Astrology for April: Venus conjunct Neptune, Venus square Jupiter, & Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus

Astrology for April: Venus conjunct Neptune, Venus square Jupiter, & Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus

Herrro! It’s me! Welcome back. Welcome
to April everyone. So look, I’m not saying that this is the case for every single
person watching this video but what I am saying is is that if March was a
challenging month for you you were not alone my friend um yeah March like when
I went through and I looked out like the full calendar for the month for the
month for the year of 2019 march definitely stood out to me as
being a month of the calendar year that was definitely a little bit more uh
trying let’s say a little bit more trying a little bit more challenging
yeah so if that was you you were not alone
I just realized like I just started going and not even introducing myself
I’m Sarah Baxley welcome to pinkiethebear my channel um I’m very well aware that my hair is not pink. Pinkiethebear was named after my childhood teddy bear I’m
sure that like a lot of you know that but I don’t know I just kind of throw
that out every now and then and I lived in San Francisco like around the time of
like the social media tech boom kind of stuff and so I went through and I like
saved pinkiethebear on like every single handle and all of that stuff it
was just kind of like a sentimental thing for me and so yeah anyway so there
you go so in case you’re wondering but a lot of you probably already know that
but I just thought I just like to kind of throw it out there sometimes. Let’s
get back to business let’s talk about this March situation so
some people did I mean I’m not some people had a fine month of March it was
totally fine if anything it kind of offered kind of like a different shift
in different perspective on life and then you know for a lot of other a lot
of other people March was kind of more of a challenging month so if you’re
watching this and you’re like yeah Frick like I just said Frick March was kind of
weird, like I get that you know there is
there’s a big hazy element to it. I know everyone always freaks out about Mercury
retrograde and blah blah blah which normally I kind of like just like roll
my eyes at and kind of like laugh and whatever but like this one truly this
this particular Mercury retrograde itself from it being like in a planet
that like it doesn’t always I’m sorry from it being an assignment it doesn’t
always do as well in it was a little bit challenging there in addition to a lot
of other types of Neptunian aspects and squares from Jupiter and all sorts of
other things were kind of like up in the mix as well that just kind of created
things it kind of created it created a shift of perspective is what it did and
the thing is and I had written for those of you that following you read because I
write posts I put it on my website and I put on Twitter and I put it on Instagram
and I think my Facebook page for the new moon and the full moon I always like
write a little thing I don’t use any astrological lingo in it at all
intentionally so that way if you know so it’s not like reading a different
language basically so I put in pretty simple terms and like one of the things
you know that I had put was like I think for maybe for the new moon or whatever I
had said that you know this is a time like there are times in life or a lot of
times in life we kind of just like keep going and moving straight ahead right we
are creatures of habit as as human beings and we do with what’s comfortable
and we stick with what works and there’s other times in our life where certain
things happen that it sort of removes us from from the situation that our that
we’re in just enough like we’re almost kind of like removed or offered sort of
a different perspective that’s quite different than the way that we had
viewed things in the past and this is a really good example of of the month of
March basically we have been looking through life in
a particular lens for a very long time prior to the month of March which is
totally fine but then certain things sort of happen throughout the month of
March that that definitely gave us a different perspective and so we were
able to look through life with a little bit of a different lens than we had been
for a long time and this this was not easy for a lot of us for some people it
was really insightful it was maybe kind of like the aha moments that they were
looking for and for other people it was just darned right uncomfortable you know
there was a lot of I think event-based types of things that happen for a lot of
people a lot of like major shifts and major change happened for people or
events it happened for people which then that was sort of the catalyst to kind of
create a shift of perspective and you know and then for other people I think
it was just kind of just kind of looking at things in a different lens and and
and once you know there’s some times like where we’re used to seeing things a
certain way and then once you look at it in a different light it’s really
difficult to go back and look at it the way that you had before so and when you
in any which way that that was for you luckily we’ve moved past that and if if
March was a challenging month for you I just wanted to be there to give you a
