Aries Horoscope Basics

Aries Horoscope Basics

Aries I’m here to tell you all about you
this is the sign that came in this lifetime with the spunk and the
get-up-and-go and the vitality that kind of pisses people off
you’re so direct and you’re so straight that you don’t have the tact at times to
actually figure out what to do with all your energy so you bump into things you
get pissed off for no reason or you just jump up and down and you want to be so
independent that people feel like you’re being offensive when you start bossing
them around but you’re not really bossing them around you’re just telling
it the way it is and that’s the truth of your function so just be noted that Ares
purpose this lifetime is to be the assertive waker-upper getting us going
and not letting us fall asleep and miss our life now people may get pissed at
you but your challenge this life is to deal with your temper to deal with anger
and learn the art of how do we argue and get results when we’re done having a
good fight at the end of a good fight Aries you should feel closer to that
person not offended or offensive but fight for love because we don’t want to
be passive and mamby-pamby and beige Aries does not do beige make a note so if
you want to complain about being so bright and shiny that somehow it’s not
working for you then reevaluate because you’re built to be a little bit of a
shit disturber that’s what they’re like Aries and to be the person that has the
courage to speak to things that no one else talks about and bring people closer
because you don’t leave things untouched there you have it Ares in a nutshell if
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  • JJ Lee says:

    Perfect description I laughed alot through your video because it is so accurate. God bless you Debra for being a gift to this world. Lots of love and blessings from another star seed.

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