ARIES AMOR ENERO 2020 Características Físicas y Emocionales Tarot

ARIES AMOR ENERO 2020 Características Físicas y Emocionales Tarot

Aries I welcome your love reading for January 2020 Jack greets you and are here on my channel tarot iota stars in the channel where He made these monthly publications remember to subscribe and activate the bell for you to reach all my Notifications first want to see the General message for you in love and then then we will see the characteristics of man and woman you’ll be meeting and looks at me out here that some of you during the month of January 2020 will be finding more deeply with who you truly are aries and I also indicating that you are I am learning a bit more about what really you are looking for someone when you’re looking for a partner because I mark that previously some Warriors aries maybe they were a conformity little satisfied with the typical person who was coming to your life and are showing me that during the January’ll change more comfortable l a little more than your expectation level is your level of demand and me are indicating that it will be time ideal for you to do this month Letter January 8 glasses me talk that you’re willing for this month to give back to a situation is not working for where you do not you’re feeling happy it can be your single status can be in your state with the person You have around you and this does not say you go to leave the person because if you want to do what you will achieve and will leave a positive way but If you want to work on that relationship if You want to sit and talk with that person and leave behind everything difficult and all it involved what you can achieve this letter of the Eight of Cups tells you about leave behind emotions and feelings and you are not working on love These moments are telling me your guides that here’s someone who keeps some resentment in love can be you You can be the person you are a situation in the past and I speak a hoax of a lie a betrayal You are indicating that if you want It advancing in love is time for leave that behind you close the You chapter in your life that you forget this deception because many such emotions mixed here and you’re directing you to the star chart if you man or woman because if you do not mind but the star chart speaks to you since you’ll be like look everyone everyone will have to do with you might irradiating much more energy you can unless you’re having much more trust in you and me are indicating definitely that love for you It will be very positive for the month of January may be love itself as love can be with people who have around you a la carte aries Star is a divine letter again card that connects you with nature that connects you with your inner self and I I see some of you emerging from ashes like a phoenix in which you you’re going to raise during this January of 2020 with heads held high where you go be willing to find love truth the letter from the queen of spades me speak to have open communication me He is speaking of people who are going to be coming into your life and they will be entering into some kind of conversation you you have to have an energy quite positive and you always have to show a smile on your face that way to have your about harmony energies tranquility and peace talks that your voice will be heard in love or during the month of January I are indicating that some of you They are having some type of friction with the a mother figure may be your mother or may be the mother of the person who you are interested you where energies perhaps are not being not being They informing the pair are not in the same tune Let’s see for those who are single that comes in love and then we will see the characteristics of the man and woman for you look bachelors says You have to listen to your intuition more you have to connect more with your energies and looks ari is lying to you is the queen of spades star Priestess Emperor Queen of Wands wow single look could be meeting two people two women and a man in particularly fellow and I are you indicating that you love one friend who is here with this queen bastos you might be interested also in the same man you because if you are Man is the opposite have two friends and one of those friends also will become interested in the same woman you and I are talking about that here certain energies in which the Friendship has its eyes on you partner or the person you like If you’re single because you cards are for singles so much attention and careful with this because there are here someone who loves you remove the person that you like and that you would You know this letter Priestess I suggest here that I arias it You are feeling you know your suspicions you’re like my friend that this will like the same guy to me or this My friend likes the same girl who me something is happening here that be very careful because your forebodings your sixth sense ‘is right and this person could you take away that love you have is This we will see what the characteristics of the man who’ll be meeting for no matter your These are sexual preference characteristics of the man who will get to you you will get the man of the knight bastos very well and is energy the woman who is going to be meeting the letter of the six of spades first I man to man mark me here he is a man quite wrestler one see man thrown forward toward being a man who comes from the inside comes as a people to where you are you will meet through your friends is a man who has a tone white skin a man who likes explore much likes to travel and he has a job as he has who constantly travel from point looks good point is in that viajadera is you’re going to be meeting you they will to submit to any of your friends This is to remember January me are indicating here that this can a man who works on some means transportation because you can work on a boat can work as a truck You can work transporting from one place to another or it has to be transported by via bus through a train of a point to the other where you will find could have energies to be also abroad I suggest that it will meet by among your friends with this letter of the three cups that are going to be like at a party you will invite a meeting or they will invite some meeting he will reach that place and there you’ll be knowing a man quite focused enough fighter who knows what he wants has the hair like a little chocolate Yellow is a man of average height to a tall body muscular really likes sports likes to also it has to do with the nature is a name that tells me when You know what is going to be pretty friendly very gentle and will have a attraction for you and you too will be love at first sight when you are know the person remembers this You will meet the important person for to know because you have to leave no You can stay in the same routine being cooped up at home or be locked up somewhere the woman who’ll be knowing look you out here the letter of 6 swords I speak of is a woman and is out of a relationship in these moments is a woman who could be ending a courtship finishing a Marriage may be getting divorced in Sometimes this could girl do you is a girl who has a tone long hair black skin tone White likes to sport then also like what is how practical exercises to practice crossfit can practice swimming kayaking but a woman another fairly active woman who likes or at the time it was quite active and Right now you are thinking of reactivate his sporting life because as it seems to have been away a while I see her she was married to this letter of 2 cups and a woman you are definitely leaving that behind and could also be changing residence could be someone who has an interest to leave the house you have in these moments and head to another I do not indicate how the base is recognizing what it does indicate is me With this letter of her glasses 2 was separated is a thin woman Athletic average height it marks the energies as if it were a woman also might have some type of Asian descent Let’s see what the board of the archangels for you in love for this January 2020 and chart out codependency this letter here you are advising your archangels you have care of your addictions in love telly not be hitting people or circumstances or situations that have to leave all that behind you remember the tarot letter that has come to thee Letter 8 cups that tells you about leave emotional situations difficult back in the past to they’re heading towards a better future and the other letter that comes to you it is to flirtation He dedicated that during this month as you indicate’ll be having energies a lot of attraction where many people will want to communicate with you will want speak you will want to know about you and spend time with you I hope you’ve enjoyed this recalls reading armies fingers to up here on the screen will appear I recommend following videos and of this side is the link to You can visit my website and have a private consultation with me’m jotita decreed bright and progress


  • Marisa Mendoza says:

    Ohh todo es verdad el está lejos
    Gracias por tu guía espiritual 🌟⭐⭐

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  • Angela Perez says:

    Muy muy interesante 🤗🤗

  • Angela Perez says:

    Me encanta ☺️☺️

  • Pamela Sanchez says:

    Waoo creo que no conoceré a un aries ya que las características de la mujer es diferente a las mias características creo que ese supuesto nuevo amor aries como dicen en otros tarots conocerá a otra con esas características

  • myrian Torres says:

    J gracias,, es muy cierto ,,que venga lo mejor, bendiciones

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    Muchas gracias ❤️ feliz año 2020 ✌️🍾

  • Alma Carmina says:

    Sucedió exactamente como tú dijiste el chico es un Leo y trabajábamos juntos junto con otras personas una chica que es menor que nosotros lo admira mucho y está embarazada de hecho su esposo llega todos los días por ella… ella es virgo, y si se la pasa diciéndole de todo tipo de cumplidos y es muy apegada ella trate de hablar con ella pero lo único que pasó es que me acusó con mi chico… la madrugada de hoy discutimos y al final negó todo lo que sentía por mí y me dio entender de que me quiere demandar para que no me le acerque y aparte de todo sospecho que va hacer algo para que me quiten mi trabajo… ha sido un trago demasiado amargo y todo en mis narices…

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