Are Taurus & Pisces Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide

Are Taurus & Pisces Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide

Taurus and Pisces do make a lovely couple. To begin with, Taurus is an earth sign, meaning
it seeks stability, security, wants to be in a loyal relationship. This is exactly what Pisces wants, although
Pisces is a water sign, meaning in astrology that is an emotional sign. So what Pisces tends to do is bring out Taurus’s
emotional side, and Taurus offers Pisces the stability that Pisces needs. Pisces is creative, very spiritual. At the same time, Pisces is the sign of fantasy
and of going in different directions and needing a strong ballast. This is what Taurus provides for it. What will happen in the middle part of their
relationship is that they will have to work out the problems of Pisces being the kind
of person who tends to run from responsibility and escape the hard work of life. Taurus, on the other hand, plunges into the
hard work and will become annoyed at the Piscean for being perhaps lazy or being perhaps not
there on time. So there are issues between the two of them
on that level. However, bottom line, what Pisces gives to
Taurus is a sense of eternal love, eternal romance, of constancy. Taurus gives to Pisces a sense that he or
she will be in the relationship forever. So at its core, this is a relationship that


  • Brian Adin says:


  • Vizzo says:

    Can't wait for all the Scorpio vids 🙂

  • Katiria Lugo says:

    Can u do LEO AND CAPRICORN!!

  • Mr4evergdragon says:


  • Mr4evergdragon says:

    Btw its mrs nt mr

  • Elena L says:

    Thats so true

  • Korrin Adrianna says:

    Oh my goodness I'm a taurus and I'm not gonna lie, that would kind of piss me off if I were in a relationship with someone who fled responsibility ever chance they got. Never been in a relationship with a Pisces though.

  • CL Nickey says:

    What she means by responsibility is, for example. I am a Taurus male, and when we feel devoted to someone we want them to be safe and stable with us, i remember a female Pisces i was involved with was to reckless, never wore seat belt, would speed on the road, never aware of police on the road(if you know what i mean) ect, all around avoided responsibility and safety as if she were too lazy to be. couldn't last because Taurus needs stability and practicality, depends on the individuals though.

  • Lone Wolf_xX says:

    This is awesome.

  • Steven Matthews says:

    I'm sorry, but this match up is godawful. As a Pisces, I wish I can get along with a Taurus. But it's so difficult to the point, where I stop trying. The only good thing that they have given me is useful advice, and that's pretty much it. To me, they just come across as manipulative. I'm not trying to offend any one, but that's how I truly feel about them.

  • Glam FACE Charlie says:

    And thats exactly why is hurts so bad when pisces and tautus break.up cause you feel like its forever like how could this friendship/relationship stop then when it stops your all lost.

  • Zuliana Herrera says:

    This is so true 🐰 . I hate how my boyfriend( Pisces) likes to run from things .

  • Mike Flexx says:

    I'm a Taurus and I have a Pisces girlfriend we have so much in common and we just can't get enough of each other

  • Torre says:

    I'm a female Taurus.. both of my parents are Pisces.

  • Fildza Finn says:

    I had a boyfriend who is a pisces and I'm a taurus.. I used to love him cause he's funny and cute,but he annoyed by trying to make me feel jealous and lazying around in class also skipping the class. so I leave him 😔😖😧😈 … Well,I don't really love him anyway

  • Juhi Malik says:

    my husband is Pisces and I am Taurus, my husband ran away from home without any big reasons and leave me alone at home, now he want divorcé and want to live alone, he want woman for providing services like food,cleaning,financially but when responsibility came to him, he want to ran away, v. bad experience with Pisces man,v.week person

  • Queen Lee says:

    I'm a pisces but i love scorpio boys are my favorite

  • Karina Salgado says:

    Is this also for the moon signs?

  • Bluey says:

    Is it bad being a Pisces as a dude?

  • Gabriela A says:

    I'm a taurus and I've never been able to stand pisces. I feel like they're very self pitying and very "woe is me ". They're way too emotional for me, I tend to stomp on them when they get that way.

  • Tyrelle Frazier says:

    Shrek and Fiona = Taurus Man Pisces Woman

  • Jennifer Ashton says:

    Pisces here.I love this, This video 100% is my future husband(Taurus) and I. We've been together almost 8 years, he's been the love of my life sense I was 17. OMG Taurus men are absolutely amazing, from the bedroom, to their strength, they are without a doubt the most loyal, funny,compassionate, hardworking, quick thinking, get it done with style type of people.

  • Polina Z Ralte says:

    On point❤ am a sucker for Taureans and scorps. The chemistry is amazing. They are smart, funny and so comfortable. People claim them to be emotionless but I think not, they make it so obvious when they care for you, from every little gesture to every affection. Our difference sure drive us crazy but crazier thing is we get to accept thay part of each other. Opposites do attract❤

  • Alanna Thompson says:

    Lol my best friend is a taurus while I'm a pisces.We get along really well so it's all good

  • Doom metal tortoise says:

    taurus? complaining about Pisces being lazy? 😂

  • Cristine shan zhen says:

    Im so sad my friend she is pisces and got baby with live in partner taurus and later on taurus go to another country and find his cancer gf and married…now it look like love triangle my pisces friend canot move on and same taurus always conect her but he happy married with cancer sad..

  • Aphmeow Furry says:

    ~I feel as they are good. I am a taurus and while I'm hard headed… So I my boyfriend 😂 Pisces. He has never fled from problems. He likes to see to them firsthand

  • Alexandria H says:

    Personally Taurus we are sensitive from the inside we don’t express it I personally can only get along with Pisces for a short amount of time

  • cass andra says:

    As a Pisces, I avoid Taurus. They end up thinking I'm too weak and dramatic. I have a fire moon so my emotions can be a lot at times. Also, they tend to use me a lot to fill their "love void" without truly committing. Pisces and taurus have that pull and solid connection but for me, I'm too firey and airy to just be with a Taurus.

  • Tech Assist construction Company. says:

    Kindly some one tell me i am taurus boy and i want to marry a pisces woman is this is fine relationship?

  • Keerthana G says:

    How beautifully said in 1:50 mnt… not exaggerating and included both good n bad! Am seeing a Taurus man..! And I never felt for that connection anyone in my life… and m confused but hoping for the best! I can’t lose him.! Hope he will tell me.. he is so bullish.. taking his time I think I’ll get my love for life!

  • Malina Damianova says:

    No. Pisces are suffering from mental disorders.

  • Khadija qureshi says:

    This is so true.

  • Mara Althea Dimaculangan says:

    im a cancer and my pisces bf cheated over taurus girl saying they are both lazy, immature and irresponsible, LOL

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