ARIES NOVEMBER 2019 Who is Your Future Partner Tarot Reading | Extended Forecast

ARIES NOVEMBER 2019 Who is Your Future Partner Tarot Reading | Extended Forecast

hey everyone welcome to you November
readings this is Lauren with the clarity cure how are you guys I know it’s kind
of been a while I missed October Tarot scope readings I do apologize so much
I’m not going anywhere I’m still here I just was working on a couple creative
projects with my daughter and time just got away from me so I apologize
profusely this channel is for you guys so I’ve been playing around this last
year I don’t know if you’ve noticed but trying different readings who’s my
future partner og which I’m gonna do this month for November but general and
love readings let me know below in the comments what you prefer what you would
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that’s my account name over on instagram god bless you guys I want to wish you a
wonderful holiday season I can’t believe this year is over already but the time
has come and we’re moving into a brand new decade and I’m really excited about
that and you’ll notice in a lot of the readings there’s a lot of endings and
new beginnings so let’s clean up what we need to and
move forward into 2020 and be happy healthy and successful thank you very
much and we’ll see in the next round okay bye bye okay Aries let’s dive right
in so okay who’s my future partner well I
mean without a doubt I’m gonna have to say what I’m seeing here is a water sign
you got the king of cups as your overall energy okay so that could be a pisces
scorpio or cancer but you pulled the Scorpio card so we just had a new moon
in Scorpio as well so there’s a lot of this transformational energy happening
and shifts in our consciousness also moving through this last retrograde of
2019 we’re cleaning up a lot of karma from this last decade which is so
powerful it’s not just the last mercury retrograde of the year it’s of the
decade when you think about it we’re moving into 2020 so it’s very poignant
and at first I wasn’t too sure here but what I’m hearing with the milk and honey
that this is this relationship may start off a little rocky okay but there’s
communication coming in that signifies to me that this is a soulmate I will
tell you out of the gate a couple of things here either the person’s not
ready and that’s because they’re ending a relationship or they’re in financials
they’re in a tough financial situation they’re on the road to recovery they
could even be super sad about where they are in their life they’re just not in a
good place right now maybe some of them you know lost their
job to okay you see this person as having many many options choices and
decisions to make and hoping you know and desiring what they really want in
their life okay so your first impression of them is that maybe they’re confused
and they need to refocus so I would play really super cool because the Ace of
Cups is your obstacle so it’s not going to be love at first sight this is not a
time to dive into this relationship they need to go through their cleansing their
transformations their healing but I honestly believe this person is going to
step up to the plate and communicate with you there’s lots of information
coming in by the end of the month of November maybe even unexpected okay so I
would play it super cool okay I think this person is gonna want to be your
ideal partner and I say that because you have the magician card here in what type
of relationship will this be I think you’re gonna be able to pull the rabbit
out of the Hat because you’re standing in your power Aries this is amazing the
queen of Wands okay you could be super busy with your own life but this is you
knowing that you can break through these boundaries and these walls by continuing
to be who you are and you that’s what you need to do you need to be steadfast
in your decisions on how you deal with this person coming into your life okay
because I think they’re a very sweet person get the king of cups well this is
somebody that you know even though they’re maybe going through a hard time
underneath it all okay they have control over their emotions right they could be
a strong business leader or even some B in law okay somehow someway their
diplomatic their politically correct they look for the best in others just
not in a great place right now okay so this is gonna spark you to look at your
future about what do you want do I want to move
down this new path with this person you’re focused on your future and that’s
good because you’re ready to choose you you you’re considering very carefully
this this energy okay denotes that’s what you need to do this
is the power of creation and manifesting looking down the road where am I gonna
be three and five years from now am I going to be in a relationship with this
significant other this person that came into my life and I will tell you more
than likely yes okay this is somebody that gets you and you have plenty to
talk about so this is an ideal partner yes also my magician is a very
independent type of energy and I like that he’s under the king of Wands but I
feel in your own right you have your own independence you know that you that you
are firmly grounded in what you want and where you’re going and you can manifest
this relationship if you play your cards right so to speak okay and remember if
this person is a Scorpio they’re waters run deep okay so they need to heal
they’re on the road to recovery give them their space let them do what they
need to deal with as far as their life challenges know that upfront that do you
not being blown off maybe you know this person could potentially you feel like
this person is a player you’re not quite sure where they’re coming from but they
don’t know either and that’s okay accept that embrace that don’t rush into
this relationship I would say focus on where you’re going because you got a
