namaste everyooone! it’s just a test of the frame namaste everyone! welcome back to my channel
if you have seen my previous video then you should know that
I am in India right now I traveled all around Uttarkhand for a month
and currently I’m in Delhi (phone ringing) god damn it hello! okay I’m going out, thanks
bye! (singing) *fuuuuuuck* that was not the plan, okay
so I think I’ll have to refilm it… it’s been a couple of weeks since I filmed that video and I thought I’d film and updated commentary on it,
so I’ll be popping up here and there from now on I’m not in Delhi anymore, but I’m still in India and
if you want to know what I’m up to in real time then simply follow me on Instagram
@reborninindia so I think I’ll have to refilm it or maybe
I can just say what I was about to say so currently I am in Delhi and
I’m not vlogging here like Delhi has never been a place where I would vlog
that’s weird, I don’t know, it was always a base for me to go back, just relax,
take some rest from traveling and it’s same this time so I’m just meeting
my friends and chilling in my room watching some TV shows and I’m just not vlogging about it and I’m not doing anything special but today I am doing something special
I’m meeting an astrologer like I have to go out right now
to get to his place and that’s what today’s video is all about and I’m very excited about it because
I’m interested in this kind of stuff astrology, tarot and palm reading and everything
we’re gonna do this today and I’m extremely excited let’s go cause already my driver is waiting for me I’m here about to meet Tanuj hi! how are you?
great! was your travel easy? yes
please, come nice to meet you finally nice to meet you finally I had a very very long session
with Tanuj Lalchandani who’s an experienced astrologer, tarot
reader and a palmist I will only share bits and pieces from our meeting
which was a very interesting experience for me all right we’re starting
all right we’ll start with astrology then we’ll do
tarot and palmistry simultaneously and you already have my date of birth, time and place – yes I have one question… I’m not here to convince you to believe in astrology
although I asked them some questions about it many people don’t believe in astrology
they think it’s like [jadu] some magic it’s not a magic, it’s based on science only
it’s connected with astronomy so it’s the planetary movement and when
you are born the horoscope is created and you absorb some space in this universe so
that planetary time when you absorb some space in this universe on this earth, so that is the
your birth chart comes up with that so it’s science only basically, it’s nothing
related to magic or anything how is that possible that planets influence our like…
our lives and everything, our nature? would you say it’s because everything is connected?
it’s connected, it’s connected, it’s the science… like the whole universe… we are connected
with the whole Universe – true right? so we are connected with everything
that is outside this planet – true, true, true butI’m definitely here to share my experience which was incredible as basically everything he said about my nature,
about me and my past was true starting from the most accurate and on point you’re a person not to learn by book,
but to learn by experience oh yes, of course, this is
what I live by, definitely you’re a very big dreamer, you have a lot imaginative things going simultaneously in your mind BUT you’re simultaneously self-contradictory on
them and you always have options ready but you always say “okay I’ll do this” then you say
“oh, I’ll do it tomorrow” then I’m planning it I’ll execute it and you have always been
in this contradiction for yourself you’re very clever BUT you are kind of
distracted with a lot of mental unrest you have a lot of things running in your
mind, so you need to ease out one day you’ll say “okay, I’ll practice this”
other day “I’m late, I’ll start from tomorrow” don’t do this, be punctual you always have this fire in you about
yourself, but it is always like fire, you know it will be there for 2 days, and then
5 days no one know where you are yeah, it’s true you have a very high ability to multiply
things, whatever you ten to do you usually live in multiple homes,
always into multiple professions also you always think that I should be… somehow
I should be doing… – EVERYTHING, yes you have skills, BUT you haven’t pursued
or finished any skill to the top level no, that’s because I want to do everything and then I don’t have the one thing that I’m the best in so you are a jack of all trades and master of none? yes! that’s my biggest problem in my life and
I am aware of that! – you need to work on that I’m laughing through tears also the very first things that came out from tarot reading and palm reading were 100% on point whatever you like doing you do it
from your heart and your soul if something is not in your mind or heart
or soul, you will not do it you’re not a person who can be dragged along easily you’re a person who won’t even take
unwanted directions and guidance if you want what you like, you will do that only if someone is trying to explain you, you are like
“okay, you can say, but I’ll do what I want” and some other things that are
absolutely true about me include you have a very holistic view of things,
you want to know the darker side of life spirituality, astrology, taboo death, sexuality, emotions, you want to know what is beyond that line
– yes you are a person who has the desire
to investigate all the knowledge you love this occult, metaphysics
or modern technology you like to receive knowledge
on daily basis of your life I believe that we can and we should
learn from everything everything is a reflection of you
and you can even learn from… just going to you can learn something about yourself if you’re mind is open enough you really enjoy singing or you
always humming something haha! but only for myself
ha, but you have been? yes! I love singing, but I sing only when I’m alone and the lyrics might be wrong? (laughing) yes!
