ARIES HORÓSCOPO SEMANAL 9 AL 15 DE DICIEMBRE 2019 + Pregunta Interactiva Tarot

ar and being welcome to this reading Weekly 9 to December 15 Jack greets you and are here on my channel I invite you to jot tarot subscribe to activate the bell you reach all my notifications and comments reminded me your name and your country to have you present when I’m doing my meditations before starting these readings I also can follow my account Jota instagram @ tarot 7 there I am making publications horoscopes daily This is a different reading which I have done all the previous weeks I hope you enjoy it we will see first the energies that are going to have this week and then I’ll be channeling messages for you my Warriors have the look aries energy participation of the letter Ray and the letter of the rebel are you indicating that it will be a week where they’ll be asking for your help make a decision very Also important they are indicating here that a structure in a family a structure in a company will be completely changing it will be giving many meetings during this week where they will be talking It can be via telephone or by text message can be a meeting will be, recording where He will be talking about the future of your family or future work or the company seems to be a situation This is where there is a person who wants away or separated me from partners speak you will end up going to finish his contract will end their association be away and spaced for this week but it seems to want to do everything as a transition rather quiet relaxed enough not to this is like a fuss or that this is going to the media this is a company or a couple definitely could simply have that fear if not go to the media Because communications are not you involved with the press or with the public could simply be the that you do not want your around or your family is talking about the issue you do not want as whatever you want to talk we are already here rules so you do not worry about that we are not separating everyone happy maybe those are the energies that are around because I see a person who is desencandenando know you want to look your Freedom could make your thousand grains aries or it could be a person who is around you could be your partner ok I am getting a message in these instants am using pipes for several messages from your guides and two things is happening here first I was told that the spiritual guides this could also be a person who It is caught coming out but then I was told I could be a person in your family is obviously who you know warriors aries which may be imprisoned can He is detained but will escape so you have to have a lot of attention and very careful with this because obviously you are going to be being interviewed or could become interviewed by police personnel or the government or the department court of the country where you are try to investigate what It is happening with this person I just also say the guides spiritual that some of you They will interfere their phone lines and they will be under surveillance this situation of this person we have tried to escape could also be you are some people who have house arrest or have one of These applications such as a small attack that you put on your feet that Mark where your position because it is imprisoned and have to be home imprisoned and it seems that person removes and escapes Let’s see what message do you have for other you this week Aries warriors Unfortunately I do not see this as a peaceful liberation and peace see this as a problem very strong It’s like someone also escaped a strongly prison but chapo I do not know what sign is it good as it can be is what can be someone who has those powers where It is released from prison force can be someone who represents the energies El Chapo a person at that level such Once sign is Aries or has sign aries somewhere in your sign I will be talking about a situation that It is to be presented during this week I see some of you They will force to make some sort of trip or go to the airport to wait for a person this week and it seems that that person must go to will wait to the airport is not holy his devotion is a person you do not like well and I see that it could be your parents or It could be your boss telling you know What do I need to go to the airport to pick up Jane Doe and you say no because I do not support that person or I can not stand that person see these energies where this week that stanford appointment will force you’re going to say because you will come out your mom with belt with sos correcte chancleta art to go to the airport or for your boss in work will force you to do that also a person who is looking to other places a person already You do not feel happy where it’s a person is thinking or is analyzing make some sort of trip or transfer let’s see what else is there for you this music challenges aries week you have the letter from the queen of spades 4 letter bastos and chart Empress talks about arrival of a new baby home also They will be giving during these weeks so it is it could be you who are giving the news of pregnancy could be a who is around you and me They are talking here and a couple of the same sex which could be moving joins They could be living together acquiring own age thinking adopt or receive good news positive about adoption because if you’re with a partner from man and woman and this applies to the type later to you and me here directly labeled one Same-sex couple more strongly two women who will be receiving the news of a new home a of a new baby so no matter your sexual preference If this part of you reason then prepared because come good news regarding pregnancies new home a perfect balance the creation and development of something you have been working together finally starting to manifest let’s see how long your dreams They will actually be doing if you go for the correct road He says it is ready’re ready arias at this moment to make your dreams reality That is you have to be prepared because things are going to come out pretty good grip these letters to the reverse here so let’s see what message they give you your aries guides for those dreams to realize as soon as possible you have to consider Let’s look accommodate and they want to talk about letters twos because I’m going to stay in if you say you’re going to get a result calm and that much and that peace will present opportunity you have to learn to use and do not want to take advantage to look for this person because you have to do it because there may arise an interesting conversation with this who you have to go find and You can see things more clearly and that should give you a step forward I see you manage to make peace after you are forced to do something to force something you do not want to manage to do peace with this person what the lucky numbers are for you my warriors aries have 11 or 01 and have 55 day lucky for you this week one day where you will be receiving news positive on Thursday and is very attentive to News on Thursday will go with interactive question now I’ll get you two letters you can ask a question to the two cards and choose one of the two or ask a question for each letter as if you like you you please forgive the redundancy You can press pause at this time while thinking of your question I I’ll take the two cards option option me If you made is the choice or did it a question for charter the answer to you is yes very well If you took is b or if you made is a question for the Option B is the answer for you do not stop going down the right path You have to keep fighting my beloved aries warriors let me know if you have been I like this new roll leaving me chopped up and write me comments or sent Also a message via instagram @ j tarot 7 screen at this moment will appear the following videos you I recommend here is the video of Love December that is also different is about your soul mates I invite you see it in my secondary channel Jota tarot stores and can give here and here visit my website there know then the various consultations I offer private and prices I am jot and you decree a week full plenty of light and progress

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