Are Taurus & Gemini Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide

Are Taurus & Gemini Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide

Gemini is an air sign, which in astrology
means it’s mental, loves to think and create. He’s very curious, very communicative. Taurus is an earth sign, which in astrology
means it seeks stability and order, a sense that life is in control. These two are attracted to each other immediately,
because Taurus loves the quick, versatile, curious mind of a Gemini. Gemini also loves to have sexual hi-jinks. It’s very good in bed. It can titillate. It can captivate and seduce. Gemini in turn is very taken with Taurus,
because Taurus has such strength of character and seems so deep and stable. Then the difficulties arise, because they
have different approaches to life. Gemini wants to not be tied down, wants to
be out there, to experience, to meet new people, to have a life that’s very open and spontaneous. Taurus likes something that is more ordered
and has a structure to it, and is safe financially as well. So their energies go in different directions. Long term, they might work these out, but
in general there is a lot of work in this relationship to make it last.


  • Scrubzilla says:


  • Autumn says:

    … They explain tuarus like this, why not just go on a date and then see the chances, its just stupid to base your life on astrology. I'm a tuarus and don't listen to them, we are our own indavidual people with different opinions and likings and so are you. I'm not so proud of howcast anymore. ~.~

  • ZeroViking1 says:

    Is a Leo and a Pisces compatible?

  • Lotheye says:


  • Randa Leigh says:

    I am the Gemini!!! What month is the other sign on? (Just wondering!!)

  • Randa Leigh says:

    Never mind!!!!

  • elchamber says:

    When the two make babies what kind of powers do their kids have?

  • Finnegan Osler-Seymour says:

    earlier in may i think

  • TheHawaiianGal says:

    Taurus is from April 20- May 20

  • Randa Leigh says:


  • moro192000 says:

    It's something to do when you are bored and the other person is not taking action… I think everyone here is for the same reason: boredom

  • TheWhyandwhere says:

    Yeah I feel like she may not be too accurate… If you go to alystrology she is fairly better! 🙂

  • Zelda Park says:

    I once met a gemini man. And had one month relationship only. I absolutely agree with what she said.

  • D.ream says:

    I was together with a gemini for 4 years and its true we wanted diffrent things in life but because I'm a cusp I could easier understand his ways because I have both the earthy passion and airey mental thinking but .. he wasn't enough for me I need more deep conversations more raw passion so that didn't work out. Now I'm dating a gemini guy who is a cusp in taurus/gemini at first I thougt he was a taurus. . but then I founded out he was also a cusp! And wat a diffrence is that .We had a instant connection both deep talkers both geeky and the same humor. . I wish there was more to find out with dating a cusp…

  • sophia mcintyre says:

    Me and my bf have been dating for nearly 2months and we still love each other he is a gemini and i am a taurus💘💘💘💘

  • pika pika bitch says:

    I'm a Gemini and my best friend is a Taurus. I constantly make weird noises which makes her laugh. She always laughs at my dirty jokes, she's also always interested in my stories (which aren't always that great tbh)

    She's a very good listener, while I'm not, honestly. I get bored easily (which sounds rude I know) and I often get jealous of her well listening skills.

    Either way, were the best of friends.

  • Midnightroar says:

    If you are a Dragon Gemini with a Rat Taurus that will be a perfect match. A Rat can get along with a Gemini and a Dragon can get along with a Rat and Taurus. So if you're a Rat Taurus with a Dragon Gemini this can really workout. Rat has some similar traits to Gemini.

  • Jose Calderon says:

    I feel geminis r not very

  • Jose Calderon says:

    I m a Taurus and what annoys me about a Geminis are not very sincere and they can never have their mind set on one thing I feel that they backstab you too much.

  • Princesswolf 099 says:

    So I’m a ♊️ and I got dumped by a ♉️ he blamed me for cheating and called me a b***h and now his dating a friend of mine she is also a ♉️
    So I’m still single….but he still “likes me” he walks past me all the time with his new girlfriend but he smiles at me and doesn’t look at her so something is happening there help…💔

  • Johann says:

    Im a Gemini and I hate Taurus girls, they will empty your pocket

  • pearljam619 says:

    I’m Taurus and my wife is a Gemini and we’ve been together for 7 years (married for 3 years) and we are very happy. If its meant to be it’s meant to be. You know what they say “The Power of Love is a mysterious thing make a one man weep make another sing!”

  • Diana Ramirez says:

    I'm a Gemini and my boyfriend is Taurus. I can't wait to see what happens when we are finally together

  • Kween Hillary says:

    I'm a Gemini and my friend is a boy and he Taurus

  • Jalaz Mani says:

    I am a gemini and i hate everything in Taurus. Something doesnt click at all with them. I cant stand Taurus but not as worse as Pisces though whom I avoid like plague

  • i love you says:

    Yess 😍

  • i love you says:

    I'm a Taurus im in love with my gemmi friend I'm never going to loose her

  • katy lowman says:

    I Ike Taurus and I’m a Gemini

  • Jay says:

    I hope no one is actually taking this seriously

  • Dana Davis 11:11 says:

    It depends on the natal chart as well… I'm a Gemini, Cancer rising, Pisces moon.. And hes a Taurus, Leo rising, Cancer moon. Gemini goes well with Leo..of course Taurus goes well with water signs..our moon signs is water so that compatible. So we are balanced.

  • anton temali says:

    Dont hate geminis because they are loyals funny and nice people . If u dont like their type just dont create a relationship with them . But please guys dont believe to much on horoscope . We are humans we are not different .

  • Layladventures Here says:

    The total opposites 😂😂😂

  • sargantTspacekiller pc,xbox,and more says:

    What if the Gemini is in the Taurus Cusp region?

  • alectric alexia says:

    I’m pretty paranoid about dating my gemini he’s so sensitive exactly like me also, I don’t know what his birth chart is like but he is so jealous and over protective of me and I honestly really want to try and see where our relationship goes I realy feel for him and love him a lot he is also extremely clingy to me and I am clingy to him but i’m just so scared that I will run him away ): … I'm a Taurus sun, scorpio moon, capricorn rising and I have Aries venus maybe that's why I attract gemini's? I also have some aquarius placements to

  • David Moody says:

    Oh hell no.

  • Ruth Hayemba says:

    Am a Gemini, with a Taurus guy.. He seems to love me and understand me.. I don't know if this may work out..

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