Astrology Answers Tarot Talk with Biddy Tarot & Brigit Esselmont

Astrology Answers Tarot Talk with Biddy Tarot & Brigit Esselmont

Hello and welcome to Tarot Talk, Astrology
Answers new monthly video series designed to help you bring Tarot and
intuition into your everyday life for more clarity meaning and purpose
I’m your host Brigit Esselmont modern day Tarot teacher and founder of Biddy
Tarot so let’s get started today I’m going to be answering some of the most
common questions people have when they’re just starting out with Tarot
plus I’m going to be busting some of those crazy myths that are out there to
show you that Tarot is actually made for everyone including you but first let me
share a little bit more about myself so over the past 20 years I’ve read Tarot
for more than 10,000 people online and have taught over three and a half
thousand students from 40 countries and every year I inspire over 6 million
people to discover the Tarot through my website Biddy I believe that
Tarot is way more than just a fun party trick to tell the future and instead
it’s a really powerful tool to access your intuition and create your future
just the way you want it and more exciting Tarot is a tool that anyone can
learn to use including you doesn’t have to be weird or whoo-whoo it can actually
be a normal part of our everyday lives in fact I’m on a mission to make Tarot
mainstream just like yoga or meditation all right so let’s get into these most
common questions that people ask when just starting out with Tarot so the Tarot is a deck of
78 cards each with its own imagery symbolism and story there are 22 Major
Arcana cards that represents life’s karmic and spiritual lessons and 56
Minor Arcana cards that reflect these trials and tribulations that we
experience on a daily basis now some may say that Tarot cards are just simply ink
on paper but here’s what I believe Tarot is a storybook of our life the mirror to
a soul and the key to our inner wisdom when
we’re consulting with Tarot we’re showing the exact lessons that we need
to learn and master to live an inspired life it’s kind of like holding up a
mirror to yourself so that you can access your subconscious mind and tap
into the wisdom and answers that live in us all so Tarot is perfect for self
development making choices manifesting goals coaching others planning a
business meditating you name it simply ask a question pull a card and dive into
the imagery of the card to give you that instant access to your inner wisdom and
the answer that you most need alright number 2 in some ways yes the Tarot can predict the future but not necessarily
tell the future because let’s be real the future is not set in stone however I
believe it’s way more powerful to use Tarot to understand what’s happening in
the present moment and how might that influence you in the future and then you
can start to decide what actions you need to take now to create your ideal
future and manifest your goals all right number three yes thank goodness well many people
think that you have to be psychic or gifted to read Tarot I strongly believe
that anyone can read tarot you don’t have to be someone who has a psychic
grandma you don’t have to talk to dead people we don’t have to meditate for
hours in a day in order to read Tarot all you need to do is say yes to
listening to and trusting your intuition and the rest will flow and here’s the
best bit as you get better at Tarot you get better at accessing your
intuition it’s really cool all right number four thankfully the short answer is no Tarot
cards are not evil now while the movies might show images of
Tarot cards Ouija boards and devil worship thankfully this is not what
Tarot is like in real life when you learn how to read Tarot intuitively
you’re creating an instant connection with your higher-self
and the divine and really what could be more beautiful than that alright number
five well when I first started to learn Tarot
I wondered how I would ever learn all 78 Tarot card meanings let alone how to do
a reading so if you’re in the same boat don’t worry I feel you I’m with you the
good news is that there are ways to quickly and easily interpret the cards
so that you can start reading Tarot straightaway it all comes down to
learning how to interpret the cards not what the cards mean and trusting your
intuition along with understanding the basic systems that really sit behind the
Tarot all right now I’ve got one reader question from Kay.stone_core and she
asks well it’s an
absolute blessing to have Tarot in my life and to be able to use this powerful
tool to access my intuition and be the best version of myself but remember this
you don’t need to be gifted to read Tarot it’s available to all of us so
that way you can share in this beautiful blessing too alright let’s wrap up
today with my Tarot Tip so if you’re feeling called to the Tarot and one of the best ways to
connect with Tarot is simply to pull a card add a ask a question or be open to
any guidance that you receive and then note down any insights in your journal
and before long your connection to the cards will bloom but start today okay
all right they have it I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s video remember you can
learn more about Tarot by following Biddy Tarot and Astrology Answers at the
handles below thank you so very much for today and bye for now


  • Sheila G says:

    This is excellent I enjoyed it!

  • Different Saturner says:

    May be your so soothing voice will make it easy to understand tarot readings from you. I wish you start uploading daily readings soon. I feel that all those tarot readings, astrology, horoscopes, psychic readings, everything are connected and after following those all, I felt that these all are somewhat same, which is really interesting! Thanks to you & Astrology Answers, Debra, Terence and of course to team behind you all guys.
    Gr Britain Fri 28 June 2019 2027

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