Astro Discussions – Understanding Sun In Your Horoscopes (With Eng Subtitles)

Astro Discussions – Understanding Sun In Your Horoscopes (With Eng Subtitles)


  • radhika reddy says:

    Thank you saptarishis team really your interviews wilth great people u are great contributors to society pranam sir hatsoff to u .

  • Jignesh Sodagar says:

    it was very nice informations..thanks saptarishis…i have one question..many local astrologer says sun mars yuti as angaraka yoga…is it true? is santi puja required?

  • vaibhav singh says:

    sir ur really doing a wonderful job !! god bless😇😇

  • Lolitha Pai says:


  • Ashimashri Goel says:

    Aap log hamate Hindustan ka nam uncha kar rahe hai ,no greed ,no show off , ,,,thanks sir ,,,,god bless

  • Balasubramaniam Ramanathan says:

    Aadaraneeya Sunil Ji: Will meet your respected self one day and Aadaraneeya Pandit ji's Legacy/Parampara Needs Strong Monetary Support. Saptarishi Astrology Named after Our Greatest Saptarishis Aptly is Simply Superb, Awesome, Great, Elevating, Enriching and more …

  • Chanchal mishra says:

    I m thankful to Pandit Sunil Pandeyj for his valuable knowledge giving to us regarding Rahu Grah effects on our life & also providing the remedies for the same.

  • Vysakh k a says:

    thank u sirs

  • sandeep sharma says:

    Dear sir's , it was wonderful discussion and you both have very keen interest in expansion of jyotish vidya.i bow my head towards both of you.
    सूनिल पांडे जी,आपने बहुत आसान तरीके से बताया।
    Sunil john sir,i want to know more about dainya yog between 10th and 8th house.i am really fascinated by the interpretation given by sage to your friend of this yoga.I am just a ameture beginner please guide.
    om tatsat

  • Fun box says:

    Cameraman is very very Irrerating……………………………..

  • Aparna Mukherjee says:

    Sir if you please lighten the Sun Mars Angarak Yoga it will be very helpful. Very informative session.

  • Preeti Singh says:

    video operator is really bad….let me knw if u want…whenever you are shooting something like this,let mw knw..i ll come or send somone to do it….free

  • Preeti Singh says:

    my Capricorn lagan – sun in 5th with mercury(rahu in 4th- venus in 6th) and saturn in 11th with moon (ketu in 10th- mars in 12th) – my father n-mother n me are very emotional wd each other – they want to stay wd me in last years of their life…i never had issue wd government, very easy work…….my sade-saati is going on- my film went to cannes and i took my parents aborad…best time in my life…. but when i was a child i didnt get much nourishment from my father as he was very busy in his work n used to get agitated very fast…………MY FATHER IS SUFFERING from neurological disorder now……only i have the patience to handle him in the family….SUN-SATURN = FATHER'S ILL HEALTH AND EARLY AGE DISPUTES BUT as they age with patience and respect they can enjoy their fruits (MY EXPERIENCE WITH MY KUNDALI)… navmans my lagna is leo (5) sun in 8th house (12th sign)…and saturn in 3rd house exalted.

  • Heetesh Trehan says:


  • Dinesh Sharma says:

    Thanks for Bringing Renowned Astrologers for people Benefit,This is amazing noble work by Astrology

  • Dinesh Sharma says:

    Sun 28 degree and Saturn 26 degree in my 12 house, I Always admired and followed my father as my Hero but could not interact much with him due to his Job and yes I can relate with his health problem as he expired due to cancer although he was pure veg and non smoker

  • Luiz Claudio De Paula E Silva says:

    …it's not about the outdated astrology. It's about the evolution of the Spirit.

    "There is barely any professional astrologer around the world who has the required information in order to reckon the character of any individual, or the outcome of any happening, or even to predict the future, etc. As a matter of fact the information and the basic knowledge respectively, that the astrologers always referring to, in terms of their calculations, etc., aren’t reliable anymore, because these information are based on star constellations that were observable from Earth around 2,000 years ago. But in the meantime the position of Earth has changed profoundly, hence the observable constellations have changed significantly as well, which means, that nowadays the basic knowledge of astrology is antiquated and therefore no longer accurate at all. As a result of this fact unfortunately all astrological calculations that are based on these antiquated information aren’t accurate and reliable these days as well.