and you might be mixing one or two songs also you LOVE eating I do! and you might be eating everything and anything without thinking – yes there were some tiny little things that
I wouldn’t agree with right away but after giving them some thoughts
4 weeks later I may admit them maybe I was denying it because they were not…
they were just hard to accept socially you tend to be a very upbeat person,
but personally you’re very lazy, messy person okay… you’re very weak person emotionally, you
damaged yourself a lot in the emotions A LOT okay you usually have a lot of emotional
attachments which are a burden and you don’t leave the first one and
you jump to the other one hmm okay, I don’t know
hard to relate, but maybe you have a lot of secrets basically
really? – yeah people who know you from a very long
time, they won’t be able to know that what is going in your mind you have lots of secrets in your head and heart
no one knows exactly what you are thinking, what you are planning and you
don’t tell people easily anything about you you might be showing this good image
but you are very naughty brat [burst out laughing] okay, no comment relationships are very bad for you,
your relationships somehow end like a… kind of a war for you hmm you’re not able to come out of them very easily we also discussed my personal life
we discussed my relationships 2016 you had one more small relationship
– yes… you were very much involved deeply
– and I get over it? by 6th August, I just… you can see
by 6th August 2017 you were totally over it I’m not gonna share everything,
but I need to mention that Tanuj was able to read from my birth chart
every relevant relationship of mine he was also able to point out specific
time frames of each of them and that was totally correct and not only that I mean I didn’t have many
do you know when? cause one was the old one, one was 2016… now I know, now I know everything and then you had a change of place
so you were in India I was already in Poland no, after 2017 August no, I came back to Poland from India in May 2017 and I stayed in Poland in last month you took this break because you were healing
yourself from the emotional thing yes and it was a big time chaos in your life this time in Poland between one journey
in India and this journey it was definitely about healing from different
things, but also about one old relationship that relationship was from 20… you can see that I was healing from this relationship now, this year and last year you can see this?
yes, it is connected can you tell when I will be healed? because it’s not over no, it will take some more time when? you will be healed after March
– next year? next year – really?
yeah – oooh! four months more basically so that ways it will be change for you
and you’ll be earning a lot of money also money?
