Are Taurus & Capricorn Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide

Are Taurus & Capricorn Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide

Taurus and Capricorn make a very strong pairing.
Both of them are earth signs, and in astrology earth stands for the search for stability.
So each of them needs structure and order and a sense they are living lives that count
for something. They have that in common. Of course, sexually they have a great deal
in common, because both are deeply and intensely sexual as well as sensual. Taurus can be a
little more romantic and Capricorn a little more earthy, but together they do find this
deep bond both in bed and out. Once they run into the next stage of their
relationship, there is going to be some kind of issue over control. Both love to control,
and both need to have control over their own environment. Capricorn is extremely strong,
and Taurus is extremely stubborn. So we keep running into that butting of heads or coming
up against each other. Still, what they get from each other is so
important to each of them that sense of stability and loyalty and devotion to each other, and
that they are leading lives that account for something, that they can overcome this. They
can make a very strong marriage.


  • Metrinui says:

    YESSSSSS!!!!!! My girlfriend is capricorn and im taurus

  • cha25r says:

    people who believe in astrology also believe santa clause is real

  • nurz33 says:

    my dad is a tauras and my mum is a capricorn. they've been together for many years!!!

  • Bayleigh Nicole says:

    Yay! I'm Capricorn and my boyfriend is Taurus

  • Aizen Belmont says:

    my dog taurus and my neighbors bitch is a capricorn, and they fuck a lot

  • Alexis Velasquez says:

    capricorn and taurus are practicly soul a capricorn and my boyfriend is a taurus we been together since the 6th grade and we are freshmen yeah we been together for like 4 years oct/30/2010

  • susheel vishwakarma says:

    my girlfriend is capricorn… you're right…

  • superawesome1941 says:

    I don't believe this

  • Love_for_humanity says:

    I'm a taurus and my husband is capricorn we get along like two peas In a pod I love him to death

  • Aizen Belmont says:

    too late ¬¬

  • LucidDream says:

    Worst assessment ever.

  • Nicole Cobb-Oliver says:

    Im a Cap girl and currently have a crush on a Taurus! For some reason I've always been drawn to Tauruans for my entire life and have recently discovered we are a wonderful match! In friendship and in love. Its a undescribeable pull towards eachother that I can't explain but its wonderful! 🙂

  • Arisa Bugatti says:

    I am a Taurus. I cannot stand Capricorn men. They are too controlling and domineering in relationships. I love them as friends, but not as partners. 

  • Tommy Tommy says:

    Both are earth sign,but both are very stubborn,Capricorn is a lot smarter, deeper and more ambitious, Taurus is lazy, hedonistic and very posessive.For Capricorn man is a better connection with the Virgo girl

  • bluemoon light *gem* says:

    I'm happy to be a capricorn women

  • Fildza Finn says:

    what's "earthy" refers to ?

  • LilyMsp says:

    Im a Taurus and my crush is a Capricorn 😜

  • Rimah Khouni says:

    My baby is a Capricorn and I'm a Taurus women. We both love each others so much, nothing can split us apart. We are both strong true lovers and will always will be. We are engaged and soon for marriage. I love my baby Capricorn, his everything to me.

  • Marquez Robinson says:

    I'm a Taurus and this woman I met that I been in contact for awhile is a Capricorn and we plan on seeing each other next month on her birthday 😉

  • Crazy Motor88 says:

    I'm a single Capricorn and I decided to learn about my zodiac sign never knew how much Capricorn applied to me

  • Dimitry Kingship says:

    this brought a tear to my eyes …a capricorn 🙂 no matter how hard it is….we still love each other 🙂

  • Vence Carter says:

    Taurus Gang🔥

  • anna banana says:

    I’m a Capricorn and my crush is a Taurus!!! My friends have pointed out to me before that he will stare at me a lot during our classes and that whenever I walk into the classroom in the morning he is looking at me whilst smiling😊 We used to be bffs in 5th grade, but we grew apart over the last two years and we haven’t talked very much this school year…😞 Any tips from anyone on how to strike up a conversation with a Taurus???

  • Gacha Ash says:

    I'm Capricorn, my crush is Taurus :3

  • Sana Shaikh says:

    I am taurus and my bf is capricon

  • Kazuma Kiryu says:

    Ex is a capricorn and im a Taurus. She left me because she places school and career as top priority and im third because she can't handle multiple things at once… she left me…. despite that I still love her and hope that she will come back because I know we can get through this together and love each other once more.

  • Batwoman says:

    Taurus are more stubborn than me but always cheated on me.

  • Daniela Becerra says:

    Ex is a Taurus and I’m a Capricorn 😐

  • Karishma Sharma says:


  • kickinrocks 926 says:

    Don't even know why I'm watching these today, but here I am, lol. When I was younger I had more of a notion on sunsigns and personally traits, but it is funny how some descriptions can resonate. I'm a Taurus and Caps and I don't get along all that well I've found. Most of the ones I have known, once I even come across the random information of their sunsign, are TOO structured and controlling for my liking. They seem uptight and often judgmental and have trouble relaxing and chilling out and they can be funny, but also can worry about letting loose too much, which feels like just normal relaxing or expressing to me. They do have admirable qualities too of course. A family member of mine is a Cap along with a few co-workers and once a close friend, sort of, we were on track to being there any way, until he got all weird and judgmental and constricting on me. Nope.

  • maya burks says:

    I have a Capricorn bf and I'm a Taurus girl.

  • Allie Plays says:

    WOOOOO I AM A CAPRICORN! No one likes Capricorns? Ok… I guess I will like my own comment.

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