    With regard to the stars and its constellations, there is no astrological influence or impact to human beings, that control or even dictate either the thoughts, the feelings and deeds or even the destiny of any human being. Astrology is basically the teaching of the central sun – which is located in the very centre of our galaxy – and its galactic radiation and waves, which have an “influential” range as far as the edge of our galaxy and even beyond it, which means that the central sun sends its radiations and waves through the galaxy. And depending on the position of any solar system, and of its particular sun and planets, these radiations and waves are not only deflected or diffracted by the positions of any sun and its planets but are also mingled with the individual radiations and waves of the sun and each planet. Furthermore there is also an amalgamation with the cosmic radiation that eventually leads to a mixture of the radiations and waves of the central sun, the particular solar systems with their suns, planets and moons as well as the cosmic radiation itself. And depending on how the positions of the suns and their planets and moons of any solar system precisely are, this mixture of radiations and waves differ – as the result of the different deflections, diffractions and compounds – not only in its strength but in its consistency as well.

    Well, this mixture of radiations and waves is constantly being absorbed by any living form. And regarding Earth and its living forms it is also being absorbed by any human being, but always in a neutral way, which means that this mixture of radiations and waves doesn’t affect any single human being in a controlling or even compulsory way. These radiations and waves only have a kind of “moving on” effect and a kind of a slight “animation” effect respectively on any living form and thus on any human being as well. Due to fact that these mixture of radiations and waves are disseminated around and through the entire galaxy and are absorbed by all living forms in a neutral and unconstrained way, it is therefore up to any living form, whether it wants to use the effect of the these radiations and waves either positively or negatively, hence these radiations and waves don’t affect the free will of any human being at all.

    Based on the law of cause and effect, it’s always based on the responsibility of one’s own thoughts and feelings, as THE cause, whether any human being is happy or unhappy, and therefore it’s always the cause of their own thoughts, feelings, deeds and behaviour that form their own destiny in a good or bad way. Hence there are no natural influences in the entire universe that could force any healthy human being to anything that he or she doesn’t want to. It’s always lying in one’s own thoughts and feelings that determine, whether a human being either deals with influences positively, hence he or she can use them for his or her own benefit, or whether he or she lets any kind of influences affect him or her negatively. According to this fact there is no astrological power at all, that determines the destiny of humankind, and whether or not any human being is happy, wins in lotto, has a good relationship to his or her relatives, or whether there are good or bad happenings in his or her life, etc.

    It’s always the sole responsibility of any human being and of his or her own thoughts, feelings, deeds, attitudes and behaviour that determine the destiny of life, and whether or not any human being is happy, copes with any problems in a positive and constructive way and keeps walking on the right path of life. The preconditions of any behaviour patterns of the personality and its character of any human being are based on genetic origins, as well as on good or ill-breeding by parents or legal guardians, as well as by a good and honest self-discipline and “self-education” respectively. Hence every human being is the smith of his or her own destiny and fortune. Of course there is a kind of “destiny”, in the form of many influences, given by the environment, which affects any human being, but it’s always relying on one’s own responsibility and on one’s own thoughts and feelings, whether any human being copes with and utilizes this “external” destiny negatively or positively."

    From Billy Meier, August 2014, translated by Patric Chenaux

  • S.R. Philar says:

    Lord of 9th Sun in 5th house with mercury. Both 5th and 9th are Trikon points. Is this good?

  • April D. says:

    Thank you so much for doing this! 🙏🏽🌙✨

  • Paresha Bheda says:

    Sir mera leo lagan hai aur sun murquri shath me hai augest me janam hai mera

  • Rashmi Pathak says:

    Ultimate aim is salvation.

  • Vansh Agarwal says:

    All hail to alias unknown Astrologer herd you voice in the video, you should do more videos !