money. money will be flowing in next year? – yeah – great
it will start on Feb so no let’s come to your future
ooh that would be all about the facts
about me and my past things that I can relate to and
tell if they are true or not now let me share what I’ve learned
about my future and then maybe in three or four years I will
give you an update on that the future says you will change
the profession aspect you’ll get into a fixed profession, proper
which will be lasting a very knowledgeable art you will learn it’s something you related to
some kind of healing you’ll move to a foreign country so you have
been traveling, you will travel more your horoscope says that, for educational
purpose also oh! – maybe you’ll do more of yoga
or some spiritual thing you can even learn astrology, it shows and healing is a very good profession
for you, it is coming multiple times you’ll do wonders, you’ll make
good money from it for 3 years you’ll be a very expressive writer, so you
should even start writing – oh really? yes, something on funny side of life so things will change, a lot of things will
change for you, so that will be all for better 2021 very high chances of getting married
really? so soon? high chances? high chances, from 2021 to 2024 and even
similar high chances of getting divorced (laughing) from astrology now we come to tarot
oh, that’s great, I’m very interested do you know I have my own tarot decks as well? oh! so you’ll do my reading as well and the tarot reading was all about personal questions questions?! I wasn’t prepared for that.. uhm… what is my life purpose? right now you’re a nomad, you’re behaving like a fool for your life, you’re not focusing on anything can you tell me.. what this
relationship is to teach me? it’s basically to give you the emotional strength
– … really? it’s given you a lot of emotional stability
by destroying you in some way – yeah yeah yeah see, it’s destroying you, it’s exploited you,
but it’s given you strength also to overcome it yeah, it makes a lot of sense
can I ask the same question for the other? yes, to destroy your anger destroy my anger
– anger or ego mhm…okay what should I ask?
ask “will I shift to something else from vlogging?” yeah, but I’m not even, it’s not even
my career yet, I’m just starting is yoga the right path for me right now?
yes, but you have to work really hard on it you have to put the strength of
elephant to learn it properly what is the most important thing that I should know right now? that you have to focus on earning money
and you’re not focusing ooh, it’s so true you have to, see, its a Lakshmi card, so it shows
that you need to focus on money you’re planning too much, but you’re not
working for money, please yes, that’s true and that’s your base card so that
shows that you’ll shine bright that’s my base card
star… it was great, very accurate, most
of the things were very accurate let’s get to your palm reading
– oh right, I forgot, there is more! so I know a lot about you from your horoscope and tarot
yeah yeah, you already know a lot you’ll travel to other countries as well
number of countries, so that’s good
places which have a lot of water like beach and…?
beach yeah, ocean nice plus you will have your own house where? anywhere you want to, a small property
very good investment you will do oh nice, do you know like more or less
when it’s gonna happen ? next 3 to 4 years
– oh, that’s soon you’ll make money you have to just give up the
emotional part you have is that connected?
yeah that’s connected once I give up on those emoti…
– and then you will make money so you have to give up so this is like blocking me? majorly – majorly blocking…
– I say it’s blocking you like 80% how can I do it?
meditate. meditate on that? so we’re done with it great, thank you so much.
that was very interesting I will go through it and note down whatever
I feel like is important, that’s cool thank you so much, it was a pleasure
– same here I enjoyed it – me too
and let’s see how it comes out okay, I’m on my way back to my place and…
what is this camera? what is this? okay I’m on my way back to my place and
it was incredible and. little bit overwhelming as well… like there was so much truth in whatever Tanuj said quickly summarizing: it’s just unbelievable
how accurate was my my psychological portray… portrait portrayed
ha… ha… ha… drawn from these readings including the negative aspects of my nature and
including the things that I decided not share with you so the things that I didn’t share were also true
just saying and the same applies to the past
events as relationships and I have a lot of things to think about
and as you can see I am a little bit overwhelmed I think that an astrology session, tarot or palm
reading can be a very interesting experience whether you believe in it or not it’s simply inspires you to think about yourself and your
life and you can actually grow from that as well I can definitely recommend Tanuj and his
services, he’s based in New Delhi and I will link all his details in the description box
and if you enjoyed this episode which I finally made and uploaded after a very
long time but I’m planning to be consistent now okay anyway if you enjoyed it please hit
the like button, subscribe if you haven’t already and I will see you very soon,
bye! you always wish to look very good there are very high chances that you
may marry twice – okay… you speak a lot without thinking
– no… – yes you catch cold and cough easily?
– not really (caughing) do you know what kind of secrets I have?
– a lot of sinful things – ookay wow, beautiful, can I touch it?
– yeah, sure I have only one crystal, amethyst
– okay, haha (dropping cards while shuffling) I think we’re done with this!
I don’t want to make fool of myself anymore!


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