i found was really a Legacy / Obituary and it had his name on it and the success he had as a professional Hotel executive that's how i knew it was him and he died in June 2015, i went into a total shock ! To be honest i still not over it and i will never ever forget him, my once handsome Capricorn stranger ! There is a unusual conclusion to this story but it would be to long . ( I met him in June , he died in June and i found his obituary in June )

  • Missie McMissus The Mysterious Light says:

    Capricorn and Scorpius would just be good friends

  • Ivalina Passe says:

    Yeah Scorpio Guys Are Loving. They Dont really show it all the time. Very Caring People.

  • Ivalina Passe says:

    I Like When Scorpio Takes Control. Very Passionate.

  • Ivalina Passe says:

    Capricorns are the same way when they need to. Climbing a Mountain until we Reach the Top. Longlastings Up and Downs will triumph through together. No matter what. Positive Outcomes.

  • Doll Farah says:

    I like ur personality mam

  • Lady Capricorn72 says:

    Great video! I’m a Scorpio moon and get along great with scorpios

  • Someone says:

    Scorpios and capricorns have a lot in common certainly and when it comes to love it leads to magic then🔥💯

  • Starsha Lewis says:

    It's so weird bc I'm scorpio and all my bfs were capricorns

  • Endergirl Wolf says:

    I am a Capricorn ♑️
    Hello how are you?

  • Jii says:

    My Capricorn boyfriend we have such a deep connection Like another world💕 When we both can't take something down by ourself we fuse together and Form Power and Love. but we do need to work on not trying to be controlling✨

  • Yui Plays says:

    My crush is a Capricorn he is calm and a bit rude but still l love him

  • Jennifer Divine says:

    So basically it can be perfect or come crashing down? Uhhh not sure how I feel about this

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