Aries 2019 Astrological Horoscope prediction – By Chrystal Lynn Astrology

Aries 2019 Astrological Horoscope prediction – By Chrystal Lynn Astrology

hello Aries I am super excited to get to
talk to you first yes you’re the first sign of the zodiac
but more importantly the message this year is coming directly at you because
of the last seven years like I talked about in the beginning of the
introduction Uranus has been in Aries been in your sign so the last seven
years you can probably raise your hand and say yeah I’ve been through a lot a
lot of changes a lot of intense relationships a lot of times that I
thought I was gonna fall off the cliff hanging by one finger and yet here you
are still standing here you are still standing and as we move into 2019 I hope
that you are able to fully claim your identity now Aries you guys stand alone
you have to remember Aries is ruled by the RAM so when we think about the RAM
we think about the big RAM with those big horns he’s up on the top of that
mountain any others that try to get up there you know how to buck them right
off don’t they it’s kind of a game but at the end of the day the Aries rises to
the top and so as we speak going into 2019 you are ending this chapter of
learning these lessons in a way you’re getting the keys to the city now I say
in a way because we also have to be very responsible with the keys to the city
and this year I believe you have opportunities like no other so first of
all I want to talk about Mars the planet Mars is an eight week cycle and it takes
two and a half years to get back in your sign as we start January 1st 2019 out
the gate Mars is in Aries and this will continue until February 14th you’ve been
trying to turn that key and to get that car to start well as we move
in two the first of the year boom Vavoom you are running okay fill that engine
running don’t be afraid because it’s finally your time it’s finally your turn
now for Aries I see a brand new start a totally different journey you might have
thought you were going this way and all of a sudden you’re going this way what
happened what happened is you’ve grown you’ve matured you’ve had to deal with
all of those starts and stops and starts and stops the last seven years but every
time you took those three steps forward you learned something and now all of
those steps that you’ve been taking or finally laying the foundation that
you’ve been waiting for you are finally building the Empire often the Aries gets
you know gets blamed for being distracted all the time never able to
stay in one place you know starting something and not finishing it well
guess what Aries that is exactly what you need going into 2019 can use all of
your gifts this is the person now that can juggle all kinds of things that can
lead different groups lots of different groups that has the discernment now to
not to not allow the wrong people to come in your life they kind of have to
check you know their shoes at the door don’t they find out who they are now
you’re strong enough to say you know what you will and won’t do so I am
really excited for you Aries the other thing I wanted to give you as we look
ahead into 2019 is from October 4th to November 19th
planet Mars were following Mars in this video through 2019 we’ll be in Libra
that is your seventh towels so this October beginning November is an amazing
time for you to finally collaborate to get all of those things together
Aries option wants to work alone and it’s hard for them to let other people
in it’s hard for them to let other people help but for way for this to work
and for the doors to open it requires you to lead and it requires you to
receive equally to give and to listen so you are moving into an amazing
opportunity I see the internet all over I see
coaching your brain right now is working at such fast speed and you are able to
handle all of these different things coming at you now everything you have
worked for Aries is finally coming forth and being appreciated and recognized so
Aries 2019 is going to be a great year for you there’s nothing stopping you and
you’re finally able to get your foot on the ground and put all of this together
you’ve worked hard and now it’s going to pay off


  • Wildflowerfire Wellness says:

    I really appreciate this! The last 10 years have been so full of stops and starts. I have learned so much. Gotten married, new home and baby son… and my creative and spiritual business has lived and died 20 times in 20 different ways.

    Thank you for this outlook. I am excited for this year. It does indeed feel like I have been given the Keys, finally ready to use them well.

    I just decided to go through YouTube in 2019. Wildflowerfire Wellness

    I'm an Aries Sun and Moon! Im ready for this!

    Here is a guided meditation that leads you through a prayerful journey. The art and music are collaborations with friends. I hope you will try it when you have the time.

    And here is a more left brain overview of the 12 Energy Centers (Chakras) I've been obsessed with for over a decade.

    Love be With You and Your Family,

  • Healing body mind and soul! Gaurav Singal says:

    Your right.I'm Aries ascendant with Uranus entering Taurus in my second house.I've struggled for the last 7 yrs to stay at one place and have been changing jobs and cities every 2 yrs or there about!!

  • oneway gfmc says:

    Love this I am definitely exited

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