ARIES HORÓSCOPO SEMANAL 18 AL 24 DE NOVIEMBRE 2019 + Pregunta Interactiva Tarot

aries welcome to this special reading Week 18 to November 24 Jack greets you and are here on my channel I invite you to jot tarot subscribe to activate the bell you reach all my notifications and comments reminds me your name and your country to have you present in my meditations before these readings start aries if you want to be the first videos to be published have to be the most viewed video in the week so I invite you to let your fingers to Up and share this video with your friends and family so they can see also and receive more views and you then publish first and not have to wait much energy coming out for you are the letters of the Projections for this week and you are indicating that you have to have a lot attention to people who may have around you because this week marks as if they were people making you claims as if they were trying to ask some explanation or people who might be and handled in a one way irresponsible or jealousy against you someone comes to claim you ask something to tell you you have to give some kind of explanation to doubt yourself and message they send your guides Spiritual here is to remember that each thief judged by their condition and that could be the one that is committing misconduct and is reflecting that in you like you’re a mirror so very careful because this can be something that happens in your personal life as It could also be at work where a colleague or boss approaches you hey say but you’re not doing them While reviewing this good things because It is not going as it is not squaring for it is because that person has doubts and insecurities of what is making and is reflecting on you or If you have a partner who you are this week showing much insecurity you’re wondering what you’re jealous and you’re asking with you’re dating you’re doing surely you’re cheating me there energies that might indicate that person who is making you these questions is what is making these breaches these negative things and simply it is projected in you so it’s a week where you have to analyze these energies because these people sound quite convincing me They are telling your guides and could put you to doubt your feelings your emotions so do not let this week because someone here wants take your tangle want to drag even the most profound insecurity and his indecision and can not allow that happen to you let’s see what the energies are for your family and then also the energies your friends your family comes out the Letter Eight of Wands communication with family and friends there’s the devil attentive look of your Family speaks to you that you can be receiving messages or news Family members can be found in the abroad you’ll be communicating with them you want to hear your voice They are missing and they could be hear you say but if I do not I call you do not call and do not want me no longer think of me are relatives They feel as they feel isolated as in a corner or it could be you you also feel this way but here you indicate that you do not have arias to worry because it will be a week where you’ll be able definitely connect with these family and make amends fix situations so be prepared because you’ll be getting important news and communicating with loved ones with whom it was a time and could not conversed to be organizing or planning an appointment during this week to see these family friends and Yahyá Yahyá and the letter of the diablo johnson johnson aries this letter here tells you about manipulations that’s what I was He speaks of triangles indicating deception loving you have to take care of a lot of the energies with your group of friends because it marks that that area is that You could be receiving this information these negative messages which I was trying to warning since the beginning of this reading there are people around you who just You are being handled taking advantage of you have to have much attention and careful with that addictions could also be resurging but I see here disque friends friendships you will be tempting looks a wee dram will not It will hurt not see that a cigar You will annoy and so will not go let these people manipulate you do things that you had already exceeded attention to this If you’re working 10 Let’s see what will happen this week in your work you have the letter 7 Golds you are indicating that things They may be delayed a little more than normal work to start demonstrate that you have to wait a bit more you have to invest a little most of your time in the area of ​​work the results have been waiting yet they are not going to manifest will arrive but have to wait seems a person here does not reach its goal during this week probably for next week and things get better regarding this if you are expecting achieve a sales target goal of commission or bonus goal you indicate that this week yet But I’ll get to tell your guides now and the end of the month if you fail to not stress because this week Numbers do not add up if you are looking for a job which is the message for you this week leaves you the Letter crazy or he will present an opportunity to start from scratch again in your life and look at me they are your guides saying here that this week you have to start making a radical change if you were I used to always warns for way you are dialing your guides that It is time to put you to explore other salt alternatives in your area Comfort is a week in which you They are saying if you’ve been looking for constantly working in the same area technology or in the same company or different companies have Similar activities you are indicating that you have blocked all that because you have to try something completely for example if all different all this long have you been trying to find vendor sales jobs you are indicating your guide your Work your mission is not there your mission is on the other side you have to try something different instead of searching sales therapies that seek some advice marketing type of advertising are you talking about you have to change radically your job search obviously something in which you you have experience and passionate about but you They are indicating that you have to leave of your comfort zone search other a little more distant areas or other companies which is not applied because you are afraid that they will not go to to accept If you’re in a relationship this week Let’s see what the message is for you leaves you the letter of the two of bastos talks that the couple you could They are planning a trip either to this week or end of the year but this week they will be taking that conversation will be hotels looking for the places they want to visit and they will be then making that analysis of its budget to organize and define what place might want to go unless they are also planning to this end Week this week from 18 to 24 organize some kind of short trip there is a trip to a place which calculate is where you as a couple want go they’ll be organizing this during the week for either a weekend week or a holiday for coming months as the end rather than November December for these dates special for these are the energies that You have around you You could even give your partner information about travel agencies with which they are thinking of doing this purchase of these tickets if you are single what message to ti this week if you’re single reaches the love will happen no love comes you look at the letter of the trial and speaks that you’re going to have this week a type of meeting some kind of meeting or group and that group going to be knowing and talking to a person with which you will have a great great chemistry connection mindful that I’m not saying you’re in your soul twin or that you’re getting married or anything style all in stride this week accepts an invitation to somewhere where a group of people will be It can be a bar may be going to a Park may go even find in some kind of activity with people you know and you are indicating that there connect with someone They have someone who definitely you will have a lot of chemistry and a lot connection with you very well numbers lucky for you this week we will you see 6 2 62 and 19 are the numbers have Luck Always remember playing this week responsibly lucky day a day where going to be receiving important news will to be on Tuesday and we will move ahead with the I wonder how it works Interactive draw two cards and you can make a question and choose one of the two cards or you can ask a question of yes or no for each of the two letters I to take can press pause while think of your question and then come back here and I revealed option and see if you took option is the option to the answer to your question is a non at this time can transforming even if I know that in this time is not convenient if you took is Bo option if you’re doing something ask for the option to question yes or no answer to you it is yes and This is the letter of the eight cups talks about leaving situations in the past and partly on these trips moments will appear the following videos that I recommend here is the love video features physical and emotional needs of the person You will meet this November subchannel is my tarot jot xestores I invite you to you too subscribe to there as there will be published monthly videos which They come once a month this channel is for videos of revelations every three months and weekly and here It is the link so you can view I offer private consultations invite you you to visit my website I am jot and you decree a week full plenty of light and progress

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