virtual hug and just let you know that like March definitely was one of the
more intense months of 2019 it was one of the more challenging months of 2019
so you made it through and here we are Thank You April Thank You sunshine
anyway let’s pop into hopefully that wasn’t too loud that clap let’s hop into the themes for the month of April so the two themes
for the month of April… I go like this there are not four themes there’s only
two the two themes for the month of April are ONE: “Restoration Revival” and TWO: “Pouncing back”. Okay so let’s talk about April so this
is the jam. April is so much more mellow than March I cannot even tell you
um as this as the themes kind of indicated April is very much about sort
of reviving ourselves taking some time for restoration kind of taking a
breather taking some downtime and then as we creep more towards the end of the
month sort of like bouncing back and coming back because a lot of people the
first couple weeks of April were really gonna be sort of you know just like
replenishing our energy it was you know if you’re if you’re one of the lucky
ones that had a great month for the month of March that’s awesome but like
it was like definitely a little bit more of a challenging month for a lot of
people and it really sort of like was depleting in a way and so so I think a
lot of the first two weeks of April are ripe for sort of really taking time and
giving back and you know just sort of taking inventory almost of the the
events and things and ideas and shift of perspective that transpired through the
month of March so anyway so I put that there’s healing the first two weeks of
the month it’s time to restore our energy there’s also some nice there’s a
really nice Venus Neptune conjunction on the ninth which I think is gonna promote
some healing around the 9th of April for those that again did have a little bit
more of a challenging month in March again kicking off the month on the 2nd
with a Mercury Neptune Moon conjunction again like this seems like it seems like
the first two really truly like the first two weeks of this month are a lot about
really tapping into yourself, your own intuition, honoring your feelings– really
honoring like your own spirituality or a spiritual connection and like what that
means to you it could even be like entertaining like
your own purpose in life right now where life has brought you up until this
point and you know where you’re sort of headed it’s a great time here I put time
to restore your energy, time to paint, draw, relax, enjoy the arts, eat good food,
listen to music, take a bath, put on a face mask— okay now we’re talking so just
you know these first two weeks you know I think a lot of people like when the
year first kicks off we’re like oh we’re gonna have this regimen and do this
thing I’m gonna go to the gym or I’m gonna have more time for self-care or
you know this or that and then you know we kind of stick with it for a while and
then sort of things taper out off the taper off for a bit and I really think
that these first two weeks of April are a really great time for us to sort of
like dive back into that and really you know just kind of like check back in
with yourself and check back in and see how you’re feeling and sort of like
what’s going on for you and sort of reevaluate like the goals that you would
set up for yourself specifically in regards to your self-care so just
throwing that out there again the month of April it’s gonna be a
pretty like there’s gonna be a few turning points I put they’ll be a
turning point potentially around the 12th because we have you know that’s the
first quarter moon. You know we have Sun square moon or moon square Sun and then
we have you know the Sun is T squaring also we have Saturn and Pluto up in the
mix— the nodes are gonna be up in the mix, so there might be a turning
point this month so you might notice like the first two weeks you’re sort of
you know like restoring and-and-and you know kind of trying to get your energy back
on board and then you might notice a little bit of a shift around the 12th of
the month and then the next turning point is going to come around the 18th
and 19th when we have the full moon another full moon in Libra that doesn’t
usually happen we have two full moons in Libra this year doesn’t normally happen
happens like once every several years it’s just the way the cookie crumbles
so you’ll see again they’ll be you know another little turning point around the
18th or 19 but again I feel like we’re almost
just sort of like wrapping up and getting ready to move forward with the
changes that had happened last month so anyway so then I wanna hop into theme
number TWO which is: “Pouncing back”. So okay so for those of you that saw the
video last week I talked about how Uranus had ingressed into Taurus again and so it basically takes Uranus 84 years to go around the sun one time so it takes
it about 84 years for it to reenter a particular sign in the zodiac and it
will stay in that sign for seven years so Uranus enter Taurus again last month
March 6th it had dipped into Taurus a little bit last year again for the first
time in 84 years and was there for a few months and then it retrograded back into
the sign of Aries in the Fall was in Aries sort of finishing out its last
little hurrah and then re-entered back into the sign of Taurus on March 6th. Now
