Aries November  2019♈ Tarot Reading

Aries November 2019♈ Tarot Reading

hello dear Aries welcome I’m Tarot
moon light and this is your tarot reading for November 2019 hope you’re all doing
well and as you can see I have new deck of
cards I have the angel tarot and the Tea Leaf so I’m going to begin with the
cards that are laid out and we have the death the world the fool five of cups
nine of cups the chain the throne and the dog faraway all right so we are
going to begin with November it’s a angel of transformation and with
when it comes with the death card it means change it’s like because beside
the fool it’s about endings of a cycle and
beginnings of a new cycle which the fool came up and it’s like you’re gonna have
to start all over again so with the death card anything that needs to be
changed you need to start doing it now so that you can have some new things
coming to you on a better level because it’s time for you to leap from one stage
of life to another so basically if you’re 18 years old you’re going
definitely into adulthood that there’s gonna be a lot of new beginnings new
opportunities where you have to put one foot forward and just start a new cycle
and with this one those who are finishing a cycle it ends with success
you don’t know your best you would worked hard you got to where you were
are and but don’t worry um nothing to worry about because
there’s some new beginnings that are coming that you need to be taking so
don’t think you’re done yet you got some new challenges ahead of you and new
opportunities and new ideas that you always wanted to do you have to now
begin with the five of cups there do not see what it says sadness and do not be
sad over this change because it’s can you grow and it’s taking you to a
level where it’s a position of authority so maybe if your are having enough of
being not confident enough now you’re gonna start to be on a better level of
being confident right so you’re taking charge of your life you’re having more
control of your life because a lot of you notice that a change needs to be
made so it needs to be in a relationship something needs to be done in order for
it to get better or if you need to leave it’s your choice what you need to do
there’s two choices it’s also like a divorce of some kind or it’s maybe you
or your partner’s becoming a different person and now you have to adapt to that
change of that person or that person has to
adapt to your change and it’s I can’t explain it it’s like the honeymoon phase
is over you know what I mean it’s time to grow up and be a husband and wife you
know go through the challenges together you know not just one person but you
both need to go through it together right because there’s something new
coming along for you guys in the relationship and you have to be ready
and accept it yes you’re gonna be scared if it is just say a pregnancy or maybe
you have to purchase a new home you know it’s like you’re growing up but it must
be done don’t be sad you know if something is missing you know if you
have to get rid of something don’t be sad right because the only the future
will make you more happier right it’s a new thing and you got the nine of cups
here it’s about wishes coming true so whatever wishes and are opportunities
that you always wanted it’s now so but in order for that to come you
need to change so think about what is it that I need to change what do I need to
transform because the angel of transformation is telling you you need
to change and success will come after that change only if you put one foot
forward and move ahead if you have to leave somebody or leave old friendships
and all that stuff don’t be sad because there’s going to be new ones coming
along it says here chain of events that will
affect your life so things are happening and moving forward for you a position of
authority and there is a distant friend that is thinking of you so maybe they’re
maybe coming back maybe that’s gonna be a new opportunity for you and if you’re
thinking about somebody who knows they might now resurface into your life or if
you’re feeling sad about them you know start thinking about them because
they’re thinking about you but if you really want them to come back well
you’re lucky the nine of cups the wishes are coming true wonderful blessings are
on your way you’re gonna have some success but just remember you need to
change what is it that you need to make better
what can you keep what can you release and just be happy it’s gonna be a good
on month I mean a little bit of working on but you’ll get there so accept those
new opportunities that you love if it’s coming or the current love if you’re
just say you got out of a separation and now you guys are gonna reconnect again
and what are the changes must be made in order to have a successful new beginning
because I feel like anything that you’re doing it’s like you’re starting all over
again and you’re it’s like you know when you’re a kid you’re you don’t know
what’s that gonna happen next but it’s okay you’re being blessed it’s
a wonderful time are you alright my dear friend Aries
please do leave me a comment let me know what is this change that you need to do
I want to help you out as well please do hit like subscribe and share so I can
continue to make these videos for you and thank you again and always remember
to live love believe

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