Astrological Forecast for the week of Oct. 6th- 13th with Natha Campanella

Astrological Forecast for the week of Oct. 6th- 13th with Natha Campanella

hello and welcome to my weekly
astrological forecast I’m Natha Campanella I’m an astrologer
and I help people like you learn how to know yourselves better and that’s a
really really big quest isn’t it but we all tend to show up in the world in ways
that are inauthentic to who we are because we’re worried about conditioning
we’re worried about performing and over the long term that can be really painful
because we lose touch with our needs and our wants and our desires and I help
people figure out what all of those things are so let’s talk about this week
the week of October 7th through the 13th and like I said last time we have a
month of Pluto this week is no different I did a post
about Pluto going direct last week and so many of you commented with the things
in your life that you had noticed were things that you needed to work on that
had really presented themselves clearly to you during this polluted or
retrograde and I would encourage you to keep doing that kind of introspective
work Venus moves into the sign of Scorpio
mercury is already there Mars is not far behind and Venus in Scorpio has a
completely different flavor than Venus in Libra so Scorpio remember is a sign
that wants the truth and wants to really explore what’s really there without the
BS libras kind of content to rest on the surface and will take things at face
value but Scorpio does not want to do that and as we have all of these planets
moving into Scorpio we also have the Sun moving into Scorpio later this month and
we have mercury going retrograde in Scorpio plus you’re going to love this
we have a full moon at the end of this week on Sunday and Sunday the 13th and
Pluto is in an exact square so what that means the Sun is in Libra the moon is
all the way across the sky in Aries and we have Pluto there so this is a week as
we build up to this full moon where we
might have some revelations some awakenings now the way that we kind of
hear this stuff the best is sometimes through surprises sometimes through
things that we don’t necessarily expect are going to show up so don’t let that
scare you but know that you know Scorpio and Pluto when we are when they’re
dysfunctional it ends up looking like we’re blaming other people for our
problems or we’re avoiding the conversations that we need to have or
we’re indulging in our addictive tendencies or you know our defense
mechanisms are really up and firm be aware this week of those things wanting
to show up and if you notice that you’re knee-deep in any of those things
then the question is what do I need to bring awareness to what am I not seeing
here because this whole month of October with all of this Plutonian influence
we’re supposed to be seeing we’re supposed to be identifying the things
that act as shadows in our lives that are keeping us resentful and pissed off
and jealous and angry because you know what those things are part of being
human but we don’t necessarily have to just keep them around all the time this
is a really good month to look out to kind of see like what else is there for
me do I have to remain stuck in a place of
total resentment with this person or am i blaming this person or my childhood or
whatever for my current faith state of distress and I think that we all do that
and those are really shaky foundations because we’re giving the power away and
this month especially this full moon is going to ask that we take our power back
the moon being in Aries Aries is about standing strong it’s about advocating
and asserting for ourselves and the Sun being in Libra is about bringing balance
to our relationships so Pluto is going to say what’s underneath
are you standing up for yourself are your relationships balanced and then as
we have Mercury and Venus and soon-to-be Mars moving into Scorpio more of that
more of that like you know what’s the truth what’s the real truth here not my
fantasy truth not what I wish was happening not my story that I’ve kind of
molded and built up to make me the victim and make somebody else the abuser
or to make me the righteous one and somebody else the bad one so those are
the themes that we’re looking at for this week and speaking of really knowing
ourselves I am offering right now a class it’s a self-study program so you
can do it in your own time but it’s a wonderful prologue and epilogue to a
personal astrology reading because we get to go really really deep this is a
great month right like we’re exploring the truth the truth of who I am like
what do I really need why am I really relating to all of my life situations in
this way so if you’re interested in learning more about that class I’m going
to include the link below it’ll also be in my social media you can also find it
on my website at Nava Campanella comm and if you know of somebody that can
really benefit from this message about the weekly energies tag them or send
this video to them all right and as always if you have questions or comments
about your own spiritual process you can send me a DM or you can leave a comment
and everybody else can learn from my response and your response and so on all
right you guys have a wonderful week happy full moon and I will see you next

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  • Steven Shipley says:

    When the moon and the sun are in your personal Moon/Sun signs at the same time, does that hold extra significance? My moon is Aries and sun is Scorpio, and it sounds like both are coming up. Should I be extra aware of this or is that normal around your birthday season each year?

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