the thing that’s really interesting is on April 22nd– this is the very first
time that Uranus is going to meet the Sun in the sign of Taurus this hasn’t
happened for eighty-four years this is something that I put “pounce back”
“Pouncing back” I think that we’re definitely going to see some type of
activity around that time so and this is not just like in within our own personal
life but we might see some type of a shift in a societal way around April
22nd because Uranus is the planet of like
innovation and inspiration and sudden change and it’s sort of like
revolutionary and it’s like ripping off a band-aid and sort of thwarting yourself
into into the next chapter and sort of like really releasing old paradigms that
don’t really work anymore so when we have it in the sign of Taurus it’s a lot
about again Taurus Venus rules Taurus so again it’s about money
beauty beauty industry it’s a lot about the physical
world right so there’s going to be definitely some changes around then and
I had mentioned with Uranus itself as well can also symbolize things like
technology and you know the things with like VR or cryptocurrency again like
related to money or you know just like other sort of innovative ways at looking
at the physical world and about financial things so anyway so I wouldn’t
be surprised if we saw a little bit of a thing around April 22nd well then I drop
my paper so there’s definitely sort of bouncing back that happens on the 22nd
and I think that there’s going to be almost like a second wind right it’s
it’s it’s like we’ve we’ve gone through the month of March we’ve sort of
restored our energy the first two weeks of April then we’ve kind of like hit a
couple like new turning points kind of like moving us to a new chapter both on
the 12th at the first quarter moon as well as the 18th and 19th as we hit the
full moon and then we have the 22nd which is when Uranus and the Sun join up
and for the first time in the last 84 years sort of I think like hitting the
reset button almost like a little bit of a shift like a paradigm shift for us as
a society and a little bit with kind of like our thought process and the way
that we really think about things specifically the things that Taurus it
and Venus are related to so anyway then we have a 27th which is there is a Mars
Neptune square beware of the overindulgence on the 27th. Mars-Neptune squares you know that’s something you know for those of you I mean I like in my mid-30s
I kind of don’t really do this stuff anymore but like for people about like
you know if like you go out and you’re drinking or partying or whatever if
you’re still in your 20s and you’re kind of like living it up like just kind of
take it easy around the 27th that’s definitely a time where we can like
definitely like eat and drink and be merry like a little bit too much so
maybe there’s like some exciting stuff that happened around the 22nd when the
Sun joined Uranus while the 27th definitely
definitely is uhh.. it can signify some overindulgences there. So just sort of
keep an eye out but you know for the most part I put blurred blurred
boundaries about what we’re going after you know so just kind of like be
conscious of like any pursuits that you kind of come across around the
27th but otherwise for the most part I mean April is you know
there’s you know the Sun-Saturn square and Sun Sun square Pluto but it’s not
again I think compared to what we were dealing with last month I mean honestly
I think kind of like we’re in the clear I think that we at least you know it’s
really hard to solve problems when you don’t know what the problem is and I
think that there might have been some of that that went on last month and so even
though there might be a couple things that crossed our path or are like oh you
know just it’s like life you know there’s always like some type of like
challenge or a little bit of an obstacle or something so we might see a little
bit of that an April but at least we know what we’re working with you know
there’s not so many unknowns as there were in the month of March so anyway so
that’s everything feel free to leave me a comment say helloooo…let the algorithms of YouTube and Instagram television let you know that
you like watching no but anyway thanks so much for tuning in have a great rest
of your day and thank you so much for tuning in and I’ll see you around. Cheers! 🙂


  • Jacob Moore says:

    This is a fantastic video Sarah 🙂 I love how confident and calm you are on camera and just going with the flow of the discussion and sharing your knowledge.

    This gives so much clarity on things coming about and what we may be going through. I can attest to the month of March being a bit crazy and shifting.

    I enjoyed this video, I loved the graphics used in the discussion and I am genuinely impress and excited to see more of your awesome work 😃

    Keep up the awesome work and shining the stars into our lives 😎✨

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    I love this! Please make more content!

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    Hi, I came from your friend Dustin’s channel. Great videos! I was wondering if you happen to sell any of your old MAC products? I’m looking for the MAC brushes 207, 279, 146, 185, and 186 in particular. Please let me know what you can do and sorry for this random message.

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