clear path here without without denying any potential for your future finding
your own clarity all right so let’s clarify this ADA once I’m really super
curious of what this means for you Aires towards the end of we’re leaving
November I guess I should say milk and honey the taste of prosperity and
opportunities amazing abundance trusting what you need will be presented to you
in love and in this relationship we have here do a little clarifying for you
moves into the king of cups five of cups yeah they were hurt they were
emotionally burned financially burned Wow maybe they feel they’re not good
enough for you or they just I’m really just picking up they need to sort out
they do they just need to sort out their feelings now you could meet this person with some kind of financial planning
that you’re doing you’re looking at your long-term future getting on task with
what you need to do and boom this person comes into your life picking a financial
planner somebody that deals with the future
maybe they made a bad investment in the market that’s possible too or they were
emotionally burned by somebody so they’re not quite sure what they want and they’re sorting it out so let’s let
me do one more shuffle here for the 801 let’s get some clarity here for Aires
page of cups it could be about a child maybe they lost a child but this I love
with the Adan once this tells me there’s gonna be lots of flirty communication
okay this is like the child within your Scorpio person here Wow texting calling emotional messages
flirty okay this is the dare to dream card so they’re definitely gonna be
reaching out to you the Hermit okay finding their way through the dark so even if they come across non-committal
just know that they’re still even though they’re present in your life and there’s
some good things going on they’re still not quite ready
they’re searching they’re searching for their answers walking through the dark
finding their way through to realize that this is something that they really
want seven appoints yeah they planted some seeds here they’re getting back on
their feet financially they’re reviewing and assessing where they are in their
lives that’s exactly what I was saying earlier and whoa yeah they’re feeling
they’re fulfilling a cycle in their life that’s a very Scorpio energy here like I
mentioned earlier in the reading that we’re all completing some major cycles
that could date back as long as 10 years so it’s very poignant time for all of us
to kind of step up to the plate and work through our issues or if people are
acting a little strange right now out there in the world that’s why there’s a
lot of karmic ties and things coming to a close a very
very very interesting bottom of the deck you know knight of cups here’s your love
offer coming in those there’s no way to deny this milk and honey is here on your
side the prosperity in love and the offer very romantic beautiful Aries and
look at you damn look at all hey I got it going on you are you’re so powerful
in your own right and it’s like no matter what this obstacle is with this
person you’re you’re the queen here so you have the maturity to get it to
understand that you’re gonna play your cards right that you know things are
gonna work out you’re gonna probably have this feeling that this is a
soulmate as somebody really special coming into your life so I love it for
you Aires this is really quite beautiful here’s your cane mm-hmm how beautiful is
that very very nice beautiful very impressive
I love it and I love the fall flowers I feel like this is happening right now
for you now we’re in the fall very seasonal and also this is poignant too
because the seven ones summit of one seven of coins talks about being able to
harvest in the fall it’s a very summertime kind of energy you’re
planting in the fields you’re you’re planting your seeds and maybe this is
something you’ve wanted for a long time and you’ve been looking for the perfect
mate and you’re just kind of like okay you know I planted these seeds in the
spring I’m hanging out over here they’re starting to bloom like my blossoms or
turning into gold moving forward with what I want in my life and then BOOM in
the fall okay the autumn let’s see November Wow I don’t think this is far
off I really really don’t because of the world
Carter’s here the cycles gonna close by the end of November for this person and
I really really believe you’re gonna be able to move forward probably into
December or even potentially January being able to commit to this
relationship get to know this person even deeper they’re they’re staying in
touch they’re staying in touch so I love it for you
all right areas we’re gonna keep it pretty simple this month and I want to
wish you all the best happy Thanksgiving to all my yeah
Northern Hemisphere people or anybody that celebrates it here in the US and
that’s it we’ll talk to you in December take care bye bye


  • Sumita Sachi says:

    Communication finally after months. Tq for this positive reading 😘🙏🏻

  • I am Verena says:

    Awesome reading, love this!!! Thank you so much!!! I'm looking forward to November 😍❤️

  • I am Verena says:

    Happy Thanksgiving ❤️

  • natalie baxter says:

    Wow, I was meant to hear this message. He is a Scorpio. He was my married boss. I truly believe that he's my soulmate. I called him on his birthday, as I typically do. He was touched. Spiritually, we're both stuck. We can't stop thinking about each other. I know that is the soulmate connection. He's miserable right now & needs time to work out some things in his life. So do I. I'm not going to pressure him. He knows what this is meant to be. This reading confirmed it. Thanks for your amazing incite. God bless!

  • Valudshen says:

    Thank you 🙏🏼

  • Mike Shaw says:

    Im looking ahead of my near future for success in my life, within 5 years from now.

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