ARIES  ❤️ TAROT READING 💰  Is the Workplace the Right Place for Love? * Psychic Reading

ARIES ❤️ TAROT READING 💰 Is the Workplace the Right Place for Love? * Psychic Reading

Hi Aries and welcome to the show this is
Reverend Renee I’m here to do a reading for you I wanted to show you my cat right here
that’s Oliver so I just had to show you Oliver he’s knocked out while I do your
reading hopefully you can hear me I’m sure you can but yeah we’re gonna go
ahead and get started we’re going to look at astrology because I think your
astrology is pretty important one of these days it would be nice to be able
to look at the charts kind of like they did in Tibet where they can tell you
that somebody’s coming to see you at a certain time in a certain hour and
they’re going to be looking like this and dressed like that so yeah but for
now I just see through a dark glass dimly and we will show you that but
basically we here to talk about your Tarot talk about your Oracle’s and your
your energies for the month or so and it’s actually for anytime you’ll need
this cuz I title the videos based on what you might need so please subscribe
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information box so we’ve got special numbers for you the numbers 5 6 18 and
28 and all of these numbers are about starting things ending things movement
home and family changing things around you know who you know they’re the Stars
and the Tarot are always indicating how we’re changing things excuse me for just
a second I’m going to move my my microphone cuz I felt like I was
making noises but anyway the skies are always moving things and sometimes I
look at the cards and I’m like okay we need some positive stuff don’t we take
don’t we Aries sometimes we just need all this crap to just go away and we
want to have utopia Eden all that good stuff so that we can
enjoy ourselves well Aries your ruler is Mars so your planetary ruler is Mars the
God of War the God of intense sexuality and he’s making splashes in Virgo where
the Sun also is that right now when I’m when I’m taping this it’s at 0 degrees
of ergo so that’s gonna be on August 23rd 2019 which is where I’m recording
this and this just came out reversed the stand-your-ground card which is
basically saying ease up a little bit but that I just wanted to show you you
may feel like disrupting the house not just cleaning up but tearing things down
off the walls and throwing everything away at your house work your mom’s house
your boyfriend’s house putting everything back together again I get it
but they may not so don’t trash anything you may need later and make sure you get
their permission before you start throwing things away now these intense
feelings are also going to cause you to want to start over in situations
relationship situations family situation you may want to tell your son or your
daughter get to steppin okay you are ready 18 by and you need a fresh start
Chiron is traveling reverse in your sign to clean up what you did not take care
of a few months ago and Chiron Chiron won’t be done with you until just before
Christmas so you may have a Christmas a short Christmas list and you could save
some money this coming to simper because you won’t you won’t you will kick some
people out and won’t even be getting a gift from you I
promise you okay so let’s go ahead and get started looking at your energies
focus in with me had some powerful readings already this morning for Aries
all right Pioneer so some of you’re trying to
figure out how to get somebody back okay how to get love not get rid of love I’m
trying to find love I’m not trying to leave love work that’s coming out I’ll
leave that right there something crosses work the angel I want
to clarify the angel and put a card on top of the Angel to see what the angel
is doing fortune which means a lot of a lot of influence in that area and then
we have the angel of clearing okay so – angel car is with fortune this is the
angel of clearing let’s go ahead and look at that now your time of waiting
and confusion will soon be over angels are trying to clear some stuff out for
you and a big big big way okay and we’re gonna do the god of reflections because
you’re drawing some things to yourself people to yourself that are just like
you have you ever seen somebody who acts just like you and you’re like oh my god
I cannot stand that person I really do not want them to come into my life I
want them out of my life and I don’t like who they are and then it turns out
that they look they are just like you are they
act just like you are you see something in them that reminds you of yourself and
it’s like I could not be like that isn’t it’s not possible one of the things I
want to do is I want to look at your angel card and I want to fit I want to
see whether what you’re supposed to be clearing out I want to see if I can look
at the regular Tarot to see what is it that you’re supposed to be clearing I think we saw a little bit of it and the
astrology charts okay clearing out the angel being single this is a little bit
of fruitfulness here let’s look at this that’s the number nine one one of your
special numbers is 18 1 plus 8 is 9 that’s singlehood and then working on
something that’s the number 8 it’s for new beginnings working on what clearing
out working on this almost like an oxymoron will leave the one that just
fell out okay defensive nests okay so I get it I get it
okay so basically one of the things that you’re going to be discovering is that
you may have isolated yourself to some degree for the wrong reasons
all right and it has to do with feeling like people don’t get it everybody’s
trying to get you to do this or they want you to do that and have you noticed
you know I was talking to somebody the other day and I was like have we gone
into what the Christians call the rapture and then we the reason why I
asked is because it seems like something different in the atmosphere I don’t I
know we talked a lot a lot in 2012 about this new change that was coming place
in the world and the Enlightenment and everybody’s gonna be what they call whoa
woke okay and I feel like something has been unleashed in the atmosphere that
really is affecting people from a standpoint of causing them to be really
really selfish and really really wanting things their way and I get the feeling
that this right here you’re not wrong okay I feel like you’re not necessarily
wrong I feel like that certain these people down here with these sticks that
have you feeling defensive and coming at them and saying hey no I’m gonna do my
thing you’re not wrong because they have come at you in the wrong way the the
thing that makes it makes it if he is sometimes when people hurt us even
though we’re right to respond in a certain way it’s never right to to let
them isolate us or make us want to isolate ourselves it’s kind of like take
an example of a female who’s been hurt or a person who has been bullied and
therefore they decide nobody else is going to bully them so they become a
bully and they try to scare people off by being mean because they were bullied
and they just don’t want to take it anymore or a situation where you were in
a relationship and you gave your all and you got hurt so now you don’t want to
give anything to anybody and you just go out and have sex with people and you
don’t really want to give them your heart you’re just using them for
physical reasons so don’t let some situation that did occur that happened
to you and yes it did happen and it was wrong but don’t let that caused you to just isolate yourself there’s still
people out there that you can be around at a certain point and you may want to
feel like you want to get away from everybody
right now but don’t burn bridges there’s gonna be an opportunity for you to
create some new relationships okay what’s that what’s that thing I was
talking about Christmas earlier that if you don’t meet them before October they
don’t get a Christmas present from my neck of the woods but anyway the servant
this has to do with work and we said that we saw two cards fall out facedown
with regard to that angle vision someone is not revealing part of the story trust
your feelings over what others say hmm at work and the knight of cups so maybe
in this case you don’t want to mix business with pleasure okay you may not
want to get people to I just feel like it’s messy right now so clear yourself
clear your space clear your head heel a little bit more before you start
getting into new relationships specifically at work because what you’re
going to find is that as Chiron is in your sign Chiron is going to be showing
you certain aspects that need to be cleared out through other people so that
means guess what they’re not quite ready either to give you what you need and the
last thing you need is with somebody to come in and hurt you again all right
okay you guys take care bye-bye

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