  • Pk Bhardwaj says:

    sir namsty
    aap dono sir ko sunker acha laga

  • kumar paliwal says:

    to useful content thanks sir

  • Pawan Kumar says:

    modi ji ki kundali me sun ketu aur mercury ki yuti hai. unko success kyo mili sir? jabki sun rahu aur ketu ke node me fasa hai.

  • Bindas Bandy says:

    Thank God, I understand Hindi! or else, I would have had to endure this lame, clumsy translation.

  • Shubham Sharma says:


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  • kewal sehgal says:

    very good manner explain

  • Hardrsh Kumar says:

    margdarshan ke liye thanks aap sab ka

  • Manish Raisinghani says:

    Sunil ji 🙏🏻🙏🏻 first of all… i express my gratitude towards you for bringing such gems of astrology into our lives and let us learn the most precious lessons of Vedic Astrology. Secondly, this video is double special for me because Sunil Pandey sir is teaching us and one of my favourite teacher "The Unknown Astrologer" is helping you with the translation part 😊 Please convey my regards & namaskar to Sunil Pandey sir & Unknown Astrologer sir 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 i just loved Pandey ji's lecture on Karmas & his take on use & importance of Jyotish in one's life. Thanks to all of you sir.
    Best Regards 🙏🏻

  • Rahul Surjanwal says:

    Salute for you sir.
    I have sun+rahu at 4th house in my horoscope..
    I want some extra description s about it

  • mpces mp says:

    great video. From 55.16 onwards suniljohnji shared the info. of pastlife unfinished work. i was also told by a non commercial astrologer(gayatri upasak) the same thing. among many things, he also told me that you are born in your family to complete your unfinished work of my previous birth towards them.some of his analysis matched with that of a homelyperson turned sanyasi and Maa kali upasak(due to some spiritual reasons) i hve met around 5yrs back.he was a retired DSP from BSF. SunilPandeyji also described nicely about pitradosh and other with great insights.

  • Rin S says:

    Such an informative talk… really enjoyed it and learned a lot. Glad that respected Panditji emphasised the need to do good deeds even if no favourable results are forthcoming… great job by all of you…Panditji is so simple and humble…no airs … just how an astrologer should be….thank you.

  • Rin S says:

    How can I start learning astrology? I have been watching videos and reading up articles for a few months..have taken a lot of notes but it’s still haphazard. My job does not allow me to take a regular course. Are there options of online courses where a session can be replayed if I miss it ?
    Please give an e-mail id where I can write to privately and present my queries…thanks.

  • mahesh Giri says:

    रघुवीर सहाय ने एक कविता लिखी है…. एक व्यक्ति अचानक अग्रेजी बोलने लगा और मैं डर गया।

  • mahesh Giri says:

    तुम लोग रिसर्च नहीं मजाक कर रहे हो.

  • umesh sharma says:

    It is getting theoretical more than practical

  • Arun Simh says:

    Informative conversation

  • Hardrsh Kumar says:

    sir kya un i p s ka lagan chart mil sakta hai jaha tak mai samghta hu lagan par guru ka shubh drishti hoga

  • Baadall Tv says:

    Sunil jhon sir ji ap ka phn number chaiye ???

  • Niki K says:

    Thank u sir…

  • kakoli gorai says:


  • Daanish Qanoongo says:

    If sun is of 0 degree in 4th house in conjunction with Venus of 28 degree in kana lagna.wt. will be the result.

  • Jatinder Kumar says:

    JaiShankerji JaiShanidev sir

  • Sourav Sen says:

    thanks Sir for the valuable lesson….

  • Narayan Swroop Sharma says:

    Mere cousin brother k lagan me sun and satrun yuti hai. After the age of 35 unke father ki taibeyet kharab hai wo bhi mental tension . Brother ek jagah beth kar kaam nhi kar sakta. Baap k maan sammaan wali baat bhi sahi hai sir . Tell me sun mercury in 8th house if lagna is leo.

