Hello my lovely Aries and welcome to
your forecast for 2020. This reading is also for Ascendant and Moon in Aries. So
this year is a very important YEAR for you. A year where your seriousness will be
very much tested. You will encounter opportunities, especially at your
workplace or in the business field if you have your own business. The main
aspect is to prove yourself that you are a reliable and goal-oriented person. It’s the year of persistence, of overcoming obstacles and solving rising problems, but not only in your professional field, it can be related to your personal life as well. The major aspects are in your 10th house. The house of your purpose in the world and your image in the world ,and the key word is PLANNING. If you are in a relationship, the person next to you will search for
substance and actions, not just words and plans. This year you have to take action, you have to define what you really want from life and how you really see
yourself. You need to find the balance between your personal life and your
professional life, and communication is the key to solving domestic disputes and
it’s important to listen to your loved one, not just to tell him or her what you
have to say. On the other hand, the partner tends to resume an older topic
of discussion perhaps regarding money. You have to look for a new approach and
don’t look damaged. Remember, don’t let your ego take decisions for you. If in previous years you had to deal
with complicated intense situations, struggles for power ,in 2020 you have the
opportunity to reap rich fruits and enjoy unexpected opportunities, but not
overnight, because we have Saturn there and Saturn it’s about strategy it’s
about hard work and it’s about logic. Saturn’s transit in Aquarius between
March and July marks the beginning of a period of about 2 and a half years
where you need to rethink your future plans. The goals you have at the moment
are no longer practical in the light of a new situation you are facing or
according to the information you reach. They are outdated either by external changes, or internal changes related to your personality.
They probably no longer meet your present or future fulfillment needs.
Sometimes this may evolve in an absence of goals, but in general is the old goals that prove to be ineffective and new goals will appear to take their place. If you will be looking for a new job this year, it is necessary to remember not to
reject from the beginning the proposals that are outside of your field of
activity. Broading your horizons will help you evolve professionally and
financially. 2020 comes with tempting financial opportunities for you and you
have every chance to earn more money from the second half of the year. The
sources could be even an additional activity. If you have a passion and enough
free time for it, I will advise you to turn your attention and give your best
to develop it in the desired direction. Don’t forget that this year the choices
you make and the plans you make will affect your years to come. Remember not letting your ego decide for
you. Keep in mind that this year is the time for a new you, a rebirth of you and
whatever you decide to do and whatever action you decide to take, it has to be
not for your selfish desire but for a higher good, taking into account the ones
that surround you. Also it’s not the time to make decision based on intuition but
decisions based on a strategy. Planning is very important this year. Jupiter will
be in your 10th house and will couple with Pluto, the planet of rebirth,
transformation and whatever Pluto brings in front of you ,you have to transform it
and you have to be prepared, which is why I can’t stress enough about this. Better
even be prepared because, even if Pluto it is seen as the bad guy in astrology,
actually it isn’t. His purpose is to dissolve what no longer serves you, for
your own good and it shows us the right path. Usually we don’t see it like that
but that is his real purpose,so planning ahead will help you transition this
rebirth, this transformation, easier and will transform your life in a very
positive way. Also another important aspect about this year is the fact that
whatever you are planning or whatever you are facing starting the month of
January, will have its completion by the end of June. It can be changing your job,
your house or even your country. Big shifting,big change, but don’t forget to
plan everything very well beforehand. Do not make impulsive decision. What it
is destined to happen will happen. just.. you have to be prepared and make the
right decisions. You will know what is right or wrong if you are being true to
yourself and not letting your ego guide you. Aries is a very passionate and impulsive sign ,but this year, a clear mind and
focus will benefit you much more. Starting from June, your ruler, Mars,
enters Aries and it will stay there until the beginning of 2021. Having your
ruler in your own sign gives you a boost of energy, confidence, strength, and you’ll
start to feel more at peace. Things will clear up, will go smoother. Starting from
September until the end of November, Mars will retrograde in Aries, and that
is a period of time when it’s not recommended to make any impulsive
decisions. Don’t act with aggression, just keep your plan ahead, be focused and
clear minded. That could be an important opportunity for you to rebuild your
image and straighten your capabilities. This will be a time of introspection, of
analyzing the steps you made until September, how things are working in
your life, if is this what you really wanted or you have to make some small
adjustments. The boost of energy you’ll feel, better focus it on doing
some physical exercises. Go to gym or just take some long walks. Please don’t forget also to check your Ascendant and your Moon sign. They are very important as well. Another important aspect of that Venus will retrograde in June and it’s a
perfect time for you to clear your path of people and situations that are just a
simple waste of time and they are not a benefit for you in any aspect of your
life, especially in the long run, so just pay attention to these aspects and
you’ll clearly see what is best for you. Also Pluto is coupling with Saturn and
this means planning, logic, persistence consistence. For you this aspect happens
in the area of your mission in the world, your image in the world, your purpose, and that’s where the biggest focus of 2020 is. You are a true fighter and this year can be one of the most important years of
your life, if you don’t forget one word, PLANNING. This can be your gold mine. You are strong and ambitious and this year will be AMAZING! Thank you for watching,
wish you a wonderful 2020 dear Aires!! See you next time and don’t forget to
enjoy your Sunshine2DAY!

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