  • kanupriya thakur says:


  • kanupriya thakur says:

    This is so amazing

  • kanupriya thakur says:

    Can a leo ascendant male woth exalted sun marry a women with scorpio ascendant and 4th house moon and moon sign sun sign everything diff

  • punamlata goyal says:

    so mr unknown is here

  • Kerry Jean says:

    You haven’t left the sub titles up for long enough to read them

  • Krishnaa nagar says:

    4/11/98 time11:56am n Nagda mp (Ujjain) aap is me bataye ki lagan kon SA hoga Dhanu ya makar samjhana nahi aaya Raha he

  • tarun garg says:

    Jai shree Bala ji ki

  • Ajay Sharma says:

    In midnight there is sun hora so sun is also powerful then

  • surendraramola says:

    Panday ji is great

  • Pooja Bauskar says:

    Good job sir

  • Chetan sharma says:

    Always Come with good idea, God bless you all great knowledge people. I m great very much excited while leasing you great gurus. I no words to express my gratitude

  • Jyotirmay Choudhury says:

    as per discussion sun is good in Kendra's.then how it will create baidhabya yoga in 7th house

  • Praveen Kumar says:

    Suniljee tell us something about D60 how it works

  • Элина Александра says:

    Thank you very much to all who makes it possible to translate into English such knowledgeable information as always. Does Mr. Panditji give consultation to English speaking? and what is the country code for that phone number on the screen? Thanks.

  • yogi astro says:


  • Milan Gill says:

    First of all let me start by saying thank you . Your channel /magazine is very informative especially when it comes to astrology predictions and myths about certain yogas. I am not an astrologer but after watching certain you tube interviews posted by your channel my interest has been deepened.
    I do have a question about sun and Saturn. I have noticed it’s always mentions frictions between father and son. Is it applicable for daughter/female kundali ? I am Aries ascendant with sun and Saturn ( combust) in fifth house.

  • Anubhav Tripathi says:

    Sunilji just a suggesion…Plz dont mind but let your speaker speak more and interrupt them less… Ask yourself whether what you are going to say will add any value to discussion?… Else your monologues take a lot of time, extend the video unnecessarily and derails the discussions…. No offence intended, suggestion only to make videos more productive.

  • pankaj mahobia says:

    Good to c u sir…

  • Sanghita Chakraborty says:

    Respected sir,what is the remedy for sun n rahu conjunction ?

  • A K Sharma says:

    A very important thing to understand that Sun needs a good driver, whether through conjunction or some planet in 2nd house or 12th house to the sun, which will drive or control the cruelty of sun in a good direction.

  • Vip says:

    Very nice
    Thank you Sunilji.


    Namaskar Sri.Sunil and Sri Pandeyji. it is simply superb, i feel if you can add some rare remedies for each planet. this will give listeners like me to overcome challenges. Pranaam

  • R B says:

    Thank you so much for sharing such an informative video.

  • amit choudhury says:

    I am not an astrologer, but interested in the subject. I have Sun, Sat and Rahu in one house. I lost my father when very young.

  • Ashimashri Goel says:

    Sunil pandey ji is very humble and helpful person in real life ,I spoke to him many times…..good bless him

  • saurabh kohli says:

    Very nicely explained.. Thx

  • Devsmita Das says:

    Sir what exactly should be considered "birth time"?…is it when baby's. body comes out of mom's body or is it when the umbilical cord is separated? Because sometimes there can be few minutes delay between when baby comes out and when final cord cutting happens and for Sandhi Lagnas whole horoscope can change in those few minutes. I would appreciate if you can please clarify this. Thank you for everything that you have done for all. Warm Regards.

  • Vinod Sharma says:

    Sunil John Sahib, Saadar Pranam, Sir, I fully support your godself in awarding that level of honour to Sarv Aadarniye Sunil Pandey ji. He is an Astrooger of Indian fame, who is so simple, down to earth, an honest and very much hconcerned about solving the problems of all those all peoples who come into his contact,by suggesting with best remedies, more importanty without money consideration. May God bless lonngevity to both name sake persons Sunil John Sahib-Sunil Pandey ji upto 125 years.With heartiest and Warm regards, VK Sharma, Retd. Inspr. Delhi.

  • Sayani Hazra says:

    It was enlightening indeed…8th bhava was discussed but I would like to have an idea about 12th house sun in Anuradha nakshatra…dhanu ragna meen Rashi….19th Nov, 1988, 9.35 am, asansol

  • Sayani Hazra says:

    Sun in 12th scorpio,Anuradha nakshatra…my father too has a scorpio sun…I would also like to share that I am opposed to my father's ideas and land up arguing…but seem to have a deep spiritual connection with each other and our thot process is extremely similar about the worldly affairs, we depend a great deal on each other's support mentally, in this world I can have the best spiritual confidante in my father..our ways may be different..we both are misunderstood mostly by people…and have to some extent been deprived of what we deserve from the world… please let me know what this means in the long run ….is there light at the end of the tunnel?

  • Ashritha C says:

    What if Sun is exalted in 9th house and 9th lord Mars is debilitated in 12th house?

  • rajiv kukreja says:

    Sun in 5th house with budh results?

  • aman shaikh says:


  • Abhishek Shrivastava says:

    Sunil pandey sir is the most humble astrologer i have ever met..thanks to sunil john sir and saptrishi team to bring out the gem of an astrologer like sunil pandey sir ..

  • Indu S says:

    Thank you Sunil pandey ji…..l found my way to the life..

  • mamta singh says:

    Good ,simple and lovely explanations. Must continue.

  • Tripti Mehra says:

    Sir ur channel is so gud .. U people are doing that connects us with our roots .. I jus want that if u can arrange something so that we cn learn sanskrit or atleast learn sanskrit correct pronunciation then that will b so helpful. Thankyou for amazing content 🤗

  • Tripti Mehra says:

    Sir ur channel is so gud .. U people are doing that connects us with our roots .. I jus want that if u can arrange something so that we cn learn sanskrit or atleast learn sanskrit correct pronounciation then that will b so helpful. Thankyou for amazing content 🤗

  • Gratitude For Everything says:


  • Jayram Patel says:


  • Sanjeev Shukla says:

    Very useful interpretation.sixth lord in tenth and tenth lord in sixth.what is your interpretation.plrase

  • Sushmita Sutradhar says:


  • mohit bhatia says:

    conjunction of sunilji and sunilji results in knowledge!!!!!!! wonderful video, this is like result after churning of ocean of astrology!!!!

  • Rahuljuneja4646 Juneja says:

    अब आप I pop pop,

  • sundheep9 says:

    Thanks sir.

  • DJ Silence says:

    Thanks Sunil sir pandey ji ko apne channel pr lene ke liye …apne sach Kaha he is very helpful ….maine recently call kiya tha aur unhone help kiya…. Thanks both of you

  • Santosh ku sahu says:

    Sunil sir is so great sirf aise logo ke liye astrology jinda hai

  • Vikram Gupta says:

    Sunil Pandey Ji's teaching can transform anybody's life. 🙏

  • gaurav kedari says:

    Shri shri sunil pandey ji u r so much humble and blessed

  • Neha Dalvi says:

    Namaste ! It is always great to gain deeper understanding from these discussions. I really appreciate your work and hope to, someday, contribute towards your efforts. Thank you!
    I have a question w.r.t. the Pitr dosh discussed in the video –
    Ju+Ra|Su+Ra/ke|Mo+Ke – Pitr dosh.. if so taken, .. Is it also ok to say – Mo-Ke can form a Matr rin, Ju-Ra – so to say Pitr rin and/or preceptor/guru's rin ?
    The horoscope i am looking at has Su in 12th, Ju+Ra+Sa in 11th, Mo+Ke in 5th.

  • 636BlkNinja says:

    Thank you so much , I can feel energetically that he is sharing knowledge that you won’t find in a book. I appreciate the opportunity to learn Jyotish from someone with real world knowledge and for your channel. I hope to meet you someday when I come to India. I love the part about karma and to keep doing good to burn off bad karma. I can now confidently share that with others who are going through tough times as well as myself. I am eternally grateful and appreciative for that. It comes at the perfect time when I needed to hear that and can help strengthen others who are energetically attuned.

  • Jaiveer Jha says:

    P prabchan kar rhe h

  • Jaiveer Jha says:

    7haws sun prajit patnar

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